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Reunion 2000

Thanks for sending the report on the meeting. -Hank

A nice write-up, Rod. Sounds like a good time was had by all! -Wiggi

Too much can not be said of our Host and Hostess, Rod and Carolyn. Great food, great arrangements. We are all grateful. The computer projector made for a great learning session on the web site and research on the internet. Thanks Hank. -Cliff

Thanks to all who made our reunion so delightful and informative especially Rod and Carolyn. Thanks Hank for the large screen computer image - it helped with my withdrawal symptoms. -Sue

I am so glad you wrote everything down, all the foods and people and the meetings. I have been snail mailing this to a lot of my friends. It's called "How to Host a Meeting and Please Absolutely Every One!" You, Carolyn, your brother, sister-in-law Carole and, your other sister, were perfect examples of family serving family. What a great witness to us all. -Norma

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