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Below is an alphabetical listing of most of the surnames I am researching with the earliest easily identifiable ancestor listed. Most of the American descendants in my family came from New England to Ohio. My U.S. German ancestry is from NY and MI to OH. Surnames listed twice indicate separate family lines. Note: The only Loveless on this page is my immediate family line. To search for your Lovelace or Loveless family member, please return to the home page and use our archive and site search functions.

Please contact Wendy Loveless if you would like to compare data on any of the families below.




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- A -

Armstrong, Samuel
b. 1775 OH; married Mary Polly Armstrong

Armstrong, William
b. 1742 Dublin, Ireland; son of Joseph Armstrong and Jennett Stewart; married Flora Campbell

Andrews, William
b. 1595-1600 England

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- B -

Bagley, Orlando
b. 1620 England; married Sarah Colby

Bailey, Mary
b. abt. 1778 Derby Line, VT; married Charles Cory

Baughman, Theresa
b. 1825 of Frazeysburg, OH; daughter of (?) Nathan and Rachel Baughman

Beasley, Susannah
b. abt. 1744 England; daughter of Thomas and Susannah Beasley; married Thomas Howells

Beckwith, Nicholas
b. abt. 1250 in Clint, England

Bell, Jane
b. 1763 (PA?); daughter of George Bell and Mary Coates; married James McMillen

Belt, Humphrey
b. 1615 England

Bennett, Henry
b. 1647 Lyme, CT; married Sarah Champion

Bennett, Joshua
b. 1788 Charleston, Jefferson Cty., VA; son of James Bennett and Jane McCormick; married Amelia ?

Blackburn, Margaret
b. 1724/25 Ireland; daughter of Archibald Blackburn; married William Wilson

Boynton, Elizabeth
b. 1642 of Essex, MA; daughter of William and Elizabeth Boynton; married John Simmons

Briggs, Hannah
b. 1642; daughter of William and Mary Briggs; married Wolston Brockway

Brockway, Wolston
b. 1667/68 Lyme, CT; son of Wolston Brockway and Hannah Briggs

Bushnell, William
b. 1466 Tilehurst, Berkshire, England

Buswell, Samuel
b. 1630 Salisbury, Essex, MA; son of Isaac and Margaret Buswell
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- C -

Campbell, Flora
b. 1743 Dublin, Ireland; married William Armstrong

Champion, Sarah
b. 1649 Saybrook, Middlesex, CT; daughter of Henry and Deborah Champion; married Henry Bennett

Chandler, Lydia
b. 1613 of Barnstable, MA; daughter of Edmund Chandler and Elizabeth Alden

Clark, Jemima
b. 1722 CT(?); married Israel Jones

Coates, Mary
b. abt. 1740; daughter of Christopher and Ann Coates

Colby, Anthony b. 1590 England; married Susannah Haddon

Conley, Charity Ann b. 1786 MD(?); married Isaac Norris

Cook(e), Josiah b. abt. 1607 England; married Elizabeth Ring; MayflowerAncestor
Corey/Cory, Robert
b. bef. 1403; Annandale, Dumfries, Scotland
Crouch, Rachel
b. 1787 Washington Cty., PA; daughter of Robert and Sarah Crouch; married Benedict Belt
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- D -

Davis, Martha Ann
b. 1854; daughter of Ebenezer Davis of Wales; married William F. Klages
Day, Elizabeth
b. abt. 1690; daughter of Nicholas and Sarah Day; married Alexander McComas
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- E -

Ewen, Elizabeth
b. 1630 Anne Arundel Cty., MD; daughter of Richard and Sophia Ewen; married Richard Talbott
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- F -

Freeman, Mary
b. abt. 1640 MD; daughter of William and Mary Freeman; married Edward Norris
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- G -

Gould, Thomas
b. 1455 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England; married Joan Curtis

Griggs, Elizabeth
b. 1745 Brookline, Norfolk Cty., MA; daughter of Thomas Griggs and Elizabeth Williams; married Timothy Corey
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- H -

Harle, Anna Elizabeth
b. 1743 Oberbeisheim, Germany; married Johann JacobHartwig

Hartwig, Hans George
b. 1654 Germany (?); married Gehla Fuchs

Harvey, Abigail
b. abt. 1710 of Lyme, CT; married Phillip Beckwith

Hayes, Richard
b. 1709 Lyme, CT; married Patience Mack

Higgins, Robert
b. 1575 Leominster, England

Hills, Mary
b. abt. 1670 Weatherfield, Essex, England; married John Waite

Hopkins, Stephen
b. 1581 Gloucestershire, England; Mayflower Ancestor

Howells, Thomas
b. abt. 1749 Radnor, Wales; son of George Howells; married Susannah Beasley

Hunt, Anne
b. abt. 1745 Presteigne, England; daughter of John Hunt; married William Powell

Hynson, Anne
b. abt. 1610 of Talbot Cty., MD; daughter of Thomas Hynson; married Thomas Norris
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- I -

