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Duncans in Johnson Co. MO


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised October 29, 2014

Formed 1834 from Lafayette


1840 Johnson Co. MO Census
Pg.123  Saml. Dunkin       0000,01       - 0010,01
Pg.134  Chas. Dunkin       0011,1000,01  - 0011,2001
          (MAD: 1830 Lincoln Co. KY census)
        LeRoy C. Dunkin    0000,1        - 0000,2

1850 Johnson Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Washington Twp.
Pg.19, #234-235, Washington E. COLLINS 38 KY farmer $1800
                  Susan 36 VA
                  George W. 12, James M. 12 (twins) MO
                  Wm. H. 9, John E. 5 MO
                  (MAD: Washington E. Collins mar. Sarah A.S. Duncan 1/15/1838 in Logan Co. KY)
Madison Twp.
Pg.55, #691-694, George H. DUNKIN 42 VA farmer $0
                  Ellen 39 VA
                  Joseph L. 11 KY
                  William H. 9, Chas. P. 7 MO
                  George A. (f) 3 MO
                  (MAD: George H. Duncan mar. Ellen Hoaren 5/30/1838 Lincoln Co. KY)
Pg.56, #695-698, Peter H. DUNKIN 33 VA farmer $0
                  Julia A. 23 KY
                  Charles H. 2, Micajah W. 1 MO
                  Susan H. 62 VA
                  Eliza W. 27 VA
                  (MAD: Peter H. Duncan mar. Julianne Stumpff 6/4/1846; Susanna (Camden) the widow of Charles F. Duncan, mar. 11/14/1803 Amherst Co. VA)
Pg.56, #696-699, William G.C. DUNKIN 22 VA farmer $0
                  Mary I. 22 KY
                  Margaret A. 1 MO
                  (MAD: William C. Duncan mar. Mary Jane Stumpff 10/30/1846)
Pg.56, #697-700, Daniel J. GLOYD 35 VA farmer $0
                  Jane H. 32 VA
                  Susan A. 6, Eliza 5 MO
                  Mary J. 2, Peter Lee 1 MO
                  (MAD: Daniel I. Gloyed of Van Buren Co. mar. Jane H. Duncan 11/24/1842 at home of Charles Duncan)
Pg.56, #698-701, LeRoy C. DUNKIN 39 VA farmer $1000
                  Susan 38 KY
                  William H. 7, Samuel 6, Benj. 1 MO
                  (MAD: one Leroy D. Duncan mar. Susan Davis 9/4/1839 Lincoln Co. KY)

1860 Johnson Co. MO Census
Hazell Hill Twp.
Pg.760, #244-267, Joseph DUNCAN 39 VA farm hand $0-$250
                  Caroline S. 35 KY
                  George M. 7, John B. 3 MO
                  (MAD: first name in this household belonged to household above this one; 1850 Logan Co. KY census, Joseph Duncan mar. Caroline Susan Bell 5/16/1850 Sumner Co. TN)
Jackson Twp.
Pg.807, #564-608, Martha E. DAWSON 25 KY (blank) $250-$100
                  Hiram 26 KY farm hand
                  George M. TOOLE 25 KY farm hand $0-$80
                  Patrick DUNCAN 30 IRE
Columbus Town
Pg.843, #801-858, John DUNCAN 35 KY farm laborer $0-$60
                  Mary 30 KY
                  Mary M. 12, Alvy (m) 4 KY
                  Emma 1 MO
Warrensburg Twp.
Pg.923, #1291-1390, Jene CROLY (m) 37 IRE farmer $1000-$200
                  Mary 30 IRE
                  Maurice 6 OH
                  Mary 4, John 1 MO
                  Bridget 12 MIchigan
                  Timothy DUNCAN 35 IRE day laborer
Madison Twp.
Pg.982, #1675-1797, Micholas DUNCAN 48 KY farmer $0-$260
                  Nancy 38 KY
                  John 19, Amanda 16 MO
                  Wm. M. 14 IL
                  Georgia Ann 11 AR
                  Rosa A. 9, Nancy E. 8 KY
                  Linsey M. (m) 4 KY
                  (MAD: Nicholas Duncan, son of Willis Duncan of 1850 Monroe Co. MO census; ? 1870 Barry Co. MO census)
Pg.983, #1676-1798, George H. DUNCAN 54 VA farmer $3800-$700
                  Ellen 48 VA
                  Joseph L. 21, Wm. H. 19 KY
                  Chas. P. 17 KY
                  George Ann (f) 13 MO
                  Sarah J. HORN 14 AR
Pg.988, #1712-1834, James BONES 54 TN farmer $1800-1100
                  Margaret E. 43 TN
                  John A. 21, Martha S. 16, Manuel P. 14 MO
                  Claibourn W. 10, Clifton 10 (twins) MO
                  Ardena P. 8 MO
                  (MAD: looking for James P. Bone mar. Martha Duncan 3/23/1854 in Henry Co. MO)
Pg.1005, #1837-1974, George C. DUNCAN 48 VA farmer $6000-$2250
                  Susan M. 41 KY
                  Wm. H. 19, Saml. F. 15 MO
                  Benj. E. 11, Martha J. 7 MO
                  Amanda E. 5, Joseph W. 3 MO
                  Gilbert S. 1 MO
Pg.1005, #1838-1975, Peter H. DUNCAN 44 VA farmer $1200-$300
                  Julia A/K?. 34 KY
                  Micagy Y. (m) 11 MO
                  Wm. T. 9, Susan 6 MO
                  Mary F/H. 1 MO
Pg.1005, #1838-1976, Jane E. GLOYD 42 VA (blank)
                  Susan A. 16, Sarah E. 15 MO
                  Mary M. 13 MO
Pg.1005, #1839-1977, Wm. C. DUNCAN 32 VA farmer $1500-$900
                  Mary J. 31 KY
                  Margaret A. 12, Wesley 7 MO
                  Martha F. 5, Columbus M. 2 MO
Pg.1005, #1839-1978, Frank CROSS 24 KY? (written over IL?) day laborer
                  Anna 21 MO
Jackson Twp.
Pg.1040, #2054-2203, Saml. CRAIG 52 TN farmer $16,800-$14,200
                  Nancy 45 TN
                  William 14, Granville 11 TN
                  Louisa J. 8, Frank W. 6 MO
Pg.1040, #2054-2204, Logan DUNCAN 26 KY carpenter $2500-$200
                  Penelope 18 MO (not mar. in year)
                  (MAD: 1850 Boyle Co. KY census; Logan H. Duncan mar. Penelope C. Craig 11/19/1857)

