I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the several family pages have been updated and uploaded.

The bad news is that the pages, when regenerated (this applies to all other directories eventually, as well) are not nearly as informative or fun as they once were when it comes to people who are still alive. There are several reasons for this:

1.     It takes a lot of time and a lot of work to change the pages, one by one, from fully informative pages to safely informative pages. I believe you all realize that making it possible for someone to find you, or anyone still living, on the Web and THEN from the information on  you discover your mother's maiden name as well as your date and place of birth, date of marriage, etc., is not a safe thing. I have opted to keep your name visible but without any statistical information. In a few cases, even the name is reduced to initials only. The name of your spouse will not show unless you have children.

2.     To prevent the "harvesting" of e-mail addresses from these pages, there are no longer links to e-mail on the pages. If you suspect someone has an e-mail address, ask me. I had one of my Websites (not this one) hit by a harvester. Thank goodness mine was the only address on the pages, but the experience was enough to convince me not to subject others to the experience through these pages.

3. Although some photographs appear, I simply do not have time to edit all the pages and put up family photographs. How I wish I did!!! Consequently, only photographs of people no longer living currently appear on the pages. If you see a camera icon, clicking on it will display a photograph. Please do let me know if a particular photo is too large OR too small in relation to the screen or does not appear when the icon is clicked. I CAN do something about it.

SPEAKING OF PHOTOGRAPHS: I truly want to "collect" family photos for our computerized records. If you find old photos you are not sure I have (wedding, confirmation, family groups) and you CAN IDENTIFY  the people in the photo, please either send me a scanned image by e-mail (.jpg format only, please) or take the photo to a truly good copy place and have a photo-quality image made for me. Be sure to write the names of the people down somewhere! But please ask first if I already have the photo. I might. Just because it isn't in these pages does not mean I don't have it.

SPEAKING OF WEDDINGS, BIRTHS, ETC.: I'm sure there have been weddings in these families since last August. I just don't know of very many.

PLEASE: If you receive a wedding invitation from a family member, a birth announcement from a family member, know of a death I am not likely to hear about because it isn't in our "home" area, make a photo copy of the information and mail it to me. (I won't mistake a photocopy for a real invitation.) Or just send me the information by e-mail. Get as much information as possible regarding dates and the birth names of women involved and the names of the parents of people marrying into these families. Mail the information to: Loretta Barlow; 10416 Clay Spring Place; Fort Wayne IN 46818. I will be so grateful!

Who am I?

Occasionally, I will make contact with someone by way of the Internet who I will know or suspect is a member of these families. However, this is often a person who has no idea of their connection to the families. If you fall into this category and would like to see who I am in the family structure before proceding, you may go directly to my page in these files. I have deliberately linked myself back to my parents so that you can trace my lineage to see who I am.

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