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Loretta Krumwiede and
Ken Lenington
March 26, 1956

Laura Louise Elizabeth Krumwiede
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These pages began for the purpose of giving the genealogy of the Krumwiede Family of Iroquois County, Illinois. In researching sources for information about the family and its major sub-divisions, I found it necessary to divide the files into several distinct parts: Descendants of Jürgen Heinrich Krumwiede and Kath. Maria Buchholz, the Hilgendorfs, the Hartkes, the Luhrsens and Descendants of Ulrich Eden Theesfeld. In addition you will find the Descendants of Jann Janssen Theesfeld, my mother's family, which also intersects with the family of Ulrich Eden Theesfeld.

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Special Notes on Information Control and Security Measures

Names conventions used in my records
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Begin with
Jürgen Heinrich Krumwiede
Kath. Maria Buchholz

 UPDATED 14 Sept. 2007

Begin with
Henry Konrad Krumwiede
Dorothea Sternberg

Begin with
August Krumwiede
Louisa Sternberg

Descendants of
Frederick Sprehe
Elizabeth Schoh

UPDATED 3 Nov 2005

SCHOO/SCHOH NEW! Oct. 27 2005

A four-generation introduction
to the Sprehe and Krumwiede families.

Descendants of
Johann Hilgendorf
Christina Düwell

UPDATED 25 June 2007

Descendants of
John Henry Hartke
Anna Bruns

UPDATED 24 Oct 2005

Descendants of
Frederich Luhrsen
Charlotte Luehrs

UPDATED 6 Sept. 2005

Descendants of
Ulrich Eden Theesfeld
Wuebke Hoeppken

Descendants of
Jann Janssen Theesfeld
Etje Janssen Herren

UPDATED 21 Oct 2005

Family members deployed or on active duty.

Findings, Questions and Conclusions
regarding immigration

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