1870 Johnson Co. MO Census (pg.622 also from Cheri Mello 4/1998)
Chilhowie Twp.
Pg.410, #80-80, BROWN, Hezekiah 63 TN farmer $7000-$1300
                  Huldah 58 TN keeping house
                  James 11 MO
                  HAYS, Evva 10 MO
                  DUNCAN, Matt 19 MO BLACK works on farm
Columbus Twp.
Pg.417, #91-88, DUNKIN, Chapman 40 NC (white) wks on farm $0-$0
                  Jane 30 NC keepg. house
                  Mary 18, Rachel 12 MO at home
                  John H. 10, Andrew 7 NC at home
                  George L. 4 NC
                  Emma 5/12 MO b.Jan.
                  (MAD: Chapman Dinkins, 1860 Yadkin Co. NC census)
Pg.418, #103-100, RICE, Charles C. 30 MO farmer $1600-$1000
                  Drusilla 28 MO keepg house
                  Joseph B. 12, Mary J. 8 MO at home
                  Bettie P. 6 MO
                  Thompkins (m) 2, Pleasant (m) 2 MO
                  DUNKIN, Albert 17 MO (white) wks on farm
Hazel Twp.
Pg.459, #189-184, COLLINS, Robert 33 MO (white/mulatto written over) farm hand
                  Jenee (f) 33 MO (same)
                  Children not copied (same)
                  DUNCAN, Joe 20 MO MULATTO farm hand
Hazel Hill Twp.
Pg.465, #265-260, COLLINS, William 28 MO (white) farmer $4000-$900
                  Elizabeth 27 MO
                  George W. 3, James M. 1 MO
                  DUNCAN, Sam 9 MO BLACK
Pg.469, #326-317, DUNCAN, Joseph 50 VA farmer $0-$1250
                  Caroline 44 KY
                  George M. 17, John B. 13 MO
                  BELL, Sarah 49 KY
Kingville Twp.
Pg.501, #56-52, DUNCAN, William 43 VA lawyer $2000-$1200
                  Mary J. 41 KY
                  Maggie 21, Wesley 17 MO
                  Mattie 15, Columbus 12 MO
                  Allice 9, "Mosus" L. 5, Adeline 4 MO
Pg.504, #97-91, DUNCAN, Susan 50 KY farming $8500-$1200
                  Samuel F. 25 MO works on farm
                  Benjamin 21 MO works on farm
                  Amanda 16, Joseph W. 12, Gilbert Lee 11 MO
Pg.504, #99-93, DUNCAN, Peter H. 54 VA farmer $4500-$1100
                  Julia A. 43 KY
                  McGervey 21, William T. 18, Susan M. 16 MO
                  Mary F. 13, Sylvia Ann 9, John C. 5 MO
Pg.504, #101-95, DUMN?, Andrew 39 PA farmer $1400-$800
                  Eliza 37 GERmany
                  Mary 18, Caroline F. 14 PA
                  Hary W. (m) 13, Susan C. 11, Sarah 7 OH
                  Jacob M. 4 MO
                  Catherine E. 1/12 & Charlett J. 1/12 b. May MO
Pg.507, #142-133, DUNCAN, William 28 KY farmer $3200-$900
                  Mary 26 MO
                  Joseph E. 7, Charles B. 5 KS
                  Eatta? M. (f) 2 MO
Pg.507, #143-134, DUNCAN, Joseph 30 KY farmer $7200-$900
                  Charles 26 KY farmer
                  Elizabeth 20 IL
                  James F. 9/12 MO b. Sept?
                  Ellen 50 KY
Post Oak Twp.
Pg.577, #278-269, DUNCAN, Milton 60 PA farmer $2400-$600
                  Ann Jane 53 PA
                  Martha 21, James 20 PA
                  John 19, Milton 16 PA
                  George 14 IA
                  Willie 13, Richa (m) 10 PA
                  Robert 45 PA idiotic
                  (MAD: 1850 Beaver Co. PA census)
Warrensburg Twp.
Pg.622, #173-164, DUNCAN, Thomas 23 KY farmer $800-$500
                  NEAL, John W. 37 IN farmer $0-$850
                  Christina 32 IN
                  James A. 15, Eliza J. 11 IN
                  Asa C. 8, Louis 6 IN
                  Mary E. 2 MO
Knob Noster Wash Twp.
Pg.710, #81-75, DUNCAN, Alphred 24 IN works on farm $0-$0
                  Lizzie 30 IL
                  Leonard 9/12 MO b. May
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Kosciusko Co. IN census)


