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Duncans in Henry and Rives Co. MO


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised May 26, 2009

Formed 1834 from Lafayette as RIVES Co.
St. Clair formed 1841 from Rives
Renamed 1841 from Rives to Henry


1840 Rives Co. MO Census (from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.356  J. Duncan             0130,001   - 3200,011
          (MAD: ?? Jeptha Duncan, died 1840-1843?)
   362  Benjamin Duncan       0001,201   - 0010,01
          (MAD: ? 1830 Hopkins Co. KY census ?)
   364  J.K. Dunkam           1200,01    - 2200,1

1850 Henry Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Tebo Twp.
Pg.2, #27-27, Andrew H. GOFF 31 TN farmer $800
                  Nancy G. 26 KY
                  Harriet 1, Juliet 1 MO
                  John 33 TN farmer $800
                  Robert C. 29 TN none
                  Agnes DUNCAN 15 MO
Pg.2, #28-28, Thomas BRITTON 42 VA farmer $800
                  Elizabeth 44 VA
                  Thomas W. 22 VA
                  Martha E. 19, Sarah F. 17 VA
                  Virinda C. (f) 10, Silas W. 8 MO
                  Andrew M. GARR 10 MO
                  Luticia 8 MO
Pg.15-16, #194-202, Abraham BANTY 49 KY farmer $1500
                  Elizabeth 41 KY
                  William J. 19, Thomas H. 16 KY
                  Henry 14, Zachariah 12 MO
                  John 9, James H. 7 MO
                  Delila DUNCAN 18 TN
Pg.16, #195-203, Thomas W. RENFROE? 31 KY farmer $360
                  Mahala 23 KY
                  Mary 5, Elizabeth 3 MO
                  Wilmoth M. (f) 6/12 MO
                  Luticia DUNCAN (f) 17 TN
                  (MAD: one Leticia Jane Duncan mar. John Goff 2/28/1854)
Pg.17, #217-225, Benjamin DUNCAN 41 GA (sic) farmer $445
                  Sidney (f) 47 VA
                  James M. 25 KY carpenter
                  John 22 KY farmer
                  Sophia BANISTER 38 VA
                  (MAD: ? wife Jane in 1839 Hopkins Co. KY deed; Benjamin Duncan mar. Sidney S. Banister 5/31/1849)
Pg.20, #256-264, Norvan? FOSTER (m) 57 VA farmer $120
                  Jane 38 VA
                  Eliza S. 19 VA
                  William E. 16 VA farmer
                  Mary F. 13 VA
                  Thomas B. 11 OH
                  John H. 8, Lucinda H. 5 MO
                  James N. 1 MO
Pg.20, #257-265, Martha J. DUNCAN 23 VA
                  James M. 6 MO
                  (MAD: ? widow of William Duncan d.1848, ? dau.-in-law of Benjamin Duncan; one Martha Duncan mar. James P. Bone 3/23/1854)
Pg.20, #258-266, William W. CECIL 35 VA farmer $600
                  Elizabeth 21 VA
                  (no children)
Pg.20, #262-270, Philip W. CECIL 29 VA farmer $1200
                  Mary W. 25 KY
                  Louisa 5, Hellen M. 2 MO
                  Henrietta (f) 2/12 MO
                  (MAD: Philip W. Cecil mar. Maryann Duncan 1/11/1844)

