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Formed 1785 from District 96
Greenwood formed 1897 from Abbeville, Edgefield
McCormick formed 1916 from Greenwood, Abbeville


1790 Abbeville Co. SC Census, 96th Dist.
Pg. 59  Jno. Moore, Jno. Looney, Richard Norrell,
        Wm. Wardlaw, Ann Campble,
        Wm. Duncan             102xx
        Lydia Wardlaw, Jessiah Figgs, David Thomas, Edward Ford,
        Saml. Youngblood, Serah Duglass, James Heard,
        Jas. Lincoln Esqr., James Askin,
        Hugh Duncan            213xx
        James Huston, Hugh Duglass, Andw. McAllester, Wm. Suit ...

1800-1810 Abbeville Co. SC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1820 Abbeville Co. SC Census
Pg. 12  Thomas M. Dunken       010010       - 00101

1830 Abbeville Co. SC Census
Pg. 87  William Duncan         0000,11      - 1000,1
    97  Thomas M. Duncan       0000,001     - 0000,001

1840 Abbeville Co. SC Census
Pg. 29  T.M. Duncan            0100,0001    - 0010,001
    81  Geo. A. Dunkin         2000,1       - 1000,01
          (MAD: wife Elizabeth; d. 1843)
    82  John Dunkin            2110,01      - 2020,01
    86  John Duncan            1201,01      - 2020,1
        William Duncan         1000,001     - 0110,0011

1850 Abbeville Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Savannah River
Pg.7, #90, Thomas M. DUNCAN 65 farmer SC $2000
                  Nancy A. 57 SC
Pg.22, #349, Thomas HEMINGER 44 SC farmer
                  Mary A. 41 SC
                  Louisa 19, Mary M. 15 SC
                  Susan J. 13, Catharine L. 11 SC
                  Peter A. 9, Martha 7, John O. 4 SC
                  (MAD: looking for Nancy Ann Hemminger, sister of Thomas M. Duncan d.1853)
Pg.81, #1270, David DUNCAN 28 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 34 SC
                  Letitia LATIMER 12 SC
                  Wm. DUNCAN 4 SC
Pg.81, #1277, John DUNCAN 20 SC hireling
                  Mary E. 23? SC
Pg.86, #1345, John D. DUNCAN 47 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 45 SC
                  Geo. 17 SC hireling
                  Richard 14, Rebecca 12 SC
                  Mary A. 10, Reuben 8 SC
                  Eliza 6 SC
                  John GIESSTER? (GUSSTER?) 25 hireling
                  Ann 24 SC
                  James 4 SC
                  (MAD: 1860 Edgefield Co. SC census; Richard Duncan in 1860 Anderson Co. SC census)
Pg.86, #1346, William DUNCAN 49 SC farmer $2055
                  Susannah 48 SC
                  Catharine 16, William 10 SC
Pg.87, #1370, Elizabeth DUNCAN 40 SC (blank)
                  Mary C. 14, John R. 12 SC
                  William P. 10, Margaret E. 8 SC
                  (MAD: widow of George A. Duncan)

1860 Abbeville Co. SC Census
Pg.14, #209-198, Michael McGRATH 40 IRE farmer $2320-4210
                  Ellen H? 35 SC
                  Jane ?. 9, Nancy J. 7 SC
                  Mary E. 5, Martha H. 3 SC
                  (MAD: wanted Eleanor Janette Duncan McGrath, niece of Thomas M. d. 1853; not found 1850 census index; no Darby family indexed this county; see Wm. Duncan d. 1884)
Pg.21, Indexed Carrie Dunkins (Abbeville Twp) - actually Dawkins, not copied
Due West Twp., Level Land
Pg.110, #1628-1591, James DARLEY? 38 SC farmer $0-$800
                  Catherine E. DALEY 26 SC
                  John R. DUNCAN 21 SC farm laborer
                  Sarah A. DARLY 9 SC
                  Wm. A. DALEY 6, Joseph A. 3 SC
                  John C.C. 3/12 SC
                  (MAD: ?? perhaps the family of William A., Jasper A., and James R. DARBY, grandchildren of William Duncan d. 1884 Abbeville Co. SC; John R. Duncan b. 6/10/1838 d. 1/20/1880 "my husband" bur. Duncan Burying Ground on farm of Walter W. Clinkscales, Dist.23, Abbeville Co.; many Robinson family members)
Pg.110, #1631-1594, William DUNCAN 59 SC farmer $2400-$500
                  Susana 61 SC
                  Susana C. 13 SC
                  Wm. F. 21 SC
                  Wm. P. 20 SC
                  (MAD: Wm. P. Duncan son of George A. Duncan & Elizabeth; W.F. Duncan, b. 2/28/1839, d. 3/1/1862, and William Duncan b. 12/16/1800 d. 1/18/18--, bur. Little River Baptist Church Cemetery, Level Land, SC)
Pg.121, #1798-1761, John W. BOCK 20 SC farmer $0-$200, mar/in/yr
                  Margaret E. 18 SC
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 58 SC
                  Mary C. 24 SC
Due West Twp.
Pg.121, #1807-1770, David DUNCAN 40 SC farmer $0-$100
                  Eliza 48 SC
                  William 16 SC farm laborer
                  Eliza TAYLOR 60 SC
                  (MAD: one William Duncan, b. 9/24/1845, d. 2/9/1862, bur. Little River Baptist Church, Level Land, SC)
Pg.125, #1859-1822, Geo. W. DUNCAN 27 SC farmer $8600?-$4500
                  John D. 1 SC
                  Ester McWILLIAMS 42 SC
                  Annay (f) 40, Elizabeth 34 SC
                  Mary 32, Nancy 29 SC
                  (MAD: Martha McWilliams Duncan, wife of G.W. Duncan, 12/13/1831 - 10/8/1859, and J.D. Duncan d. 1/2/1922 age 63yr, bur. Lindsay Burial Grounds, Due West, SC; she b. SC d. Oct. 1859 age 24 of typhoid, per 1860 mortality schedule)