Johnson Co. MO Abstract & index of deeds v.A-E 1835-1873 (typed) (FHL film 959,941; SLC 5/9/2013)
   Deed records v. H-I 1848-1852
   Deed records v. K-L 1852-1854
   Deed records v. M-O 1854-1857
      H-265: Duncan, Leroy C. from Hardin Wooton
      L-337: Duncan, Joseph to Elizabeth Bell
      M-350: Duncan, George from Thos. Evans
      (no others, no dates)

Johnson Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/15/2014; have JPG images)
   Deed records v. H-I, 1848-1852 (FHL film 959,948)
      H-265/266: 19 June 1849, Hardin Wooton and Catharine Wooton his wife of Johnson Co. MO to Leroy C. Duncan of afsd, for $200 paid, sell lands in Johnson Co. MO, the S 1/2 of SE 1/4 and SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.11 and NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.14 Twp.45 Range 29 containing 160 acres according to survey, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Hardin (X) Wooton, Catharine (X) Wooton. Ack. 19 June 1849 by Hardin Wooton and Catharine Wooton his wife before Benja. F. Howell, J.P. Recorded 20 June 1849. (FHL film 959,948)
   Deed records v. K-L, 1852-1854 (FHL film 959,949)
      L-337/338: We, Joseph Duncan and Caroline Duncan his wife of Johnson Co. MO for $60 paid, sell to Elizabeth Bell of afsd real estate in afsd, NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.32 and NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.32, all Twp.47 Range 25 containing 80 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. 7 Oct. 1854. /s/ Joseph Duncan, Caroline (X) Duncan. Ack. 7 Oct. 1854 by Joseph Duncan and Caroline Duncan his wife before Jas. McCown, Clerk of Johnson Co. Circuit Court. Filed for record 7 Oct. 1854. (FHL film 959,949)
   Deed records v. M-O, 1854-1857 (FHL film 959,950)
      M-350/351: Thomas Evans and Nancy Evans his wife of Johnson Co. MO for $90 paid by George W. Duncan of afsd, sell tract or parcel of land in Johnson Co. MO, the S 1/2 of NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.27 Twp.45 Range 29 containing 90 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. 2 June 1855. /s/ Thom. Evens, Nancy (X) Evens. Ack. 2 June 1855 by Thomas Evens and Nancy Evens his wife before William Desharzer?, J.P. of Johnson Co. MO. Filed for record Aug. 13, 1855, and recorded Sept. 25, 1855. (FHL film 959,950)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Andrew J.; A 65 En. MO Mil., Chester's Prov. Co., Johnson County En MO Mil.; 1909 April 1, Invalid Appl. #1382377, no cert., Ark. (MAD: 1880 Carroll Co. AR census)
      Duncan, Charles P.; D Johnson Co. MO H. Gds; 1890 Dec. 22, Invalid Appl. #972814, Cert. #1059331, MO; remarks C2528665.
      Duncan, Joseph L.; D 27 MO Inf., D Johnson Co. MO H. Gds; 1890 July 12, Invalid Appl. #835224, Cert. #676577, MO.
      Duncan, Leroy C., widow Duncan, Susan M.; D 27 MO Inf.; 1877 Aug. 22, Widow Appl. #232871, Cert. #231167. (MAD: 1850 Johnson Co. MO census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1881 "History of Johnson Co. MO" by Kansas City Historical Co. (FHL book 977.8455 H2h)
      Pg.250-251: Delinquent tax list in court Tuesday, Nov. 15, 1836: James R. Duncan, $.38-1/3 state tax, $.37-1/3 county tax.
      Pg.416: Warrensburg: Independent Order of Odd Fellows: Eureka Lodge No. 88, was organized May 21, 1856 ... charter members ... Logan H. Duncan.
      Pg.481-2: Holden, Madison Twp: A poll-book for a general election held at Rose Hill in Madison twp on 1st Monday in August, 1858, ... voters' names ... S.A. Duncan ... P.H. Duncan ... W.C. Duncan, Wm. H. Camden, ...
      Pg.482-3: Holden, Madison Twp: Certification by judges of above election 2 Aug. 1858, of candidates and votes: for Justice of the Peace ... Wm. C. Duncan 34 (he lost).
      Pg.501: Washington Twp: Schools ... teachers who have taught here since the organization of the district (1838) ... D.D. Duncan ...
      Pg.512: Kingsville Twp: Five school districts ... Ralston School; in 1871 the law required 3 directors ... Teachers employed since that time are ... Miss Maggie Duncan, ...