1860 Henry Co. MO Census
Springfield Twp.
Pg.777, #16, William H. COMBS 42 KY farmer $1210-$1900
                  Elizabeth B. 31 KY
                  James L. 26, Geo. W. 19 MO
                  William H. 4, Manerva A. 3 MO
                  David DUNCAN 11 MO
                  Manerva BECKWITH 44 VA $0-$800
Pg.782, #49, William Y. BEANAUGH 24 VA farmer $5500-$8390
                  Martha 29 MS
                  Yelverton 10, Margaret 9 MO
                  Virginia 8 MO
                  Infant (f) 2, Infant (f) 1 MO
                  Delilah R. DUNCAN 26 TN
                  Thomas H. SANS? 17 TN farmhand
Pg.798, #155, Bird F?. PARKS 42 KY farmer $3000-$5000
                  Lusinda J. 28 KY
                  Louisa 14, Nancy E. 13 MO
                  Jackson 11, Mary B. 8 MO
                  James L. 4, Susan 2 MO
                  Thomas 2/12 MO
                  Amanda DUNCAN 9 MO
                  Edwin G. DUNCAN 18 MO farm hand
Grand River Twp.
Pg.855, #556, William A. DUNCAN 38 VA Gent. $8340-$16943
                  Eleanor T. 36 MO
                  Francis S. 6, William S?. 2 MO
                  Marshal P. 9/12 MO
                  Anderson T. PLANTON? 35 MO Gent. $6000-$8500
                  (MAD: Wm. A. Duncan mar. Eleaner T. Blanton 1/1/1851 Lincoln Co. MO; ?? see William Arthur Duncan, son of Marshall Duncan and Mary Ann Garner, 1850 Platte Co. MO census)
Tebo Twp.
Pg.924, #1030, Seymour STONE 55 KY farmer $11,040-$26,194
                  Julia A. 42 TN
                  James L. 21? KY farmer
                  Mary C. 17 MO
                  Julia P. 15 KY
                  Augustus E. 13, Sarah M. 11 KY
                  Betty B. 9, Spence M. (m) 6 KY
                  Seymour S. 2/12 MO
                  Enoch DUNCAN 25 MO farmer $0-$0
Pg.928, #1051, Henry C. MULLINS 32 KY farmer $3000-$4330
                  Mariah 29 KY
                  Fanny F. 6 MO
                  Charles P?. DUNCAN 20 MO
                  Sarah 12 MO
                  (MAD & Phyllis Duncan: Charles Parks Duncan, son of Frederick M. Duncan d.1855 Newton Co. MO who mar. Martha Ellen Parks 10/10/1839 Cooper Co. MO)
Pg.935, #1097, Samuel DUNCAN 59 SC farmer $1150-$112
                  Paralee 44 TN
                  William 21, Margaret J. 14 MO
                  James S. 1 MO
                  George T. NEAL? 23 MO
                  Amanda R?. 19 MO
                  Thomas L. 11/12 MO
                  (MAD: 1850 Boone Co. MO census)
Pg.944, #1166, John DUNCAN 31 KY farmer $2200-$1815 year
                  Mary F. 17 MO ( year)
Pg.946, #1175, Monroe DUNCAN 38 KY farmer $4800-$1930
                  Rebecca J. 25 TN
                  Mary 6/12 MO
                  Jefferson DONISON? 12 KY
                  Mary Robinson 22 KY
                  (MAD: James M. Duncan mar. Rebecca Wade 10/6/1853)
Tebo Twp, P.O. Calhoun, pg.175
Pg.949/460, #1199-1199, Sydney S. DUNCAN (f) 57 VA (blank) $200-$0
                  Sophia BANISTER 46 VA (f) (blank) $200-$16
Bogard Twp, P.O. Wadesburg, pg.215
Pg.989/500, #1472-1472, Armsted J. DUNKAM (m) 29 KY farmer $1200-$1300
                  Julia A. 26 OH
                  Jasper E. 7 MO
                  Theodore S?. 5 MO
                  Elizabeth G. 1 MO

