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Duncans in Edgefield Co. SC


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised September 15, 2008

Formed 1785 from District 96
Aiken formed 1871 from Edgefield, Orangeburg, Barnwell, Lexington
Saluda formed 1896 from Edgefield
Greenwood formed 1897 from Abbeville, Edgefield


1790 Edgefield Co. SC Census, 96th Dist.
Pg. 65  Bailey Crouch, Sam McKensey, Lewis Etheridge,
        Ben thower, Umphre Frier,
        John Dunkin            135xx
        Wm. Ethiredge, Wm. Bell,
        Jos. Stephens, Jos. Etheridge ...

1800 Edgefield Co. SC Census (and from Louis Boone 8/1984)
Other families in county: Millim, Tinney (also in Laurens SC)
Pg.170b ? Sawyer, William Dishargo,
        Frederick Williams, William Dillon
        William Duncan         00010  - 31010
        Fegus Beasley, Withen? Smith,
        Jam? Stitate?, ?? Dukson?
        several names, Tobias? ??ash, John Woody?
        Abel Duncan            10010  - 10100
        Harmon? Coleman
   171  Benjamin ??athen
        Joshua Duncan          00010  - 10100
        Sams? Harris, Thomas Harris?
        Martha Duncan          00001  - 12101
          (MAD: not Matthew)
        Peter Duncan           20100  - 20010
        Samuel Duncan          11100  - 20100
        William Pirkle?, Robert Fairchild,
        Hanah Body, James Wilson
   176  Michael Deloach, Thomas Lee, William Dozier,
        James OSlerly?, Thomas Barkley, Samuel Dean
        Richard Duncan         11010  - 21011
        James Davis, Azariah Bowler, Thomas Dean,
        Isan? West, Joel Etheredge
   177a John Ham, William Gouldin?, William Ham
        Peter Duncan           00100  - 20100
        Nelson Duncan          00100  - 10100
        Drydon Grigsby, William Kincaid, ?wig Davis
   177b William Robley?, Aleston Littlefield,
        Andrew Nancy?, Thomas Banks,
        Mary Duncan            01010  - 01010
        John Celte?, William Cotney, Samuel Gillam; others
        Elizabeth Ramsay, Molley? Pike, A?? Matthews,
        John Duncan            01001  - 01001
        George Fletcher

1810 Edgefield Co. SC Census
Pg. 74  Peter Dunkin           00020  - 40110
    75  Richd. Dunkin          10001  - 00101
        Peter C.E. Dunkin      82010  - 11110
    76  Wm. Dunkin             10010  - 00010
        Samuel Dunkin          31010  - 21010
    77  Joshua Dunkin          10010  - 10010
    86  Abel Dunkin            31010  - 21010
          1 name
        Jeremiah Dunkin        20100  - 00100
    90  Nelson Dunkin          01110  - 00100
    91  Wm. Dunkin             00001  - 10101
          1 name
        Nelson Dunkin          00100  - 01000

1820 Edgefield Co. SC Census
Pg. 80  Duncan, Joshua         210001 - 11111
    92  Duncan, Nelson         100010 - 30100
          (MAD: to Bibb Co. AL)
    99  John Dinkin            000010 - 10010
        Simeon Dinkin          100010 - 00010
   122  Duncan, Peter F.       000010 - 12022
        Duncan, William        000012 - 01010
   126  Duncan, Richard        110001 - 10001
          (MAD: Mary in 1820 Walton Co. GA census;
            of Walton Co. GA 1825 sold Richard's land)

1830 Edgefield Co. SC Census
Pg.155  Richard Dunkin         0000,0101    - 0001,1
   158  Peter Dunkin           1000,0001    - 1000,2001
   181  William Dunkin         1210,1       - 0011,01
   189  Simeon Dinkins         2300,1       - 2000,1
          3 names
        Elisa Dinkin           0000,2       - 0001,1000,1

1840 Edgefield Co. SC Census
Pg.122  Charles Dunkin         1200,01      - 1110,1000,1
   130  Thos. Dunkin           0000,1       - 0001,1
        Patience Dunkin        0001,1       - 0001,1201
          (next to Thos.)
   141  Richard Dunkin         1100,1000,01 - 0001,1