1870 Abbeville Co. SC Census
Pg.18, #317-334, DUNCAN, T.J. (m) 39 GA physician 0-$1000
                  L.A. (f) 39 GA
                  Llewallen (f) 11 AL, Edwin 10/12 AL b.Aug.
                  (MAD: Thadeus F. Duncan; 1850 Upson Co. GA census, not yet identified 1860; Thadeus Franklin Duncan a surgeon at Ladies Hospital in Montgomery, AL, 1862-1864; Dr. T.F. Duncan b. 15 July 1831 Upson Co. GA, d. 13 Jan. 1871 Abbeville Co. SC, bur. Upper Long Cane Presby. Church Cem., per cemetery records and obit)
Diamond Hill
Pg.148, #90-95, DUNCAN, J.R. (m) 37 SC farmer $500-$300
                  Rebecca 35 SC
                  Presley (m) 15, Martha 13, Semin? (m) 11 SC
                  Delila 3, John W. 8/12 SC
                  SHAW, Nancy 25 SC domestic servant
Pg.169, #102-102, DUNCAN, J.R. (m) 18 SC farm laborer 0-0
                  Lizzie (f) 23 SC
                  Jno. 6/12 SC
Due West Twp.
Pg.183, #46-46, YOUNG, T.L. & family BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Billie (m) 45 SC WHITE no occupation
Pg.184, #63-63, DUNCAN, Wm. 67 SC farmer $3000-$200
                  Susan 50 SC
                  Al? (m) 16, Jack 15, Jno. 11 SC at home
Pg.184, #64-64, DUNCAN, Jno. 65 SC farmer 0-0
                  B.J.H. (m) 73 SC at home
                  S.C. (m) 18, J.W. (m) 15, B.F. (m) 11 SC at home
Pg.188, #131-131, DUNCAN, Mary 62 SC keeping house 0-0
                  Lucy 25 SC
                  Jeff C. 8 SC
Pg.190, #195-195, DUNCAN, J.J. (m) 32 SC farmer $500-300
                  Martha 27 SC
                  Dora 4, Cora 1 SC
Pg.190, #197-197, DUNCAN, Lizza (f) 65 SC BLACK
                  Mary 35, Mgty? (f) 28, M.E. (f) 28 SC BLACK
                  Jno. W. (m) 7 SC BLACK
Pg.200, #102-102, DUNCAN, Laura 7 (sic) SC at home BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Duncan (m) 38 SC BLACK
                  Nancy 29 SC BLACK
                  Ellis (m) 10 SC BLACK
Pg.201, #138-138, McCOLE, Mary 55 SC BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Wm. 28 SC BLACK
                  Betsie 10, Susan 5 SC BLACK
Pg.282, #169-187, GRAHAM, James 28 SC (white) farmer $0-$400
                  Martha 22 SC keep house
                  Wm. 5/12 SC b. Dec.
                  DUNCAN, H. (m) 17 SC BLACK (blank)
Ninety Six
Pg.326, #8-8, DUNCAN, Louis 38 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Harriett 37 SC, Julia 23 SC BLACK
                  Miller (m) 3, Mary 2/12 March SC BLACK
                  Marshall 20 SC BLACK farm laborer
                  Rena (f) 16, Mack (m) 13 SC BLACK
                  Patience 7, Louisa 1 SC BLACK
Pg.326, #11-11, DUNCAN, Sarah 75 SC BLACK
                  Jane 20 SC BLACK
Pg.348, #382-382, DUNCAN, Chas. 20 SC MULATTO farm laborer
                  Lucy 20 SC MULATTO
                  Babe (f) 2/12 April SC MULATTO
                  A. (f) 18 SC MULATTO farm laborer
Pg.348, #383-383, DUNCAN, Mattie (f) 35 SC MULATTO
                  Whity (m) 12, Ella 11, Mary 9 SC MULATTOS
                  Sallie 7, Susan 6, Martha 4 SC MULATTOS
                  Jack 2 SC MULATTOS

1880 Census, Whitehall, Abbeville County, South Carolina (from Kathy Cawley 10/2008)
S.D.# 1, E.D.# 15, Page# 361D, Image# 6 of 34
age 55, Head, farmer, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Rebecca, age 47, Wife, keeping house, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Sarah, age 14, Daughter, at school, S.C./S.C./S.C.
Della, age 13, Daughter, at school, S.C./S.C./S.C.
John, age 10, Son, at school, S.C./S.C./S.C.
James, age 8, Son, at school, S.C./S.C./S.C.
      (KDC: 1900 Greenwood Co. SC)


