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The following was posted to our list by Lee Garlock. His most recent Lovelace was Anne Lovelace Gorsuch. This shows her ancestry back into England to the thirteenth century and the Lovelace connection to some other notable families. Sources are included at the end of this page.


Ancestors of Ann LOVELACE - 6 Apr 1997

1. Ann LOVELACE was born before 1611 in probably Kent Co. England. She
died before Jun 1652 in Virginia. After her husband died, Ann came to
America in 1651. Letters of Administration were issued 2 June 1652 to
Daniel Gorsuch son of Anne Gorsuch, late of Weston Co., Hertford, but
deceased in parts beyond the seas, widow.

2. Sir William LOVELACE1 was born about 1584. He was baptized on 12 Feb
1584 in St. Alphege, Cantebury, England. He signed a will on 15 Jul 1622.
He died on 12 Aug 1627 in Groll, Holland. He had an estate probated on 23
Jun 1628. Known as Sir William Lovelace of Woolwich, is styled Sir William
Lovelace, the younger, of Bethersden in his will and inquistion post mortem.
He was a member of the Virginia Company and an incorporator in the second
Virginia Company in 1609. A soldier he died during the war with Spain and
Holland in the siege of Groll Holland, a few days before the town fell. Left
a will. "I Sir William Lovelace of Bidersden, county of Kent, Knight,
appoint my wife Anne Lovelace and Thomas Twisden of Wie, County Kent,
esquire guardians of my children....I give them all my lands whatsoever in
Bethersden, Holden (Sholden), Cart Magna, Shidonhurst, and Canterburie till
my eldest son, Richard Lovelace attain the age of twenty-four...." Will was
proved by Anne Lovelace Relict, the other executor being dead.. He was
married to Anne BARNES. 3. Anne BARNES was born about 1590. She died in
1633. Sir William LOVELACE and Anne BARNES had the following children:
1 i. Ann LOVELACE.
ii. Richard LOVELACE was born on 9 Dec 1617. He died in Apr 1658 in
London, England. As one of justices of Kent, was selected to present to the
House of Commons a petition from Kent royalist in King Charles favor, for
which he was committed to Gatehouse Prison where one of his best known poems
was written "To Althea From Prison"
iii. Thomas LOVELACE was born about 1620. He died in 1689 in Staten
Island, New York.
iv. Francis LOVELACE was born about 1621. He died on 10 May 1686 in
Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. In 1652 was in VA. said to have been
entrusted by Gov. Berkley of Virginia to carry news to King Charles II of
the surrender of the colony to the representatives of Parliment. with the
latters consent. Appointed Deputy Governeor of Long Island and in 1668
became Governor of New York 1668-1673, until the city was captured by the
Dutch 30 July 1673. Served asa Colonel for forces loyal to Charles I during
the English Civil War. One biography by Florence Lovelace Robertson claims
that Francis was married twice, first to Mary Iver and (2nd) to Blanche
Talbot in 1659.

There is a letter from Gov. Francis Lovelace of NY to Gov. Berkley of Va
dtd. 6 Dec 1669, which referrs to appointment of Tho. Todd of Mobjack Bay
guardian to the will Whitbey's son by his neice Mrs. Kath Gorsuch.
v. Joane (Johanna) LOVELACE was born about 1623. She died after 1686.
vi. Elizabeth LOVELACE was born between 1624 and 1626. She died after 1663.
vii. William LOVELACE was born about 1625. He died BET 1664/1665 in Siege
of Carmarthen Wales.
viii. Dudley LOVELACE was born about 1627. He died before 10 May 1686 in
County Surry, England. Was in New York with his brothers, owned a
plantation on Staten Island.

4. Sir William LOVELACE2 was born about 1561. He was baptized on 30 Sep
1561 in St. Alphege, Canterbury, England. He died in 1629 in Canterbury,
England. He signed a will on 6 Oct 1629. He had an estate probated on 19
Oct 1629. Appears in Bethersden Parish records 1588, 1590, 1594, 1613, &
1627. Admitted to Gray's Inn 1580. Was knighted for his roll in ssurpressing
a rebellion in Ireland..Knighted 30 July 1599 by the Earl of Essex. lord
Lieutenant of Ireland at the rising of the camp after the fight in Ophany.
27 Nov 1604 License was given to Sir Wm Lovelace to serve in the wars under
any Chirsitan State or Prince in league with his majesty during pleasure. A
member of the Virginia Company and an incorporator of the third Virginia
company in 1614. In 1620 Magestrate of Kent of made the rate. HIs will only
disposed of personality, apparently had already deeded land to his son
William He was married to Elizabeth AUCHER about 1581 in England.

