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Formed 1818 from Cherokee Lands
Henry formed 1821 from Indian Lands, Walton
Newton formed 1821 from Henry, Jasper, Morgan, Walton
Barrow formed 1914 from Jackson, Walton, Gwinnett


1830 Walton Co. GA Census
Pg.135  Wilson? Dunkin       0110,0001    - 0001,0001
          (Nelson? Dunkin)
   152  William J. Smith     1000,1       - 1000,1
          (MAD: Thena Duncan mar. one Wm. J. Smith
            2/13/1825 Clarke Co. GA)
   172  George Duncan        2000,1       - 0000,1

1840 Walton Co. GA census
Buncomb District
Pg.109  Nelson Duncan        1002,0000,1  - 1000,1001
           10 names
        Anthony Fundeburk    0000,1000,1  - 0000,1000,1
          (MAD: Anthony Funderburke mar. Priscilla Duncan
            12/21/1838 Harris Co. GA)

1850 Walton Co. GA Census
Pg.31, #437, Elbert DUNCAN 31 SC farmer
                  Matilda 41 GA
                  William?? 18, Lavina 15 GA
                  Annis (f) 13 GA
                  Joel F. 8, Margett M. 6 GA
                  Emily J 4, Zebulon A. 2 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Jackson Co. GA census, as Anderson E. Duncan; also Malech or Malachi 27 instead of William?, but definitely not "Malachi" in 1850 census; Matilda the widow of George Duncan)
Pg.31, #438, William DUNCAN 21 GA farmer
                  Mary 21 GA
                  Levissa?? (f) 1 GA
                  Samuel?? C. 1/12 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Jackson Co. GA census, children Lewcy? and Simpson or Sampson; not Sampson in 1850)
Pg.32, #446, Brantly DUNCAN 29 SC farmer $0
                  Matilda 20 GA
                  Martha E. (f) 3, E.M. (f) 2 GA
                  George W. 1/12 GA
                  (MAD: married Matilda Head 3/25/1845 Gwinnett Co. GA)
Pg.38, #537, Boyce EIDSON 60 SC farmer $0
                  Sabathasa 36 SC
                  James W. 14, Enoch 8, Eldin (m) 5 GA
                  Edney (f) 3, Sarah 1 GA
                  (MAD: Boyce Edison m. Seleatha Duncan 4/4/1844 Newton Co. GA; 1860 Newton Co. GA census)

1860 Walton Co. GA Census
Pg.896, #42, John A. JARBOE 57 KY dentist $600-$300
                  Margaret 49 SC
                  Charles 8 GA
                  Martha WISE 20 GA domestic
                  (MAD: John A. Jarbor mar. Margaret Duncan 12/4/1849; not identified 1850; 1870 Newton Co. GA census)
Northern Div.
Pg.954, #414, B. DUNCAN (m) 38 SC farmer 0-$50
                  Matilda 27 GA
                  Martha 12, Margarett 11, George 10 GA
                  Josephine 7, Levi 5, David 4 GA
                  Mary 3, William 6/12 GA
                  (MAD: ?? Josa 19 and Levi 16 and perhaps George J. 21 in 1870 DeKalb Co. GA)
Pg.971, #524, L.G. DUNCAN (m) 28 GA farmer 0-$520 (alone)

1870 Walton Co. GA Census
Subdivision 129, Monroe P.O.
Pg.406, #14-14, SHEBNUTT?, Wm. C. 49 GA farmer $1500-$500
                  C.H. (f) 32 GA keeping house
                  Jas. B. 6, Erasutus (m) 4 GA
                  Alice R. 2, Cathrine 7/12 b.Jan. GA
                  DUNKIN, Mosely (m) 17 GA (white) farm laborer
                  BLACK, O.J. (f) 16 GA (white) no occupation
                  (MAD: Mosely Dunkin indexed age 19)