1870 Henry Co. MO Census (pg.271 and 378 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Grand River Twp.
Pg.269, #321-323, DURST, George P. 48 PA ret. grocer $3000-$1000
                  Elizabeth 40 PA keeping house
                  Franklin P. 17 PA printer
                  George C.M. 7 PA
                  Anna E. 5 MO
                  GRAHAM, Phoebee (f) 18 IL (white) domestic servant
                  DUNCUN, Ada (f) 8 MO (white)
Pg.270, #336-339, DUNCAN, William 46 VA retired farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 45 MO keeping house
                  William 12, Marshall (m) 10 MO
                  Arthur 7, Florence (f) 2 MO
                  BLANTON, Anderson T?. 40 MO (white) works on farm
                  (MAD: wife Eleanor T. in 1860)
Pg.271, #347-350, DUNCAN, John 42 KY ret. grocer $0-$0
                  Mary 40 KY keeping house
                  Anna E. 14, Robert D. 11 KY
                  Mary R. 9, Carrie E. 5 KY
Pg.272, #368-372, DUNCAN, William H. 43 MO (blank) $0-$0
                  Mildred J. 32 VA keeping house
                  Robert 10 MO
Pg.278, #459-462, CURTIS, John R. 49 TN farmer $0-$0
                  Amanda 42 IL (blank)
                  Almira 18, William 17 IL
                  Ida Belle 6 IL
                  Catharine 3, Nathan J. 1 MO
                  HUTTON, Martha 19 IL
                  PADFIELD, Andrew 24 IL
                  DUNSAN, James 27 IL
Pg.285, #551-559, DUNCAN, Warren 31 IL (blank) $0-$500
                  Martha 25 MO (blank)
                  William 5 IL
                  Burrell 2 MO
Pg.317, #1008-1023, MELTON, Rich. H. 36 VA real estate broker $50,000-$10,000
                  Almira 30 MO keeping house
                  Almira 6, Ama (f) 4 MO
                  Richard L. 1 MO
                  DUNCAN, Rebecca E. 22 MO (white) (blank)
Tebo Twp.
Pg.360, #112-112, DUNCAN, William T. 34 IL farmer $0-$1000
                  Elizabeth 34 IN keeping house
                  James 14, Nancy 10 IN
                  Holley (f) 7, William T. 4 IL
                  Asa 1 MO
Pg.372, #282-287, DUNCAN, Samuel 70 SC "South Car" farmer $1000-$0
                  Pavaler (f) 55 TN keeps house
                  James S. 11 MO
                  NEVINS, Frank 22 NH laborer
                  (MAD: not Paralee or Paraler)
Pg.374, #317-322, STURDIVANT, John 28 KY engineer $0-$0
                  Olive H. (f) 24 KY
                  James 3 IL
                  Adaline 1 MO
                  DUNCAN, David 21 IN sawyer
Pg.378, #383-389, DUNCAN, John 43 KY farmer $5000-$1000
                  Mary F. 29 MO keeps house
                  Augustus (m) 9, Bettie (f) 7 MO
                  Lilly (f) 5, Benjamin 3 MO
                  Mary 1 MO
Pg.378, #386-392, DUNCAN, James 47 KY farmer $8000-$1200
                  Rebeca J. 35 TN keeps house
                  Ella M. 6, Jane 3 MO
Pg.392, #590-596, DUNCAN, James A. 35 MO farmer $0-$0
                  Emma 28 MO keeps house
                  Mary E. 13, George W. 10 MO
                  Julia A. 4, Leona 1 MO
Pg.393, #600-606, DUNCAN, Charles 22 MO farmer $1200-$500
                  Margaret 21 MO keeps house
                  Edward 3, Laura 1 MO

1880 Henry Co. MO Census (from Phyllis Duncan 3/1987)
Leesville Twp.
Pg.463B, DUNCAN, C.P. 39 VA w m farmer VA VA
                  Mary P. 40 MO wife KY KY
                  Mattie D. 12, Elzie C. (m) 8 MO (children)
                  (MAD: indexed as Mary J., Mattie L., Elzie G.)

1880 Henry Co. MO Census from soundex (pg.added from 1880 index)
Vol.14 ED 178 Sheet 13 line 12, Windsor
Pg.434A, DUNCAN, John 51 KY farmer KY MO
                  Lillie 15 MO dau. KY MO
                  J. Bennie 12? MO son
                  Mollie 9 MO dau.
                  Willie 7 MO son
                  Ernie? (Ennie? or Ermie?) 6 MO dau.
                  DOLITTLE, Bettie 19 MO dau.
                  (MAD: indexed as Bennie (not J.Bennie) 13, Ermie (f), and Bettie WHITTLE (not DOLITTLE))


Henry Co. MO Marriages 1867-1878, courthouse records (from Phyllis Duncan 3/1987)
      Charles P. Duncan to M.J. Gorden, 1/27/1867, B-14
      Amanda H. Duncan to Arther N. Gorden, 12/25/1873, B-269


Henry Co. MO courthouse records (from Phyllis Duncan 3/1987)
      Probate Box 15: Estate of F.M. Duncan, 9 Feb. 1860: "Bird D. Parks, guardian of the minor heirs of F.M. Duncan, dec'd, in account with the said heirs" Oct. 1859 to Feb. 9, 1860. "A true and correct appraisement of all the slaves belonging to estate of F.M. Duncan dec'd, to wit" March 12, 1860.
      Probate Box 21: Estate of Patterson Gorden: "Received of Lucretia Gorden, administrator of estate of Patterson Gorden, the sum of $36, this being a parte of my share" 27 April 1868, Charles P. Duncan.


