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Genealogy Newsgroups, Messageboards

Newsgroups are much like mailing lists. You "subscribe", "unsubscribe" and "post" messages as you would to a mailing list. A newsgroup is unable to send you messages unless a viewer in the group responds directly to you. You are able to view all posted messages within a newsgroup.

Messageboards are places where persons with similar interests gather to discuss a specific topic. You "post" messages and a viewer responds to posted messages by filling out a board's form. You are able to view all posted messages within a messageboard.

Please send your message to the Webmaster if you have an addition to our genealogy newsgroups or message boards, or would like to contribute your valuable comments regarding a selection presented. We are happy to hear from you and best of luck with your research!


The below list of "Big-8" worldwide newsgroups are accessable through most major Internet Service Providers. Please contact your ISP to request that they provide the service if you are unable to enter a newsgroup.

These newsgroups are primarily interested in history and genealogy, and moderated to keep in line with the topic. Click a below link and your eMail program will launch into that group, just as if you were reading your eMail.




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