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- J -

Jones, Thomas
b. 1598 Gloucester, Essex, Wales; married Mary North
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- K -

Keyes, John
b. 1585 Woburn, Bedshire, England; son of Peter Keyes and Beatrice Barnes

Kirby, Hannah
b. 1649/1650 Weathersfield, MA; daughter of John and Elizabeth Kirby; married Thomas Andrews

Klages, William Frederick
b. 1852 New York City, NY; son of August Klages and Sophia Schmidt; married Martha Ann Davis

Kuchenbecker, Karoline
b. abt. 1781 Germany (?); married Konrad Fredrich Hartwig
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- L -

Lawrence, Benjamin
b. abt. 1652 Somerset, MD; son of Benjamin Lawrence and Ann Ascomb; married Elizabeth Talbott

Lee, Eleanor
b. 1687 Ipswich, MA; daughter of Richard Lee and Sarah Coy; married Samuel Andrews

Lentz, Katharina Dorothea
b. abt. 1739 Germany (?); married Johannes Hartwig

Loveless, Stephen H.
b. 1794-96 MD; married Eleanor Armstrong

Lovering, Sarah
b. abt. 1655 Boston, MA; married John Bushnell
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- M -

Mack, John
b. 1652/53 Inverness, Scotland; married Sarah Bagley

McComas, Alexander
b. 1692; son of Daniel McComas; married Elizabeth Day

McCormick, Jane
b. abt. 1755 of Jefferson Cty., VA; married James Bennett

McCullough, Frances
b. 1831 Donegal, Ireland; daughter of John and Catherine McCullough; married Henry Charles Powell

McMillen, James
b. 1758 Washington Cty., PA; son of William McMillen and Mary Diver; married Jane Bell

Merryman, Rebecca
b. abt. 1708 Baltimore Cty., MD; married John Price
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- N -

Newman, Nancy
b. 1770 England; married Archibald Wilson

Noreys/Norris, Geoffrey
b. abt. 1400 West Bilney, Norfolk, England; son of Goeffrey Noreys; married Margery ?

Norrington, John
b. abt. 1708 Baltimore Cty., MD; son of John and Elizabeth Norrington; married Mary Hayes

North, Mary
b. abt. 1600 of Essex, MA; daughter of Richard North; married Thomas Jones
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- O -

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- P -

Page, Hannah
b. 1667/68 Watertown, Middlesex, MA; daughter of John Page and Faith Dunster; married Thomas Corey

Parsons, Mary
b. 1662 MD; daughter of Thomas and Isabella Parsons; married Mordecai Price

Phillips, Elizabeth
b. abt. 1611 England; daughter of Robert Phillips; married Thomas Price

Phillips, Ephraim
b. 1770; married Sarah Write; of Plymouth, Chanango Cty., NY

Powell, William
b. 1716/17 Clyro and Llanigon, England; married Elizabeth Williams

Price, Thomas
b. 1635 Calvert Cty., MD

Priest, Abigail
b. 1719 Waltham, Middlesex, MA; daughter of James Priest and Sarah Treadway; married Isaac Corey
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- Q -

Quenell, Henry
b. abt. 1514 in England
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- R -

Rice, Aaron
b. 1749 Wallingford, CT; married Anna Yale

Ring, William
b. abt. 1576 England; married Mary Durrant

Rogers, Thomas Matthew
b.1565 England; married Alice Calle
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- S -

Scheller, Martha Anna
b. 1871 Germany; daughter of Gottleib Scheller and Anna Strauchman; married Lorenz Hartwig

Simmons, Jane
b. 1668 of Essex, MA; daughter of John Simmons and Elizabeth Boynton; married Samuel Buswell

Stockenius; Henriette
b. abt. 1763 Germany (?); married Johann Andreas Hartwig
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- T -

Talbott, Richard
b. 1630 England; married Elizabeth Ewen

Taney, Elizabeth
b. 1710 Baltimore, MD; daughter of John Taney and Elizabeth Letchworth; married Thomas Norris

Titus, Silas
b. abt. 1658 Long Island, NY

Tydings, Elizabeth
b. aft. 1672 of Anne Arundel Cty., MD; daughter of Richard Tydings; married John Belt
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- U -

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- V -

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- W -

Waite, Chloe
b. 1738 Guilford, CT; daughter of Thomas Waite and Elizabeth Lewis; married Alexander Bushnell

Wheldon, Gabriel
b. abt. 1600 Arnold, England

Wild, Elizabeth
b. 1648 Topsfield, CT; daughter of John Wild; married Benjamin Jones

Williams, Elizabeth
b. 1741 Bulith, England; daughter of Francis Williams; married William Powell

Wilson, David Davis
b. 1649/50 Inverness, Scotland

Wimmer, Martha J.
b. 1818 of Frazeysburg, OH; daughter of John and Lydia Wimmer; married Benjamin Zane Norris
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- X -

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- Y -

Yale, Anna
b. 1752; married Aaron Rice
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- Z -



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