      Pg.521: Kingsville Twp: The first mills in this section ... 1827 ... From the wooden moldboard plow, which went out of use in 1855, has followed numerous implements ... In the early days of this settlement Lexington was the favorite market town. ... Farm hands labored in the harvest fields with the scythe or cradle at 75 cents and $1 a day. Porter Duncan and Joseph Longacre each are said to have cradled three and four acres of wheat in a day. The spinning-wheel and loom are no longer in use ...
      Pg.524-5: Kingsville Twp: As gathered from the records, the following synopsis shows the officers that served under the township system during the years prefixed: 1872 - Samuel F. Duncan, clerk. 1874 - William C. Duncan, justice of the peace. 1875 - Peter Duncan, road overseer.
      Pg.531: Town of Kingsville, Kingsville Twp: Christian Church of Kingsville ... organized in March, 1868. In January, 1879 (MAD: sic), W.C. Duncan and Wm. F. Roiston were set apart as elders. ... At an officers' election in May, 1872, Wm. F. Roiston and W.C. Duncan were re-elected elders ... in 1876, when W.C. Duncan no longer officiated as elder.
      Pg.533: Town of Kingsville: ... May 7, 1865, about 200 bushwhackers ... swept down upon the quiet little village and commenced fire on the citizens that were just emerging from their night's repose. The citizens rallied for their lives with Capt. Leroy C. Duncan as their leader, but were so outnumbered that they could not withstand the assault of the raiders ... The following is a partial list of the dead and wounded: James Paul, Abner Ryan, Walton Burris, W.H. Duncan, L.C. Duncan, S.F. Duncan, Wm. Johnson.
      Pg.535: Town of Kingsville: Prior to the war a subscription school was taught in any sort of a building that could be procured. Among the old teachers are ... W.H. Duncan taught one term. For a time during the war there was no school. ... The following is a partial list of the teachers: ... Maggie Duncan.
      Pg.577: Chilhowee Twp: The following physicians have practiced here at different times ... Dr. Duncan.
      Pg.667-8: Columbus Twp: The first piece of land owned was that ... (other landowners) Eld. W.C. Duncan once resided within the limits of this township. He was born in Amhurst Co. VA, January 1, 1827, of Scotch extraction. His parents came from Lincoln Co. KY to Johnson Co. MO in the fall of 1839. His education was meager, but by application he has acquired some knowledge of the English tongue. Mr. Duncan states that in 1850 he joined the gold hunters and went to California; he returned on an English sail vessel not much wealthier but a great deal wiser. He was commissioned by the county court as justice of the peace for Kingsville township, where he resided till July 20, 1874. In 1875 he was selected to solicit aid for the grasshopper sufferers. He was commissioned by Gov. C.H. Hardin as notary public in the county for a period of 6 years, from Feb. 16, 1876. He is now a poor man but full of common sense, and has spent considerable of last years in preaching the gospel for which the Lord will bless him as he deserves. He now resides in Warrensburg township.
      Pg.932-933: Jackson Twp: CHARLES D. BOISSEAU was born in Johnson Co. MO April 18, 1845 ... mar. Miss Jane Gilliland on Jan. 13, 1867, also a native of MO. Mr. Benjamin W. Boisseau, the father of the subject, was born in Simpson Co. KY in 1802. He was married in 1828 to Miss Sarah A. Fuquey, a native of Logan Co. KY (ch. not copied here). Soon after his marriage he moved to Johnson Co. MO and settled near Columbus, the oldest post office in the county. He then moved 5 miles farther west, where he lived until his death. Here his first wife died, and he again married, this time, Miss Syble Duncan was the object of his choice. By this union their household was blessed with 6 children: Sarah J., John Oscar, Charlie D., Lucy M., Daniel T. and Robert. ... He died in the spring of 1863, being 61 years of age. Mrs. Boisseau, the 2nd, and mother of Charlie D., was born in 1809 in VA, and moved with her parents to KY, and lived there several years, then came to Johnson Co. MO where she married Mr. Boisseau. She still lives in Johnson Co., Jackson Twp, at the advanced age of 72 years.