Abbeville Co. SC Probate Records (from Carol F. Speer, Clerk, Probate Court, to Annetta Gibson 6/1979; loaned by Annetta 8/1983)
      General Index to Probate Court, pg.25 (handwritten in book) (next entry 1948)
      Duncan, James, Exors Wardlow & Baure (?), Box 26, pkg. 605, year 1814
      Duncan, Wm., Admx. C. Duncan, 27-618, 1785
      Duncan, minors, guard. Elizabeth Duncan, 30-665, 1844
      Duncan, Geo. A., Admr. Wm. Duncan, 30-672, 1843
      Duncan, Thos. M., Exor. Jacob Britt, 131-3794, 1849
      Duncan, Wm. F., Admr. William Duncan, 159-4307, 1862
      Duncan, John D., Guard. J.C. Stevenson, 159-4309, 1865
      Duncan, David, Adm. Frances E. Duncan, 162-4379, 1864
      Duncan, Lulu, Guard. W.S. McCoy, 185-4877 (no year)
      Duncan, John D., Guard. W.G. McWilliams, 185-4887 (no year)
      Duncan, William, Exors Thos. J. Bowen, 216-5601 (no year)
      Duncan, Sophronia, Trustee T.J. Bowen, 257-6250 (no year)
      Duncan, Sophronia, Admr. D.R. Greer, 279-6549 (no year)
      Duncan, Janie, Adm. H. Baughman, 280-6559 (no year)
      Duncan, John D., Exor. Huay (?) M. Milford, 310-7682 (no year)

Abbeville Co. SC Probate Packets
      Box 26, Pack 585, year 1790, Douglass, John. (from pg.85, "Abbeville Co. SC Wills & Bonds" by Pauline Young; FHL book 975.7 S2w)
            Est. admnr. April 6, 1790, by Sarah Douglass, Jno. Wardlaw, Andrew McAllister bound to Judges Abbeville Co. sum £1,000, sale July 5, 1790; buyers Sarah Douglass, Joseph Bowen, Nancy Duncan, etc. (MAD: "21 Southern Families" by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, ed. by Patricia Freeman 1985, lists William Duncan and Nancy Duncan, as purchasers in 1791 from the estate of John Douglas; Nancy bought 1 bedstead, William bought 1 shovel plow.)

      Box 26, pkg.605, year 1814, Duncan, James, Exors Wardlow & Bowie (FHL film 181,692)
            Will of James Duncan 19 Oct. 1814; my mother Hannah Duncan a negro to be purchased by my executors for her use and support during her natural life, and after her death the said Negro wench if then living ... equally divided among my brothers & sisters; also to my mother all my household and kitchen furniture of any kind whatever; my sister Permelia Carr Duncan my beureau now in my possession; my brother Robert Berry Duncan all the rest and residue; Exec. friends David Wardlaw and Alexander Bowie. /s/ by J. Bowie at request of testator. Wit. Jas. Kyle, Wm. Hutcheson, Lawrence Brock. Rec. 5 Nov. 1814.
            Inventory of James Duncan, Dec. 10, 1814, by Jas. Wardlaw, Thos. Anderson, Thos. Jones.
            Sale Bill Dec. 12, 1815, returned 3 Feb. 1815.
            List of accounts, estate of James Duncan, of the firm of J. Duncan & Co., 1 July 1816.
            Balances from ledger accounts, include Robert Duncan, $52.93.
            List returned 25 June 1816, include Robert B. Duncan, $39.03; Lieut. Charles C. Duncan, $43.00.
            List of notes on estate of J. Duncan decd. as copartner of Tho. Craton who is entitled to 1/3 (no date).
            Receipts of accounts current (sales of estate) 3 Jan. 1815.
            (MAD: James Duncan, son of Robert and Hannah Duncan, 24 Aug. 1787 - 19 Oct. 1814, bur. Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Abbeville, SC)

      Box 27, pkg.618, year 1785, Duncan, Wm., Admx. C. Duncan, (FHL film 181,692; see Spartanburg Co. SC)
            96th District, 19 Aug. 1785, order to John Williams, Moses Biter, Wm. More and Wm. Linville or any three, to appraise estate of William Duncan decd, admin. Keturah Duncan, and return by Oct. 13, 1785.
            Admin. bond 19 Aug. 1785 of Keturah (V) Duncan, securities Jacob Pennington and William (W) Duncan, to 96th Dist. for £2,000; no wit.
            Appraisal returned 13 Oct. 1785 by John Williams, Moses Biter, Wm. Linville.
            Sale Bill (undated), purchasers Keturah Duncan of 4 head cattle, pewter, one wheel. Wm. Duncan, 2 wagon hubs, one steal Rap?. (nothing else sold). Wm. Duncan is indebted to estate of Wm. Duncan decd. Power of Attorney by John Landers to John Williams. (MAD: no mention of Duncan in power of attorney). (MAD: 1790 Census, Jacob Pennington, p.89, Spartanburg Co., 96th Dist., Col. 3, 163xx; this is the William Duncan of Spartanburg whose son & heir William (wife Ruth) sold his land on the Tiger River to Moses Boiter in 1790 (Deed F-309), witness John Duncan etc.)