Henry Co. MO Deeds (1837-1863 index on FHL film 945,229)
      Following mostly from index
      D-184: 12 May 1843, Benjamin Wilson to Benj. Duncan, E 1/2 NE 11-40-24
      E-42: 3 June 1848, Benjamin Duncan to Wm. Parks Jr. and James Armstrong, NE Sec. 36 Twp 44 Range 24
      F-165: 18 Feb. 1853, Wm. D. Barkley to James M. Duncan, W 1/2 SW 26 & E 1/2 SE 27 etc. 26-40-24
      F-197: 11 May 1854, E. Blevins to W.A. Duncan, W 1/2 NW 29-42-27
      F-268: 11 April 1853, Henry Hunt to Saml. Duncan, SE 10 SW SE S 1/2 etc. 14-43-24
      F-348: 23 Sept. 1854, A.T. Blanton to W.A. Duncan, W 1/2 SW 5-41-27
      F-408: 20 Aug. 1853, R.E. Spotswood to John Duncan, SW SE SW 21-41-25
      F-436: 10 Jan. 1855, W.A. Duncan to A.T. Blanton, SW 5 & S 1/2 SE 6 41-27 & SE 17-42-27
      G-13: 6 April 1855, Benjamin Duncan and wife Sidney (X) to Patterson Gorden, $350, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 11 T40 R24W, 79.88 acres and SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 1, T40, R24, 36.49 acres. (FHL film 946,236)
      G-178: 18 Aug. 1855, David H. Pigg and wife Edith of Henry Co. MO to Miss Sophia Banister and Mrs. Sidney S. Duncan of Henry Co. MO, $175, lots 1 & 2 in Calhoun, reserving a portion of Lot 2. (FHL film 945,236)
      G-256: 18 Feb. 1856, Sidney S. Duncan and Sophia Banister to William E. Edmonson, all Henry Co. MO, $180, Lots 1 & 2 in Calhoun, reserving part; ref. to deed from David H. Pigg and wife 18 Aug. 1855. (FHL film 946,236)
      G-269: 31 (sic) Feb. 1856, W.S. Holland to Sidney S. Duncan, Pts. lot 43 & 44 Calhoun
      G-404: 28 June 1854, Saml. C. Duncan to P. Bass trustee, negro
      G-415: 24 July 1856, Saml. C. Duncan to P. Bass, trustee, negro
      H-93: 22 Nov. 1856, Andrew J. Duncan to James F. Duncan, both Henry Co. MO, $150, NE 1/4 Sec. 12, Twp 41, Range 25, 160 acres. No wife. Proven on oath of James A. Duncan and Jephtha Duncan. (FHL film 945,236)
      H-107: 24 Nov. 1856, Jeptha Duncan and wife Martha E. to Charles F. Duncan, all Henry Co. MO, $500, SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 35 T42 R25, 40 acres; S 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 35, 42-25, 80 acres; SE 1/4 NW 1/4 35-42-25, 40 acres. (FHL film 945,236)
      H-221: 1 May 1856, A.F. Blanton to Wm. A. Duncan, N 1/2 SE etc. 7-41-27

Henry Co. MO courthouse records (from Phyllis Duncan 3/1987)
      Deed Book 61, pg.29: 2 May 1868, Charles P. Duncan and Mary J. Duncan of Henry Co. to Sarah E. Shackelford of Fauquier Co., interest in land (of Charles Duncan will to Sarah Roach) upon her death to Chs. Shackelford, Ch. Talbot and Ch. Duncan) 60 acres.