5. Elizabeth AUCHER was born between 1561 and 1565 in England. She was
buried on 3 Dec 1627 in Canterbury Cathedral, England. Sir William LOVELACE
and Elizabeth AUCHER had the following children:
i. Richard LOVELACE was born about 1582. He was baptized on 1 Jan 1582.
He died in Oct 1602. He was buried on 24 Oct 1602.
2 ii. Sir William LOVELACE.
iii. Mabel LOVELACE was born in 1586. He was baptized on 26 Dec 1586. He
died in 1627. He was buried on 12 Jul 1627.

6. Sir William BARNE was born about 1568.3 He was Knighted on 23 Jul 1603.
He died on 7 May 1619 in Woolwich, Kent County, England.3 He was married to
Anne SANDYS in May 1586. He signed a marriage contract between 11 May 1586
and Jan .

7. Anne SANDYS was born on 21 Jun 1570 in England. She died bet 1629/1630.
Sir William BARNE and Anne SANDYS had the following children:
3 i. Anne BARNES.
ii. Sir William BARNE.

8. William LOVELACE4 was born about 1527. He signed a will on 21 Mar 1577.
He died on 23 Mar 1577. He was buried in Canterbury Cathedral, England.
Suceeded his father as proprietor of Lovelace Place. admitted Grays Inn
1549, called to the bar in 1551, Elected memeber Parliment for Canterbury in
1558. in 1567 raised to the rank of Serjeant-at-Law, 28 Feb 1571 served as
one of the justices of Assize for Oxfordshire. Mentioned both of his wifes
in his wills and codicills.

9. Anne LEWES died in 1569. She was buried on 25 Feb 1569 in Canterbury
Cathedral, England. first wife of William Lovelace. William LOVELACE and
Anne LEWES had the following children:
i. Margery LOVELACE died in 1560. She was buried on 6 Jun 1560.
ii. Nicholas LOVELACE was born in 1561. He died in 1561. He was buried
on 1 Feb 1561.
iii. Richard LOVELACE was born in 1561. He died in 1561. He was baptized
on 1 Feb 1561. He was buried on 11 Sep 1561.
4 iv. Sir William LOVELACE.
v. Thomas LOVELACE was born about 1563. He was baptized on 25 Apr 1563.
He died on 23 Oct 1591.
vi. Mary LOVELACE was born in 1564. She was baptized on 8 Oct 1564. She
died after 1576.
vii. Anne LOVELACE was born in 1567. She was baptized on 6 Dec 1567. She
died in infancy.

10. Edward AUCHER of Bishopborne, Kent, England died on 14 Feb 1567/68. He
was married to Mabel WROTH before 10 Jun 1560.

11. Mabel WROTH was born about 1542. She died in 1597. Edward AUCHER of
Bishopborne, Kent, England and Mabel WROTH had the following children:
5 i. Elizabeth AUCHER.

12. Sir George BARNE was born about 1532. He died on 8 Jan 1592 in
Woolwich, Kent County, England. He was buried in St. Edmunds, Lombard St,
London, England. He was a citizen and haberdasher of London, executor of
his mother's will in 1559, Named in the will of his sister Anne Walsingham
in 1564, He was sheiff of London in 1576 and Lord Mayor in 1586, June 11,
1587 he was knighted by Lord Chamberlain. In 1582-83 "waws interested in
Fentn's Voyage" and in 15856-1586 in Davis' voyage to the northwest...
dwelled in Lombard Street over aginst the George in the house which was Sir
William Chester's.. his will was proved 20 Jan 1593 but administration of
his estate not granted until 24 June 1648. Extract of Will: I will that my
body be buried in the parish of Saint Edmond the Kinge. I bequeath all that
my lease, terms of years, state and interest in the manors and parks of
Beverly, county York to DAme Anne, my wife on condition that she do yearly
pay my brother John Barne of Willsdon, county Middlesex, Esq & Jane, his
wife, such yearly rents or annuities as I have hitherto granted them & that
she pay to Elizabeth Meverell, widow, a yearly annuity of L40 a year. If
she fail in this performance, or on her death, I give the residue of the
said estate to my three sons, Mark, Peter, and Richard, on the conditions
they fail to keep the said conditions, I give the same to my eldest son
William, Executrix Dame Anne, wife. He was married to Anne GARRARD about 1565.

13. Anne GARRARD died on 31 Dec 1611. Sir George BARNE and Anne GARRARD
had the following children:
6 i. Sir William BARNE.
ii. George BARNE died before 1594. He Estate Administered on 12 Oct 1594.
Of St. Edmunds London and of Woolwich
iii. Francis BARNE died between 1629 and 1634. He signed a will on 23 May
1629. He had an estate probated on 29 May 1634. His will mentions nephew
Sir William Barne, Knight, son and heir of my deceased brother, Sir William
Barne, knight. my ould Lady Barne my sister-in-law...my nephew Robert
Barne...to my neece my Lady Lovelesse forty shillings each for rings...my
siter Machel of Tungley (Tangley)...
iv. Mark BARNE.
v. Peter BARNE.
vi. Machel BARNE.

