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Formed 1778 from Augusta, Botetourt


1810 Rockbridge Co. VA Census
Pg.396b/272  Wm. Duncan      30010 - 10010
   413a/305  Wm. Duncan      30010 - 10010
               (MAD: different neighbors)

1820 Rockbridge Co. VA Census
Pg.282  William Duncan       020101 - 11010

1830 Rockbridge Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.298  Wm. Duncan           0000,1000,1   - 0001,1
          (MAD: Sons Wm. & Henry in Pocahontas Co. (W)VA 1850)

1840 Rockbridge Co. VA Census
Pg.140  Chesley Dunkum       0000,2        - 0
          (MAD: 1860 Butte Co. CA)

1850-1860 Rockbridge Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Rockbridge Co. VA Census
Lexington Twp.
Pg.503, #483-483, JOHNSTON, W.P. 39 KY & family
                  DUNCAN, J.N. (m) 43 LA laborer
                  DUNCAN, Lawson (m) 36 LA laborer
                  & Others
                  (MAD: Lawson in 1860 Jefferson Co. KY census; John N. and Lawson were sons of John Nicholas Duncan & wife Mary E. of E.Baton Rouge LA, she in 1850 New Haven Co. CT)
Natural Bridge Twp.
Pg.513, #64-64, MOORE, Nathan 58 VA farmer & family & others
                  DUNCAN, James 60 VA BLACK laborer


Rockbridge Co. VA Gen. Index to Marriage & Birth Registers A-K, 1778-1918 (index on FHL film 33,795; registers on FHL film 33,797)
      1-76: William Duncan to Nancy Dickey, 10 Dec. 1801
      1A-337: Chas. E. Dunkum, age 23, single, b. Cumberland Co. MD (MAD: see VA), father A. Dunkum, mother S. Dunkum, married Rebecca E. Cook, age 15, b. Rockbridge Co., father Geo. Cook, mother M?. Cook; married 22 April 1877
      1-341: Chesley Dunkum to Amelia Drusilla Wallace, 17 Nov. 1842
      Book 2 starts 1889; 2-237 Laura J. Duncan, not copied


Rockbridge Co. VA Will Index, 1778-1925 (FHL film 33,748)
      No Duncan

Rockbridge Co. VA Will Book (index 1778-1925 on FHL film 33,748)
      No David Duncan
      Duncan, Valentine, admr. bond 36-96
      Duncan, John N., commr. bond, 32-21
      13-421 - not Duncan (FHL film 33,754)
      Not book 12
      Book 13 was 1851-1855; did not copy from books 32 or 36
      (looking for reference from "21 Southern Families")


VA State Land Office Surveys, Book K, 1822-1823 (FHL film 29,601)
      K-430: March 18, 1822, surveyed for William Duncan, 50 acres lying in Rockbridge Co. on waters of Buffaloe Creek a branch of north fork of James River, by virtue of part of two Land Office Treasury Warrants, one for 20 acres on a warrant of 500a #1755, assee of Alexander McCorkle, assee of James Gold, assee of John Long, and 30 acres on a warrant for 300a #5067, assee of William Puxton, adj. corner to John Skeans land. Rec. 2 Nov. 1822, Grant issd 30 May 1823.

VA State Land Grants, Mid Valley & Adjacent Areas (FHL film 29,316 and from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      72-136: May 30, 1823, William Duncan, Rockbridge Co., 50 acres on Buffalo Creek branch of N.fork of James River.

Rockbridge Co. VA Deeds (Index 1778-1848; Grantors on FHL film 33,759, grantees on FHL film 33,760)
      Deed Book 1, 1809-1814 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,778)
      No Duncan; did not copy grantee index v.2 1848-1887
      U-454: 9 Feb. 1839, David (X) Ailstock to Chesley Dunkum, trustee, both Rockbridge Co. VA; Ailstock owes John W. Fuller and Darman and Davidson; mortgage horse. No wit. (FHL film 33,770)
      V-106: 28 July 1839, William C. Lewis, commissioner, to Hugh Barclay; whereas by decree of Circuit Court of Law & Chancery, 21 April 1837, cause of Isaac Caruthers vs. James Dunkum, a commissioner was appointed to sell the house and lot in front of the premises to the highest bidder, sold 4 Dec. 1837 the house and lot in Lexington on Main Street between J.F. Caruthers and Eagle Tavern; deed to Hugh Barclay as highest bidder, for $3,300. (FHL film 33,770)
      V-233: 1 May 1840, Andrew Alexander to 14 people, including Chesley Dunkum, lease for life of 640 acres on Irish Creek, to cut timber.
      X-385: 2 Feb. 1844, Robert Paine Sr. and wife Hannah H. to Matthew White, James Compton, Saml. F. Jordan and William L. Dunkum, all Rockbridge Co., $175, part of lot 5 in town of Lexington. No wit. (FHL film 33,771)
      Z-345: 30 Jan. 1847, William L. Dunkum and wife Elizabeth S. to James Compton, for $130, part of Lot 5. They appeared in Pocahontas Co. VA. (FHL film 33,771)


