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Formed 1785 from District 96


1790 Newberry Co. SC Census, 96th Dist.
Pg. 76  Joseph Duckett, Josiah Duckett,
        James Campbell, Wm. Addenton,
        Moses Dunkin         201xx
          (MAD: See also Laurens Co. SC)
        John Dunkin          206xx
        Charles Whitton, Josiah Fowler, (Widow) Fowler,
        Levy Fowler, Edmd. Lindery, Wm. Linsey,
        Rignal Oadell, John Oadell, ...  Wm. Knox,
        Elijah Whiten, Wm. Loveless, Hazzel Loveless,
        John Loveless, Elisha Rhodes, Saml. Park,
        James Dunkin         315x1
        John Whiten, John Gray, John Boyce,
        Widow Neighbours, ...
Pg. 77  Benjr. Conwill, James Downes, Peter Lestre,
        Jacob Hawkins, Saml. Dean,
        Richd. Dunkin        113xx
        Matthew Albritton, James Conwell, Thomas Purkins,
        James Galaway ... Margaret Stedmon,
        Peggy Pemberton, Peter Huffington, Thomas Brooks,
        Saml. Coates, Joseph Furness, Isaac Toland,
        Elisha Dunkin        101xx
        Saml. Kampton, James Barnett, Andw. Montgomery,
        Hugh Oneal, Marmaduke Coats, Jacob Ballingeer,
        John Hillburn, Nathan Perry ... Jehu Inman,
        Gemina Inman, Aaron Mills, John Coppock,
        Robert McClure, Rosiannah Russall,
        James Wadlington, Lyddia Hoskins,
        Saml. Dunkin         154xx
          (MAD: Samuel Duncan & wife Mary and children,
             Quakers, 1801 to Greene Co. TN, 1806 to
             Miami Co. OH)
        Walter Harbert, John Harburt,
        Seth Hatcher, Messer Babb ...
Pg. 79  Hosie Clemonds, Thorogood Chambers,
        John Stewart, Barber Hanok,
        Robert Dunkan        101x1
        Robert Dunkin        304x6
        Jno. Chandler, John Clark, Stephen Clark,
        Geo. Gordin, Thos. Perry
Pg. 80  (79 end) Jno. Arnold, Saml. Person, Joseph Cupock,
        (80) Jas. Barett,
        Jno. Dunkin          112xx
        Francis Hagins, Geo. Mcdonald, David Jay, Wm. Cox ...

1800 Newberry Dist. SC Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg. 72  John Dunkan          00010 - 00010
        Robert Dunkan Sr.    00001 - 00001
        Robert Dunkan Jr.    00111 - 01110
        Daniel Dunakan       10010 - 31110
        March Dunkan         01100 - 00100
        Moses Dunkan         10010 - 20010
        James Dunkan         00101 - 01101
        Jonathan Dunkan      10010 - 20010
Pg. 73  Samuel Dunken        10201 - 12010
        Amos Dunken          34101 - 10010
          (MAD: 1790 Orangeburg SC census)
        Rachel Dunkin        00200 - 00001
        Jeremiah Dunkin      00100 - 00000

1810 Newberry Co. SC Census (and from Louis Boone 8/1984)
(page by page - no Robert Duncan Jr.)
Other families in county: Tinney, Reeder, Hilburn, Nelson
Pg. 99  Wm. Duncan              10010 - 00100
          Neighbors: Redd, Conley, Sarah Rutherford,
          Jacob Alewine, Swindler, Wicker
   112  March Duncan            20110 - 21010
          Duckett, Ray,
        James Duncan, DC        00101 - 00100
          Neighbors: Harwell, Leter, Law
   117  Wm. Duncan              00100 - 10100
          Neighbors Goggins, Spurwell?, Crowsen?
   117A James Duncan "(Enoree)" 00100 - 00000
          (MAD: another person listed as "(Tyger)")
          Neighbors: Liles, Tuber, Henderson
        Robert Duncan Senr      00001 - 00010
          (MAD: not "Junr.")
          Neighbors: Kelly, Nelson, Cole
   120  Richard Nelson
          other Nelson families: Robert, Gideon, Hannah
   121A Margaret Duncan         00011 - 00001
          Neighbors: Atkins, Coate, Coppock, Inman, Law,
          Taylor, Edmundson, Jones, Dixon, Wade & Geo.
          & Jocab Lindsey
   122A Isaiah Duncan           21200 - 31101
        Amos Duncan             00100 - 10100
          Next to Isaiah
          Neighbors: O'neals, Richardson, Johnson, Wright

1820 Newberry Co. SC Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.125  George Dunkin        200010 - 10010
   129  William Dunkin Jr.   200010 - 21010
   132  March Dunkin         120010 - 11110
   139  Wm. Dunkin Sr.       300001 - 31010
          (3 names)
        Absom Duncan         100201 - 11010
   142  Margt. Duncan        000000 - 10001
          (4 names)
        Jno. Duncan          000201 - 22101
          (1 name)
        Iseah Dunkin         100020 - 22110
          (MAD: 1830 White Co. IL census;
            1840-1850 Clay Co. IN census)
   150  Amos Dunkin          200110 - 01100

1830 Newberry Co. SC Census
Pg. 80  William Duncan       0111,0000,1  - 0102,11
    81  Absolam Duncan       0001,0011    - 0001,0011
    92  Joseph Duncan        0000,0001    - 0
   106  John Duncan          1110,1       - 2000,2
   138  Catherine Duncan     0011         - 0111,001
          (? faint females)

1840 Newberry Co. SC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.229  Ruben Dawkins        0000,1       - 0001
        Thos. Dawkins        1000,0001    - 1020,1
        (several names)
        Barouk Duncan        1100,1       - 1000,1
        (several names)
        Julia Duncan         0000,2       - 0000,1001
   230  Catharine Duncan     0000,1       - 0000,3001
   231  Robert Duncan        1000,01      - 0000,1
        George Duncan        0000,1       - 0001,1