14. Edwin SANDYS Archbishop of York5 was born in 1519 in Hawkshead Parish,
Furnace Fells, Lancashire, England. He signed a will on 1 Aug 1587. He
died on 10 Jul 1588. He had an estate probated on 22 May 1590. He was
buried in Southwell Minister, Nottinghamshire, England. Educated at St
Johns College, Cambridge. in 1547 was master of Catharine Hall. He was Vice
Chancellor of the Univeristy of Cambridge when Edward VI died in 1553.
Supported the cause of Lady Jane Gray, Was committed to Tower of London 25
July 1553 for refusing to proclaim Mary at Cambridge, was removed to
Marshalsea and liberted and moved in May 1554 and lived on the Continent
during Mary's reign. After Elizabeth's accension in 1558 returned to
England. He was made bishop of Worcester 21 Dec 1559, in 1570 promoted to
bishop of London. Consecrated the Archbishop of York 8 March 1576/7. Was
promient in the ecclesiastical and politcial disputes of his era. More info
on Edwin can be found in various soucres: "Dictionary of National Biography"
Vol 1, Ayre's introduction to "The Sermons of Edwin Sandys D.D." & History
of the Sandy's Family. In 1916 the family Bible of Edwin Sandys with
entries of his childrens birth in his hand was existent at the Grammer
School, Hawskshead. He wrote a lengthy will which is existent. He was
married to Cecily WILSFORD on 19 Feb 1558/59.

15. Cecily WILSFORD signed a will on 17 Jan 1610/11. She died between 17
Jan 1610/11 and 12 Feb 1610/11. She had an estate probated on 12 Feb
1610/11 in Perogative Court of Canterbury, England. She was buried in
Woodham Ferras, Essex, England. Second wife of Edwin Sandys. Edwin SANDYS
Archbishop of York and Cecily WILSFORD had the following children:
i. Sir Samuel SANDYS was born on 28 Dec 1560. He died on 18 Aug 1623. He
was buried in Wickhamford, Worcester, England. Was Sheriff of
Worcestershire 16 James I (1618), A member of Parliment 13 (1615) and 18
(1620) James I, Member of the Virginia Company. Held manors at
Worchestershire, Essex, and Yorkshire. A monument to him and his wife at
the Wickhamford church . Had issue of 11 children including daughter
Margaret who married Sir. Francis Wyatt, Governor of Virginia. One of his
descendants, Samuel Sandys was created Baron Sandys in 1743.
ii. Sir EDWIN SANDYS was born on 9 Dec 1561. He died in Oct 1629. He was
buried in Northbourne Church, England.
7 iii. Anne SANDYS.

16. William LOVELACE2 was born about 1480. He signed a will on 18 Dec
1540. He died about 1541. He had an estate probated on 28 Mar 1541.
William was a 2nd son. but by 1511 was proprietor of Lovelace Place,
ancestrial estate at Bethersden, as one of the heirs of his uncle Richard
Lovelace. Under custom of Gravelkind" in Kent an inheritance in land was
divided among male heirs and did not follow promigentor. Wyllyam Lovelace
of Bethersden in the county of Kent mentions wife and 3 sons by name in his
will. "My syst(er) Anges Clerke, John Shawe my Wiffs sonne several servents
etc. Supervisors of his will my brother John Lovelace, Esquyre and my nephew
Thomas Lovelace his son. He was married to Alice STEVENS.

17. Alice STEVENS died in 1541. She signed a will on 28 Mar 1541. She had
an estate probated on 28 Jul 1541. William LOVELACE and Alice STEVENS had
the following children:
i. Margaret LOVELACE.
ii. Elizabeth LOVELACE.
8 iii. William LOVELACE.

18. Robert LEWES3. Alderman and Mayor (1536) of Canterbury. May have been
the Robert Lewes who died in Ireland by 24 Oct 1567

19. Margaret. Robert LEWES and Margaret had the following children:
9 i. Anne LEWES.

20. Sir Anthony AUCHER of Otterden, Kent, England was born about 1500. He
died on 9 Jan 1558 in Calais. Slain at the Battle of Calais. Knight of
Otterden and Bishopbourne, Inherited Otterden an dpurchased Bisopbourne and
several other manors. One of the agents of Henry VIII for suppresssion on
monataries. He was dubby knight Feb 1547/7, Marshall of the Fortress of
Calais and Govenor Guinees. He was killed at the capature of Calais in 1558
being Marshall at the time. He was married to Affra CORNWALLIS about 1525.