Walton Co. GA Index to Marriages 1820-1938, typed (FHL film 262,623)
      Groom index only, No bride index, did not go through page by page
      George Duncan to Matilda Pike, (lic.) 8/5/1828, (mar.) 8/11/1828, B-78
      Malakiah B. Duncan to Emily Jane Pike, 2/6/1855, 2/15/1855, E-25 (MAD: 1860 Jackson Co. GA census)
      William Duncan to Mary Pike, 1/27/1848, 2/10/1848, D-290
      Anderson E. Dunican to Matilda Duncan, 5/20/1841, 6/2/1841, D-89
      Brantley Dunkin to Mahala A. Peden, 6/28/1862, 6/29/1862, E-147 (MAD: perhaps Mrs. Mahala mar. ca 1865 Alfred Cody, on 1870 Clarke Co. GA census, 1880 Jackson Co. GA census)
      Next Duncan or Dunkin groom 1907
      Asa Durden (Derden) to Nancy Ransom, 2/11/1826, 2/12/1826, B-4
      William Durden to Mary Darnell, 4/14/1853, 4/17/1853, D-417
      Wilson Durden to Sarah T. Malcolm, 6/11/1859, 6/12/1859, E-59
      (later Durden grooms 1877, late 1800's)
      Lemuel Duren to Polly Vann, 9/30/1829, 10/1/1829, B-117
      Ganaway Durden to Mahaley Towler, 4/25/1849, 4/29/1849, D-336
      Abner Stephens Jr. to Rachel Duncan, 2/23/1827, 2/26/1827, B-29
      Leroy Johnston to Penny Duncan, 12/21/1850, 12/22/1850, D-494
      Marriages, (no Vol.A) Vol.B, 1825-1832 (FHL film 262,624)
      B-4: Asa Durden to Nancy Ransom, lic. 11 Feb. 1826, mar. 12 Feb. 1826, by David Malcolm JIC (listed as "Duncan" in "Genealogy Anyone")
      B-29: Abner Stephens Jr. to Rachel Duncan, mar. 26 Feb. 1825 by Robt. M. Echols JP.
      Marriages, (no Vol.C) Vol.D, 1835-1857 (FHL film 262,624)
      D-89: Anderson E. Duncan to Matilda Duncan, lic. 2 June 1841, mar. 3 June 1841 by Jno. H. Kilgore, Clk.
      D-294: Mr. Leroy Johnston to Miss Penny Duncan, 22 Dec. 1850 (MAD: "Penny Delay Duncan" per "GA Family Puzzles"; see Peninah, widow of ?Thomas Duncan, 1850-1860 Clarke Co. GA census)
      Duncan, Annis Malissa to Mise, Elijah M., 3/19/1854 (from another source)
      Duncan, Margaret to Jarbor, John A., 12/4/1849 (from another source)

Walton Co. GA Index to Marriage Records 1820-1938 (FHL film 262,630)
      No bride index
      George Duncan to Matilda Pike, 5 Aug. 1828, married 11 Aug. 1828 (B-78)
      Malakiah B. Duncan to Emily Jane Pike, 6 Feb. 1855, married 15 Feb. 1855 (E-25)
      William Duncan to Mary Pike, 27 Jan. 1848, married 10 Feb. 1848 (D-290)
      No other Duncan groom until 1900's.


Walton Co. GA Index to Wills, Court of Ordinary (FHL film 262,630)
      Name, proceeding (description), book and page:
      Duncan, George (Dec'd):
            Or. for appt. of admr (William Pike), Min. 1840 pg. 44
            Admr's bond, Bond X-5, pg. 71
            Appr's Bill, Ret-F, pg. 27
            Or. for leave to sell R/E, Min. 1840, pg. 57
            Return, Ret-F, pg. 27
            Return, Ret-F, pg. 146-7
      (MAD: records indexed as "Ret" are cataloged as "Records")

Walton Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes; from "Will" index; 1820-1853 (FHL film 262,672)
      Book 1819-1831 - no Duncan
      Book 1831-1840 - no index
      Book 1840-1853:
            Pg.44, July 11, 1842, William Pike recd. letters of admin. on estate of George Duncan.
            Pg.57: March 6, 1843, William Pike admin. of George Duncan decd. application to sell real estate of decd; pg.58, permission granted.

Walton Co. GA Court of Ordinary Probate records; Admin. & Guardian bonds, Vols.[A]-B 1830-1856 (FHL film 262,691)
      Vol. 1830-1837 - no index
      Vol.B 1837-1856 - no index

Walton Co. GA Probate records
      Book A, 1820-1827 - poor index, no Duncan (FHL film 262,632)
      Book B, 1827-1831 - no Duncan
      No Book C
      Book D, 1834-1839 - no Duncan
      Book E, 1839-1843 - no Duncan (FHL film 262,633)
      Book F, 1843-1847, from index to Wills (FHL film 262,633)
            F-27: Inventory of George Duncan, lot #45, 3rd Dist. Harris Co., not valued by the appraisors; inventory included horses, cows, farm animals, furniture, $264.50; appraisers Robert Rogers, John (X) Cranock?, William Cranock; filed 11 Oct. 1842, rec. 12 May 1843.
            F-28: All property of George Duncan sold to Anderson E. Duncan except a horse and saddle sold to William Dunkin, total $117.68-3/4; William (X) Pike, admin, rec. 12 May 1843.
            F-146: 16 Nov. 1842, list of property of George Duncan sold (same as sale bill on pg.28); reference made to the sale recorded earlier; sale of 1/2 lot of land in Harris Co. sold under order of the court for $105 to Joseph Hasely 4 July 1843; recorded 14 May 1844.
            F-147: Estate of George Dunkin decd, by William Pike, admin, payments to several people incl. Stephin Felker per receipt of $255.84.