Rockbridge Co. VA County Court Order Books (FHL film 33,779)
      1778-1783: no Duncan in direct index; no indirect index
      1784-1787: no Duncan
      (later order books and minutes notlooked at)

Rockbridge Co. VA Chancery Court Order Books (FHL film 33,791)
   1831-1846: no Duncan
      Pg.68: 22 April 1836, James Dunkum vs. Archd. Graham; Defendant filed answer.
      Pg.72: 23 April 1836, James Dunkum vs. Archd. Graham; reference to partnership account between the parties be referred to commissioner.
      Pg.86: Sept. 1836, James Dunkum vs. Archd. Graham; dismissed; defendant pay costs.
      Pg.93: April 1837, Isaac Caruthers vs. James Dunkum; subpoena was served over 4 months ago, deft. failed to appear; defendant owes plaintiff the purchase money for the home and lot in the bill; amounts due 20 March 1833, part paid 28 Feb. 1835, and later amounts due. Court decrees that unless payment is made within six months, lot may be sold to highest bidder.
      Pg.98: Sept. 1837, Isaac Caruthers vs. James Dunkum; case continued.
      Pg.112: 18 April 1838, Isaac Caruthers vs. James Dunkum; balance paid by Hugh Barclay, deed to him for the lot; the extra money retained by the court because of a restraining order of Jno. A. Cumings.
      Pg.115: 18 April 1838, John A. Cumings, William Stevens & Alexander T. Barclay, late merchants and partners, as firm of Stevens & Barclay, and Lewis Webb & George Booker merchants under firm name of Webb & Booker, vs. James Dunkum, Hugh Barclay and William C. Lewis; case heard 19 April 1838; court ordered plaintiffs have a lien against the house and lot in Lexington and the two lots in the bill, which overreaches the trust deed made by Dunkum to Lewis; plaintiffs are entitled to surplus in hands of Barclay and Lewis and to the sale of the lots. The trustee William C. Lewis is to sell the wood lot of about 12 acres and, if necessary, the pasture lot, and pay costs and pay the plaintiffs.
   1847-1852: no Duncan

Rockbridge Co. VA County Court Books
(FHL film 33,747)
      1794-1795: Minute Book - no index
      1795-1799: Court docket - no index
      1841-1842: Fee Book - no index


JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-353 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives)
      Applied 9 Aug. 1832, age 82, in Blount Co. TN; enlisted in 1775? Rockbridge Co. VA under Capt. Crockett, transferred to Col. Morgan, served 2 years; witnesses Isaac Anderson clergyman and Robert Hooke and Col. James McGinley/Meginley of Blount Co. TN.
      Declaration of Margaret Duncan, age ca 73, on 6 Feb. 1844 in Blount Co. TN; Margaret m. John Duncan 17 July 1788 in Craigs Fort, Blount Co. near Maryville; John d. 29 April 1836; Family Record: John Duncan and Margaret Alexander m. 17 July 1788; Jennet b. 23 Feb. 1790, Mary b. 22 Nov. 1792, James b. 5 July 1795, Margaret b. 27 May 1798, Andrew b. 28 Oct. 1800, Joseph b. 17 May 1803, John b. 26 Oct. 1805, Robert b. 24 May 1808, Rankin b. 28 Nov. 1810. Statement by Margaret Wear, age 81, 6 Feb. 1844 of Blount Co. TN, present at wedding; statement by James Wear, age 71, 6 Feb. 1844, of Blount Co. TN, in the house but asleep at time of wedding but told of it next day. Statements by Samuel Boyle, age ca 80, and by Robert Hooke, age ca 71, who knew them before 1794. Statement by Margaret, age ca 73, on 31 Oct. 1844 in Blount Co. TN; witnesses William Toole age ca 52 and Robert H. Hodsden age ca 37.
      Click here for more from the pension file.


