Duncans in Buckingham Co. VA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised October 5, 2006

Formed 1758 from Albemarle, Appomattox
Appomattox formed 1845 from Buckingham, Campbell, Charlotte, Prince Edward
MAD: See Albemarle and Amherst Co. VA


1810 Buckingham Co. VA Census (very faint)
Pg.624? Jacob Duncan        02201 - 01002
   793? Joseph C. Duncan    00100 - 00000
   806? Fleming W. Duncan   32010 - 20210

1820 Buckingham Co. VA Census (pg.718/133/52 from Andrea Simon 8/2005)
     MAD: first numbers are those in upper corner of page and used
by index on Ancestry.com; second number is stamped on bottom right
of every other page and is also used for succeeding page.  Pages
also have a third number like 718, not copied.
New Canton Twp.
Pg.117/44  Joseph Duncan       000010 - 10010
           Gabriel Duncan      200010 - 20010
         (MAD: 1830 Prince Edward Co. VA deed;
          1840-1850 Washington Co. VA census)
           George Duncan       110001 - 40011
   127/49  Sally Duncan        110000 - 01010
         (MAD: ?? widow of Jacob father of Mathias & Martha; 5 ch.)
   129/50  Ann Duncan          201000 - 12010
         (MAD: widow of John N. from Louisa Co. VA)
   133/52  Cary Duncan         200010 - 00100
         (MAD: not Henry as I copied years ago)
   141/56  Peter Duncan        000100 - 00010

1830 Buckingham Co. VA Census
Pg.279  Cary Duncan         1120,01   - 0110,01
        Garnett Duncan      1000,1    - 1000,1
      (MAD: b.1803, d.1880; 1840 Nelson Co. VA;
       1844 Boone Co. MO)
   288  Peter Duncan        0000,01   - 0000,001
   296  James M. Duncan     0001,1    - 0000,1
   297  George Duncan       2200,01   - 0000,01
      (MAD: George b. 1800 Prince Edward Co. VA
        Joseph Duncan       0200,0001 - 0001,01
   312  Salley Duncan       0001,2    - 1000,201

1840 Buckingham Co. VA Census
Northern Dist.
Pg.348  Edw. L. Scruggs     0101,43 (sic) - 1100,2
        (MAD: no Edward or Jane in VA 1850; see 1820-1830
        Cumberland Co. VA; ?? see 1850 Rockingham Co. NC)
   355  Matthias Duncan     1001,01   - 1101
        Sarah Duncan        0010,01   - 0000,0000,1
   361  Peter Duncan        0010,001  - 0000,0001
        Thos. Duncan        1101,001  - 1111,01
   362  Cary Duncan         1111,201  - 1101,001
   379  George Duncan       1122,001  - 1100,01
   384  Joseph Duncan       0012,0001 - 0000,1001
        (MAD: ? 1850 Appomattox Co. VA)