1850 Edgefield Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983; pg.182 from information of Lois Colwell 5/2004, ages plain)
Pg.86, #1336, James DUNKIN 20 SC farmer
                  Mahala 17 GA (not mar/in/year)
Pg.87, #1345, Malinda PARMER (FARMER?) 31 SC
                  John M. 11, H.D. (m) 8 SC
                  Josiah 3 SC
                  Phoebe DUNCAN 84 NC
                  (MAD: Phoebe the widow of William Duncan)
Pg.107, #1645, William WALKER 50 SC farmer
                  Eliza 39 SC
                  Sarah 11, Eliza 9, Unity 7 SC
                  Emaly 5, Melissa 2 SC
                  William WALKER Jr. 22 SC, James 19 SC
                  Mariah COTTON (f) 22 SC
                  Francis (m) 3/12 SC
                  James CLAND 18 SC farmer
                  (MAD: Elizabeth (Eliza) Walker the dau. of William Duncan d.1838 & Julia of Newberry Co. SC)
Pg.144, #2197, John DUCKINS 56 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 54 SC
                  Richard 20 wheelright, Martha 22 SC
Pg.173, #220, Hartwell WHITTLE 27 SC
                  Edney 19 SC
                  Sarah 2 SC
                  (MAD: son of Joseph & Sophia, grandson of James & Lucretia)
Pg.173, #221, John WHITTLE 18 SC
                  Elizabeth 17 SC
Pg.173, #222, Mary DUNCAN 40 SC
                  Lucretia 14, John 12 SC
                  Mary A. 9, Wm. C. 7 SC
Pg.173, #225, John WHITTLE 50 SC farmer $300
                  Matilda 25, Elizabeth 23 SC
                  William M. 16, Mary M. 12, Phoebe 11 SC
                  Cebron (m) 9, Edney 8 SC
Pg.174, #237, Ira WHITTLE 30 SC farmer $400
                  Mary 30 SC
                  Elizabeth 9, Malachi (m) 7 SC
                  Georgianna (f) 6, Jane 4, James 2 SC
                  (MAD: son of James & Lucretia Whittle)
Pg.177, #298, Elijah WHITTLE 50 SC stone cutter $800
                  Nancy 55 SC
                  Bethany 18, Agrippa (m) 16 SC
                  Ananis (m) 14 SC
                  (MAD: ? son of James & Lucretia Whittle)
Pg.179, #314, Russel PADGET 25 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 30 SC
                  Henry 11, Lucinda 8, Polly 5 SC
                  Russel 3, Elizabeth 2/12 SC
                  Wesley STORY 13, Martha 11 SC
                  Lucretia WHITTLE 70 SC
                  (MAD: Lucretia Whittle the mother-in-law of Richard Duncan)
Pg.179, #328, John DUNCAN 48 SC shoemaker
                  Mary 32 GA
                  Aaron 15, Fanny 7 4 SC
                  Vastine (m) 4, Cassandy C. (f) 2 SC
                  Joseph CARUCH 6 SC
Pg.180, #335, John WHITTLE 28 SC farmer
                  Belindy 30 SC
                  William 8, Jacob M. 6 SC
                  Tillman 4, Danniel 3, Susannah 1 SC
The District
Pg.180, #336, James C. WHITTLE 60 SC
Pg.182, #375-375, Sophia WHITTLE 35 SC (blank) $2,000
                  Julia 20 SC
                  Aron (m) 19 SC farmer
                  Elliz. (f) 17 SC
                  Eldred (m) 15 SC
                  Amelia 12 SC
                  Hezekiah (m) 8 SC
                  (MAD: & Lois Colwell: widow of Joseph Whittle)
Pg.183, #379, James M. WHITTLE 60 SC farmer $4000
                  Nancy 56 SC
                  Frances S. (f) 17, Emanuel 20, Malachi 18 SC
                  E.M. WASHINGTON (m) 12 SC
                  (MAD: no Richard Duncan found in any Whittle household pg. 173, 174, 179, 180, 183, 189)
Pg.183, #389, Matthew DUNCAN 39 SC shoemaker
                  Elizabeth 34 SC
                  Mary 5, Benjamin 4 SC
                  Watson 3, Mimey (f) 2 SC
                  Jacob 8/12 SC
Pg.186, #432, Joshua DUNCAN 27 SC farmer
                  Mary 35 SC
                  Martha 5, Emaline 3 SC
                  Simeon C. 1, Sarah A.C. 1/12 SC
                  (MAD: wife said to be Mary Newton)
Pg.186, #433, Thomas DUNCAN 37 SC farmer $600
                  Sarah 37 SC
                  Noah M. 10, Susan E. 8 SC
                  Abram M. 5, Julia A. 1 SC
                  Sarah NEWTON 65 SC -- $500
                  (MAD: wife said to be Sarah Newton; 1860 Itawamba Co. MS census; 1870 Clark Co. AR census)
Pg.189, #481, W. Floyd WHITTLE 26 SC
                  Sophia 32 SC
                  Capers 5, James T. 3, Milton A. 1 SC
                  (MAD: looking for Sophia, widow of Joseph d. by 1849)
Pg.189, #483, Willis WHITTLE 62 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 61 SC
                  Mahlon (m) 17, Catharine 14 SC
Pg.194, #547, Charles DUNCAN 48 SC farmer
                  Rebecca 40 SC
                  Elizabeth 16, Sarah 10 SC
                  Mary 8, Amanda 5 SC
                  Nancy M. 3, Chas. A. 2/12 SC
                  George 20 SC, Thos. W. 18 SC, farmers
                  (MAD: ? Rachel Elizabeth 16, mar. John R. Corley?)
Pg.194, #548, Patience DUNCAN 70 SC
                  Elizabeth 48, Sarah 44 SC
                  Nancy 35 SC
Pg.194, #549, George DUNCAN 20 SC farmer
                  Sarah Ann 18 SC (not mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Talladega Co. AL census)

