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Lovelace and Loveless Family

Lovelxxx (Lovelace & Loveless) Photo Index

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Map index to original and transcripted documents, censuses, tombstones, etc.

 Current Lovelxxx Researcher Family Photos

  1. Greg Lovelace's Family
  2. Cecil & Edna Lovelace
  3. Pat Loveless Brook's Family
  4. Susan Spice Buckley's Family
  5. Donna Price's Family
  6. Laura Lovelace Larkin's Family
  7. Allen Collier's Family
  8. Ginger Daily
  9. Lowell & Jerry Goar
  10. Lisa Hork Gorrell's Family
  11. Karl Loveless' Family
  12. Alton Loveless' Family
  13. James D. Harshfield
  14. Doris Mayer Reece's Family
  15. Sue Strong Hassler's Family
  16. The Ector Family
  17. Donna Bockian and parents
  18. Lisa Owen Kennard
  19. Frank Koye
  20. Linda & Steve Banwarth
  21. Melissa Jones
  22. Gary Zimmerman & Michele Genthon
  23. Hal Irving
  24. Jacky Stancil
  25. Wayne Loveless' Family
  26. Eddie & Sylvia Vaden
  27. Wayne & Ramona Lovelace
  28. John Dear and Family
  29. Beth Knittle's Family
  30. Andy & Jayne (Pratt) Lovelace
  31. Tim Lovelace and Family
  32. Marsha Craig and Family
  33. April Lovelace-Morgan's Family
  34. Peggy Ann Loveless Christiansen's Family

D. Ancestral Photos

  1. Earliest Ancestors; William Lovelace I, II, III; Ewin & Cecily Wilsford Sandys, George Sandys, & George Barne
  2. George Logan Lovelace Family of Rutherford County, NC
  3. John H. Loveless (1839-1917) of Coshocton County, OH
  4. Joseph Walter (1854-1916) & Joseph Jackson Lovelace (1891-1983) of Bartow County & Fulton County, GA
  5. Hyrum Smith Loveless (1845-1907) of Payson, UT
  6. Children of James & Mary Tarpley Lovelace of Plano, TX
  7. Martha Loveless (1822-1901) & Benjamin Goar (1818-1885) of Henry County, IN
  8. Descendants of George W. (1830-1913) & Althea Loveless of NJ
  9. Mary Ann Loveless Harris (1850- ) of GA
  10. David Lee Loveless (1889-1969) of AR
  11. Halifax County, VA descendants; Robert Augustus Lovelace (1853-1929) and his son, William Claiborne Lovelace (1897-1937); Jeannette Lovelace Prewitt Vaden (abt. 1836)
  12. A. Ebonezer (1851 - after 1897) & Eliza A. Rogers Loveless of Faulkner Cty., AR with daughter Lela Ann Loveless (born 1895).
  13. Benjamin W. Loveless (born 1856) and family of Drew Cty., AR
  14. Elmer I. Loveless (1885-1957) and his son, Elmer N. V. Loveless (1913-1985) of Baldwinsville & Buffalo, NY
  15. Descendants of Barton & Isabelle Johnson Loveless of GA/TX
  16. George W. Loveless (1838 GA - 1902 OK) and family
  17. Elmer O. & Bessie Loveless Family of NY
  18. George B. & Elizabeth Riker Lovelace of NY & NJ
  19. Nancy Lovelace Jacobs family of Corydon, Harrison Cty., IN
  20. James L. Lovelace born July 31, 1900 of Sydney, Australia
  21. Caroline Carlton Loveless, wife of William and daughter-in-law of James & Linna Loveless
  22. Alberta Lovelace McMahon
  23. Delaware/Union County, OH Lovelesses
  24. James Albert Loveless born 1873 in Croom, Prince George's County, Maryland; descendant of James H. and Sarah Ann Mangun Loveless
  25. Descendants of Zadock Lovelace of KY

Additional photos to be added soon! Please send yours, too!



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