21. Affra CORNWALLIS died before 12 May 1560. Sir Anthony AUCHER of
Otterden, Kent, England and Affra CORNWALLIS had the following children:
10 i. Edward AUCHER of Bishopborne, Kent, England.

22. Sir Thomas WROTH was born in 1516. He was Knighted in Feb 1546/47. He
died by 16 April 1575 in England. of Enfield, inerited Durrants of death of
his father, was a ward of the King, eduacated at ST. Johns College,
Cambridge, and Gray's Inn. Member of Parliment for Middlesex 1544 and
1547-1552, gentleman of the bed chanber of Edward 1545, knighted Feb 1546/7,
one of the four gentlemen of the Privy Council, joint lord lieuttenant of
Middlesex 1551, a favorite of King Edward VI, absented himself during Mary's
rule, returning on Elizabeth's accession, in PArliment as a knight of the
shire of Middlesex 1558, special commissioner in the governmnet of Ireland
1562, Commissioner for the Muster in Middlesex and for the lord lieutenancy
of London 1569.

23. Mary RICH. Sir Thomas WROTH and Mary RICH had the following children:
11 i. Mabel WROTH.

24. Sir George BARNE2 signed a will on 15 Feb 1558. He died on 18 Feb 1558
in London, England. He had an estate probated on 21 Mar 1558. He was
buried in St. Bartholomew-the-Less near the Exchange. Like his father a
haberdasher. Also sheriff of London 1545-1546, lord mayor of London 1552,
was knighted at Whitehall 11 April 1553. said to be a merchant adventurer to
Barbary, Russia, and Genoa, principal doer in sendiong Sir Willooughby to
the northeast in 1553, one of the first four consuls of the Merchant
Adventurers 6 Feb 1553. Will "Sir George Barne, knight, and alderman of
London expressed his desire to be buried in the parish church of St.
Bartholomewthe Little in the Ward of Brede STreet before my pew there."
Relatives mentioned in will include: My sister Alice Kyngesbury dwelling in
Wells, County Somerset,..my Aunt Barnes dwelling in Woodstock, county
Oxford, William Relfe, my wifes son {from her first marriage} my wife Dame
Alice, my sons George and John Barne.

25. Alice BROOKE3 died in 1559. She signed a will on 12 Feb 1559. She was
buried on 2 Jun 1559. She had an estate probated on 5 Jul 1559. Sister of
Roger Brookw of Shropshire and widow of Richard Relfe, Citizen and Vintner
of London. Sir George BARNE and Alice BROOKE had the following children:
i. John BARNE esquier died in 1615 in Willesden, County Middlesex. He had
an estate probated on 18 Sep 1615.
ii. Elizabeth BARNE.
iii. Anne BARNE died in 1564.
12 iv. Sir George BARNE.

26. Sir William GARRARD was born in 1507. He died on 27 Sep 1571. He was
buried in Church of St. Magnus the Martyr. 1n 1555 was the Lord Mayor of
London. His arms are Argent, on a fess sable, a lion passant on the field.
His crest is a leopard sejant proper.

27. Isabell NETHERMILL. Sir William GARRARD and Isabell NETHERMILL had the
following children:
13 i. Anne GARRARD.

28. William SANDYS signed a will on 23 Apr 1546. He died about 1548 in
England. He was buried in Church of St. Michael's, Hawkshead, Lancashire,
England. Supported Henry VIII, was made Receiver General for the Liberties
at Furnace, lived in Hawkshead, Furnace Fells. Owned Esthwaite Hall as
principal residence also Graythwaite Hall. His death date is disputed, some
give it as late as 1558, apparently it was between 23 April 1546 (date of
will) and 1549 where at Court during the easter term, a suit was filed in
the Duchy Court of Lancaster against William and Christopher Sandys, sons of
William Sandys, deceased, in regard to certain smithies in Furnance Fells
granted 15 Nov 1537 by Henry VIII jointly to William Sandys and William
Sawrey. William and his wife are emtombed in the Sandys Choir in the church
of St Michael's at Hawkshead, under a table monument. His will is no longer
found but was quoted from in 1774. He was married to Margaret DIXON.

29. Margaret DIXON died after 1548. William SANDYS and Margaret DIXON had
the following children:
i. George SANDYS died on 10 Sep 1547. of Graywaite and Field Head in
Hawkshead, killed in battle on the field of Musselburg.
ii. William SANDYS died about 1558. of Colton Hall and Cornishead Priory.
Baliff of the Liberties in Furnace. Had issue by both wives.
14 iii. Edwin SANDYS Archbishop of York.
iv. Christopher SANDYS died in Apr 1588. He was buried on 15 Apr 1588 in
Hawkshead Church, Englland.
v. Myles SANDYS. of Latimers and Isthahamp, Bucks and Brimpsfield,
Gloucester Co., of the Middle Temple, London, High Sheriff of Gloucester.
Issue included 4 sons and of whom were knighted and 2 daughters. "His
descendants are traced in "A History of the Sandys Family".
vi. Anthony SANDYS died about Nov 1591. He was buried on 13 Nov 1591 in
Hawkshead Church, England. His descendant, Major George Owen Sandy's
occupied Esthwaite Hall in 1915.
vii. Anne SANDYS. named in her fahters will.