1850 Buckingham Co. VA Census
Pg.353, #28, Samuel H. DUNCAN 32 VA farmer
                  Almira 30 VA
                  Elisa J. 11, Judith W. 9 VA
                  William H. 6, Elizabeth 4 VA
                  Robert H. 3, Mary J. 1 VA
                  Rebecca SMITH 57 VA
                  (MAD: mar. Nelson Co. VA 1837)
Pg.356, #74, Cary DUNCAN 59 VA farmer $1000
                  Lucy 57 VA
                  Mary 16, William 17 VA
                  Lucy J. 12 VA
                  (MAD: See page 399)
Pg.367, #261, Sarah DUNCUM 55 VA
                  Elizabeth A. 25, Martha J. 24 VA
                  Alfred J. 21, David B. 17 VA
                  Salina C. 14, Richard 8 VA
                  (MAD: Sarah the widow of David)
Pg.367, #266, Robert DUNCAN 30 VA laborer
                  Betsy A. 26 VA
                  George 8, Emalene 4 VA
Pg.368, #280, Peter DUNCAN 53 VA farmer $500
                  Elizabeth 70 VA
                  Reuben GARNETT 68 VA none
Pg.368, #286, John DUNCAN 37 VA farmer
                  Martha A. 39 VA
                  Julia A. 9, Willis B. 7 VA
                  Mary E. 5, Judith F. 3 VA
                  James B. 1 VA
                  (MAD: ?? James B. Dunkum 23 VA in Tallahatchie Co. MS census)
Pg.368, #288, Sally DUNCAN 60 VA
                  Polly 44 VA
Duplicate numbers
Pg.368, #288, Matthias DUNCAN 47 VA farmer $300
                  Sally 38 VA
                  Elizabeth A. 18, Maria F. 14 VA
                  James W. 12, Stephen 10 VA
                  Margaret A. 8, Elisa J. 5 VA
                  Malissa C. 6/12 VA
                  (MAD: mar. Cumberland Co. VA 1830)
Pg.379, #445, Ellis PUTNEY 38 VA farmer $3000
                  Mary A. 36 VA
                  Susan 17, William 16, Ellis 16, Samuel 12 VA
                  Sarah 10, Mary 8, Alice 4, John 2 VA
                  (MAD: Susan Putney mar. James Dunkum)
Pg.389, #59, James DUNCAN 26 Buckingham VA farmer
                  Louisa 45 Buckingham VA
                  Elizabeth COLEMAN 15 Buckingham VA
                  Adison 12 Buckingham VA
                  Madison 12 Buckingham VA
                  Jerusha SHENAULT 35, Elizabeth 3 Buckingham VA
Pg.395, #171, George DUNCUN 50 Prince Edward, carpenter
                  Sallie 50 Buckingham
                  Daniel 23, Jackson 21 Buckingham
                  George 18, Caroline 15 Buckingham
                  Polly 13 Buckingham
Pg.396, #178, Geo. M.B. DUNCUN 32 Buckingham farmer $900
                  Mary 26 Buckingham
                  William 7, Archer (m) 1 Buckingham
Pg.397, #195, John DUMSON 42 Nelson VA farmer $1200
                  Lucy 28 Spotsylvania VA
                  James 12, Eliza 10 Amherst VA
                  Lucy 8, Margaret 6 Buckingham VA
                  Nancey 4, George 1 Buckingham VA
Pg.399, #228, Cany DUNCAN 59 Buckingham VA farmer
                  Lucy 55 Buckingham VA
                  Wm. 18, Mary 19 Buckingham VA
                  June 12 Buckingham VA
                  (MAD: See page 356)
Pg.404, #294, Wm. ISBELL 73 Goochland VA farmer $3220
                  Ann ISBELL 71 Cumberland VA
                  John DUMKUM 28 Cumberland VA farmer
                  Mariella (f) SLEGER 17 Buckingham VA
Pg.411, #406, Zed BROWN 65 VA farmer $400
                  Judith 55 Buckingham
                  Charles 18, Judith 17, Jane 17, Nancy 15 Buckingham VA
                  (MAD: Zedekiah Brown m. Judith Duncan 1812 per pension appl)
Pg.412, #423, John W. HASKINS 40 Powhatan lawyer $3000
                  Eliza 27, Wiley 3 Buckingham
                  Cora 1 Buckingham
                  Sallie 69 Amelia
                  Carry DUNCUN 22 Buckingham, farmer