Amherst Co. VA Deeds
      N-432: 1 Nov. 1816, Wiatt Duncan and wife Polly, Willis Duncan and wife Jane, Polly Duncan, and John Duncan, and Washington (X) Camden and wife Nancy (X) Camden, formerly Nancy Duncan of Rockbridge Co., to Jacob Tyree of Amherst Co., for $1100, sell 246a on the south bondary of Buffaloe River, the land we, Wiatt Duncan, Willis Duncan, Polly Duncan, John Duncan and Nancy Camden formerly Nancy Duncan, the heirs of John Duncan decd, recd of our father's estate by a division, adj. lands of James Garland decd, Charles Duncan, Charles Burris?, Patsy Duncan and others. Wit. ? Elij.. Slalin?, James Wood, Nancy Wood, Samuel Wood; John Duncan appeared in court, Wiatt Duncan appeared in court; proved on oaths of James Wood and Samuel Wood for the others. (FHL film 30,290)
      O-181: Certifications 12 July 1819, Rockbridge Co., by Nancy Camden, wife of Washington Camden, re deed N-432. Certifications 13 July 1819 by Jane Duncan, wife of Willis Duncan, Rockbridge Co. Certification 19 July 1819 Amherst Co. by Polly Camden formerly Polly Duncan. Certification Rockbridge Co. by Nancy Camden and Jane Duncan. (FHL film 30,291)

HISTORIES before 1923

"A history of Rockbridge County, Virginia" by Oren Frederic Morton; pub. Staunton, Va.: McClure Co., 1920, 600 pgs. (LH 245, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 975.5852 H2m and film 1,000,635 item 3 and partial on film 481,073 item 4 and 481,076 item 1)
      Book pg.56: 1752, Petitioners for a road from Kennedy's mill to John Houston's, and from Houston's to the great road from Timber Grove to Woods' Gap: Andrew Duncan, ...
      Book pg.350: Conveyances in Borden Tract 1741-1780. Walker, John (Ann) - 190 - 5p 14s - 1755 - Walker's Cr. - sold, 1765, to George Duncan for 100p; by Duncan, 1760, to Samuel Lindsay for 102p 10s
      Book pg.360: Secondary Land Conveyances Prior to 1778. (recorded in Augusta County) McCown, Francis (Margaret) - (1) to John Maxwell - 250 - 65p - 1755 - Timber Plain on Cedar Cr. (2) to Andrew Duncan - 317 - 140p - 1757 - Moffett Cr.
      Book pg.482: Misc. Data. Dickey ... 7. Nancy - m. William Duncan, 1801.

1887 "KY, a History of the State" 5th & 6th Editions (volumes), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.783: DUNCAN FAMILY. It has been truly said "Those lives that are without striking incidents are nevertheless worthy of record." That portion of history which is denominated biography has particular claims upon the historian, and truth is but a matter of common honesty. Rev. William Duncan was born in Perthshire, Scotland, Jan. 7, 1630. He fell a Martyr during the religious troubles that afflicted Scotland at the time of Charles II was restored to the throne of his ancestors. Rev. William Duncan had a grandson William Duncan who was born in Scotland April 19, 1690, and settled in the colony of VA in the year 1719. He was married to Ruth Rawley Feb. 11, 1722. Rawley Duncan born in Culpeper Co. VA. Nov. 23, 1724, was the grandfather of the late William Duncan of Jessamine Co. who died in 1863 and was born in Jessamine Co. Jan. 1, 1788. William married Nancy Blackford dau. of Benj. Blackford in 1813. Children: Ryan born Nov. 6, 1814; Margaret born Jan. 14, 1817; Catherine born July 17, 1819; Sally Ann born Oct. 21, 1821; James born Feb. 7, 1824; Robert born Sept. 8, 1826; Benjamin S. born Feb. 13, 1829; Charles W. born April 28, 1831; and Mary D. born Sept. 23, 1834. Robert and Benjamin are the only sons now living, Mrs. Kate Bourn and Mrs. Sallie Scott the only daughters. Robert Duncan married Miss Virginia Nave in 1865; children: Maggie Florence, Robert Jacob, Lizzie, Miranda & Emma Besueden. Benjamin S. Duncan married Lucy A. Funk, youngest dau. of John Funk, May 22, 1856; children: Allen B., Carrie B. and John W. Duncan. Allen B. Duncan married Miss Georgia Proctor, dau. of J.W. Proctor, of Danville, KY; Carrie B. Duncan married David Bell, son of Dr. Bell and grandson of the late Judge Robertson, both of Lexington, KY; J.W. Duncan is not married. Charles Duncan the grandfather of Robert and Benjamin was born at Culpeper C.H. VA, Oct. 8, 1762. He settled in Jessamine Co. in 1787, where he reared a large family, and died during a visit he made to Washington [Co.], IN, July 12, 1829. Sallie A. Duncan, dau. of William and Nancy Duncan, whose sketch appears elsewhere, was married to Robert Carlisle, in 1861; he was a native of Fayette Co. KY; his father was Robert Carlisle who was born in VA, and John G. Carlisle is a nephew of Robert Carlisle Sr. R.G. Carlisle was a school-teacher in this county about 1850; he was born in 1820 and died in 1864; one child survives: Lizzie G., married to James A. Hulett of Jessamine Co. Sallie A. Duncan's second marriage was to Willaby S. Scott, born in Bourbon Co. KY in 1815, died in 1882, leaving three children: Sallie, Carlisle and Eliza. Mrs. Scott owns 70 acres of fine land in Nicholasville Precinct. B.S. Duncan owns 880 acres in the same precinct.