1850 Newberry Co. SC Census
(no William Walker indexed 1850, wife Elizabeth Duncan, dau. of William & Julia)
Pg.216, #516, F.Z. MILLER (f) 40 SC (blank) $200
                  Jonathan 14 SC
                  (MAD: Fairzina Miller, dau. of William & Julia; 1860 Marshall Co. AL census, also Elizabeth Walker & William Duncan)
                  (next to George Turnipseed 50 SC farmer $13,000)
                  (Darby families nearby)
Pg.217+, #530, John T. Gilliam 63; #531 Catherine Rutherford 36; #532 Samuel Hutchison 60; #533 Reuben Gilliam 57; #534 John Darby 54; #535 James Darby 22; #536 Daniel Heller 46; #537 Mary Gillum 61; #538 Jacob Croomer 47
Pg.217, #539, Juliet DUNCAN 60 SC -- $1800
                  Nancy 30 SC
                  Wm. 28 SC farmer
                  David 30, Francis E. (f) 20 SC
                  Sophia 2 SC
                  (MAD: widow of William d. 1837; David Duncan in 1860 Edgefield Co. SC census)
Pg.236+, #881 Robert Cleland 67; #882 George Morgan 45; #883 Emasa (m) Pitts 60; #884 A.J. Langston 28; #885 D.X. Graham 40; #886 John Cleland 57; #887 James McClung; #888 John Childers; #889 Sarah Duncan; #890 John Sterling 46; #892 W.F. Peterson.
Pg.236, #889, Sarah DUNCAN 30 SC
                  Susan 6, Catherine 4 SC
                  Mary Ann 35 SC
Pg.238+, #910 Joseph Davenport 43; #911 B.B. Mangum 39; #912 Bennet Wallace 34; #913 Joseph Johnson 45; #914 Wm. Satterwhite 45; #915 A.T. Davis 30; #916 Ed Davis 60; #917 Catherine Duncan; #918 M.C.H. Davis 54; #919 Silas Goggins 49; #920 Joseph Goggins 44; #921 L.T. Sulivan 45.
Pg.238, #917, Catherine DUNCAN 55 SC
                  Rebecca E. 33
                  J.D. (m) 9 SC
                  (MAD: Catherine the widow of ? Amos Duncan Jr.; Rebecca Cook widow of ? George Duncan d. 1847; names written plainly)
Pg.254+, #1191 Allen S. Shell 53; #1192 John A. Abrams 41; #1193 John Mathews 58; #1194 Absolum Shell 37; #1195 Barret Whitmire 38; #1196 Elisha Cogburn 47
Pg.254, #1197, Barreck DUNCAN (m) 40 SC farmer $3000
                  Haddeus (m) 18, Barreck 16 SC
                  Harriet 13, Sarah 11 SC
                  John 8 SC
                  (MAD: "Haddeus" should probably be "Thadeus")

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Newberry Co. SC Probate Record (copy of page from Stuart Duncan 5/1985)
      I-333: (no date), Court of Ordinary. Petition of James Law shows that David Duncan late of this dist. departed this life intestate, leaving his widow Elizabeth and two children, Franklin Eldrige Duncan and Narcissa Ann Duncan his only heirs and next of kin him surviving; being in his lifetime possessed of ... 313 acres adj. lands of Joseph Duncan, Stephen Hill, Joseph Ray, James Law and Nancy Wepon?, orig. grant to James and John Duncan and conveyed by James Duncan to David Duncan; petition further shows that Elizabeth Duncan intermarried with John Robison and that John Robison and Elizabeth his wife conveyed the 1/3 part of said land being their distributive share of the said Elizabeth, to one John F. Knight, and that John F. Knight conveyed the same to the petitioner; (page ends after a few more words but apparently James Law is requesting title to the 1/3 of the land which was to have been Elizabeth's).

Newberry Co. SC Probate Index (FHL film 24,262)
      John, 1809, Box 5, #110, pkg. 11, exec. Abel Duncan
      Amos, 1805?, 6-125, pkg. 13, exec. Elizabeth & J. Duncan
      David, 1815, 27-640, pkg. 56, admr. Joseph Duncan
      James, 1816, 39-945, pkg. 86, exec. Benjamin Mayhew
      Amos, 1827, 40-958, pkg. 87, admr. William B. Herbert
      Absolom, 1831, 40-960, pkg. 87, admr. Silas Wood
      Geo. & others, minors, 1831, 64-1659, pkg. 157?/159, gdn. William Herbert
      William, 1837, 77-1943, pkg. 195, adm. N. A. Hunter
      George, 1847, 79-2000, pkg. 202, adm. Jacob Cook
      John B., 1850, 94-2849, pkg. 246, adm. W. C. Wiseman
      Jeremiah, 1841, 106-2708, pkg. 279
      Elizabeth, 1842, 106-2709, pkg. 279
      Unable to find package & bundle numbers in catalog of microfilmed records.