1860 Edgefield Co. SC Census (pg.190 from information of Lois Colwell 5/2004)
Pg.17, #243, James DUNCAN 29 SC miller 0-$100
                  Mahala 27 SC
                  Lafayette 9, Amanda 7 SC
                  Emma 3, Milly 2/12 SC
Pg.17, #256, John BODIE 50 SC farmer $700-390
                  Mariah 44 SC
                  Frances (f) 20, Betsey 18 SC
                  John 17, Ellen 16 SC
                  Joseph 14, Sina (f) 12 SC
                  Albert 10, America (f) 8 SC
                  Cornelia (f) 2 SC
                  M.W. DUNCAN (m) 45 SC mechanic 0-$150
                  F. HALL (m) 34 SC mechanic $300-50
Pg.21, #311, Mrs. M. DUNKIN 60 SC governess 0-$120
                  Lucretia 24 SC
                  John 22 SC laborer 0-$20
                  Jemima 21, Mary 17 SC
                  Frances V. (f) 8, Richard 5 SC
Pg.23, #326, Micajah DINKINS 50 SC farmer $350-100
                  Rebecca 50 SC
                  Margaret E. 16, Mancy A.E. 12 SC
                  Frances P. (f) 10, Jonathan L. 7 SC
                  Milledge FRANKLIN 24 GA
                  Martha 22 GA
                  Rebecca A. 8/12 GA
Pg.23, #339, Jno. DUNCAN 56 SC laborer 0-$75
                  Betsy 50 SC
                  Rebecca 22, Mary 19 SC
                  Reuben 18, Eliza 15 SC
                  (MAD: 1850 Abbeville Co. SC census)
Pg.25, #158, James M. (J.M.) Cobb indexed; NOT the James Cobb (1825-1908), wife Patsy or Martha Duncan (1828-1908), buried Fulton Co. GA
Pg.25, #362, Mat DUNCAN 46 SC shoe maker $0-100
                  Betsy 42 SC
                  Benj. 14, Watson 13 SC
                  James 5 SC
Pg.78, #1193, David DUNCAN 44 SC farmer $850-350
                  Frances E. (f) 30 SC
                  Sophia 12, Albert J. 8 SC
                  Obia (m) 7, Synthia 5 SC
                  Julia A. 4, Louisa C. 1 SC
                  (MAD: 1850 Newberry Co. SC census)
P.O. Germanville
Pg.106, #801-804, Nathan BRITT 23 SC farmer m/in/yr
                  Eliza 33 SC
                  M.M. WHITMAN (f) 5, S.A.(f) 4, G.S.(m) 1 SC
                  (MAD: Eliza Duncan mar. 1st William Patrick Whitman, mar. 2nd Nathan Britt, per Fam. Record of Charles Duncan)
Pg.177, #881, J.M. WHITTLE (m) 65 SC farmer $5200-$16000
                  Nancy 64 SC
                  Richard DUNCAN 98 SC deaf
Pg.179, #910, John DUNCAN 60 SC miller 0-$10
                  Mary 40 SC
                  Francis 16, Vastine (m) 10 SC
                  Casandry (f) 9, Nancy 6 SC
                  Henrietta 4, Sanders (m) 1 SC
                  Aaron DUNCAN 27 SC farm laborer
                  Elizabeth 18 SC
                  Julia (f) 4, F.V. (f) 3 SC
                  M.C. (f) 2 SC
                  Barbary ALLEN 110 (sic) SC
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 17, Aleyeny (f) 14 SC
                  Jno. C. 10 SC
Pg.184, #985, P. DUNCAN (f) 75 SC knitting
                  E. (f) 55 SC
                  Sarah 54 SC
Pg.190, #1072-1075, Sophia WHITTLE 53 SC farming $1,000-$200
                  Julia McCLENDON 30 SC
                  Parmelia WHITTLE 21 SC
                  Hezekiah WHITTLE 17 SC
                  Milton WHITTLE 7 SC
Pg.195, #1160, Charles DUNCAN 56 SC farmer $3000-8900
                  B. (f) 51 SC
                  M.A. (f) 18, A.C. (f) 16 SC
                  N.M. (f) 13, C.A. (m) 9 SC
                  Rebecca WHITMAN 15 SC
                  John 12, W.C. (m) 8 SC
                  William HARRIS 19 SC overseeing

