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Documents Organized by Country 

Australia  (no documents for AU at this time; please send some! <g>)
United Kingdom

United States - Multiple Locations (parent directory of all US documents; contains census data, war records for US, and general references, documents,  and biographies containing more than one state location.  If you click on this link, you can also navigate through all the states without clicking on the map below.

US Documents Organized by State

 bluedot.gif (198 bytes) U. S Map

Note:  Many of the states do not have data entered at this time; this is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly.     

This page is an introduction to our document section for the Loveless and Lovelace family.  By clicking on the US Map link above and by the international links we plan in the future, you will be able to navigate through copies of original and transcribed records that our researchers have submitted to verify their family lineage. 

 If you have any documents of this type, if you are a researcher who works on this line but whom isn't listed, if you are listed but the information is incorrect, if you have photos or any other family memorabilia that you'd like to share with your cousins near and far, this is the place.

  If you have time to do research but don't know how to help, please contact me (push the button below) about contributing to projects we already have in the works but which we need volunteers to help execute.   The ultimate goal of our web site is to help bring more of us together in our common desire to complete our ancestral research.  Each link we add, each document we share, each  person we contact, brings us one step closer.  Please join us in a project brought to you with love from your Loveless and Lovelace ancestors.




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