Newberry Co. SC Wills
   Will Books A-D, 1788-1814 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,263)
   Will Books E-I, 1803-1826 (FHL film 24,264)
      E-6,7: 5 Nov. 1805, will of John Dunkin of Edgefield Dist., SC, weak of body; wife Rachel Dunkin all my tracts? of land containing 150 acres on south? side of Clando? Creek, furniture, etc., during her widowhood, and after her decease my son Jeremiah Dunkin to have the said plantation and grist mill with said houses; son Abel Dunkin a tract of land 249 acres where he now lives, likewise the cotton gin with privileges of water to said gin, ...; son William Dunkin 430 acres on the east side of Clond's? Creek with a saw mill ...; daughter Rachel Dunkin a negro girl named Chana; (last line on page blotted); not mentioned above be sold and equally divided among my children with 100 acres land known by the name of Prescott's place; exec. wife Rachel and son Abel. Wit. Issaac Davis, Ann (+) Fields?, Michael Fields. Prob. April 11, 1809. (FHL film 24,264)
      E-30-33: Inventory of estate of John Dunkin returned 15 April 1809; Account of sales May 8?, 1809 by Abel Dunkin Exec.; sold to many purchasers but no Duncans other than those listed in John's will. (FHL film 24,264)
      E-118,119: 31 March 1805, will of Amos Dunkin, weak of body; that my wife Elizabeth be allowed a comfortable living for her and the small children out of my estate for life or widowhood, in case she marry a 2nd husband, to her one third part of my estate both real and personal. As my wife and children appear desirous to remove to the Western Country, all my land and such moveable property as can be spared without jufesing? my family be sold and the money due me for lands sold on Edisto River (MAD: Orangeburg Dist.) be laid out in lands somewhere in Ohio and equally divided; my ten children, namely, Sarah M. Taylor, Isaiah, Amos, William, George, John, Elizabeth, Eli, Joshua, and Hannah L. Dunkin; and my said wife be settled on some part of the land and the parties share the improvements for her, at her decease to my youngest dau. Hannah; the lands may be divided among my children at the request of any of my children (who does not want to move) and that child have their tenth part; exec. wife Elizabeth Dunkin and son Isaiah Dunkin; confirm this and no other as my last will and testament; 1st day of March 1805; /s/ Amos Duncan; signed sealed & acknowledged by said Amos Dunkin in presence of John Ellemore, Samuel Taylor, Joseph Furnas. Proved 5 Aug. 1805 by oath of Samuel Taylor. (FHL film 24,264)
            (MAD: The estate record of Amos Duncan was abstracted and published as Box 6, pkg.9, 1805, in Vol.1, pgs.127-128, of "Newberry Co. SC Probate Estate Abstracts, Boxes 1-10, 355, 356, 357, 361; Boxes 11-25" Vol.I & II, to early 1800's, by Glenda Bundrick & Andy Suber; FHL book 975.739 P2b)
      F-380: 16 March 1818, inventory of estate of David Duncan filed, including notes on Joseph Duncan, March Duncan, and John Duncan. Application of Elizabeth Duncan and Joseph Duncan adms. of estate of David Duncan. Sales 27 March 1818 to James Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Jonathan Duncan, William Rogers (& other Rogers), Byless Roberts, Joseph Duncan, William Dillard, and many others. (FHL film 24,264)
      F-383: 26 Aug. 1816, will of James Duncan of Newberry Dist. SC, whole of estate (after paying debts) to Lavina "N. or" (?) Nancy Stuart (?) daughter of my sister and Elizabeth Hill daughter of Margaret Hill. Exec. my three friends John Stuart Benj. Mayhew? (Maylin?) and Saml. E. Henries???. Wit. Jesse Mayhin?, James Wadlington, Alx. Young. Prob. 9 Sept. 1816. Inventory returned 18 Sept. 1816 by Jesse Maylin, Thomas Willson, Jesse Griden?, Jacob F. Gulliam?. Sales 16 Sept. 1816 to William Duncan, Benj. Maylin?, Thomas Hardy, James Hill, and many others. (FHL film 24,264)
      Book G - no index (FHL film 24,264)
      H-112: 11 April 1809, notice that Abel Duncan is exec. of Mr.? Duncan late of Newberry Dist. SC; appraisers of estate of John Duncan decd; Margaret Duncan widow of the late John Duncan; some time previous to his marriage with the defendant and the time of his death having made his will thereby disposing of his estate ...; therefore Abel Duncan the executor has given the deponent the following property ... to amount to $500, 10 Oct. 1810; sale of estate. (copied only partial sale) (FHL film 24,264)
      H-129-133: Will of Robert Duncan; account of inventory, list of sales. (FHL film 24,264)
   Will Books L-N#1 (FHL films 24,265 & 24,266)
      L-211: 6 July 1827, Peggy Duncan, widow of Amos, relinquished her right of administration. (FHL film 24,265)
            (MAD: Estate Record Box 40, Pkg. 12, Ordinary Court, listed William B. Herbert, who applied on 1 July 1827 to be admin. of estate of Amos Duncan, widow Peggy Duncan relinquishing her right to be admin; William B. Herbert as administrator and Margaret Duncan the widow, who were present at a settlement of the estate 25 Jan. 1831, distributees to be Margaret Duncan the widow, and Sarah A. Duncan, George Duncan, John Duncan, Hannah Duncan, Matilda Duncan, and Elizabeth Duncan; documents from files of Nita Berry to Claudette Duncan to Vickie Boatwright to MAD. Reference in "Will Book L, Including Annual Returns & Equities, Newberry Co. SC" by Sandra J. Lee, indicates this is the same Amos Duncan as in Annual Returns 40-87 and Equity 14-7 filed 1829, Amos Duncan who died in 1805 leaving widow Elizabeth Duncan.)
      Will Book M - no Duncan (FHL film 24,265)
      Will Book N, #1 - no Duncan (FHL film 24,266)

Newberry Co. SC will (from Lenox Baker 7/1980 with permission to share)
      Vol.2, Bk.H, p.20: 27 July 1802, will of Robert Duncan Senr., of Newberry Dist. SC; to my daughter Nancey one negro named Daniel; to my son Robert one negro named George; to my son John one negro named Charles; to my daughter Jane one negro named Hannah; to my son William one negro named Moses; to my son James one negro named Charles; to my daughter Mary two negroes named Kate and Charlotte; as I have paid my daughters Sarah and Levina a consiable sum lately that is $512 to Levina and a negro named Sarah and $300 to my daughter Sarah, they shall have no shear in the above property; to my son William 1/2 tract of land known by name of Morries' branch tract; rest of my estate to be equally divided among 9 shearers both real and personal namely Robert Duncan Jur., John Duncan, William Duncan, James Duncan, the heirs of Nancy Freman, Jane Nevil, and Sarah Massey and Levina Stewart and Mary Duncan; appoint John Stuart and William Duncan and James Duncan executors. /s/ Robert Duncan, seal. Wit. Abner Nelson, Rebecha (X her mark) Nelson, Wm. Nelson. Recorded Will Book H, page 129, 14 May 1817, proved date not available; Box 5, pkg. no. 11, est. no. 114. (MAD: the estate records, Box 5, Pkg.21, 1811, were abstracted and published in Vol.1, pg.112-113, of "Newberry Co. SC Probate Estate Abstracts, Boxes 1-10, 355, 356, 357, 361; Boxes 11-25" Vol.I & II, to early 1800's, by Glenda Bundrick & Andy Suber; FHL book 975.739 P2b) (MAD: Robert Duncan Jr. mar. in Louisa Co. VA)