"Portrait and biographical record of Johnson and Pettis Counties, Missouri : containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the counties : together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States." by J.T. Wilder; pub. Chicago: Chapman Pub. Co., 1895, 653 pgs. (LH11533, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,000,294 item 4)
      Pg.233-235: EDWARD HARDY, deceased, of Johnson County, born in County Antrim, Ireland, in August 1839, son of Ambrose and Mary (McNully) Hardy, also natives of the same county. There the father carried on farm pursuits all his life, and died in 1888, at the advanced age of 96 years. He was deprived of the companionship of his wife several years before. The original of this sketch was one of a family of ten children born to his parents, two of whom died in infancy. William is also deceased, departing this life in Chicago, Ill.; Ambrose still resides in the Emerald Isle; Nancy is deceased; Catherine is living in her native land; Maria is deceased; Bridget lives in Ireland; James married a Miss Duncan, and both died in Vermilion County, Ill.; and Alexander makes his home in Ireland. In the year 1857 our subject embarked on a vessel bound for the United States, where he had two brothers living ...

1879 "The United States Biographical Dictionary: Kansas Volume, containing accurately compiled biographical sketches into which is woven the history of the state and its leading interests" pub. Chicago and Kansas City : S. Lewis & Co. (FHL book 978.1 D3u v.1&2; FHL film 874,388, items 1&2)
      Pg.629-630: WESLEY HARVEY DUNCAN, Lawrence [Douglas Co. KS]. Wesley H. Duncan, a pioneer business man of Lawrence, was born in Rockbridge county, Virginia, April 18, 1817. His father, Willis Duncan, was a Virginia planter, rather extensively engaged in tobacco-producing, a leading man in his neighborhood, a soldier in the war of 1812, and the son of a Revolutionary soldier. The family were Baptists and four of the uncles of Wesley H. Duncan were Baptist ministers, the one for whom he was named being in the Baptist ministry for over fifty years. His mother's name was Jane (Bailey) Duncan, and her father was a large stockraiser in Kentucky, where they were married. She was an active, useful member of the Baptist church.
            Wesley H. Duncan was educated in the country school houses of Lincoln county, Kentucky, to which place his father removed when he was only nine years old, embracing only about thirteen months schooling. Being of an adventurous spirit, he started out for himself at an early period, spending about nine years in the lead mines of Galena, Illinois, and a short time in Missouri, where he was married.
            In 1850 he immigrated with his family, a wife and one child, to California, crossing the plains with ox teams, being about four and a half months on the road. He opened a miners store at Cold Spring, Eldorado county, and was quite successful, mining only enough to say that he dug some gold. In the spring of 1853 he returned from California to Monroe county Missouri, and in the spring of 1855 came to Kansas, locating at Lawrence, and at once opened out a large store of general merchandise, in company with Charles Duncan, his brother-in-law and second cousin. In Lawrence he carried on that business until 1860, when the partnership of W.H. & C. Duncan was dissolved by mutual consent, and he entered into the dry goods and grocery business with Columbus Hornsby, since deceased, until 1862. He then entered into the same business with Duncan Allison and continued with him until he [MAD: Allison] was murdered in the Lawrence massacre of August 21, 1863. In this massacre he lost twenty-five thousand dollars in money and goods, eight thousand dollars being in cash.
            Immediately after the massacre he entered into business with Robert Morrow, in a dry-goods house in Lawrence, continuing in that occupation for about three years. Selling out, he devoted himself to the settlement of his business and collection of accounts until 1868, when he removed to California and resided at San Jose for a year. He then returned and entered into the hardware and agricultural implement trade with Charles Duncan and G.W.E. Griffith, as Griffith, Duncan & Co. With some changes in the firm he has continued to carry on that business until the present time.
            He has been a Mason for about twenty-one years. Mr. Duncan is a believer in the Christian religion, generally attending the Methodist church with his family, but never having associated himself with any church organization, but has been a liberal contributor to the erection of churches and religious enterprises. To Wesley H. and Charles Duncan is to be credited the largest portion in the erection of the first Methodist Episcopal church in Lawrence.
            Mr. Duncan was originally a Whig, casting his first presidential vote for General Harrison in 1840, and, since the organization of the Republican party, has been a Republican. He was an early free-state man, contributing liberally to the cause, and still retains some of the old free-state script as mementos of the sacrifices of the free-state struggles.
            Mr. Duncan has been twice married. He was married to Miss Margaret Duncan, in Johnson county, Missouri. She died in California, leaving one son, William T. Duncan, now a promising young business man. In May, 1854, he was married in Johnson county, Missouri, to Miss Elizabeth Watts, by whom he has had five children, only two of whom survive -- Lucetta, fourteen years old, and Wesley Harvey, five years old.
            Mr. Duncan is an energetic, upright business man, who has had many ups and downs in the world, retaining a character for the highest integrity. He has never failed to contribute to any worthy cause as far as he felt able.