1870 Edgefield Co. SC Census
Saluda Div.
Pg.54, #1160-1171, SUMMERS, John 23 SC farm laborer $0-$0
                  Della 33 SC keeping house
                  George 11 SC at home
                  DUNCAN, Mary 30 SC without occupation (white)
                  LINDLER, Betty (f) 60 SC without occupation
Hibler Twp.
Pg.196, #141-182, DUNCAN, Frances E. (f) 40 SC (white) farming $300-$141
                  Sophia (f) 19, Abert (m) 17 SC farm labourers
                  Obed (m) 15, Sintha (f) 13 SC farm labourers
                  Julia (f) 11 SC farm labourer
                  Kirnelia (f) 9 SC at home
Gregg Twp.
Pg.209, #29-29, DUNCAN, Martha 35 SC (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Eugenia (f) 16 SC works in cotton mill
                  Angeline (f) 12 SC works in mill
                  James 10 SC works in cotton mill
Pg.217, #114-124, DUNCAN, Mary 61 SC (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Lucretia 32 SC works in cotton mill
                  Frances (f) 15 SC working in cotton mill
                  William 5 SC at home
Pg.217, #116-126, DUNCAN, Mathew 56 SC shoe making (white) $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 52 SC keeping house
                  James H. 14 SC work in cotton mill
Pg.219, #146-156, DUNCAN, Watson (m) 23 SC (white) works in cotton mill $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 25 SC keeping house
                  Mary E. 2 SC at home
Hamburg Twp.
Pg.261, #187-225, DUNCAN, James 39 SC (white) works in cotton mill $0-$0
                  Mahala 38 SC keeping house
                  Lafayette 19 SC works in cotton mill
                  Amanda 18 SC works in cotton mill
                  Emmie (f) 14 SC "not occupied"
                  William 9, Wilson 6 SC at home
                  Frances (f) 6/12 SC b.Dec. at home
Horns Creek Twp.
Pg.303, #128-142, DUNKINS, John 31 SC (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mary A. 31 NC keeping house
                  John G. 7, Mark 4 SC at home
                  William M. 10/12 SC b.July at home
                  BENNETTE, India (f) 23 SC BLACK domestic servant
                  LUNDY, Wilson (m) 12 SC BLACK domestic servant
Saluda Division
Pg.336, #2264-2276, DUNCAN, John 60 SC MULATTO farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 35 SC MULATTO farm laborer
                  Henrietta 16 SC MULATTO farm laborer
                  James 11, Huldah 9 SC MULATTO at home
Pg.336, #2265-2277, DUNCAN, Charles 65 SC (white) farmer $375-$400
                  Rebecca 60 SC keeping house
                  Amanda 24 SC "without occupation"
                  Malissa 20 SC "without occupation"
                  Charles 18 SC farm laborer
                  MARONY, Abram 75 IRE (white) "without occupation"
Pg.336, #2267-2280, DUNCAN, Thos. 35 SC (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mila (f) 30 SC keeping house
                  Nancy 15 SC "without occupation"
                  Thomas 10, Tilman (m) 3 SC at home
Pg.337, #2283-2296, DUNCAN, James 28 SC (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Nancy 20 SC keeping house
                  Mary 2 SC at home
Pg.356, #2618-2632, DUNCAN, George 23 SC (white) farmer $525-365
                  Mary 23 SC keeping house
Shaws Creek Twp
Pg.441, #265-277, DUNCAN, Wm. 25 SC (white) section M. on R.R. $0-$0
                  Eliza 23 SC keeping house
                  LydiAnn (f) 10 MS at home
                  Emma 3, George 2 SC at home
                  MATTOX, Bogan (m) 26 N.C. (white) farm laborer
Saluda Division
Pg.529, #2688-2703, DUNCAN, Aaron 35 SC (white) works in saw mill $0-$0
                  Haliery? (f) 28 SC keeping house
                  July (f) 15 SC "without occupation"
                  Thomas 4, Minnie 2 SC at home
                  Betty 6/12 SC b.Dec. at home