Newberry Co. SC Wills (none Vol.1 or 2; Vol.3 on FHL film 24,266)
      3-413: 9 March 1881, will of Baruch Duncan; to wife Sarah E. Duncan and my children surviving me and the children of such of my children as shall die before me, giving my wife the proportion of my estate to which she would be entitled under the Statute of distributions for intestate estates which shall be in force in the State of South Carolina at the time of my death, and giving the rest of my estate to my children share and share alike and to the child or children of any child of mine who shall die before I do the portion to which his her or their parents would have been entitled; the share to my wife is in trust. Appoint Thadeus S. Duncan my son, Joseph L? Hughey and John T. Duncan Jr. executors. Wit. B.F. Griffin Jr., J.W. Walter, Wm. H. Parvile?. Recorded 12 Nov. 1883 on oath of B.F. Griffin who saw Baruch Duncan sign the will; letters testamentary issued to T.S. Duncan.


Rev. Pension file of William Addington, W-5598 (from Martha Eastis 6/1986)
      On this (blank) day of December (no year) appeared at the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions in the town of Franklin, Macon Co. NC, William Addington, resident of said county, age 74, in order to obtain pension under Act June 7, 1832; he entered service in 1781 as volunteer at the Old Blockhouse at Fairforest, now Union District, SC, under Capt. Wm. Young, Col. Brannon, Lt. Col. Phair? Benj. Jooley Major, marched to 96 to lay seige to a fort possessed by the British and Torys; was placed under the command of Maj. Gen. Green; then marched northwest, crossed the Broad River, down the river to a creek called Sandy Run below Granby; then marched to Eautaws where he was discharged because of a wound received by the fall of a tree a few weeks before; was in service two months. Volunteered again under Capt. James Bruton at Princes Fort, SC, on August (year not recollected), marched to Keewee, old fort, under Col. Brannon in pursuit of the Indians, 4 weeks. Volunteered third time under Capt. Young and received commission as Lt., pursued Indians through GA into NC on the TN River, Gen. Pickens was chief in command, Benj. Jolly Major, Thos. Brannon Col. Killed 3 Indians in the TN river and one white man and took 2 Indians prisoners and returned to SC and discharged, served 6 weeks. Entered again by order of Maj. Jolly, having the command of the company, the captain not being out, and was sent to guard some ammunition to Orangeburg from Santee, marched thence to Bacons Bridge on Ashley River near Charlestown and remained there 6 weeks, being out about 3 months. /s/ William (X) Addington. The whole term of service was about 8 months, as near as deponent can recollect, he being unlettered and of very frail memory. Statement by James King, clergyman, and James Bussel?, citizen in neighborhood (next page not attached).
      Affidavit of William (X) Addington, 30 May 1835, that he served to the best of his recollection, three months as a Private in the Revolution War and that he served at different times and at different places as an officer, that is as a Lieutenant under Capt. Young, at least ten months, the years not recollected. He had obtained an affidavit of William Dood since he made his declaration, and he has heard of more living witnesses.
      Affidavit 2 Dec. 1848, in Union Co. GA by Mrs. Delila Addington, resident of Macon Co., age 83; to obtain benefits of pension act of July 1, 1848; she is the widow of William Addington, who was a pensioner in Macon Co. NC until a short time before his death, then transferred to Union Co. GA, at $33.33 per annum; that her husband died 8 Sept. 1845; that she was married to her husband 22 Dec. 1782 by Isaac Edwards, a Baptist Minister in SC on Duncans Creek in three? miles of the Enoree River, the District not recollected; she had 13 children born in lawful wedlock, 10 of which are now alive within the last 18 months, namely, John Addington who was born in 1786 or 1787 and Henry Addington, William Addington, Moses Addington, James Addington, March Addington, Martha Hicks, Delila Huckaby, Mary Logan & Elizabeth F. Curtis. That she knows of no living person who knew of the marriage, unless the statement of her oldest children will be taken as proof and her own oaths.
      Affidavit 2 June 1849 in Gilmer Co. GA by John Addington, that according to the statement of his parents that he was 60 years old on 10 Nov. 1848, that he was their 2nd child, that his father William Addington was during the later part of his lifetime a Revolutionary Pensioner in Macon Co. NC and transferred to Union Co. GA, died Sept. 1845 leaving a widow Delila Addington, mother of said John Addington; they were married about or soon after the close of the Revolutionary War as he has frequently heard his parents say, and he has no doubt from his own age that his parents were married about the year 1784; the statements are based on what his parents told him about their marriage and his own age, also the date of his own marriage which took place on 1 May 1808 in Buncomb Co. NC a few months after he was 19 years old. ...
      Affidavit 19 July 1849 in Union Co. GA by Delilah Addington, age 83 ... she was married 23 Dec. 1784 ... married in Newberry Dist. SC ... 13 children ... Jane Addington deceased who was born in January 1786, John Addington born 12? (blotted) Nov. 1788, Henry Addington born in 1791, Sarah Addington now Sarah Harrison born 1793, William Addington born 1795, Moses Addington born 1797, James Addington born 1799, March Addington born 1802, Delilah Addington now Delilah Huckaby born 1804, Martha Addington now Martha Hicks born 1806, Polly Addington now Polly Logan born 1808, Elizabeth Addington now Elizabeth Curtis born 1810 and one died in infancy having no name ... (remainder similar to above).
      (MAD: March Addington in 1870 Union Co. GA)