      Box 30, pkg.665, year 1844, Duncan, minors, Guard. Elizabeth Duncan (FHL film 181,693)
            Petition 25 Sept. 1844 of Elizabeth (X) Duncan, that her husband George A. Duncan died a few years since, leaving petitioner his widow and four infant children, the oldest of whom is under age 14, a small estate real and personal; that Wm. Duncan the brother in law administered the estate and has paid most of the debts; petitioner bought a part of the real estate; that the personal property will not be sufficient to pay the debts, so that the estate of the minor children will be about $300 or perhaps not so much; petition that she may be appointed guardian of the property and estate of her infant children, viz, John, Polly, William and Margaret Duncan on her posting bond. Court appoints Elizabeth Duncan guardian on her posting bond with Wm. Loaner and William Duncan securities.
            Bond on 25 Sept. 1844 for $600 by Elizabeth Duncan, Wm. Duncan and Wm. Loaner.
            Statement for a settlement of the shares of Polly C., John R., Wm. P. and Mag. E. Duncan minors in the hands of their mother and guardian Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, made in the Court of Ordinary on 14 May 1860.
                  The above wards are children of George A. Duncan decd. who died intestate, and William Duncan was his admin. The personal estate was insufficient to pay off all the debts; the real estate was sold by the Ordinary and bought by the widow who paid the balance of the debts due by her decd. husband and this sum $114.83 is still to her credit a payment of the land. The matter stands, she has not paid for the lands, and the proceeds of the land or their share therein is what she now accounts for to her children and wards.
                  The children are now all of age except one, and by mutual agreement she is not charged interest on the land bonds, and she does not charge the children with board except for the year 1845 (see return) ... $27.63 each. (MAD: figures not copied here) We assent to the above settlement and ack. that we have received from our mother and late guardian in full of all claims ... our father the late Geo. A. Duncan. 14 May 1860, /s/ John W. (x) Brough, Margaret E. (X) Brough, Polly C. (X) Duncan, John R. Duncan.

      Box 30, pkg.672, year 1843, Duncan, Geo. A., Admin. William Duncan (FHL film 181,693)
            Petition 13 Jan. 1843 of Wm. Duncan, that his brother Geo. A. Duncan died intestate leaving a widdow and children and that the widdow is willing that petitioner admin. the estate. (Letters of admin. granted 13 Jan. 1843.)
            Mr. Lessley sir, I am willing for Wm. Duncan to administer on my husbands estate January 25th 1843. /s/ Elizabeth Duncan. (no indication of signature by mark.)
            Petition of William Duncan, written consent of Elizabeth Duncan widdow, asks permission to sell the whole personal estate to pay the debts on finding the 17 Feb. 1843? on a ? due the first Jan. 1844?; 2 Feb. 1843?.
            Bond 2 Feb. 1843 of William Duncan, Lemuel W. Trible and William Clinkscales, $200, administration of estate of George A. Duncan; wit. John Clinkscales.
            Appraisal Bill, Feb. 16, 1843, by William Clinkscales, Thos. Branjo, Wm? Callaham.
            Bill of Sale of goods and chattels of George A. Duncan decd, Feb. 17, 1843; purchasers Jacob Loner, John Kay, Elizabeth Duncan, Thomas Banister, Jacob Loner, John F. Clinkscales, William Duncan.
      Return of Estate of George Duncan decd by Wm. Duncan, admr. Expenses; income includes amount from the Widdow Duncan who purchased the land $80.55; return 26 March 1844.
            Return of William Duncan admin. of estate of George Duncan decd, 5 May 1845 ... Return 15 Oct. 1849.
            Settlement of the estate of George A. Duncan decd 10 Sept. 1847 with Wm. Duncan admin. and the widow Elizabeth Duncan for herself and guardian for her children: Amount of sale bill, $65.62 ... the widow bought the land at $508.00 ... paid by widow ... balance $114.83 due her children.

      Box 75, pkg.1829, Nathaniel Peak, Abbeville Courthouse, Abbeville, SC, 1758. (from pg.1, frame 8, from "Abbeville Co. SC Wills 1780-1850" SC DAR Records; on FHL film 855,210, from index on FHL fiche 6,052,835)
            Will Sept. 20, 1758, of Nathaniel Peak late of Orange Co. NC, very sick and weak; to my dear son John Peak one mare and colt and one cow and calf when he is of age; to my dear son James Peake one mare and colt and one cow and calf when he is of age; the residue to Joseph Birchfield whom I appoint exec., he to pay my debts; /s/ Nathaniel (X) Peake; wit. George Sims, Joseph (X) Birchfield, Diesa (X) Birchfield, Edward (X) Cantrell. On another page where he started writing his will but was crossed out was, to my dear son John Peak 200 acres in Colbert Co. MD (MAD: Calvert Co.) joining Parkers Creek. Appraisement made July 24, 1783, by Joseph Birchfield. Purchasers at sale were Amos Pilgrim, Mrs. Sally White, John Hickey, Mark Lendom, John Dunkin, James Linn, Enoch Davis and Aaron Scags.

      Box 131, pkg.3794, year 1849, Thomas M. Duncan, decd.; exor. Jacob Britt, (FHL film 181,744)
            Will 7 Feb. 1849, of Thomas M. Duncan, languishing state of body; sister Nancy Ann Hemminger all my lands called Dellashan Tract, 100a, and Gilbert Tract where I now live, 100 acres, and slaves; at her death to children of my niece Eleanor Janette Duncan McGrath. Exec. two friends Jacob B. Britt and James C. Willard. Wit. James H. Britt, John M. David, Mary A. Hays. Rec. 3 Dec. 1853.
            Appraisment 7 Dec. 1853 by Jacob Britt exec., entered in Journal page 81, rec. in "Inventory & Sales" page 464, filed 20 Jan. 1854. Appraisers J.H. Britt, Hiram Palmer, Benj. Talbert, William Treewit.
            Sale Bill, entered in Journal pg. 87, Recorded in "Inv. & Sales" pg. 465-466, filed 20 Jan. 1854. Purchasers Michael Magrath, Mrs. Hemminger, J.H. Britt, J.B. Britt, and others; Thomas J. Britt clerk.
            Account of money and notes, and expenditures, filed 31 Jan. 1855.
            Settlement made 2 July 1857 with J.B. Britt exec. and Michael McGrath; the admin. of Mrs. Hemminger who had a life interest in the estate of Thos. Duncan.
            2nd Return, 2 July 1857, Receipts and expenditures include payment to Nancy Ann Hemminger.