1860 Buckingham Co. VA Census (from page by page; no Duncan indexed)
District 1
Pg.878, #383-380, James DUNKIN 36 VA farm laborer $0-$50
                  Louisa 50 VA
                  J.D. PENICK (m) 27 VA Doct. $0-$3550
Pg.879, #390-387, Benj. S. OLIVER 39 VA brick layer $0-$97
                  Caroline 23 VA
                  George L. 3, Peter 1, Carter D. (f) 2/12 VA
                  George DUNKIN 65 VA carpenter $0-$20
                  George DUNKIN Jr. 26 VA carpenter $0-$0
                  Polly A. 18 VA
District 2
Pg.922, #134-134, Burley DUNKUM (m) 25 VA wheelwright $0-$200
                  Elizabeth 31 VA
                  Martha 29 VA
                  John A. 27 VA carpenter $0-$0
                  Salina C. (f) 22, Richard 15 VA
Pg.926, #159-158, Peter DUNCAN 65 VA farmer $1000-$0
                  Elizabeth 22 VA
                  Judith L. OLIVER 10 VA
Pg.926, #161-160, Mathias DUNCAN (m) 56 VA farmer $700-$150
                  Sally 48 VA
                  Stephen 18, Margaret 17, Eliza 15 VA
                  Malisa (f) 10, Jackson (m) 7, Judy L. (f) 3 VA
Pg.926, #162-161, Sally DUNCAN 81 VA (blank)
                  Polly 54 VA
Pg.926, #163-162, John DUNKUM 46 VA farmer $400-$150
                  Martha A. 49 VA
                  Julia A. 19 VA
                  Willis B. 16 VA laborer
                  Mary E. 15, Judy F. 13 VA
                  James W. 11, Joseph 6 VA
Pg.930, #192-191, Wm. DUNCAN 52 VA farmer $3000-$5000
                  Mary 50 VA
                  Sarah F. 14, William 12, Mary V. 9 VA
Pg.933, #208-207, Levi GORMUS 30 VA brick mason $800-$100
                  Sarah 25 VA
                  Virginia DUNCAN 18 VA
                  Burley (m) 13 VA
Pg.941, #271-270, Robert DUNCAN 40 VA carpenter $0-$50
                  Betsy A. 39 VA
                  George 17, Emaline 13, Robert J. 9 VA
                  Thos. HUGHES 2 VA BLACK
Pg.945, #299-298, Geo. M.B. DUNCAN 43 VA S.teacher $0-$2000
                  Mary J. 37 VA
                  Archer G. (m) 10, Geo. M.B. 7 VA
                  Robert T. 5, Nannie W. (f) 2 VA
Pg.965, #442-438, Saml. H. DUNCAN 41 VA farmer $1000-$50
                  Emira W. (f) 40 VA
                  Eliza J. 20, Judy W. 19 VA
                  Wm. H. 17 VA apprentice to tanner $0-$0
                  Sarah E. 15, Robert H. 12, Mary J. 10 VA
                  Cornelius C. (m) 6, Elbridge C. (m) 4 VA

1860 Charlotte Co. VA Census
Charlotte C.H.
Pg.274, #631, Jacob A. DUNCAN 55 Buckingham VA farmer $3200-$6600
                  Eliza M. 49 Charlotte VA
                  Mary A. 22, Thos. A. 20 Charlotte VA
                  Paulina E. 18, Julia F. 13 Charlotte VA
                  Tom. M. WILKES (m) 4 Charlotte VA

