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JOHN Message Boards

Please keep your Message Board posts to the topic of family surname genealogy. Should you have any concerns or questions, please send your eMail to the appropriate address listed at the bottom of this page. Your comments are important to us and by helping you, we help the group, too. Spammers will be counseled and subsequently censured.

A few guidelines will help us keep our bulletin boards useful and informative for all to visit and enjoy their use. The JOHN Message bulletin boards are to be used for brief pieces of family surname genealogy. Large volumes of GEDCOM or other types of genealogical data are posted at RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project or our web site. These bulletin boards are to be used for viewing and posting family genealogy Queries, Bible Records, Biographies, Deeds, Obituaries, Pension Records, Wills and Testaments. These bulletin boards are not to include personal chit chat and individual messages between members. "Thank yous" and personal messages between members are to be handled by direct eMail messages between the interested individuals. For additional information about the Message bulletin boards, please refer to RootsWeb's Posting Hints and Tips. Please read on for a "How To" walk-through of our JOHN Message bulletin boards.

You may not post material that is secured with a "copyright" without the author's permission. Birth, Census, Marriage and Pension records; Deeds, Land Grants and Warrants; Estate papers, Testaments and Wills; cannot be secured with a "copyright". Bible records, Biographies and Obituaries that you may find in a publication may contain a "copyright" notification. If this is the case, you are required to obtain permission from the author to post their material. You might write an original narrative based on your research. Please refer to the Internet Sources for Copyright Information for more details.

All Message message forms allow a link to another web site at the bottom of the form. If you have a web site of your family genealogy, please include this link whenever you post your family's information. Please do not re-post or copy other boards genealogy data into our bulletin boards. Place a link into your post, referencing the other board's message(s). Messages will be removed from the boards if they do not comply with the objective of the Message bulletin boards.


Please post only queries to the Queries bulletin board. As an example, when you see a link to a biography for one of your ancestors, post a response to the Biographies bulletin board, send an eMail to the author of that query, or post your query on the JOHN Query bulletin board.

Biographies and Obituaries

You may write or rewrite a Biography and Obituary to establish your material as an original work, or a "fair use" of the rewritten work that is secured with a "copyright". You should include your sources in all of your material. You should review the Copyright and Fair Use Disclosure that provides a general description of the applicability of the copyright law in practice in the United States and the "fair use" exemptions to the law's general prohibition of copying original work, materials and textual references, as well as "safe habor" guidelines applicable to educational and research usage.

Biographies should be a short, concise snapshot of your family letters and other articles of genealogical interest. If you have an article about an ancestor's personal exploits and a few letters, you have the pieces to compose a biographical snapshot. Also, a series of articles might help to create a biography. This information may be edited into the first post or added as a response to the original.

Many newspapers consider their obituary and death notices as "paid advertisements" and thus, exempt from the newspaper's copyright. This excludes articles written by their staff about deaths of prominent people. Include the name of the paper and date of publication from where you have obtained your information. Please include in the same post any information you may have learned that is not inclucded in the article. For example, include the place of interment.

Deeds, Wills and Testaments

Please remember to include all of the surnames you find in your documents. For Deeds, the Grantor and Grantee surnames are important! Include the surnames found in the Deed as part of the "metes and bounds" or "title chains" references. It's helpful to provide a short summary of the information from your Will for genealogical value. For example, you might state "...this Will proves that Sir Thomas Johnes, Kt. is the son of Sir Henry Johnes, Kt....".

Contact Information

Simply forward any spam that leaks through our Message bulletin boards at RootsWeb to the Help Desk for further assistance. Please refer to RootsWeb or visit our Books CDs Videos, Genealogy Newsgroups Messageboards, JOHN-L, JOHN-D Mailing List and Useful Links pages for questions or help with genealogy research. Please click here for questions about our Message bulletin boards or the JFRG® web site.

Thank you for your interest and happy surfing!



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