30. Thomas WILSFORD Esq.. of Hartridge in Cranbrook, Kent. Had 2 sons and
8 daughters by his first wife Elizabeth. One daughter and one son by second
wife Mary Poynings He was married to Rose WHETENHALL.

31. Rose WHETENHALL. 2nd wife of Thomas Wilsford. Thomas WILSFORD Esq.
and Rose WHETENHALL had the following children:
15 i. Cecily WILSFORD.
ii. Sir Thomas WILSFORD. of Hedinge in the parish of Kingston, Knight

32. William LOVELACE2 was born about 1435. He died in 1495. He signed a
will on 24 Jul 1495. He had an estate probated on 3 Sep 1495. In his will
requested to be burried in the church of St. Michael at Queenhithe within
London. Bequests to wife Lore, sons John & William and daus. MArgaret and
Agnes. gave wife use of lands within shire of Kent and after her decesse
John myne oldest son shall have the tener ment called Heivr (Hever in
Kingsdown)... and for lack of heirs to remayne to William Lovelas his
brother, ...And after the decesse of my wife William Lovelas my sonne shall
have all my landes in the parish of Mapilscompe and Fremyngham, as well as
all the landes that I bought of John Jyncok of Dartford, of Robert a Woode
of the parish of Aisshe (ash); and tenement called Catottys which I bought
of William Radok, prest. If he dies without heirs shall remain to my son
John... executer Reynold Peckham, squier.

33. Lora (Laura) PECKHAM. William LOVELACE and Lora (Laura) PECKHAM had
the following children:
i. John LOVELACE died after 1546. He signed a will on 26 Oct 1546. was a
member of the Grand Jury that indicted Anne Boleyn. Was progenitor of the
Lovelaces of Kingsdown.
ii. Margaret LOVELACE died after 1495.
iii. Agnes LOVELACE died after 1540.
16 iv. William LOVELACE.

34. STEVENS. STEVENS had the following children:
17 i. Alice STEVENS.
ii. Wyllyam (William) STEVENS. Named in his sisters will as residuary heir.

40. James AUCHER died on 6 Jan 1508/9. of Otterden, Esq. He was married
to Alice ?HILLS.

41. Alice ?HILLS. James AUCHER and Alice ?HILLS had the following children:
20 i. Sir Anthony AUCHER of Otterden, Kent, England.

42. William CORNWALLIS of Brome died in 1519. He was born. of Broome in
Suffolk Co.

43. Eliza STAMFORD of Beds, England. William CORNWALLIS of Brome and Eliza
STAMFORD of Beds, England had the following children:
21 i. Affra CORNWALLIS.

44. Robert WROTH was born about 1489. He died before 26 May 1536. of
Durrants/Durrance in Enfield, attorney of the Duchy of Lancaster, a
commissioner into the inquirey into possessions of Cardinal Woolery in 1529,
member for Middlesex in the Reformation Parliment 1529-1535. He was married

45. Jane HAUTE/HAWTE. She was first married to Thomas Goodere Robert
WROTH and Jane HAUTE/HAWTE had the following children:
22 i. Sir Thomas WROTH.

46. Baron Richard RICH was born about 1496 in Parish of St Lawrence, Jewry,
London, England. He died on 12 Jun 1567 in England. First Baron Rich of
Lees (Leighs), Exxes. of the Middle Temple, knighted 1533, solicitor
general; first chancellor of the court of Augementations 1536, under the
will of King Henry VIII, was one of the executors to adminster the kingdom
during Edward's minority, created Baron Rich of Lees Feb 1547/8, resigned as
chancellor 1551.

47. Elizabeth JENKS/GYNKES. Baron Richard RICH and Elizabeth JENKS/GYNKES
had the following children:
23 i. Mary RICH.

48. George BARNE. Was a haberdaher of London during the late 1400s and
early 1500s. George BARNE had the following children:
24 i. Sir George BARNE.

52. John GARRARD3. John GARRARD had the following children:
26 i. Sir William GARRARD.

54. Julius NETHERMILL3. of Coventry, County Warwick, Gentleman. Julius
NETHERMILL had the following children:
27 i. Isabell NETHERMILL.