GA Land Lotteries; Walton Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, George, 1832, of 417th Militia Dist., Walton Co., drew land lot in Dist.14 Sec.2, Gilmer Co.
      Dunkin, Nealson, 1832, of ?Walton Co., drew gold lot #324 in Dist.13, Sec.1 North, Cherokee Purchase

Walton Co. GA Deed Indexes 1819-1944 (grantors on FHL film 262,545; grantees on FHL film 262,547; no Duncan indexed earlier)
      R-538: George Duncan from Manly W. Jackson, 3/11/1857
      R-538: George W. Dunkin from Joseph D. Baker, 5/23/1857
      R-539: George W. Dunkin to William Camp, 1859

Walton Co. GA General index to deeds (FHL film 262,549)
      Index Vol.1 1819-1856 - no Duncan
      Index Vol.2, 1856-1889 - Duncan starts in Book R

Walton Co. GA Deeds from index; Book R, 1855-1860 (FHL film 262,557)
      R-538 (1st): Walton Co. GA, 11 March 1857, Manly M. Jackson of afsd to George Duncan of same, $25, 5 acres in NE corner of lot #192 in 4th Dist; wit. J.S. McCurdy, F.M. McCurdy JP. (FHL film 262,557)
      R-538 (2nd): Walton Co. GA, 23 May 1857, Joseph D. Baker to George W. Dunkin, both Walton Co. GA, $175, 55 acres in 4th Dist., being NE corner of lot 191; wit. M.M. Jackson, F.M. McCurdy JP. (FHL film 262,557)
      R-539: Walton Co. GA, 10 Jan. 1859, George W. Dunkin to William Camp, both Walton Co. GA, $275, part of lots 191 and 192 in SE and NE corners of said lots, adj. land belonging to estate of Wm. Pike and A.E. Dunkin, James Johnston, Elizabeth Moon & L.J. Dunkin, and J.M. Moon; wit. Malachi B. Dunkin, David Shelmett?. (MAD: total acres not given, boundaries by meets & bounds only) (FHL film 262,557)


Walton Co. GA Superior Court Minutes; indexes 1819-1943, A-K
      Defendants (FHL film 262,602):
      Book 1855, pg.62, The State vs. Gideon Duncan et al, True Bill
      Book 1855, pg.112, 120, 158, The State vs. Gideon Duncan et al, Gambling
      Book 1855, pg.166, The State vs. Gideon Duncan, Gambling, Order; pg.179, no bill; pg.281, nol-pros.
      Book 1844, pg.445, The State vs. Malachi B. Duncan, Assault & Battery, true bill; pg.489, nol-pros.
      Plaintiffs (FHL film 262,600 pg.75):
      Book 1827, pg.125, Anna Duncan (Dunkin) vs. John Edwards, Trespass; Verdict; pg.130, Verdict; pg.169, Stay of Execution Bond
      Book 1835, pg.174, Jones Duncan vs. Thomas M/W. Willingham et al, fifas rule against sheriff, order, 2 cases; pg.186, fifa order; pg.122, verdict.
      Book 1844, pg.606, Lewis G. Duncan vs. James W. Cox, complaint; confession of judgment
      Book 1835, pg.326-7, Charles Dunkin vs. Benjamin Falkner, debt; assumpsit, confession of judgment; pg.355, v. Benjamin "Faulkner", debt; order

Walton Co. GA Superior Court Minutes from separate index; no others looked at
      Minutes Book 1827-1834 (FHL film 262,604)
      Pg.125: Monday, 16 Feb. 1827, Anna Dunkin vs. John Edwards, Trespass, vi et annis; jury find for pltf $47.50 and cost of suit.
      Pg.130, same as pg.125
      Pg.169: 25 Feb. 1829, Anna Duncan vs John Edwards, Trespass; Verdict. The deft. comes forward and posts costs and prays a stay of execution in turns of the cost and gives Hzekiah Palmer as security.
      Minutes 1833-1844 (FHL film 262,605)
      Book 1835, pg.174, Feb. 1839, Jones Duncan vs. Thomas M/W. Willingham et al, fifas rule against sheriff, order, 2 cases; pg.186, fifa order; pg.122, verdict.
      Book 1835, pg.326-7, Aug. 1842, Charles Dunkin vs. Benjamin Falkner, debt; assumpsit, confession of judgment; pg.355, v. Benjamin "Faulkner", debt; order.