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HISTORIES before 1923

1883 "The History of Henry and St. Clair Counties, Missouri : containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns ... biographical sketches ... statistics ..." pub. by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.84 H2hh and films 908,587 item 2 and 1,000,291 item 3; and from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983 and from Ernie Perry 10/1999 and Phyllis Duncan 2/1987, and Internet website info from Helen Flagg 2/2000)
      and the biographies at:
      Pg.512: James Duncan, a member of the firm of Duncan & Blatt, liverymen, is a native of Clinton County, Illinois, where he was born, July 22, 1837. He there passed his youth till thirteen years old, when the family removed to St. Clair County, Illinois, where he was reared to manhood. He has made the stock business his occupation through life, especially horse and mule trading. In the fall of 1865 he came to Henry County, Missouri, and was engaged in farming till 1876, when with E. Curtis he embarked in the livery business. Mr. C. remained a partner in the concern for two years, and after Mr. Duncan had conducted the stable alone a short time, the firm became Duncan & Curtis, (J. Curtis) which partnership existed for one year. Blatt & Homeyer then bought Mr. Curtis' interest in the firm, and they were together for six months when Mr. D. retired. After that time till February, 1881, he was for a while in and out of the livery business with different men, and part of that period was occupied in buying hogs. In February, 1882, he purchased the stock of Stevenson's livery stable, which he operated alone till Mr. Blatt became associated with him in November, 1882. They now do a fine business, and as they make a specialty of having conveyances suitable for commercial men, are having the greater part of the business in that line here. (MAD: 1850 Clinton Co. IL census in household of Jackson Duncan 34 IL; not identified 1860)
      Pg.569-70: Henry Co., Windsor Twp: WILLIAM L. DUNCAN was born February 18, 1828, in Boone Co. MO, twelve miles south of Columbia. His father, Samuel Duncan, a farmer by calling, was born in South Carolina, October 23, 1801, while his mother, formerly Parilee Bass, was born September 10, 1816, in Nashville, TN. They had four daughters and two sons, of whom there are living three daughters and two sons. When a child Samuel Duncan emigrated from his native state with his parents to Kentucky, locating near Lexington [Fayette Co.]. His wife had gone from Tennessee to Boone Co. KY, while yet quite young, and there they were married. (MAD: married 1831 in Boone Co. Missouri, not KY) In an early day he was engaged in distilling in Boone Co. for several years ... until 1853. Then he disposed of his farm and came to Henry Co. MO ... until his death, October 30, 1882. His widow is still a resident of that place (village of Windsor). William L. Duncan ... in 1853 came to Henry County with his parents. ... enlisted as one of the Windsor Guards under Captain Gibbons (Civil War) ... He was at that time discharged on account of disability and went to Bloomfield, Nelson Co. KY, where he stayed until January, 1866. He was married January 3, 1866, to Miss Sarah A. McClaskey, of Nelson Co. KY. They have had two sons and a daughter, only one of whom, a son, is living and now residing with his parents. On coming to Henry County Mr. Duncan commenced farming with his father and continued with him for several years, when he returned to Kentucky and engaged in milling with the father-in-law. After a few years he returned to Windsor and again resumed farming. ... to Texas one year, returned to MO ca 1874. M.E. Church South, Democrat.
      Pg.776-7: Henry Co., Leesville Twp: CHARLES P. DUNCAN, farmer and stock raiser, was born June 30, 1840, in Newton Co. MO, being the son of Frederick M. Duncan, a native of Virginia and of Scotch descent. His father Charles Duncan and a brother emigrated to the United States just previous to the war of 1812, and both served through that war, after which they returned to Virginia, where Charles Duncan lived until his death in 1856. F.M. Duncan grew up in Fauquier County and came from there to Missouri in 1834, first locating in Cooper County. ... he was married in that county to Martha E. Parks of Kentucky. After living in Cooper County four years he removed to Newton County, where he ... lived until his death in 1855. Charles P. Duncan was the oldest of a family of two sons and four daughters. After the death of his father he came to Henry County with his guardian. He enlisted in 1861 in Porter's Regiment of Missouri State Guards ... re-enlisted in the regular Confederate service known as the 5th Missouri Infantry. ... At the close of the war, Mr. Duncan returned to Henry County, and was married February 27, 1867, to Miss Mary J. Gordon, a daughter of Patterson Gordon. ... Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have one son, Elzie Duncan, who was born February 28, 1872, and a daughter, Mattie L., born December 23, 1867, died December 3, 1882. ... Christian Church.
      Pg.777: A.N. Gordon, farmer and stock raiser, b. Henry Co. MO on Aug. 24, 1850. His father Patterson Gordon, native of KY, to MO when young man, located in Boone Co. in 1829, m. Lucretia Forbes, then Johnson Co, thence Rives now Henry Co. in fall of 1834. A.N. Gordon spent his young on this farm, receiving a common school education. He was married December 25, 1873, to Miss Amanda Duncan, native of Newton Co. MO and a daughter of Frederick M. Duncan. They have one child, Myrtle L. ...