56. George SANDYS. of Furnance Fells, living in 1513. He was married to
Margaret CURWEN.

57. Margaret CURWEN. George SANDYS and Margaret CURWEN had the following
28 i. William SANDYS.

58. John DIXON. of London He was married to Ann ROOS.

59. Ann ROOS. John DIXON and Ann ROOS had the following children:
29 i. Margaret DIXON.

60. James WILSFORD. Alderman and Sheriff of London 1499. He was married
to Elizabeth BETENHAM.

61. Elizabeth BETENHAM. James WILSFORD and Elizabeth BETENHAM had the
following children:
30 i. Thomas WILSFORD Esq..

62. Esq. William WHETENHALL. of Peckham, Kent. Esq. William WHETENHALL
had the following children:
31 i. Rose WHETENHALL.

64. Richard LOVELACE2 was born about 1393. He died in 1466 in London,
England. Resided at Bethersden and London, as a youth apprenticed to
William Foucher. admitted a freeman of the Mercers Co, London in 1415. In
1450 was pardoned for having taken part in the Jack Cade's Rebellion.
Through business, or marriage acquired considerable fortune. In his will
bequeathed various manors to son John and "Manor called Heuer" to daughter
Katherine. William not named in will, but in Chancery suit brought in 1458
it is known that had son William. As William was ordered to make sure title
to his siter who had married William Founteyne of the manor of Hever,
Another son Sir Richard is shown by a confirmation of arms in 1554. It is
thought that Richard was probably married to the heiress of Eynsham.

65. ?EYNSHAM3. heiress of Eynsham Richard LOVELACE and ?EYNSHAM had the
following children:
i. Sir Richard LOVELACE died before 1511. Died without issue, inherited
estate of Lovelace Place went to his nephew William Lovelace. a son of
brother William.
ii. Katharine LOVELACE.
iii. John LOVELACE. Inheirted Manor of Bayford from his father.
32 iv. William LOVELACE.

80. John AUCHER died by 26 Aug 1502. of Otterden. Among the Gentiles of
Kent Regis Henry VII (1485-1509) He was married to Margaret CHURCH.

81. Margaret CHURCH. John AUCHER and Margaret CHURCH had the following
40 i. James AUCHER.

84. Thomas CORNWALLIS of Brome, Co. Suffolk, England was born between 1410
and 1420. He died in May 1488.

85. Philippa TYRELL. Thomas CORNWALLIS of Brome, Co. Suffolk, England and
Philippa TYRELL had the following children:
42 i. William CORNWALLIS of Brome.

86. John STAMFORD Esq.. of Stamford. John STAMFORD Esq. had the following
43 i. Eliza STAMFORD of Beds, England.

88. John WROTH3 died 9 Henry VIII in Enfield.

89. Joanna NEWDIGATE3. John WROTH and Joanna NEWDIGATE had the following
44 i. Robert WROTH.

90. Sir Thomas HAUTE. of Haute Court, Kent.

91. Isabel or Elizabeth FROWICKE3. Sir Thomas HAUTE and Isabel or
Elizabeth FROWICKE had the following children:
45 i. Jane HAUTE/HAWTE.

92. Richard RICH. of London. He was married to Joan DINGLEY.

93. Joan DINGLEY. Richard RICH and Joan DINGLEY had the following children:
46 i. Baron Richard RICH.

94. William JENKS/GYNKES. A wealthy Grocier in London. William
JENKS/GYNKES had the following children:
47 i. Elizabeth JENKS/GYNKES.

104. Lawrence GARRARD3. Lawrence GARRARD had the following children:
52 i. John GARRARD.

112. William SANDES. He was married to Margaret RAWSON.

113. Margaret RAWSON. daughter and co-heiress of William Rawson of
Yorkshire, and cousin and heir to Thomas Rawlinson, Abbott of Furnace Abbey,
who was in office 1440-1460. William SANDES and Margaret RAWSON had the
following children:
56 i. George SANDYS.
ii. William SANDYS. of Little Petenhow or Petershaw, Surrey Co.
iii. Oliver SANDYS. d.s.p.

114. Garrat (or Gerard) CURWEN. of Turvey. Garrat (or Gerard) CURWEN had
the following children:

57 i. Margaret CURWEN.

118. ? Thomas ROOS3. Possible father of Ann Roos, Thomas of Witherslack,
Westmoreland and Dent, Yorkshire. ? Thomas ROOS had the following children:
59 i. Ann ROOS.