Walton Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes; 1820-1853 (FHL film 262,671)
      1820-1827 - no index
      1820-1846 transcribed minutes - no index
      1832-1839 - no index
      1839-1853 - no index


Walton Co. GA Tax Digest 1819, 1826, 1831, 1834, 1852-1853 (FHL film 159,188)
1819: no Duncan
1826: Elisha Durdan, Asa Durdan (other Durdans later)
      Capt. Pool's Dist. (pg.127):
            ?Thomas Vanlandingham, 8 slaves, 10-1/4a in 4th Dist., Bolding? Co., #373 granted Neilson?
            Edward Duncan? (Dameron?), 25a Early Co. #209, Dist. 4, and 202-1/2a Dist. 19 Pulaski Co. #35 on Little Oakemulgie
      Capt. B. Hudson's Dist.:
            Nelson Dunkin, 1 pole (no land) (pg.159)
            Stephen Pike, 1 pole (pg.161)
1831: Capt. Mier's Dist.: (pages not numbered)
            George Dunkin, 1 pole
            John Edwards, 63a Dist. 4 Walton Co. #151 granted Whiten, adj. Miers, on Flat Creek, 1 slave
            Stephen Pike, 1 pole
            William Pike, 280a Dist. 4 Walton Co. #182 adj. Willing, on Lit. Hanes.
1834: Capt. Griffins Dist. (did not copy Pike names):
            George Duncan, 240a Dist. 1 in Walton and Dist. 14? in Cherokee #32 granted McCarty on Flat Creek. (MAD: drew lot #2 in Dist.14 in Gilmer Co. GA)
1852 - quit


Campbell Co. GA Deeds
      C-72: 18 Dec. 1835, Michael A. Roberts of Campbell Co. to James H. Roberts of Jasper Co., for $100, 202-1/2 acre lot #57 in 7th Dist. in Campbell Co. granted Michael A. Roberts; wit. Jas. M. Flues, B.W. Evans. (FHL film 401,778)
      C-73: Jasper Co. GA. 10 April 1837, James H. Roberts of afsd. to John Malcomb of Walton Co., for $300, 202.5 acres, lot #57, Dist.7, Campbell Co. GA, granted to Micheal A. Roberts; wit. James A. Duncan, Isaac Williams, J.P. (FHL film 401,778)

Harris Co. GA Deed (FHL film 327,505)
      D-442: 14 Feb. 1844, William (X) Pike, admin. estate of George Duncan decd. of Walton Co. GA, to Joseph Dudley of Merriwether Co. GA, $250, 101-1/4 acres, E 1/2 lot 45 in 3rd Dist. orig. Troup now Harris Co. Wit. Ezekiel Pike, Joseph Hasty, M.B. Moon. Reg. on oath of wit.

Edgefield Co. SC Deed (FHL film 23,889, from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      B3-478: 20 Oct. 1825, Mary (X) Duncan of Walton Co. GA to John Gibson of Edgefield Co. SC, $98, 155 acres more or less on Beaverdam on waters of Clouds Creek, part of grant to Lamuel Johnston 7 June 1790, adj. near Robert Newton, by John Popes' Mill site, Amos McGraw, Daniel Cotney, heirs of Alexander Boland Stark. Wit. Willis Folkner, Joseph Stile.


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      3:900: 35th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.G, Walton Sharpshooters, Walton Co. GA: Lewis G. Duncan, Private, March 4, 1862; died in Richmond, VA, hospital April 20, 1864.
      6:764: 66th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.K, Misc. Counties, GA: Brantley Duncan, Private, Sept. 22, 1863; died of typhoid fever in Cannon Hospital, LaGrange, GA, June 6, 1864; buried there in Stonewall Cemetery. (MAD: see Walton Co. GA)

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      DUNKIN, W.D., widow Mary Dunkin, Walker Co. (service blank). Application 20 March 1916 by Mary (X) Dunkin, Walker Co. AL, P.O. Cordova, AL, age 85? (86? typo, now blot with rounded edges) years, 11 months 25 days, lived AL all my life, husband in service 2 weeks, released a cripple, husband W.D. Dunkin; living children: John Houston Dunkin farmer, Mary S. Clements farmer, Adaline Hill farmer; she now living with Susie Clements; veterans service witness: T.B. Randolph who was in 28 AL Vols; neighbors Pope M. Long of Cordova, AL, and M.H. Johnston, who knew Mary Dunkin 30 years and 5 years.
            MAD: William D. Dunkin, born 12/22/1827 Walton Co. GA, took the Loyalty Oath, registered 23 July 1867, voted Nov. 1867 in Walker Co. AL, listed in Vol.1, pg.228 (from pg.37, "1867 Voting Registration Loyalty Oaths, Individual Pardon Applications, Walker Co. AL" by Carolyn M. Rowe, 1996; FHL book 976.176 N4r). MAD: This William Duncan on 1850 Walker Co. AL census next to John W. DUNKIN 49 SC, wife Hetty W. 42 SC, children born 1830-1837 GA, 1839-1847 AL, and Anna 69 SC; John H. Duncan in 1830 Newton Co. GA census, perhaps J.H. Dunkin in 1840 Tallapoosa Co. AL census.)


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