Callaway Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/18/2014)
      G-207/208: 15 Aug. 1840, Samuel Duncan and Amanda Duncan his wife of Johnson Co. MO, to William M. Walden and Robert Stevens of Callaway Co. MO, for $475 paid, sell tracts or parcels of land in Callaway Co. MO, NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.28 and NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.29 Twp.46N Range 7W, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Samuel Duncan, Amanda Duncan. Ack. 15 Aug. 1840 before George Gallaher, Justice of Johnson Co. Court. Recorded 15 Feb. 1841. (FHL film 901,325)

Henry Co. MO estate record
      B-277: P.W. Cecil and John Duncan in their own right and William W. Cecil as gdn. for James M. Duncan came into court and acknowledged a power of attorney to James Armstrong of Johnson Co. MO. (MAD: no date shown but perhaps ca 1844-54, see James M. Duncan 6 MO with Martha Duncan in 1850 Henry Co. MO census) (pg.24, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w and film 6048551)

Monroe Co. MO Administrator's Bond (from Margo Thiel 2/1986, MAD's extract)
      Bond of Nimrod H. Philips, John S. Conyers, and James K. Harless, for Nimrod H. Philips to be administrator of the estate of Willis Duncan, 9 June 1860. The heirs of Willis Duncan, decd, are Nicholas Duncan who lives in Johnson Co. MO; Wesley H. Duncan who lives in Douglas Co. KS; & John C. Duncan, Mary F. Philips, Manervy J. Dry, Nancy E. Duncan, Martha A. Duncan and Sarah W. Cunningham Cambis A. Philips; that Willis Duncan died without a will.

Jo Daviess Co. IL Deeds (SLC 12/11/2013)
      T-56/57: 26 Jan. 1854, Charles Duncan "(now being in California)" by his attorney in fact Adeline Duncan, and the said Adaline his wife in her own name of Johnson Co. MO, to Henson Foster of Jo Daviess Co. IL, for $465 paid, sell lots or parcels of land in Jo Daviess co. IL, portion of Sec.24 Twp.27N Range 2E of 4th P.M., to wit, lots No.6 and 7 per plat of survey of SE 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.27 Range 2E afsd, caused to be made by the trustees of schools in said Twp.29 and filed in the office of the School Commissioner of Jo Davies Co. IL, said lot 6 being NW 1/4 of said SE 1/4 Sec.24 and said lot 7 being SW 1/4 of said SE 1/4 of said Sec.24, and containing together 80 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Charles Duncan by his attorney in fact Adeline Duncan, Adeline Duncan. Wit. Wesley H. Duncan, Francis W? (M?) Green. Ack. by Adeline Duncan, attorney in fact of Charles Duncan, 13 Feb. 1854, before Dennis Denham, J.P., Johnson Co. MO. Certification by James McConn, Clerk of Johnson Co. MO Court, for Dennis Denham, 14 Feb. 1854. Recorded March 25, 1854. (FHL film 1,601,859)
      T-59/60: Charles Duncan of Eldorado Co. CA appoint Adeline Duncan "(my wife)" of Jo Daviess Co. IL my attorney to enter into and take possession of all ... lands, ... and real estate whatsoever in IL or elsewhere whereof I am now or hereafter may be entitled or interested in, ... and also for me and in my name to grant, bargain, sell and convey the same or any part thereof for such sum and price and such terms as to her shall seem meet, and in my name to execute deeds for the same. In the mean time to lease and until the sale to let for the best rent that can be gotten, to receive rents etc., and such sums of money which shall become due to me ... and perform anything that may be necessary as I were personally present ... and I confirm all my said attorney shall do ... 26 Sept. 1853. /s/ Charles S. Duncan. Ack. 26 Sept. 1853 by Charles S. Duncan before Josiah Gordon, Clerk, El Dorado Co. CA. Recorded 25 March 1854. (FHL film 1,601,859)