"SC Troops in Confederate Service" Vol.II (2nd, 3rd and 4th Regt. S.C.V.), by A.S. Salley, pub. by R.L. Bryan 1913-1930 (FHL film 982,339; MAD: the record of each company is given, including location and battles during the war)
      3rd Regiment, S.C.V.
      Pg.348: Company C. This company joined for duty and was enrolled at Frog Level (now Prosperity), Newberry District, April 14, 1861, and was mustered into Confederate service at Columbia by Lt. Colonel Barnard E. Bee, Mustering Officer, June 6, 1861. The following muster rolls of the company are available and from them the succeeding roster thereof has been compiled: June 6, 1861; May 21, 1862; Oct. 31, 1862; Dec. 31, 1862; Feb. 28, 1863; June 30, 1863; Aug. 31, 1863; Jan. 1, 1864; Feb. 29, 1864; June 30, 1864 (MAD: locations of muster rolls given but not copied). Between Dec. 15, 1864, and the surrender of Johnston's Army, April 26, 1865, this company and Company B were consolidated as Company A, and the men of Company E became Company C. The muster roll of the consolidated Company C of April 27, 1865, was certified at Greensboro, NC.
            Pg.361: Private: Duncan, T.S., transferred from Company E between Dec. 15, 1864, and April 27, 1865; paroled at Greensboro, NC, May 2, 1865.
      Pg.403: Company E known as the Quitman Rifles, joined for duty and was enrolled at Newberry, April 14, 1861, for 12 months, and was mustered into Confederate service at Columbia by B.E. Bee, Lt. Colonel, S.C.I., Mustering Officer, June 6, 1861. The following muster rolls of Company E are available and from them the succeeding roster of the company has been compiled: June 6, 1861; June 30, 1861; May 22, 1862; Oct. 31, 1862; Dec. 31, 1862; Feb. 28, 1863; July 1, 1863; Sept. 1, 1863; Dec. 31, 1863; June 30, 1864; April 27, 1865 (MAD: locations of muster rolls given but not copied).
            Pg.412: Fifth Corporal: Duncan, Thaddeus S., promoted from Sixth Corporal June 6, 1861; mustered June 6, 1861; reduced to ranks between June 30, 1861, and Oct. 31, 1862, and assigned to quartermaster department.
                  Sixth Corporal: Duncan, Thaddeus S., enlisted at Newberry, April 14, 1861; promoted to Fifth Corporal June 6, 1861.
            Pg.419: Private: Duncan, Thaddeus S., reduced from Fifth Corporal between June 30, 1861, and Oct. 31, 1862; reported on muster rolls of Dec. 31, 1862, Feb. 28, July 1, Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 1863, as on extra, or daily, duty in quartermaster department since Aug. 1862; not on any subsequent available muster roll.

Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867; roll 1, Name Index to Pardon Application Files; Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South.
      Baruch Duncan, Newberry Dist. SC, filed April 9, 1866. Pardoned April 23. Letter from U.S. Consulate, Carteruke?, April 3, 1866, to Hon. W.H. Seward, Secretary of State, Sir: I hope you will excuse the liberty I take of writing you a private letter on a private family affair. My father, Baruch Duncan of Newberry Dist., S.C., has recently sent in his petition for pardon. The reason he delayed so long was that at the close of the war his lands were so reduced in value that it was doubtful if he was worth over $20,000. But now they are worth much more, and as he has been informed that such cases would likely be judged by the first assessment made, and not by what property would likely have been worth at the time the amnesty proclamation was issued he has sent in the petition for pardon. ... My father is a quiet farmer who never took any active part ... in reply to one of my letters protesting against secession he wrote that he did not materially disagree with me and that maintaining such views I should remain in Europe. ... Your obedient servant, B.O. Duncan, U.S. Consel?
            Petition of Barruch Duncan, a citizen and resident of Newberry District SC, is sixty five years of age and by occupation a farmer. ... 21 Feb. 1866. (Roll 44, South Carolina, Ad-Du; FHL film 1,758,782; SLC 6/16/2008)


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HISTORIES before 1923

1826 "Statistics of South Carolina, including a view of its natural, civil, and military history, general and particular" by Robert Mills, pub. Charleston, S.C., Hurlbut and Lloyd (Sutro Library book F269.M65, 3/24/2010; from info from Dan W. Olds 9/10/2009)
      Pg.639: "Newberry District was settled chiefly by emigrants from Pennsylvania, and tradition has preserved the names of many of the early settlers. In the year 1752, 3 years previous to BRADDOCK's defeat, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, named JOHN DUNCAN, removed from Pennsylvania to this section of the country and settled on a creek, which still bears his name. At that time, he was the highest settler, by 10 miles, on the Fork between the Broad and Saluda Rivers -- his nearest neighbor was Jacob Pennington, on the Enoree River below -- who is said to have been the only man, in the District, at that time, with negro, waggon, or still."
      Pg.652-653: "'James DUNCAN,' says MILLS, in a note, 'the son of the first settler, is the gentleman, who communicated many of the interesting particulars connected with the first settlement of this district. He was a young man when he came to the province, was through the whole of Col. Grant's war with the Indians, the war with them in 1776 and 1777, and in the revolutionary war. In the early settlement of the country, he followed hunting for seven years. His grounds embraced the whole country, the Catawba and Saluda Rivers, up to and among the mountains. This venerable and interesting character is still living.' (1826).
         "In a few years, the emigrants from Pennsylvania multiplied, and occupied what was called the Duncan Creek settlement, on the creek above DUNCAN's. Among the names of these adventurers were those of M'CREERY, GREEN, HANNAN, ABERNATHY, MILLER, BEARD, KING, MITCHELL, WELLS, COFFEE, GRISHAM, BARTON, YOUNG, M'CLURE, ADAMS, and M'DAID."