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SAMUEL DEAN, Rev. War Pension, Rejected, R2807, SC (FHL film 970,780)
      Application for pension, Edgefield Dist. SC; 18 May 1853, declaration by Job Jones, who says that Samuel Deen was a Revolutionary soldier and served for a long period during the war of American Independence; that he served for more than two years, under various officers, viz, Capt. William Butler, Capt. Michael Watson, Capt. Joseph Towles, Col. Anderson (Robert Anderson deponent believes), General Andrew Perkins and others; that he heard Samuel Deen in his lifetime speak of being engaged under the command of Capt. Butler in a conflict with the famous Tory leader William Cunningham in which conflict the sword and packet book of Cunningham fell into the hands of Capt. Butler; that Samuel Deen often spoke to him of an expedition or? campaign he made in Georgia during the war, and of various other skirmishes and hazardous adventures in which he bore a part; that Samuel Deen had frequently informed him that he entered the service as soon as he was of sufficient age in the very midst? of the war, and always belonged to some corps, for at least half the period of the contest, and until the conclusion of hostilities with Great Britain. (more on general service and statements by Samuel Deen to Job Jones) ... that Samuel Dean had been allowed various payments (dates and warrant numbers not copied here) ... that Samuel Deen enlisted ... for nine months or less ... and continued a faithful and active soldier during the whole revolutionary war. The declaration of Samuel Dean was also supported by the certificate of Col. Hammond, who commanded a Regt. of State Troops in South Carolina during the war. That according to the testimony of Richard Dunkin, a contemporary of Samuel Dean, herewith presented, Samuel Dean served at least for the period of two years or over in the war of Independence. That Samuel Deen received a pension from the state of SC of $60 for his revolutionary service, granted 20 Dec. 1828, which pension he continued to enjoy until 8 Sept. 1840 when he died aged 77 years or thereabouts. His wife, Milky Dean, who survived him, also received from SC from the time of his death a pension of $30 which was continued to her until she died on or about 27 March 1850. Job Jones says further upon information that Milky Dean (whose maiden name was Milky Dunkin) and Samuel Deen were married soon after the revolution and lived together as man and wife until the latter died, and that Milkey Deen never married after the death of her husband, and died 27 March 1850. That neither Samuel Deen nor his wife ever received any pension or other remuneration from the government of the US for his military services as a private soldier ... That Samuel and Milkey Deen had nine or? ten? children by their marriage, three sons Samuel, Charles and William, and seven daughters Abbey Deen, the wife of the said Job Jones the relator, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, Behertha?, (too dark for one name), Aletha?, and Sibbatenn. Tibba (Libba?) alive ... before the death of Samuel Dean, Anna is still living in this state, and all the rest of the heirs of the said Samuel Dean have removed to ?? (too dark) and have not been heard from by this relator for several years. This application is made for a pension under the pension laws of the US for the benefit of revolutionary soldiers and their widows and orphans. /s/ Job (+) Jones.
      Power of Attorney, Revolutionary pension; Job Jones representative of the heirs of Samuel Dean, decd, of Edgefield Dist. SC, appoint Thomas P. Morgan of City of Washington my attorney and agent to prosecute the claim of Samuel Dean and Milkey Dean and the heirs of said Samuel and Milky Dean ... 10 Nov. 1852. Wit. W.P. Butter (Butler?), S.S. Tompkins.
      "Copy" To the ... State of SC, petition of Samuel Dean, that he served during the Revolutionary war as a soldier in a troop of light horse commanded by Capt. Joseph Towles for six months, that he is now aged and infirm and unable to make a competent support by his own endeavors & labor, and appeals to the state to make some provision to protect him from the privation with which his infirmities now threaten him. /s/ Edgefield Dist. SC, 20 Oct. (no year) before James Ogilvie; also noted "signed by 33 persons & their follows a schedule of Saml. Deen's property deemed unnecessary to copy". Statement by Clark Spragins, September 19, 1828, that Samuel Dean enlisted in the old revolutionary war under command of Capt. Joseph Towles as a minute man under command of Genl. ??? (dark) Perkins for nine months ... Statement: I have been shown a petition by Samuel Deen who states that he served in a company of mounted riflemen in the Revolutionary war who were enlisted to serve six months and commanded by Capt. Joseph Towles and attached to my regiment of state troops; now it is impossible for me to recollect perfectly at this instant date the names of individuals who composed that company, I do recollect however that there were three persons of that name who were occasionally under my command, all of them patriotic and unchargeably? devoted to the cause of their country. I remember the names of but one of them, Thomas Dean, he received a very severe wound in the skirmish with the enemy. I remember his name from the circumstances that I had