      Box 159, pkg.4307, year 1862, Wm. F. Duncan, decd.; Admr. William Duncan (FHL film 181,758)
            Admin. bond 6 May 1862 of William Duncan to admin. estate of Wm. F. Duncan decd, securities James H. Cobb and John Enright.
            Petition 21 May 1862 by William Duncan, admin. of Wm. F. Duncan decd, for permission to sell personal estate to pay debts.
            Appraisers Jas. Clinkscales, Jas. Carinle?, John R. Willson, William Clinkscales and John F. Clinkscales or any three or four of them; appraisement returned 21 May 1862 by Jas. Clinkscales, John R. Willson and William Clinkscales.
            Bill of Appraisement May 21, 1862, incl. coffee, dishes, furniture, etc. Sales to John F. Clinkscales, Wm. Duncan, James Darby, Jacob Alawine and others (these pages 2 and 3 only); sale on 21st instant.
            Return of receipts and expenditures 11 Jan. 1864 by Wm. Duncan; first return 26 Jan. 1863.
            Settlement 5 Feb. 1854 (MAD: ??), present William Duncan admin; distribution to widow and one child; less 1/3 to widow, balance to child.
            Recd. of Wm. Duncan, admin. of estate of Wm. F. Duncan, $12. as a compromise and settlement in full of said estate, 1/3 of which is due to my mother Mary M. Duncan, widow of said decd. July 31, 1883. /s/ J.F. Duncan.
            Abbeville Dist., Apr. 19th 1862, to Mr. Wm. Hill Esq. after I left you I have come to the conclusion that I will administer on my son Wm. F. Duncan's estate; I therefore apply for citation on his estate and I will also be down at the court house on sale day in May for to comply with the terms & in so doing you will oblige yours &c. /s/ Wm. Duncan.
            1860, W.F. Duncan to H. Robinson, (list of goods Feb. 4 to Dec. 22; store account?) 1861, Jan. 18 credit by cash $30. Paid in full by admin. /s/ H. Robinson. 1861 to Dec. 11. (MAD: looks like a store account)

      Box 159, pkg.4309, year 1865, estate of John D. Duncan, minor; guardian J.C. Stevenson (FHL film 181,758)
            Bond 21 Oct. 1862 of Jas. C. Stevenson, sureties Alexander G. Hagen and Peter Henry, as guardian of John C. Duncan (sic), minor.
            Letter of Guardianship 21 Oct. 1862 to Jas. C. Stevenson; whereas John D. Duncan, minor about 3 years of age, grandchild of David McWilliams late of Abbeville Dist. decd; minor entitled to share of estate of said David McWilliams, and Jas. C. Stevenson applied for guardianship.
            Returns by Jas. C. Stevenson, guardian; First return filed 6 April 1863; Return 3 Feb. 1864; Return 5 June 1865, received nothing, paid Confed. tax, paid state & Dist. tax; Return 27 July 1866; Return 23 Sept. 1867, received nothing; Return 8 Feb. 1869, paid costs of this return; Return 24 March 1870.

      Box 150, pkg.4241, year 1860, David McWilliams, decd; Wm. Gordon exec. (FHL film 181,754)
            Will of David McWilliams, 2 Oct. 1853; sick and low condition; to my six daus. Easter Ann Elizabeth Mary Martha Nancy (no commas) $100 each; as I have heretofore given my sons Alexander and Gordon $100 each, I wish to make my daus. equal. To my 4 grandchildren Ester Ameline John Watson William Hamilton Jane Ellinor (no commas) each $100, these are children of my dau. Jane who married John Crawford who is since decd. Balance sold and divided equally among my children Alexander, "William", Gorden, Easter, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Nancy. Appoint neighbors William Gordon and Samuel ?Reid? execs. Wit. Jas. C. Stevenson, Andrew Stevenson, Wm. T. Stevenson. Codicil 6 Sept. 1859, $100 cash over and above to each of my daus. Easter, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary and Nancy as compensation for their kindness since my last will, and to my dau. Martha's son John David Duncan $100 when he comes of age; wit. Charles Evans, T.S. Gordon, Jane Donnald. Will proved 11 Feb. 1860; Wm. Gordon exec.
            Sale of estate March 9, 1860; many items bought by Miss McWilliams; a few items bought by G. Duncan (1 cupboard, etc.); others bought many items.

      Box 162, pkg.4379, year 1864, David Duncan, decd; admin. Frances E. Duncan (FHL film 181,760)
            Admin. bond 19 March 1864 by Frances E. Duncan for estate of David Duncan, security John H. Hancock, John Calvert, for $3,000; wit. R. Jones.
            Appraisement filed 2 May 1864, recorded "Inventory & Sales" #21 page 168. Appraisement dated April 9, 1864, adminx. Mrs. F.E. Duncan, appraisers Jacob Milby, W.C. Hunter, J.H. Martin, Henry Rush.