Jessamine Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 183,350)
      P-35: 30 Nov. 1844, John C. Duncan and wife Martha A. of Johnson Co. MO, appoint William Murrain of Jessamine Co. KY, attorney to receive money, etc., due and payable, especially to sell all my lands lying in Jessamine Co. KY and convey my right and title thereto. Recorded in Johnson Co. MO.
      P-36: 17 Feb. 1845, John C. Duncan and wife Martha A. of Johnson Co. MO to Monroe Oaks of Jessamine Co. KY, for $45, all the right, title and interest to 9 acres and a few poles, more or less, in Jessamine Co. KY, being the interest they have to lot No. 2 in the division of the lands of Isaac Johnson decd and allotted to Holman Johnson decd, one of the heirs of Isaac Johnson decd (said Martha A. Duncan is daughter of said Holman Johnson decd.), the interest hereby conveyed being 1/4 part of lot No. 2, the same that descended to them from said Holman Johnson decd, for a more particular description of land refer to record of Jessamine Co. Court in Will Book F, page 314. /s/ by Wm. Murrain, attorney.

Logan Co. KY Deed (FHL film 364,595)
      31-227/229: No.169. 30 Aug. 1851, William Beall an heir, Elizabeth Beall widow, and Sally F. Beall, Joseph Duncan and his wife Caroline S. Duncan "(late Beall)" and Andrew J. Beall heirs &c of Middleton Beall decd of Johnson Co. MO, to Walter P. Harding of Logan Co. KY, for $86 to Wm. Beall paid and like sum of $86 to William and other heirs and widow of Middleton Beall decd, William Beall sell to W.P. Harding his undivided interest and Elizabeth Beall, William Beall, Sally F. Beall, Joseph Duncan, Caroline S. Duncan and Andrew J. Beall sell their joint and undivided interest to the undivided interest of their coheir Stephen Beall decd. to parcel of land in Logan Co. KY, corner to Neel, W.P. Harding's line, containing 43 acres. The interest of said Wm. Beall being 1/5 part of said land at the death of said Elizabeth Beall widow, the interest of sd Elizabeth being a life estate in the undivided interest of sd Stephen and the interest of sd Sally F. Beall, Joseph Duncan & wife Caroline Duncan, Andrew J. Beall & Wm. Beall being an undivided joint interest to the undivided interest of Stephen Beall decd which was 1/5 of said land upon the death of said Elizabeth Beall, free from claims, warrant title. /s/ Wm. H. Beall, Elizabeth (X) Beall, Sally F. (X) Beall, Joseph Duncan, Caroline S. Duncan, Andrew J. (X) Beall. They ack. deed 30 Aug. 1851 before John Anderson and Wm. F. Marshall, J.P., Johnson Co. MO. Certification by James McCown, Clerk of Johnson Co. MO County Court, for John Anderson and William F. Marshall, 30 Aug. 1851. Certification by William Trapp, presiding justice of Johnson Co. MO County Court for James McCown, 30 Aug. 1851. Recorded Logan Co. KY 9 Dec. 1851, /s/ J.E. Wright, 30 Dec. 1851. (FHL film 364,595)

Washington Co. KY Deed (FHL film 551,254; SLC 5/3/2013)
      T-47/49: 25 Oct. 1852, William Duncan and Mary Jane his wife and Peter Duncan and Julia Ann his wife, heirs of Henry Stampff who married Margaret Young daughter of Andrew Young decd. of Johnson Co. MO, to John Young of Washington Co. KY, for $150 paid, sell parcel of land with all the appurtenances in Washington Co. on Louse Run waters of the Beech fork, beg. at a stone corner to Lot No.3 in the division made among the heirs of Andrew Young by decree of Washington Circuit Court in case of said Young's heirs against Stumpff's heirs, ... containing 27-1/2 acres for which a deed of partition has been made to the said Duncans and wives, and all their interest, warrant title. /s/ William Duncan, Mary Jane Duncan, Peter Duncan, Julia Ann Duncan. They appeared 25 Oct. 1852 before of William Deshager and Watson W. Kain, J.P., Johnson Co. MO. Certification by James McCown, Clerk of Johnson Co. MO County Court, 29 Oct. 1852. Recorded 5 Aug. 1853 in Washington Co. KY.