1892 "Annals of Newberry (SC) in Two Parts" (one volume); part 1 by John Belton O'Neall 1859, part 2 by John A. Chapman; pub. by Aull & Houseal (FHL film 1,000,582 item 1 and fiche 6,088,251; and from Ruth Robertson 4/1984)
      Pg.28-29: Quaker Settlement on Bush River and Beaverdam. Residents of same tract of country before or during the revolution and were Friends or were ranked as such by descent ... Sarah Duncan, Samuel Duncan, and John Duncan.
      Pgs. 58-61: "My friend, F.B. Higgins, from whom much of what I have stated was gathered, tells me that he thinks there is a grant on Enoree, (probably of the tract of land now owned by Richard Sondley,) to Pennington, older than that to William Turner, hereinbefore mentioned, and which I had thought was the oldest in the district, except some grants to the Germans. This agrees with what is said in Mills' Statistics, that John Duncan, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, but an emigrant from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, settled on Duncan's Creek in 1752, and that Jacob Pennington, living on Enoree, ten miles below, was his nearest neighbor.
            Assuming this to be true, I think it may be considered as pretty certain that the parts of Newberry first occupied and settled by the white man, were as follows: the Dutch Fork in 1745; the east side of Little River, near its mouth, (Turner's settlement,) in 1751; the Canebreak, on Enoree, (Pennington's grant,) in 1751, or possibly earlier; and Duncan's Creek, (Duncan's settlement,) in 1752.
            The fort called Pennington's, which was, I presume, erected as a protection against the Indians in 1760, is at Colonel Duckett's, on Indian creek ... This place was probably first settled by Pennington; but it has been, for the last 50 or 60 years in the possession of one family, Thomas Duckett, his son Jacob Duckett, and his son, Colonel J.W. Duckett, and through all that time ...
            In the Enoree and Duncan's Creek settlements, including under this general head the settlements on Indian, Gilder's, and King's Creeks, lived the Lyles, Kellys, Malones, Wadlingtons, Gordons, Rutherfords, Calmes, Maybins, Sims, Caldwells, Hendersons, Kenners, Littletons, Vessels, Valentines, Flanagans, Hendricks, Hills, Odells, Duncans, Ducketts, Roberts, Whitmires, Herndons, Parks, Dugans, Caseys, Bonds, Starkes, Tinneys, ... Some were Baptists, some Presbyterians; and at a time subsequent to the revolution, many became Methodists.
      Pg.151: William Maybin taken prisoner at, and his brother Matthew escaped from, Sumter's Surprise at Tarleton ... 18 Aug. 1780. William Maybin ... was here before his death, found by his wife's brother Benjamin Duncan, who was a soldier in the British Army. .... Benjamin Duncan then visited his bereaved sister ... returned to duty ... take care of her and his other single sister ... to Charleston 1771 (names of sisters not given, but a little more about the life of Benjamin's sister, called Mrs. Maybin).
      Pg.182-5; 190-3; 198-9: Refer to Col. William Maybin, brother-in-law of Benjamin Duncan who fought for the British.

1909 "A history of Clay County, Indiana : closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth" by William Travis, pub. by Lewis Pub. Co., Vol.I (FHL book 977.327 D3k; typed by Evelyn Sigler)
      Pg.619-621: The Duncan Settlement. ... Isaiah Duncan, a native of South Carolina, born October 15, 1785, ... came to Indiana in 1831, ... About the same time also came three brothers from the Carolinas, John, Joshua, and Eli Duncan, who, for a time, lived in Clay county, but later on settled elsewhere, whose descendants are not now found here.
            Isaiah Duncan did not come directly to Indiana on leaving Carolina, but when first to Tennessee, thence to Ohio, thence to Illinois, where he retraced his course, coming to Clay Co. IN. (MAD: Newberry Co. SC, Greene Co. TN, Miami Co. OH, White Co. IL) ... A few years later on he was joined by his nephews, George W. Duncan and Giles W. Duncan, who walked all the way through from the Carolinas, whose father, George Duncan, did not leave his native state. Giles W. Duncan afterward went to Iowa, where he died, February 6, 1879, aged 82 years. (MAD: ?? Giles Duncan in 1850 Greene Co. IN census b. 1815 ?; no Giles b. 1797 found in 1850.) George W. Duncan acquired land and continued to reside in Clay County, ... where he resided until his death, April 20, 1860, aged 42 years, 8 months and 19 days, survived by his wife, Lovina Duncan, who died March 7, 1877, aged 59 years, 3 months and 18 days. .... (see Clay Co. IN for more)

1883 "The History of Jasper County, Missouri : including a condensed history of the state, a complete history of Cartha age and Joplin, other towns and townships" by F.A. North (FHL book 977.872 H2h)
      Pg.680; Sarcoxie Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN. Prominent among the pioneer settlers of Jasper county is the subject of this sketch. Mr. Duncan was born in Sumner Co. TN, March 4, 1806. His parents, Moses and Sarah Duncan, were natives of SC. Our subject grew to manhood in his native state, ... In 1828 he moved to Sangamon Co. IL, and engaged in farming near Springfield. He came to Missouri in 1836, locating in what was then Barry county, near the noted Cave Springs where he now resides. ...
            (MAD: more on this family has been published in "Ozar'kin" Vol.III, No.1, Spring, 1981, pgs.5-6)