occasion as well on his account and others in his situation to visit the temporary hospital where they were placed, one of the other brothers was killed in action whose name I don't now recollect, the other I am fully certain was the person subscribed? to the petition I have now with me, Genl. Pickins to Capt. Jole? & Watson? which will show terms upon which the companies were enlisted ... I know also that Col. Brooks whose name I see enscribed to the petition of Samuel Dean served as a volunteer in Toles? company same perilous expedition and must of course have known said Dean personally & from their living in the same neighborhood ever since. I think due credence ought to be given to his certificate and although I cannot certify ... that he was of Toles? Company, from all the circumstances within my recollection I verily believe that he states nothing on his sd. petition but which is founded in truth ... /s/ A.P. Butler (no date). House of Representatives, Dec. 19, 1828, resolved that House agrees to the report, it be sent to the Senate; Senate, Dec. 20, 1828, Resolved that Senate Concur.
      No. 300, Lib. U, Nov. 16, 1852, Comptrollers Gen. Office, Columbia, SC; Issued 12 July 1785 to Mr. Samuel Dean for £36.11.5 for militia duty as private per amount audited No. 5.
            No. 50, No. 300, Lib. U, July 12, 1785, Mr. Saml. Dean his acct. of duty in the militia as private since the reduction of Charleston amtg. to Curc. £2.56 ...
            Gentlemen. Please deliver to Mr. John Gosman our indents of interest due us for service done the state and returned by Colonel Robert Anderson and you'l oblige Gentlemen your lo?? servts. /s/ George Dean, Samuel (X) Dean; to the Treasurer of the State. Edgefield Co. SC, I hereby certify that Mr. George Dean and Mr. Samuel Dean did this day come before me and sign the above order in favor of John Gorman?, 23 March 1786, Wm. ??? JP ...
      Committee Room, Senate, 8 March 1854; to the Commissioner of Pensions; in the application made by the heirs of Samuel Dean for the amount of pension to which said Dean was entitled to receive but for which he never applied, will be found a copy of a memorial to the legislature of the State of SC in which Dean states that he served six months as a mounted soldier but does not speak of any other service. The laws of the State did not require that the length of service and different periods of service should be stated, but simply that the applicant for pension did serve his country, and was a man of good reputation. I make this explanation in order to remove any doubt that may arise in the consideration of this claim, from what might appear to be an inconsistency. Saml. Dean always sustained the character in the community in which he lived of having been a good and faithful soldier of the Revolution and his service as such was never questioned. Very respectfully, your obt. servt, A.P. Butler.
      Edgefield Dist. SC; I, Andrew P. Butler, do certify that I was raised in the neighborhood in which Samuel Dean (and the Samuel Dean whose heirs are making this application for a pension) resided until his death. In the same neighborhood were several soldiers and some officers of the revolution who were pensioned by the government. It was the tradition among them, and also among the whole people of that section where I lived and now live, that the said Samuel Deen was a han? (hars?), active?, and efficient soldier of the revolution and served for a considerable period, though I cannot state precisely how long. His family and he among the rest were rather remarkable for their zeal and courage in the war. My father, who commanded a company in this district, frequently spoke of Samuel Dean as serving with him and under his eye, so that I have no doubt that he did really perform good service to his country. (more not copied) no date.
      Edgefield Dist., SC; personally appeared Richard Dunkin (signed his name) and deposes and says that by his family record (written by his father) he is ninety years of age in January last; that he was well acquainted with Samuel Deen before and after the Revolutionary War; that said Samuel Deen did serve in said war under the command of Captain Towles, Captain Dorsey?, Captain William Butler and Captain Michael Watson for the term of between two and three years; he does not remember the precise time but knows positively that said Deen served said war more than two years, that he drew a pension from this State of $60 per annum until 8 Sept. 1840 when he died aged 77 years, that he was married since after the Revolutionary war to Miss Milky Dunkin who survived him, and drew a pension of $30 per annum from the state aforesaid during her lifetime after the death of her husband; that she died 27 March 1850, that she never married after the death of Samuel Deen; /s/ 18 Feb. 1853, before Daniel Holland, magistrate for Edgefield Dist.
      Senate Chamber, 20 March 1854; this is to certify that I am well acquainted with Job Jones of Edgefield Dist. SC, he is and has been for a number of years a near neighbour of mine. The said Jones married a daughter of the late Samuel Dean of the district aforesaid and his wife is the only child of Dean's now living in the district that I have any knowledge of. /s/ A.P. Butler.
      (MAD: see also Samuel Dean of Henry Co. KY 1846, served from Loudoun Co. VA under Capt. Jonas Dunkin)