Some early Duncans in Johnson Co. MO:
      James R. Duncan, 15 Nov. 1836, reported on 1836 Johnson Co. MO Delinquent Tax List. (Vol.1#3, Summer 1981, "MO State Gen. Assn. Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 4/1989)
      Thomas J. Duncan, 15 Nov. 1836, reported on 1836 Johnson Co. MO Delinquent Tax List. (Vol.1#3, Summer 1981, "MO State Gen. Assn. Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 4/1989)
      Sybly Ann Duncan, 6 Jan. 1842, mar. Benjamin W. Boyseau.
      Wesley H. Duncan, 15 Aug. 1844, mar. Margaret Duncan. (MAD: 1850 El Dorado Co. CA census)
      Leroy C. Duncan, 24 May 1847, securities George H. Duncan and William D. Shazer or DeShazor, appointed admin. of estate of Thomas H. Watts (died by 11 Nov. 1846) and his widow Sharlotta Watts (died by 24 May 1847), who left heirs Adaline Duncan wife of Charles S. Duncan of Illinois (1846) or Adaline Duncan in Wisconsin Territory (1847), and John and Elizabeth Watts of Johnson Co. MO, recorded pg.116 and 118 (pg.24, "Johnson Co. MO Probate Court Records 1855-1869" by Elizabeth P. Ellsberry, FHL book 977.8455 S2e) (MAD: Charles Spicer Duncan and wife Adaline Watts said to have had dau. Sybil Beulah Duncan born 7/2/1852 Jo Daviess Co. IL, from the IGI; another source gave a second wife for Charles Spicer Duncan as Charlotte Stumpff Pleasant, sources not given)
      Mollie Duncan, 31 May 1859, mar. R. Fields.
      Elizabeth W. Duncan, 12 Jul 1859, mar. Anthony H. Helms.
      Leroy C. Duncan, 3 April 1860, security with James McCown for W.P. Tucker, principal, in estate of Elisha Bedsall who died intestate. (pg.15, "Johnson Co. MO Probate Court Records 1855-1869" by Elizabeth P. Ellsberry, FHL book 977.8455 S2e)
      Capt. Leroy C. Duncan, 17 April 1863, executor for will of Benjamin W. Boisseau with wife Sebyl Ann Boisseau naming children Mary Ann Carter, Nancy C. Johnson, Susannah E. Thornton, Sarah Jane Boisseau, Lucy Margaret Boisseau, and Charles Duncan Boisseau, proved 14 Sept. 1863. (pg.25, "Johnson Co. MO Probate Court Records 1855-1869" by Elizabeth P. Ellsberry, FHL book 977.8455 S2e)

"Johnson Co. MO Cemetery Records" by Johnson Co. Hist. Society (from Margo Thiel 4/1990)
      This volume includes the Duncan Cemetery in Kingsville Twp. Twp.45 Range 29 Sec.11 on Lost Creek; and other cemeteries; it lists many Duncans.

"Genealogy of the Lewis family in America, from the middle of the seventeenth century down to the present time" by William Terrell Lewis, 1893 (FHL film 483,707; Memphis Public Library book 929.2 L67, from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984)
      Pg.175: Henry Terrell Hickman, son of James and Betsy (Bryan) Hickman, born 1804, married Elizabeth Logan, had one son, died Lincoln Co. KY in 1835. Son James Hickman to Johnson Co. MO, mar. Eliza Duncan, had 6 children: Mary, Laura, William, John, Annie, and Luther.

"Jeremiah Youngblood; A Genealogy" by Dorothy Morris Quaife, 1991 (FHL book 929.273 Y84q; from Cheri Mello 7/1994)
      Pgs.554-555: Brittannia Youngblood Family; 5th Generation. This section contains information about Andrew Jackson Duncan Sr., b. 2/9/1849 KY, son of Thomas Murphey Duncan Sr. and Mary Griffin, mar. Brittanna Youngblood 4/7/1878 in Carroll Co. AR, d. 3/31/1927 Carroll Co. AR; the obit for Andrew Jackson Duncan said he moved with his parents when a small boy to Johnston [Johnson Co.] MO, then to Carroll Co. AR ca 1877. This book lists more about their family and descendants.


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