1889 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion Co. IL, containing ... portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county" pub. by Chapman Bros. (FHL book 977.365 D3p)
      Pg.521-522: JOHN FLETCHER is one of the solid, substantial and trustworthy residents of Elwood Twp. He was born in Clinton Co. OH on May 20, 1815. His father, Henry, was a native of England, and a son of John Fletcher, who in turn was a son of Henry Fletcher. The latter was a wealthy officer in the English army and educated his son John -- the grandfather of the subject of this sketch -- for the army, but he joined the Quaker Church,, and was driven by his father to Ireland, where he was given 60 acres of land in that country. His son, Henry Fletcher, father of our subject, was obliged to leave Ireland or join the army, but being a Quaker, he refused to become a soldier and came to America, locating in Philadelphia. This was in 1793. He was on the ocean ... The father of the subject of this sketch, after landing, lived 3 years in Philadelphia, and in 1796 he emigrated to the Sciota Valley, OH, where he worked on a farm for one season, returning to PA and there remaining until 1804, when he went to Warren Co. OH and dug a mill race on Caesar Creek. He bought 200 acres of military land in Clinton Co. OH and then retraced his steps to PA, remaining there until 1806, when he returned to OH and improved his land. The Indians were numerous but peaceable, in the main.
            In 1806, the father of the one of whom we write this sketch, married Mrs. Sarah (Duncan) Taylor. They had four children of whom John is the youngest, and only one living. The others were: Mary, Hannah and Sarah. The sisters all lived to be over 70 years of age. John Fletcher came with his parents to this county in the fall of 1836, settling on the old homestead, where he now lives. He was married in Oct. 1836 to Rachael Ruth. They had 7 children, six of whom are living: Sarah J., Henry, Mary A., John W., Amanda and James. One son, William, died in his 23rd year. Mrs. Fletcher died Oct. 5, 1862 and her husband was again married on Nov. 1st, 1866, to Mrs. Lydia Haworth, widow of Eli Haworth, and dau. of Garrett Dillon, the latter a pioneer of Elwood Twp, and a native of Greene Co. TN. (MAD: more on Dillon family and Haworth children) The grandfather of Mr. Fletcher on his mother's side, Samuel Duncan, was a soldier in the Rev. War and participated in the battle of the Cowpens and others. He had holes shot in his clothes and buttons taken off by bullets, but was not wounded. He was known as the "fighting Quaker," and he sustained his reputation well. He was a teamster, and the Tories captured three of his horses, when he mounted the remaining one, and joined the American forces, afterward recapturing one of his horses. (MAD: more on descendants of John Fletcher, subject of the sketch) (MAD: Sarah was the daughter of Amos Duncan who was the son of Samuel Duncan & wife Sarah; Newberry & Edgefield Co. SC)


Some Newberry Co. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "Newberry Co. SC 1850 Census with Genealogical Data on Many Families" by Mrs. Eleanor Clyburn Wicker (FHL book 975.739 X28w 1850)
      "GA Genealogical Magazine" 1981, Vol. 79-82 (from Lucille Mehrkam and Evelyn Sigler)
      "SC Records" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,225)
"The Jury Lists of SC 1778-1779" compiled by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix and Morn McKoy Lindsay, 1975 (FHL book 975.7 P2h and film 1,597,906 item 5; from Dean Smith Cress and Brenda Furches)
      "Newberry Co. SC Minutes of County Court 1785-1798" by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975.739 P29s); includes among many other Duncan references: June court 1789, John Duncan Plaintiff against Moses Lindsey Defendant, In Trespass; suit abates by Reason of the Death of the Plaintiff at his costs. March court 1790, Letters of admin. granted Rachel Duncan on the estate of Jacob Huffman decd. Oct. court 1793, application of John Duncan in behalf of his daughter Ellenor Latham, for letters of admin. on her decd. husband James Latham.
      "A Guide & Index to the Records of Washington Equity District; Greenville, Laurens & Newberry Co. SC; 1808-1821" by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL booklet 975.7 A1 no. 92)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" 1983, Vol.XI (from Donna Little and Lucille Mehrkam)
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      "GA Gen. Magazine" ed by Huxford; #48, 1973 (FHL book 975.8 B2gg; from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984); Pg.184-8 contain Newberry Co. SC Misc. Equity Records, contributed by Mrs. Bryson Pulley, including Probate Office Box 44, pkg.1070, will of David Hill and his estate record, which included Duncan purchasers, and many deeds for the Hill family.
      "Newberry Co. SC Probate Estate Abstracts, Boxes 1-10, 355, 356, 357, 361; Boxes 11-25" Vol.I & II, to early 1800's, by Glenda Bundrick & Andy Suber (FHL book 975.739 P2b)
      "Newberry Co. SC Will Books A, B, C, D, and Loose Wills to 1800" by Elizabeth Wood Thomas (FHL book 975.739 S2T V.1; no index)
      "Will Book L, Including Annual Returns & Equities, Newberry Co. SC" by Sandra J. Lee (Everton's library, Logan, UT); includes among many estates, on pgs.10-11, the estate of John Suber in 1826, Annual Returns 55-133, 1839, children include Robert Duncan and wife Dorothy. Pgs.59-60 include the estate of Robert Golding Sr. in 1828, whose heirs included Mary Ann Rowell who married William Duncan of Harralson Co. GA by 1857.
      "Southern Gen. Exchange" Vol.2, #9, 1959, pg.2, includes names on land grant map (from Evelyn Sigler 10/1984)
      Index to "Land Grant Maps," Union County Historical Foundation, 1978, Published by A Press, Greenville, S.C. (from Stuart Duncan on disk 5/1991)
      "Newberry Co. SC Abstracts of Deed Book P2, 1821-1822, & plats" by Glenda Wood Bundrick and David Edmond Sease (omitted from Newberry Co. general deed index & cross-index) (FHL book 975.739 R2b)
      "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy" by William W. Hinshaw, Vol.I, Bush River Monthly Meeting, Newberry Co. SC, and other localities; and Vol.V, Ohio (from Charles Gordon and Iris Grimmett; FHL books 973 D2he)
      "Abstract of Records of Society of Friends in Indiana" by Willard Heiss, Vol.1-6; Vol.5 includes Lick Creek Meeting, Orange Co. IN (FHL book 977.2 K28h and fiche 6,051,380 and films 2,055,584 and 2,055,586)
      "Epitaphs, Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry SC" (WPA) (Los Angeles Public Library book R975.72 N53Ep)
      "Carolina Genealogist" 1978/9 (TN Gen. Society Library #2708 from Evelyn Sigler 11/1982); includes Duncan Creek Cemetery area surveyed in 1965.
      "Newberry Co. SC Cemeteries" Vol.1 by George Carter Abrams, 1982; Vol.2 by Helen W. Monie (FHL book 975.739 V3a; from Evelyn Sigler 1/1984; includes some cemeteries from Lexington, Laurens & Saluda Cos.)
      "Lake Murray [Newberry Co.], SC, Burial Records" by Columbia Chapter SC Gen. Society (FHL book 975.73 V3L); No Duncan
      "Newberry Co. SC Cemetery Records" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,219)
      "Cemetery Records" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,224)
      "A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to SC 1763-1773" by Janie Revill, 1939 (from Louis Boone 1984; FHL book 975.7 W2r and FHL film 22,819)
      "Union Co. SC Minutes of the County Court, 1785-1799" by Brent H. Holcomb, 1979 (FHL book 975.741 P29s; from Evelyn Sigler and Donna Little); includes minutes of 28 Dec. 1786, case of Thomas Brandon Pltf vs. Goven Gorden, Deft, costs included a bill by John Dunkin for 8 days attendance and 20 miles from Newberry Co.
      1927 "History of AL and Her People" by Albert B. Moore, 3 Vols. (FHL book 976.1 D2m); no Duncan biography but Vol.2 pg.319 includes a biography of Lee Fowler Duckett, MD, of Laurens Co. SC and Lauderdale Co. AL, born Laurens Co. SC 3 Aug. 1867, married in Newberry Co. SC Sept. 3, 1890 to Miss Mattie Duncan, born in that SC county in 1871; the biography gives much more on the Duckett ancestry.
      "Newberry Co. SC Historical & Genealogical" by George Leland Summer, Sr., 1950 (FHL book 975.739 H2sg; from Lenox Baker, Marion H. Duncan and Louis Boone); includes information on the early Duncan settlers, and the families of Amos Duncan, Robert Duncan Sr., and John Duncan who died in Edgefield Dist.
      "Loyalists in Southern Campaign of the Rev. War" by Murtie June Clark, Vol.1 (from Louis Boone 2/1984; FHL book 975 F2cm)
      "The Carmichael Clan, Westbrook and Allied Families" compiled by Mrs. Opal Carmichael Phoenix, 1963 (FHL book 929.273 C212p)
      "Maybin History" by Richard Winn Chapter (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,228); mentions William Maybin, wife Jane Duncan, a child born in 1771, and his wife's brother Benjamin Duncan who was a soldier in the British Army.
      "A Brief History of The Reeder Family with Emphasis on the Alabama Line" by William Marvin [Reeder] and Stella Beasley Reeder, 1956, pg.?178 includes the Duckett family (from Stuart Duncan 5/1985; FHL film 873,454 item 2)
      "Addington; Volume II, USA and England" by Hugh M. Addington, 1960, pgs.25-26 (from Lucile Young 1986; ? FHL book 929.273 Ad23a)
      "The Crooked Trail, 1720-1965" by Lee Addington (from Lucile Young 1986; FHL film 1,513,337 item 9)
      "Heritage of Macon Co. NC" by Jessie Sutton ed. 1987; pgs.98-99 have information on the Addington family (from Stuart Duncan 1988; FHL book 975.6982 H2h)
      "Nevada, a Narrative of the Conquest of a Frontier Land comprising the story of her people from the dawn of history to the present time" ed. by James G. Scrugham, 1935, Vol.III (FHL book 979.3 H2s); includes on pg.139-142 a biography of J. Grant Crumley; mentions a daughter of March Addington.