120. Robert WILSFORD. Robert WILSFORD had the following children:
60 i. James WILSFORD.

122. John BETENHAM Esq.. of Pluckley. John BETENHAM Esq. had the
following children:
61 i. Elizabeth BETENHAM.

128. John LOVELACE2,6 died before 1417. Proprietor of Lovelace Place in
Bethersden, County Kent, England. He may be the John or son of the John
Lovelace who purchased in 1367 a manor in Bethersden, lying just west of the
parish church, afterward known as Bethersden, Bethersden-Lovelace, or
Lovelace Place. In 1659 John Philipot wrote in "Villare Cantianum" "John
Lovelace the purchaser of the property had erected that Structure that for
so many Descents hath born the Name of this family , and was the Seminary or
seedpot from whence a RAce of Gentlemen issue forth, who have in Military
Affairs achieved Reputation and Honour with a prodigal Losse and Expense
both of Blood and Life, anh by their deep judegement in the Municipal Laws
have deserved well of the Common Wealth, and as by their Extraction they are
descended of noble Families so from hence have sprung those of Bayford in
Sedingbourne and Kingsdown, with the right Honourable the Lord Lovelace of
Hurley, and other gentlemen in that stem in Barkshire. 1460 license given
to William Golgall and Thomas Elyat to found a :Chantry in the Chapall of
the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Parish Church of Bethersden: with a chaplin
to pray daily for the souls of William Lovelace and for the soul of John
Lovelace and Johanna his wife, parents of the said William.

129. Johanna. John LOVELACE and Johanna had the following children:
i. William LOVELACE died on 26 Aug 1459 in London England.
ii. Rohert LOVELACE died in 1466 in Bethersden, County Kent, England.
64 iii. Richard LOVELACE.

160. Henry AUCHER. Alive in 1440, acquired title to Otterden through his
mother. He was married to Isabelle BOLEYN.

161. Isabelle BOLEYN. Henry AUCHER and Isabelle BOLEYN had the following
80 i. John AUCHER.

168. John CORNWALLIS. He was married to Phillippe BUCKTON.

169. Phillippe BUCKTON. John CORNWALLIS and Phillippe BUCKTON had the
following children:
84 i. Thomas CORNWALLIS of Brome, Co. Suffolk, England.

170. Edward TYRELL Esq. M.P.of Downham Co., Essex, Eng was born between
1380 and 1385. He died about 1442/43. He was married to Anne PASSELE.
Anne's second marriage.

171. Anne PASSELE died in 1443. Edward TYRELL Esq. M.P.of Downham Co.,
Essex, Eng and Anne PASSELE had the following children:
85 i. Philippa TYRELL.

176. John WROTH died 20 Edward IV. He was married to Eliza LEWKENOR.

177. Eliza LEWKENOR. John WROTH and Eliza LEWKENOR had the following children:
88 i. John WROTH.

184. Thomas RICH. of London Thomas RICH had the following children:
92 i. Richard RICH.

208. Thomas GARRARD3. of Sittingbourne, Kent Co., England Thomas GARRARD
had the following children:
104 i. Lawrence GARRARD.

224. William SANDES. pf Furnance Fells. He was married to BONHAM/BOHUN.

225. BONHAM/BOHUN. William SANDES and BONHAM/BOHUN had the following children:
i. Margaret SANDES.
112 ii. William SANDES.

226. William RAWSON. William RAWSON had the following children:
113 i. Margaret RAWSON.

240. William WILSFORD. of an ancient family from near Wilsford in County
Devon. He was married to Margaret CORNEUS.

241. Margaret CORNEUS. William WILSFORD and Margaret CORNEUS had the
following children:
120 i. Robert WILSFORD.

320. Henry AUCHER. of Otterden, Kent He was married to Mary (or Joan) ST

321. Mary (or Joan) ST LEGER. 2nd wife of Henry Aucher, the daughter of
Thomas. St. Leger of Otterden Kent, Sheriff in 1396 Henry AUCHER and Mary
(or Joan) ST LEGER had the following children:
160 i. Henry AUCHER.

336. Thomas CORNWALLIS died in 1384 in England. He was born in Ireland.
He was buried in St. Margarets in the Vintry..3 of London, a merchant,
Sheriff of London in 1378. Surname comes from Ireland. He was married to

337. Jane HANSARD. Thomas CORNWALLIS and Jane HANSARD had the following
168 i. John CORNWALLIS.

338. Robert BUCTON. of Brocie,Suffolk, Esqr. Robert BUCTON had the
following children:
169 i. Phillippe BUCKTON.

342. Robert PASSELE of Idem Co. Sussex, England died in 1391 or 1392.

343. Philippa SERGEAUX was born in 1381. She died in 1420. Robert PASSELE
of Idem Co. Sussex, England and Philippa SERGEAUX had the following children:
171 i. Anne PASSELE.