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During War of 1812; National Archives Roll 62, Microcopy 602 (FHL film 882,580, Dun to Duq; copied all Duncan and variant spellings)
      All last names are Duncan unless otherwise noted (MAD: have interfiled by first name); all entered service as privates and were discharged as privates unless otherwise listed. Vols = Volunteers; Mil = Militia
      Joshua Dunkin; Youngblood's Regt. SC Mil
      Nelson Dunkin; Youngblood's Regt. SC Mil
            MAD: Joshua Duncan was on Pension list for War of 1812; from "Edgefield SC in the War of 1812", author not given (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1983)
            Nelson Durkin, Joshua Dunkin, Thomas Deen, Charles Deen, were in the War of 1812 and signed a receipt for their pay; from "Edgefield Co. SC in the War of 1812" by Carlee T. McClendon; FHL booklet 975.7 A1 no. 56.

Pension Application (Indian Wars 1832-1842) of Samuel W. Dunkin (from Maxine Alcorn, Head Librarian Clayton Library, Houston, TX, to Lucille Mehrkam to MAD 6/1984)
      Applied from Campbell Co. GA. Pvt. in Capt. Greer's GA Vol. Creek War. Applied Dec. 21, 1892; enlisted in Columbus, GA, June 6, 1836; honorably discharged Sept. 2nd, 1836. Bounty Land Warrant #12454 for 120 acres issued March 3, 1855. He was 24 years old when he enlisted; 6 feet tall, blue eyes, black hair, dark complexion and a farmer; he was born Edgefield Co., SC; resided in Coweta Co. GA 16 years; resided in Campbell Co. GA 40 years. Married Caroline Brock on Sept. 15, 1835 at Coweta Co. GA and she died in Oct. 1852; he remarried to Nancy C. Thompson.

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781; Placerville FHC 9/23-25/1997 on loan)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNKIN, Samuel, widow Irena Dunkin, Perry Co. AL, Private Co.C, 31st Regt. Application 31 May 1897, Samuel (X) Dunkin, Private, Co.C?, 31st Regt. AL Inf., enlisted at beginning of war, until 14 Sept. 1864, contracted rheumatism during service, now recovered, now 71 years of age, P.O. Edith, AL, farmer, owns 47 acres. Applications 30 May 1896, 28 May 1898 now age 71, 31 May 1894 now age 73. Schedule of property 22 April 1899, owns 47 acres Perry Co. AL. Application 22 April 1898, age 80, P.O. Edith, AL; Witnesses J.B. (X) Dunklin and J.D. Cromer. Applications 31 May 1892 age 72, and 30 May 1893 age 72. Application 24 June 1903, Irena Dunkin, Perry Co. AL, widow of Samuel Dunkin pensioner of Perry Co. AL who died 15 Nov. 1902; witnesses John A. Dunkin and A.J. Fisher. Schedule of property, Mrs. Irena Dunkin, 24 June 1903, incl. dower interest in 1/3 of 147? acres (3-digit number); certification by John A. Dunkin that the property is correct, 6 July 1903.
      (MAD: Saml. Duncan's discharge dated 14 Sept. 1864, Montgomery, AL, said he was a Private of Capt. Shelley's Co., 3rd Reg. AL Volunteers, enlisted 24 Oct. 1863; he was born in Edgefield, SC, is 39 years of age, etc.; from Soldier's Discharge from John W. Duncan 10/1994; see Perry Co. AL)