1879 "The United States Biographical Dictionary: Kansas Volume, containing accurately compiled biographical sketches into which is woven the history of the state and its leading interests" pub. Chicago and Kansas City : S. Lewis & Co. (FHL book 978.1 D3u v.1&2; FHL film 874,388, items 1&2)
      Pg.629-630: WESLEY HARVEY DUNCAN, Lawrence [Douglas Co. KS]. Wesley H. Duncan, a pioneer business man of Lawrence, was born in Rockbridge county, Virginia, April 18, 1817. His father, Willis Duncan, was a Virginia planter, rather extensively engaged in tobacco-producing, a leading man in his neighborhood, a soldier in the war of 1812, and the son of a Revolutionary soldier. The family were Baptists and four of the uncles of Wesley H. Duncan were Baptist ministers, the one for whom he was named being in the Baptist ministry for over fifty years. His mother's name was Jane (Bailey) Duncan, and her father was a large stockraiser in Kentucky, where they were married. She was an active, useful member of the Baptist church.
            Wesley H. Duncan was educated in the country school houses of Lincoln county, Kentucky, to which place his father removed when he was only nine years old, embracing only about thirteen months schooling. Being of an adventurous spirit, he started out for himself at an early period, spending about nine years in the lead mines of Galena, Illinois, and a short time in Missouri, where he was married.
            In 1850 he immigrated with his family, a wife and one child, to California, crossing the plains with ox teams, being about four and a half months on the road. He opened a miners store at Cold Spring, Eldorado county, and was quite successful, mining only enough to say that he dug some gold. In the spring of 1853 he returned from California to Monroe county Missouri, and in the spring of 1855 came to Kansas, locating at Lawrence, and at once opened out a large store of general merchandise, in company with Charles Duncan, his brother-in-law and second cousin. In Lawrence he carried on that business until 1860, when the partnership of W.H. & C. Duncan was dissolved by mutual consent, and he entered into the dry goods and grocery business with Columbus Hornsby, since deceased, until 1862. He then entered into the same business with Duncan Allison and continued with him until he [MAD: Allison] was murdered in the Lawrence massacre of August 21, 1863. In this massacre he lost twenty-five thousand dollars in money and goods, eight thousand dollars being in cash.
            Immediately after the massacre he entered into business with Robert Morrow, in a dry-goods house in Lawrence, continuing in that occupation for about three years. Selling out, he devoted himself to the settlement of his business and collection of accounts until 1868, when he removed to California and resided at San Jose for a year. He then returned and entered into the hardware and agricultural implement trade with Charles Duncan and G.W.E. Griffith, as Griffith, Duncan & Co. With some changes in the firm he has continued to carry on that business until the present time.
            He has been a Mason for about twenty-one years. Mr. Duncan is a believer in the Christian religion, generally attending the Methodist church with his family, but never having associated himself with any church organization, but has been a liberal contributor to the erection of churches and religious enterprises. To Wesley H. and Charles Duncan is to be credited the largest portion in the erection of the first Methodist Episcopal church in Lawrence.
            Mr. Duncan was originally a Whig, casting his first presidential vote for General Harrison in 1840, and, since the organization of the Republican party, has been a Republican. He was an early free-state man, contributing liberally to the cause, and still retains some of the old free-state script as mementos of the sacrifices of the free-state struggles.
            Mr. Duncan has been twice married. He was married to Miss Margaret Duncan, in Johnson county, Missouri. She died in California, leaving one son, William T. Duncan, now a promising young business man. In May, 1854, he was married in Johnson county, Missouri, to Miss Elizabeth Watts, by whom he has had five children, only two of whom survive -- Lucetta, fourteen years old, and Wesley Harvey, five years old.
            Mr. Duncan is an energetic, upright business man, who has had many ups and downs in the world, retaining a character for the highest integrity. He has never failed to contribute to any worthy cause as far as he felt able.


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