352. William WROTH. was 22 years old in 9 Henry IV. He was married to Amery.

353. Amery. William WROTH and Amery had the following children:
176 i. John WROTH.

354. Sir Roger LEWKENOR. Sir Roger LEWKENOR had the following children:
177 i. Eliza LEWKENOR.

368. Richard RICH. of London, Sheriff of London in 1441. Richard RICH
had the following children:
184 i. Thomas RICH.

448. Willliam SANDES. of Furneace Fells. Willliam SANDES had the
following children:
224 i. William SANDES.

482. Walter CORNEUS. Walter CORNEUS had the following children:
241 i. Margaret CORNEUS.

640. Henry AUCHER. of Lowenham, Kent He was married to ? DIGGS.

641. ? DIGGS. Henry AUCHER and ? DIGGS had the following children:
320 i. Henry AUCHER.

642. Thomas ST LEGER3 died in 1408. He was buried in High Altar of
Otterden, Kent Co., England. Was Sherrif of Kent in 1396. Thomas ST LEGER
had the following children:
321 i. Mary (or Joan) ST LEGER.

674. William HANSARD. William HANSARD had the following children:

337 i. Jane HANSARD.

686. Sir Richard SERGEAUX of Cornwall died on 30 Sep 1393. He was married
to Phiippa D'ARUNDEL. second marriage for Philippa to Sir Richard Sergeaux.

687. Phiippa D'ARUNDEL died in 1396. Sir Richard SERGEAUX of Cornwall and
Phiippa D'ARUNDEL had the following children:
343 i. Philippa SERGEAUX.

704. William WROTH died 8 Sept 9 Henry IV. William WROTH had the following
352 i. William WROTH.

896. Robert SANDES. of Rattenburg Castle in the parish of St Bees,
Cumberland Co., in the times of Henry IV (1399-1413). Robert SANDES had the
following children:
i. John SANDES. suceeded his father at St. Bees.
448 ii. Willliam SANDES.

964. Sir Walter CORNEUS. Knight. Sir Walter CORNEUS had the following
482 i. Walter CORNEUS.

1280. NICHOLAS AUCHER. "son of the Lord of Lowenham" in Newenden, Kent and
possessor of lands in Essex. Held Manors in Mayham, Magna, and Losenham,
Kent, in the early 14th century. He was married to ? OXBRIDGE.

1281. ? OXBRIDGE. daughter of Oxbridge of Brede, Sussex. NICHOLAS AUCHER
and ? OXBRIDGE had the following children:
640 i. Henry AUCHER.

1282. John DIGGS. of Barham, Kent, Armiger. John DIGGS had the following
641 i. ? DIGGS.

1284. Sir Ralph ST. LEGER3 was Knighted. of Ulcombe, Kent, Knight of the
Shire of Kent 1377. Sir Ralph ST. LEGER had the following children:
642 i. Thomas ST LEGER.

1374. Edmund D'ARUNDEL was born in 1328. He died about 1377. He was
married to Sybil MONTACUTE in 1349.

1375. Sybil MONTACUTE. Edmund D'ARUNDEL and Sybil MONTACUTE had the
following children:
687 i. Phiippa D'ARUNDEL.

1408. John WROTH3. He was married to Maud DURANT.

1409. Maud DURANT. John WROTH and Maud DURANT had the following children:
704 i. William WROTH.

2748. Richard FITZALAN Earl of Arundel was born in 1313. He Disolved
Marriage in 1344. He died in 1376. He was married to Isabel LE DESPENCER
in Feb 1324/25.

2749. Isabel LE DESPENCER. Richard FITZALAN Earl of Arundel and Isabel LE
DESPENCER had the following children:
1374 i. Edmund D'ARUNDEL.

2750. Walter MONTACUTE Earl of Salisbury. Walter MONTACUTE Earl of
Salisbury had the following children:
1375 i. Sybil MONTACUTE.

5498. Sir Hugh LE DESPENCER Baron Despencer was born between 1286 and 1290.
He died in 1326. He Executed in 1326. He was married to Eleanor DE CLARE
about 1306.

5499. Eleanor DE CLARE was born in 1292. She died on 30 Jun 1337. Sir
Hugh LE DESPENCER Baron Despencer and Eleanor DE CLARE had the following
2749 i. Isabel LE DESPENCER.

10998. Sir Gilbert DE CLARE Earl of Glouster, Hertford, & Clare died on 7
Dec 1299. He was married to Joan of Acre on 30 Apr 1290.

10999. Joan of Acre was born in 1272. She died on 23 Apr 1307. Sir
Gilbert DE CLARE Earl of Glouster, Hertford, & Clare and Joan of Acre had
the following children:
5499 i. Eleanor DE CLARE.

21998. EDWARD I King of England was born in 1239. He died in 1307.

21999. Eleanor died in 1290. EDWARD I King of England and Eleanor had the
following children:
10999 i. Joan of Acre.

43998. FERDINAND III King of Castile.. FERDINAND III King of Castile.
had the following children:
21999 i. Eleanor.

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