Abbeville Co. SC Wills
      1787-1815, Book 1 (FHL film 22,825)
            Pgs.431-2: 19 Oct. 1814, will of James Duncan (signed "by George Bowie as agent of testator"), my mother Hannah Duncan a negro to be purchased by my executors for her use and support during her natural life, and after her death the said Negro wench if then living ... equally divided among my brothers & sisters; also to my mother all my household and kitchen furniture of any kind whatever; my sister Permelia Carr Duncan my beureau now in my possession; my brother Robert Berry Duncan all the rest and residue; Exec. friends David Wardley and Alex. Bowie. Wit. Jas. Kyle, Wm. Hutcheson, Lawrence Brock. Rec. 5 Nov. 1814.
      1815-1837 - No Duncan (FHL film 22,825)
            MAD: Per "Abbeville SC Gen. Records" author not given, from Laura Jones 8/1983: "Pg.244, Will Book II: Duncan, James, McDonaugh - Henry Co. GA. Deceased. Final settlement to: R.B. Duncan, Esq. principal legatee of said James Duncan. Papers of the accounts between James Duncan & Thomas Crayton, which prove satisfactory. Amos Spencer, Adm. of estate of Thomas Crayton, deceased. 21 Oct. 1826. (pg.162 & 163)" (MAD: cannot locate original source, Abbeville SC Will Book 2, pg.244, is will of William Morrow decd, not connected)
      1837-1855 (FHL film 22,826)
            3-423: 7 Feb. 1849, will of Thomas M. Duncan, languishing state of body; sister Nancy Ann Hemminger all my lands called Dellashan Tract, 100a, and Gilbert Tract where I now live, 100 acres, and slaves; at her death to children of my niece Eleanor Janette Duncan McGrath. Exec. two friends Jacob B. Britt and James C. Willard. Wit. James H. Britt, John M. David, Mary A. Hays. Rec. 3 Dec. 1853.

Abbeville Co. SC Probate Records (from Carol F. Speer, Clerk, Probate Court, to Annetta Gibson 6/1979; loaned by Annetta 8/1983)
      Estate of Wm. F. Duncan, 1861, wife named Mary (copy of one small original piece of paper): Recd. of Wm. Duncan, Admr. of the estate of Wm. F. Duncan the sum of Twelve Dollars as a compromise and settlement in full of said estate - 1/3 of which is due to my mother Mary M. Duncan, widow of said decd. July 31st, 1883. J.F. Duncan.

      Estate of William Duncan, 1884, Box 216, pk. 5601 (copy of original document; left margin not copied; note at bottom of first page: 22nd day of March, 1884, J. Fuller Lyon, Judge, Probate Court):
            South Carolina, Abbeville County. In the name of God Amen, I, William Duncan being advanced in life and calling to mind the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life being desirous to make a disposition of my Entire Estate do make ordain and publish this my last will and testament.
            1st I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.
            2nd (?) I will and bequeath a life interest in my sewing machine and rocking chair to my beloved wife Sophronia C. Duncan and also an interest in the following named property during her widowhood - one bedstead bed and furniture one slab with drawers one chest two small trunks one spinning wheel and real one clothes press four choice chairs one table one set plates one set knives and forks one set teas all the glass ware one white bowl and pitcher one stove with as many of the cooking utensils as she may want one years provisions and one tract of land containing fifty two acres lying between three roads bounded on the South J.L. Robinson west by J?. H. Banister North by R.O. D?ranyon East by Wm. Darby boys. She is to have all the profits arising from the rent of said land.
            3rd? I will her the use of the black mule Beck Buggy and harness
             ... all my wife Sophronia C. Duncan brought to my house namely one bedstead bed and furniture and one chest is hers in fee simple is my will.
            ? I will and bequeath Jasper A. Darby one bedstead bed and furniture.
            ? I will and bequeath unto William A. Darby one bedstead bed and furniture together with all the rest of my personal property not willed of whatsoever kind or value allso Ten Acres of Land bought of George W. Alisine (?) in case the William A. Darby dies without children my will is that the property revert back to my Estate and be divided between Jasper A. and James R. Darby or their children.
            ? I will in case of the marriage of my beloved wife that all personal property willed to her revert back to my Estate and be given to William A. Darby or in case of his death without children to be equally divided between Jasper A. Darby and James R. Darby or their children except the sewing machine and rocking chair which is also to revert back to my estate at her death and be disposed of in the same manner as above allso in case of the death of William A. Darby without children all property willed to William A. Darby by me it is my will that it reverts back to my estate and be equaly divided between Jasper A. and James R. Darby or their children.
            8?th I will that the tract of land that now live upon be sold by hereinafter named Executor in the month Nov Dec Jan or Feb next after my decease on three installments one third cash the remaining two thirds on one and two years credit equaly divided with interest from day of sale the purchase to give mortgage of the premises to secure the purchase money.
            9th ? I will and bequeath to Jacob F. Duncan two Hundred dollars out of the first money raised after the debts and expenses are paid.
            10th I will that all the remainder of the Sale of the Land be left as a trust fund in the hands of my executor for the use of my wife the interest to be paid to her annaly in case the interest on the trust fund and the rent of the fifty two acres is insufficient for her support it is my will that enough of the principle of the trust fund be paid for her support.
            11th I will that the amount of money left of the trust fund after the death or marriage of my wife to be equaly divided between my grandson namely Jacob F. Duncan William A. Jasper A. and James R. Darby in case of the death of William A. Darby without children it is my will that his distributive shair be equaly divided between Jasper A. and James R. Darby or their children.
            12th I will and bequeath unto Susan C. Banister one loom and fixtures and one bed she has in her possession.
            13 I will and bequeath the fifty two acres of land willed to my wife during her widowhood unto Jasper A. Darby William A. Darby James R. Darby (no punctuation) James R. Darby to have twenty acres or two hundred dollars in money from Jasper A. Darby (no punctuation) William A. Darby to have ten acres or one hundred dollars from Jasper A. Darby and Jasper A. Darby the remainder of the said fifty two acres of land.
            14 I do hereby nominate and appoint H. Robinson and Thomas J. Bonen (Boren? Bowen?) my executors to carry out this my last will and testament.
            In witness thereof I have hereunto set hand and affixed my seal this 22nd day of December in year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty three. Wm. Duncan (L.S.).
            Signed sealed in the presence of the undersigned witnesses who saw him sign his own name on this his last will and testament: J.N. Caruile (?), J.S. Wilson (?), C.W? Cow (?)


