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Cardiff-Wales, UK

Cardiff-Wales, UK

Coat Of Arms

Johnes Families of Wales and London
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The Coat of Arms shown at the above left belongs to the Johnes Families of Dolau Cothy Hall that is sometimes reported as Dolecothy, Albemarles that is sometimes reported as Albemarlais, of the town Carmarthen that is sometimes reported as of the county Carmarthenshire. This region is now known as Dyfid, South West Wales. The Coat of Arms shown at the above right belongs to the Johnes Families of London, England. At this time it is not clear which member of the Johnes families immigrated to London and who established the London Arms. It can be seen that it bears some resemblance to the Dolau Cothy Arms.

The three Crosses of London replace the three Ravens of Carmarthenshire. In the Crest we find a rampant Lion supporting a blue and gold Anchor. The anchor definitely supports the known fact that the Johnes' of London were merchants, ship owners, and mariners.

The Johnes Families records their ancestry back to Welsh origin before the twelfth century. From here they migrated, gaining affluence as a distinguished family of Wales and much later the New World. In the Wills and Testaments section of these pages you will find the Will of Sir Thomas Johnes of Dolau Cothy as well as genealogical comments on the Johnes family of London.

The surname Johnes may have originally, or at least 600 years ago, been spelled Jones. In many cases the spelling of Johnes later became Johns, especially after immigration to early Colonial America. This distinction is reported in the archived records of the New England and Virginia colonies.

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