1918 "History of Bates County, Missouri" by W.O. Atkeson; pub. Topeka, Historical Pub. Co. (HeritageQuest book LH15287; 1/2009)
      Pg.237-238 - Chapter XV, the Bench and Bar
      The Heigira of Our Public Records. (By James H. Raybourn.)
      Before the Civil War and until 1870, one man or one official held and performed the duties of county clerk and probate clerk, as the county court had jurisdiction over probate business. The same official was also circuit clerk and ex-officio recorder of deeds. Robert L. Duncan held these offices at the beginning of the war. Owing to conditions in the county in 1862, he removed the public records from Butler to the home of Oliver Lutsenhizer in Deepwater township. Some time afterward they were taken to Clinton, Henry county, as William Duncan, a brother of Robert L. Duncan, was an official of that county; and thence they were sent by John D. Myers to John B. Newberry at Jefferson City who was down there making settlement as county collector. The records remained in Jefferson City until an election was held at Johnstown in 1864, at which election John A. Devinny was elected to the Legislature, John Atkison sheriff, Van Buren Van Dyke assessor, and John D. Myers county clerk; C.I. Robards, H.H. Pipemeier and John Griggs as members of the county court. In the fall of 1865, the records, which had been returned to John D. Myers at Dresden, Pettis county, Missouri, were taken by him to Pleasant Gap as a temporary place of public business, as Butler was almost entirely wiped out by one party or the other during the Civil War; and public business conducted at Pleasant Gap was afterward legalized and validated by act of the Legislature, and the village of Pleasant Gap recognized as the county seat of Bates county, during the time the courts were held there. (MAD: more on the building, 1865-1866) As deputy circuit clerk and recorder, accompanied by Dr. N.L. Whipple, in March, 1866, I hauled the public records from Pleasant Gap in a farm wagon and placed them in said building. The county court and circuit court held two terms each at Pleasant Gap.
      There was an election held in Johnstown in 1862, at which ... John D. Myers county clerk, ...
      My understanding is, as stated in the old "History of Bates County," that the early court records beginning in 1841, at the house of Col. Robert Allen at Harmony Mission and covering the period down to 1852 of the county clerk and of the circuit clerk down to 1859, have been lost or destroyed; but so far as I know all the records which came into the hands of John D. Myers from Jefferson City, as above related, are still preserved and among the records in the proper office in the court house at Butler now.
      I also understand that all marriage records prior to 1860 are lost or destroyed. From 1852 to 1856 the courts were held in Papinsville, which was the county seat. A brick court house was erected there, completed in 1855.


Obituary in "Windsor Review" Thursday, Feb. 21, 1918, p.7, c.4 [Henry Co. MO] (from Shirley Minor 2/1995; MAD's extract)
      Elizabeth Kellah Duncan was born Nov. 19, 1833, in Boone Co. MO. She was the daughter of Samuel and Paralee Duncan. She spent her childhood days near the place of her birth. Later she moved with her parents to Henry Co. MO, when, on Jan. 21, 1851, she was united in marriage to Hezekiah F. Major, who departed this life ten years ago. To this union were born seven sons and one daughter. The oldest sons and the daughter died when quite young. The five sons who survive are; A.S. Major, Calhoun; W.T. Major, St.Joseph; L.B. Major, Kansas City, MO; and C.J. Major, Butler, MO. She is also survived by fourteen grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. A.S. Neale, Clinton and Mrs. J.M. Burress, Windsor. .... On Jan. 24, 1918, 1:30 p.m., she fell asleep in Jesus at the home of her son, L.B. Major, 622 S. Feree St., Kansas City, KS. ...