Abbeville Co. SC Old Land Grants (FHL film 181,773) also cataloged as SC Plat Books 1784-1788 (FHL film 22,827)
      Vol.A, 1784-1785:
            A-274: "Joseph Duncan as a Citizen, 632 acres of land situate on twelve mile River Bounding sd ...? on said River, all other sides on vacant land when surveyed by William Benson D.S. on the 6th day of May Inst. as pr. plat thereof recorded this 24 day of May 1785." (sketch of land) (MAD: see Pendleton Co. SC)
      Vol.B, 1785-1788:
            B-36: Robert Duncan as a citizen, 207? (written over) acres above the line on the branches of the N. fork & branches of the middle fork of Cox? Georges Creek of Saluda River, bounding all sides on vacant land when surveyed by William Benson D.S. 7? May Inst. Rec. 23 July 1785. (sketch of land)

Abbeville Co. SC Deeds missing before 1865.

Abbeville Co. SC Real Estate Book, 1840-1869, Court of Ordinary (FHL film 181,619)
      Pg.11-12: To Elizabeth Duncan, widow, Mary Duncan, John R. Duncan, William Duncan and an infant name not known, minors under 14 years, or William Duncan guardian ad litem legal heirs and representatives of George A. Duncan decd who died intestate; You are required to appear at Abbeville Courthouse at a Court of Ordinary on 9 Feb. 1843, to show cause why the real estate of George A. Duncan decd. in Abbeville Dist. on Little River and bounding on John Calliham, Caleb Burton and John Clinkscales, containing 150 acres more or less, should not be sold or divided allotting to the widow Elizabeth Duncan one third thereof and the other two thirds to the above-named minor children as distributees of said Geo. A. Duncan decd; 2 Feb. 1843.
            Feb. 1843, I accept the legal service of the summons and consent that the land be sold on a credit of one and two years possession to the purchaser not to be given till 1 Jan. 1844, /w/ Elizabeth (X) Duncan, wit. William Smith.
            Feb. 1843, I accept the appointment of Guardian ad litem in this partition for the within-named minor children under 14 years and consent that the land be sold on a credit of one and two years from the first Monday in March 1843, the purchaser to have possession 1 Jan. 1844. /s/ William Duncan.
            Summons in Partition, William Duncan Guard. Ad Litem vs. Elizabeth Duncan. Personally came before me Lemuel W. Trible and William Clinkscales who made oath they are acquainted with the land of Geo. A. Duncan decd in Abbeville Dist. on Little River and adj. lands of John Callihan, Caleb Burton and others and containing 150 acres more or less, and believe it to be all the real estate of said G.A. Duncan decd within the state and we are both of opinion that the land is not worth $1,000; 2 Feb. 1843.
            Personally came Samuel W. Trible and William Clinkscales and made oath they are acquainted with the land of Geo. A. Duncan decd ... and are of opinion that the land cannot be divided between the widow and her four children in any way without injury to the other parties in interest and we are clearly of the opinion that the land ought to be sold to do justice to all the parties; Feb. 1843.
            The above mentioned land sold to William Loner on 6 March 1843 for $508.
            We, Elizabeth Duncan, William Duncan, William Loner and Caleb Burton, all of Abbeville Dist. SC, bond for $1,016 to David Lesly Esq. Ordinary, 6 March 1843, that Elizabeth Duncan shall pay the (Court Ordinary) $508 in one and two years credit, viz, $254 on 6 March 1844 and $254 on 6 March 1845; all signed; wit. O. Taggart, William Clinkscales.


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Greenville Co. SC Deed (FHL film 24,017)
      P-115: 4 Sept. 1826, Solomon Hawkins of Greenville Dist. SC to Robert Berry and Perry Emory Duncan of City of Augusta [Richmond Co.], GA, $80, my interest in slaves: woman Ginney & her 4 children Sarah, Penina, Mary & Bayles, being the negro woman Ginney and her increase which was willed and bequeathed by James Duncan of Abbeville Dist. State afsd. (to) mother Hannah Duncan for life and then equally divided among the brothers and sisters of said James Duncan; wit. William Robinson who gave oath 6 Sept. 1826.