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Edgefield Co. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "Edgefield SC Marriage Records, Late 18th Century to 1870," by Carlee T. McClendon (FHL book 975.737/E1 V25m; and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1983 and from Juanita Breckenridge to Bobbie McDowell to MAD 7/1982)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Marriages 1769-1880 Implied in Edgefield Co. SC Probate Records" by Barbara Langdon (FHL book 975.737 V2L)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Old Wills, Book A-B, 1787-1818" 2 vols; by Frances T. Ingmire; includes in Vol.2 pg.42-43, includes will A-254 of Jonathan Owen dated 25 Aug. 1806, witnessed by Richard Dunkin and Thomas & Samuel "Deer," Box 22, Pkg.784 (FHL book 975.737 P2f)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Wills 1787-1836" by James E. Wooley; includes on pg.70-71 the will A-254 of Jonathan Owen witnessed by Thomas and Samuel "Deen"; and on pg.198, the will C-293 dated 28 Nov. 1828 of John Rinehart, naming among others his daughter Rebecca "Aunkin"; according to other sources, Charles Dunkin was his son-in-law. (FHL book 975.737 P2w)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Wills 1780-1830; 1832-1852" by Hollingsworth, 1935; includes on microfilm frame 443, Vol.3 pg.28, the will D-179 of Robert Newton dated 5 Sept. 1842, witnessed by John Rinehart and Matthew Dunkin, in Box 133, pkg.5493. (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,214)
      "Wills & Deeds, Edgefield Co. SC" copied by Hollingsworth, 1942, compiled by Carson; includes on pgs. 181 and 183, land records for Thomas Dean of 200 acres surveyed 6 Nov. 1802 on waters of Cloud's Creek and Little Saluda adj. John Dunkin and Abel Dunkin and Benj. Fortner and Prescoat's land; for William Prescoat of 500 acres surveyed the same date on State Hill Branch and Cloud's Creek and little Saluda adj. Hump Frier, Peter Duncan, Joseph Duncan; and George Deen of 16 acres surveyed 27 Sept. 1803 on a small branch of Cloud's Creek, waters of Little Saluda River, ajd. John Dunkin, John Williams & Humphrey's land. (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,214; no source is given for these records but it may be an early plat book)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Records" by Janie Revill; includes on pg.8, in the estate of Isaac Arnold in Box 5 pkg.154?, a payment to Margaret Dunkin on note in May 1816; and on pg.222, Deed 31-60 of Capt. Michael Watson, reference to land from Elijah Watson to Richard Duncan 29 June 1797. (FHL book 975.737 D2r; cataloged under court records, no dates)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" 1984, Vol.XII, #1, (from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984 and Evelyn Sigler 10/1985), refers to Sale and Div. Book A, pgs.92-96, real estate of Allen Body in the case of Adijah Body vs William Body, Simeon Body, Allen Body; bond of Ezekiel Jones for $585.00; estate was divided 1/3 to Ezekiel Jones' wife (widow of intestate Allen Body), and 1/13 of 2/3 to each of Abijah Body (MAD: 1850 Lowndes Co. AL census), William Body, Simeon Body, Allse Body, Richard Duncan & wife, Elisha Whittle & wife, James Newton & wife, Mark Haverd & wife, Charon Body, Latha Body, Jane Body, Hester Body, and Nancy Body sole heir of Jno. Body by her gdn. James Whittle; receipts were dated 1832-1835; power of attorney from Bibb Co. AL, Richard H. Duncan to Richard Duncan of Edgefield District, for his wife Elizabeth, d/o Allen Body Decd. 24 Nov. 1833. (MAD: See Richard H. b. 1800 SC, wife Elizabeth b. 1794 SC, in 1850 Marion Co. AL census; ch. b. 1829+; Richard H. Duncan & Nelson Duncan in 1830 Bibb Co. AL census)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Probate Records" 1934 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,215)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Minutes of County Court 1785-1795" by Brent H. Holcomb; includes Matthew Duncan in 1789 and 1790 (FHL book 975.737 P28h)
      "Edgefield (SC) Death Notices & Cemetery Records" by Carlee T. McClendon (from Juanita Breckenridge to Bobbie McDowell to MAD 7/1982; FHL book 975.737/E1 V4m)
      "Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1860-1867" Vol.2, by Brent H. Holbomb (FHL book 975 B38h; SUTRO book F208 H62? 1993, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and from Brenda Furches 8/1986)
      "SC Pension Abstracts of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Indian Wars" Vol. 1-12, author not given (Memphis Public Library book 929.3 B96; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)
      "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, Vol.IV, Index and References Vol.I-III (FHL book 973 M28g and other libraries)
      "Edgefield Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12, 1786-1796" by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix (FHL book 975.737 R2h)

A Timeline for Margaret Smith Edmundson Duncan Parham 1763-1837, second wife of John Duncan who died by 1809 in Edgefield Co. SC, was published in Vol.XXXII, No.4, Fall 2004, of the "South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research." With permission, it was posted by Judy Russell on the following webpage:


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