Obituary in "The Windsor Review" Vol.4 #??, Nov. 2, 1916, Windsor, Henry Co. MO (from Shirley Minor 2/1995; MAD's extract)
      JAMES S. DUNCAN was born near Windsor, MO, June 19, 1859. He was married Sept. 19, 1859, to Miss Nora Heard. To this union were born ten children and seven of the children, with their mother, survive the father. The mother, with the three younger children, Ralph, Blanche and Doreen, reside in Windsor, where Mr. Duncan died. The other children are Roy S. Duncan of Kansas City, KS; Estelle C. Duncan of Kansas City, MO; Mollie M. Johnson, near Windsor, MO; Miss Mary L. Duncan of Kansas City, KS. He is also survived by three sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Major of Kansas City, MO; Mrs. Mandy Neal of Kansas City, MO; and Mrs. Mollie Burress of Windsor. He passed away at his home in Windsor October 27, 1916, being 57 years 4 months and 8 days of age. ...

Obituary in "The Calhoun Clarion" Saturday, May 11, 1907, page 7 [Calhoun, Henry Co. MO] (from Shirley Minor 2/1995; MAD's extract)
      Calhoun Herd. ... Mrs. Parilee Duncan, one of the Henry Co. pioneers, died Tuesday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kiah Major, in Armourdale, KS. She was brought to Windsor for burial Thursday. She was 90 years 6 months and 27 days of age; a daughter of Lawrence Bass, a Boone Co. pioneer, and a sister of the late Edward Bass of Windsor, and of J.S.P. Bass at Baird, Cali [CA]. Deceased was married Nov. 10, 1831, to Samuel Duncan, who died in 1882. She leaves five children -- three daughters and two sons, 20 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild, the five months old daughter of Ross Major and wife.

"MO State Gen. Association Journal" Vol.XIII #2, Spring 1993 (FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 2/1995)
      Pg.84 of this periodical contains an article on Henry Co. Soldiers, 1776-1918, Submitted by Betty Harvey Williams (Continued from prior issue), which refers to "The Clinton Eye," a newspaper published at Clinton, MO, Centennial Edition, September 1936, pages 1C and 2C. Article entitled "Civil War Days and Time." The article mentions W.A. Duncan and others during the Civil War.

