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Pedigo Descendant Family Histories
2nd Edition - 15 July 1999

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History of James Henry Pedigo Family The Family of James Henry Pedigo [#136-141-2]
Great-great-grandson of Edward "Ned".  Great-grandson of Joseph Pedigo [#136-1].  History includes his lineage, with a narrative of his marriages, children, home in Kentucky, and migration to Kansas, with photos.  

Patricia SummersSmith

  Old Settler's Stories
by Edward Pedigo
About 1893-94, Joseph Pedigo's 9th born and youngest child, Edward (1805-1894), relates stories of his migration from Patrick Co., Virginia, through Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Oregon, and ultimately to where he settled in eastern Washington state.
An uncited story from the papers of William Bruce Pedigo

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