Barren Co. KY Deed (FHL film 209,728; SLC 9/20/2012)
      S-526/527: (blank) day of Feb. 1850, David Duncan, formerly of Borough "(now city)" of Norfolk in State of Virginia, but now residing in County of Mecklenburg State afsd and guardian to my children Mary Elizabeth Duncan now Mary Elizabeth Lomax, William Wallace Duncan now deceased, James Armstrong Duncan and Amanda Churchill Duncan now deceased, who were devisees of Ann D. Shirley decd, late of the Borough (now City) of Norfolk aforesaid, and in my own right as the heir at law of the said William Wallace Duncan and Amanda Churchill Duncan, and as the father of David Robinson Duncan, William Wallace Duncan, Thomas Carey Duncan and D'Arcy Paul Duncan, infants born since the death of the said testatrix, Ann D. Shirley: Have constituted and appointed Lucien H. Lomax Esquire Attorney at Law of Abbeville, in the district of Abbeville in SC and husband of my daughter Mary Elizabeth Duncan now Lomax, my attorney to sell or otherwise dispose of all the real estate ... in State of KY of which Ann D. Shirley as heir or devisee of Christopher Tompkins and Robert Tompkins, was entitled to and which she devised by her will to my children afsd and also institute suits or take other legal means for the recovery of any lands or debts which may be due or owing to the devisees of said Ann D. Shirley, ... /s/ David Duncan. He appeared before Abram Keen, presiding J.P. for Mecklenburg Co. VA County Court, 11 Feb. 1850. Certification by Richard B. Baptist, Clerk of Mecklenburg Co. VA County Court, for Abram Keen, the only presiding Magistrate for said County Court, 11 Feb. 1850. Certification by Abram Keen, the only presiding Justice of the County Court of Mecklenburg Co. VA, for Richard B. Baptist, 11 Feb. 1850. (FHL film 209,728; SLC 9/20/2012)


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Pendleton County was formed in 1789 from Abbeville. Records are in Anderson S.C. Pendleton was done away with circa 1820 and new counties of Anderson and Pickens were formed. Later Oconee was cut off from Pickens.

"A Collection of Upper SC Genealogical and Family Records" Vol.I, 1979, ed. by James E. Wooley, pub. by Lucas (FHL book 975.7 D2c, and extracts from Evelyn Sigler 10/1988 and Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Preface: ... Research in that area of Upper SC formerly known as Old 96 District. These records are taken from the vast files of the late Pauline Young of Liberty, SC ... her book "Abstracts of Old 96 and Abbeville Dist. SC" is still the Bible for people doing research in this area. The files from which this volume is taken were given to the publisher in 1968, loose sheets filling some three file cabinet drawers; at the same time, an equal or larger number of similar typed papers were sold to the private Ladson Library in Vidalia, GA; this library has now been given to the city of Vidalia, probably the largest gen. library in GA except for GA State Dept. of Archives & History. (MAD: files are alphabetic by surname, with a cross-index; not cataloged on microfilm in FHL as of 8/1995)
      MAD: Vol.III, pg.43, includes the Equity Court record of Joseph F. Burton, Pack 288, Abbeville, in 1863, widow was Missouri Burton, mentioning his land including "the Duncan tract containing 100 acres bound by land of J.C. Callahan and J.B. McWhorter." Pg.97-98 includes the Probate Packet for Sarah Hall, Box 43, Pack 962, in Abbeville, SC, will dated 1834; one of the buyers at her sale held 10 March 1836 was George Duncan.
      MAD: Vol.III, pg.260 and following, include extracts from the Minutes of Old Little River Church of Abbeville Co. SC, first minutes recorded March 20, 1813, which include among members received by experience, John Duncan in Sept. 1837, Elizabeth Duncan in Oct. 1838, Geo. Duncan in Oct. 1840, and Susannah Duncan in Oct. 1840.

Cemetery Records of Abbeville Co. SC have been published:
      "Cemetery Records of Abbeville Co. SC" by R. Wayne Bratcher, Vol.1 and 2, 1982 and 1983 (FHL book 975.735 V3b)
      "Genealogical Collection of SC Wills and Records; and Brief History & Tombstone Inscriptions of Old Little River Church, Abbeville Co. SC" Vol.I, by Pauline Young, reprint 1969 pub. by Lucas (FHL book 975.7 P2y)
      "Genealogical Records, 1963, Star Fort Chapter" by Star Fort Chapter of Greenwood City & Co. SC; SC DAR Records (FHL film 855,221; from index to SC DAR records on FHL fiche 6,052,835)
      "Cemetery Records of North Carolina" Vol.1 and 3-8, typed by Gen. Society of Utah (FHL films 873,690 and 873,691 and book 975.6 V22r Vol.1-8) - No overall index by volume, each cemetery in alphabetical order.
      "Cemetery Records" by LDS members (FHL film 2,116) - Many small cemeteries, in order on this film by state & county, and cemetery name. Handwritten entries on forms with columns for name, dates and places of birth and death, spouse name if given, and other information if given. No name index; pages not numbered; this film includes SC and TN cemeteries.
      "SC Family Bible and Cemetery Records 1700-1950" by Richard Winn Chapter, SC DAR (FHL film 855,227; from index on FHL fiche 6,052,835) - Frame 992-93, pg.90-91, includes Inscriptions copied from what is known as the Duncan Burying Ground located in a body of woods on the farm of Walter W. Clinkscales, Abbeville Co., Dist. 23.


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