Some early Duncans in Henry Co. MO
      Samuel Duncan, 5 Feb. 1840?, minor heir of Jeptha Duncan; T.U. Renfro appointed his guardian, securities Benjamin Putnam and Daniel Briggs. Henry Co. MO Court Book A, 1835-1839, pg.356. (pg.7, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      Jeptha Duncan, 1 May 1843, had died intestate; the admin. Marshall S. Peelor filed appraisement of his estate. Henry Co. MO Court Book A, 1835-1839, pg.178. Securities John Parks and Daniel Lynn. Book B, pgs.27, 51, 48. (pg.7 and 24, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990) (MAD: information from Marsha Hoffman Rising 4/1992 was that Jeptha Duncan was one of the first purchasers of federal land in Henry Co. MO; tradition is that he came from Robertson Co. TN, but there is no verification.)
      Maryann Duncan, 11 Jan. 1844, mar. Phillip W. Cecil by Daniel Briggs MG
      John Duncan, after 1844, with P.W. Cecil in their own right and William W. Cecil as guardian for James M. Duncan, ack. power of attorney to James Armstrong of Johnson Co. MO, no date shown. Henry Co. MO Court Book B, pg.277. (pg.24, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      Gideon Duncan, 3 July 1845, mar. Mary Gilliam by Moses B. Evans MG.
      William Duncan, 17 Feb. 1848, had died intestate; Norman Foster appointed his administrator, securities William Cecil and George H. Hardy, assets turned over to the widow (unnamed). Henry Co. MO Court Book B, pgs.74 and 81. (pg.24, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      Benjamin Duncan, 18 April 1849, made will proved 14 May 1855, naming heirs James Monroe Duncan, John Duncan, Nancy Armstrong, Mary Ann Cecil and heirs of William Duncan; exec. John Duncan, wit. William Parks Sr. and James Y. Parks, securities P.M. Cecil and James M. Duncan. Henry Co. MO Wills, Bonds & Letters Book A, 1854-1865, pg.34. (pg.4, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990) (MAD: Nancy Duncan mar. James Armstrong 12/14/1837 Hopkins Co. KY)
      Benjamin Duncan, 31 May 1849, mar. Sidney S. Banister by Bird C. Parks.
      James M. Duncan, 6 Oct. 1853, mar. Rebecca Wade by Wm. A. Gray MG. (MAD: Rebecca Jane Waddell, 3/13/1835 - 10/1/1918 Coronado, CA, dau. of John Sevier Waddell of Washington Co. TN 1825 to Henry Co. MO, mar. James Monroe Duncan 6 Oct. 1853, had 9 children; from pg.312, "Sevier Family History, with collected letters of Gen. John Sevier, first Governor of Tennessee, and 28 collateral family lineages" by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden, 1961, FHL book 929.273 Se84s, Memphis Public Library book 929.2 S51, from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984)
      Leticia Jane Duncan, 28 Feb. 1854, mar. John Goff by Daniel Briggs MG.
      Martha Duncan, 23 March 1854, mar. James P. Bone by Wm. A. Gray MG. (MAD: one James Bones in 1860 Johnson Co. MO, probably not the same family)
      Amanda E. Duncan, 1 March 1857, mar. James W. Graham by Daniel Briggs MG.
      Charles F. Duncan, 6 Feb. 1857, and Edwin, Rebecca E., Eliza B., Julia E., Sarah E. and Harriette Duncan, minor heirs of F.M. Duncan; Bird D. Parks appointed their guardian, securities Joshua Sweeney, M.B. Means, John G. Thornton, Preston Wise. Henry Co. MO Wills, Bonds & Letters Book A, 1854-1865, pg.77. (pg.8, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Phyllis Duncan 3/1987 and Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      Samuel Duncan, 8 Jan. 1858, had bought negroes Emma age about 80 and Susan & child from estate of L Bass deceased (from article "Negroes Hired and Sold by Wm. Lampton, Auctioneer, from the Columbia [Boone Co. MO] Statesman, 8 Jan. 1858. (Furnished by Charles O'Dell, Columbia, MO)" on pg.166, Summer 1992, "MO State Gen. Association Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Shirley Minor 2/1995)
      John Duncan, 4 March 1858, admin. of estate of Benjamin Duncan decd, posted notice in the "Weekly Southwest Democrat" of Warsaw, MO, that he would make application for final settlement of the estate during the April term in Henry Co. ("Genealogical Abstracts from Southwest Missouri Newspapers 1850-1860" by Marsha Hoffman Rising; FHL book 977.8 D28r and fiche 6,088,890 and 6,088,891; from Dorothy Franks 3/2000)
      Wm. Duncan, 17 Dec. 1860, security with Joseph Davis, W.H. Cock, R.K. Murrell, G.Y. Salmon and L. Cruce for Isaac Cruce to act as exec. of the estate of his brother, Columbus E. Cruce, whose will was dated 8 Dec. 1860. Henry Co. MO Wills, Bonds & Letters Book A, 1854-1865, pg.290. (pg.30, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      William A. Duncan, 17 June 1861, appointed executor of estate of John A. Rogers who died intestate, securities I.M. Cruce and G.Y. Salmon. Henry Co. MO Wills, Bonds & Letters Book A, 1854-1865, pg.332. (pg.34, "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1865" by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams, FHL book 977.846 S2w; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      George B. Duncan, 8 July 1863, Sgt. in Co.G, Confederate soldier, Henry Co., died Vicksburg, MS. (pg.25, Vol.8, 8/1970, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)

Information from the John Duncan bible (messages posted on message board by Hazel 3/15/2005 and 11/9/2006)
      The Bible was purchased about 1878 by John Duncan son of Benjamin Duncan and his wife Jane Duncan, and starts with the births of John Duncan 2/27/1828 and Mary F. Crews 7/18/1841, married 10/6/1859, and contains dates as late as 1917.
      For complete names and dates in the Bible, go to the message board at or
      Surnames: Duncan, Crews, Whittle, Goodin, McCracken, Waddill, Askins & Murphy
      MAD: see 1850 Henry Co. MO census for Benjamin Duncan and his second wife Sidney S. Banister.


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