"Laurens and Newberry Cos. SC: Saluda and Little River Settlements 1749-1775" by Jesse Hogan Motes III and Margaret Peckham Motes, 1994 (FHL book 975.73 R2m; and from Jim Wanke 4/1997, from Mary L. Cook Public Library, Waynesville, OH)
      This volume contains extracts from surveys and memorials for land in several districts: Sec.3, Saluda River and Beaverdam Creek in Berkeley Co. for Richard and Samuel Dunkin or Duncan and Samuel's widow Sarah; Sec.5, Bush River and Beaverdam Creek in Berkeley and Craven Co. for Nelson Duncan (also written Darkett) and Samuel Dunkin or Duncan; and Sec.8, Little River above Mudlick Creek, witness Samuel Duncan in 1793 to a deed recorded in Newberry Co. Part 3, Case Study: Settlement on Little River 1755-1833; Chapter 9, Beaverdam / Mountville Settlement, Laurens Co. 1755-1833, includes a deed in Laurens Co. to land adj. Regnal Duncan in 1833.

"Duckett Genealogy, a MD Colonial Family" by Edythe R. Whitley, 1947 (FHL film 872,801 item 10, and from Evelyn Sigler 11/1986)
      This genealogy about the Duckett family includes the family of Jacob Duckett who left a will in Frederick Co. MD, proved June 23, 1764; several of his children moved to the area of Newberry Co. SC and are connected to the Duncan family there.

"MD & VA Colonials; Genealogies of Some Colonial Families" 1991, by Sharon J. Doliante (FHL book 975 D2do)
      Families of Bacon, Beall, Beasley, Cheney, Duckett, Dunbar, Ellyson, Elmore, Graves, Heydon, Howard, Jacob, Morris, Nuthall, Odell, Peerce, Reeder, Ridgley, Prather, Sprigg, Wesson, Williams, and Collateral Kin.
      This book includes the lineages of several Duckett and other families who married into the Duncans in Newberry and Laurens Co. SC, and includes extracts from some source documents.

"John Duncan of Aberdeen and Duncan Creek, South Carolina" by Stuart C. Duncan, 1999
      This book includes many descendants of John Duncan of Laurens and Newberry Co. SC, and includes references to source documents.

There are several unpublished manuscripts which lists lineages to the Duncans in this area.
      "John Duncan -- Pioneer" by Clara Lanier ca 1976, now deceased (Newberry and Laurens Co. SC) (in possession of Judge William B. Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL; copy given to Gen Iwerks before 1994, and William A. Allen in 1995)
      JOHN DUNCAN, author unknown (from Claudette Duncan to Louis Boone 2/1993)
      Descendants of James Duncan, Otis Duncan's line. (from Claudette Duncan to Louis Boone 3/1993)


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