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Who We Are

Welcome to the Internet web site of the Original Johns Family Research Group®.

Our group had its beginning in early 1997 when three individuals, with the surname Johns, found each other through the Internet. Clifford M . "Cliff" Johns, Capt. USN Ret. is our President; Henry L. "Hank" Johns III is our Vice President; Robert R. "Rob" Johns is our Treasurer. These three individuals comprise the Officers and Board of Directors of the JFRG®.

We were soon joined by others with the same interests and a small group was formed. We had a growing list of eMail addresses and continued helping each other with our research. We discovered RootsWeb and it's many features -- namely the worldwide mailing list. The previous list-owner encouraged us to take ownership and manage the mailing lists for our surname, thereby expanding our group. We now have a membership of over 180 individual and family members who have a community interest in researching the surnames Johnes, Johne, Johns, John and variations.

Many of our regular members are actively contributing to researching our surname and to helping newer folks get started. Many of us are descendants of the Welsh-English immigrants from Carmarthen, Wales and London, England. However, there are quite a few who are researching German surnames. The German surnames became anglicized to Johns or John after an ancestor arrived in America.

Please browse our pages and join us in the interchange through the worldwide mailing list. Please read and become acquainted with our Pledge and Acceptable Use Policy. We're here to help you find your ancestors in an atmosphere of friendship, caring, and concern.

What We Do

What we offer from the group's combined efforts is a gateway to our research and worldwide mailing list that provides you with a connection to other Johns and John families. This list is the JOHN-L mailing list found at RootsWeb, owned and managed by the Johns Family Research Group®. By using this genealogy mailing list you may post queries to the JFRG®. You can directly communicate with our members and exchange genealogy information. The goal is to help you extend your family pedigree and perhaps meet some distant cousins for the first time.

To subscribe to our worldwide mailing list please click on the JOHN-L, JOHN-D Mail List link. Carefully follow the instructions and examples illustrated. We have provided several "hints" to help you get started with becoming a member of our genealogy eMail list. Once you are subscribed to the list, you will be able to send an eMail to all of our members by simply posting a single message.

Contact Information

Cliff Johns, President
Special Projects: Military Service Records
Hank Johns, Vice President
Special Projects: Marriages, Mortality Schedules
Rob Johns, Treasurer
RootsWeb JOHN-L Mailing Listowner
Rod Willis, Historian
Special Projects: US Census
Sandra Johns, Web Architect
RootsWeb JOHN Message Boards Administrator
Web address:


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