1870 Buckingham Co. VA Census
Curdsville Twp.
Pg.225, #13-13, DUNCAN, William H. 25 VA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Eliza 23 VA keeping house
                  Samuel 1 VA at home
                  AYERS?, John 18 VA (white) farm laborer
                  OLIVER, William 30 VA (white) mill wright
                  Elizabeth 25 VA keeping house
                  Samuel 2 VA at home
                  TAYLOR, Peter 70 VA (white) farm laborer
Pg.251, #423-423, DUNKUM, Richard 24 VA (white) "Miller (corn)" $0-$0
                  Sarah 20 VA keeping house
                  BAUGHAN, John 52 VA (white) common laborer
                  NEWTON, Willis 21 VA (white) common laborer
James River Twp.
Pg.276, #31-31, DUNKUM, John J. 50 VA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, James W. 31 VA (white) farmer
                  Selina C. 30 VA keeping house
                  John W. 3/12 VA b.Mar. at home
                  DUNKUM, Elizabeth 55 VA (white) no occupation
                  DAY, John J. 21 VA (white) farm laborer
                  DAY, Joel W. 19 VA (white) farm laborer
Marshall Twp.
Pg.316, #30-30, DUNKUM, John 26 VA (white) farmer $400-$150
                  Julia A. 28 VA house keeper
                  Fanny J. (f) 22 VA no occupation
                  James B. 21 VA farm laborer
                  Joseph R. 15 VA farm laborer
                  SEAY, Thomas 21 VA (white) farm laborer $500-$0
                  Mary E. 24 VA no occupation
                  Martha E. 6/12 VA at home b.Dec.
Pg.316-317, #31-31, DUNCAN, Mathias (m) 66 VA (white) farmer $400-$200
                  Sallie 59 VA keeping house
                  Margaret A. 25 VA no occupation
                  DUNCAN, Malissia C. 20 VA no occupation
                  Jackson 17 VA no occupation
                  Judith L. 13 VA attending school
Pg.317, #44-44, DUNKUM, Daniel B. 36 VA (white) mill wright $0-$150
                  Virginia C. 34 VA keeping house
                  Ann S. 2 VA at home
                  Robert H. 3/12 VA b.Mar. at home
                  Martha J. 30 VA no occupation
                  BRYANT, Isham 19 VA BLACK domestic servant
Pg.322, #118-118, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 50 VA (white) keeping house
                  Emeline 22 VA no occupation
                  Robert J. 19 VA common laborer
Pg.346, #473-478, HANES, Garland B. 38 VA (white) sawyer $2000-$500
                  Mary E. 33 VA keeping house
                  Mary E. 12, Elijah G. 10 VA no occupation
                  Elizabeth 9, Martha R?. 5 VA at home
                  John B. 4, Josephine 1 VA at home
                  DUNKUM, Martha 38 VA (white) domestic servant
                  Sallie 9 VA at home
                  GORMAS?, William 21 VA (white) farm laborer
                  LEE, Eliza 16 VA BLACK domestic servant
Maysville Twp.
Pg.358, #85-89, DUNCAN, G.M.B. (m) 50 TN (white) farmer $1500-$450
                  DUNCAN, Mary J. 45 VA keeping house
                  George 17 VA at home
                  Robert T. 15 VA farm laborer
                  Nannie W. 13 VA at home
                  James H. 7 VA
Slate River Twp.
Pg.380, #85-85, DUNCAN, Sam H. 53 VA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Elmira W. 52 VA keeping house $200-$0
                  Eliza J. 28, Judith W. 26 VA at home
                  Robert H. 23, Mary J. 20 VA at home
                  Cornelius C. (m) 16 VA at home
                  Elbridge C. (m) 13 VA at home
Pg.380, #86-86, DUNCAN, Stephen A. 24 VA (white) carptenter
                  Sarah E. 24 VA keeping house
                  Robert W. 2 VA at home
                  Harriet 4/12 VA b.Feb. at home
Pg.395, #312-312, HOLMAN, Samuel D. 41 VA (white) farmer $11,000-$1,000
                  Ann Eliza 31 VA keeping house
                  Headwine (m) 12 VA at home
                  Nathan A. 3, Samuel S. 1 VA at home
                  Mary S. 14 VA at home
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 31 VA (white) domestic servant
                  Mary 8, Martha 1 VA at home
Pg.397, #342-342, DUNKUM, Jas. M. 49 VA (white) corn & flour miller $0-$500
                  Eliza S. 35 VA keeping house
                  Mary A. 19, Virginia M. 15 VA at home
                  Sue Gertney? 13, Sarah W. 11 VA at home
                  Irene 9, Ellis (m) 7 VA at home (blurred page)
Pg.397, #347-347, DUNCAN, Wm. T. 26 VA (white) merchant $0-$400
                  Louisa 24 VA keeping house
                  Clara St.E. (m) 1 VA at home
Pg.399, #375-375, DUNCAN, Mary 57 VA (white) keeping house $1500-$150
                  William S. 23 VA farmer
                  JOHNSON, Nannie 15 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  HARRIS, Bolling (m) 15 VA BLACK farm laborer
                  GILLS, Richard 15 VA BLACK farm laborer

1880 Buckingham Co. VA Census
Curdsville, Pg.21, SD 2, ED 32
Pg.404A, #193-205, DUNKUM, R.L. (m) 35 VA mar. farmer VA VA
                  Sarah 28 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Asy (m) 9 VA son VA VA
                  Elizabeth 7 VA dau. VA VA
                  William 5 VA son VA VA
                  Falesia (f) 3 VA dau. VA VA
                  Malcolm (m) 1 VA son VA VA
Curdsville, Pg.39, SD 2, ED 32
Pg.413C, #357-372, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 55 VA widow keeping house VA VA
                  Jeames 29 VA son single works in mines VA VA
                  Churchill 8 VA grson VA VA
                  SPENCER, Wm. E. 27 VA single (blank) farmer VA VA
James River, Pg.27, SD 2, ED 34
Pg.452C, #240-245, DUNCAN, S.A. (m) 39 VA mar. millwright VA VA
                  Sarah E. 34 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Robert W. 12 VA son laborer VA VA
                  Harrett C. 10 VA dau. at home VA VA
                  Mat. H. (m) 8 VA son at home VA VA
                  Charles L. 6 VA son at home VA VA
                  Mary C. 4 VA dau. at home VA VA
                  Bettie A. 1 VA dau. at home VA VA
Marshall, Pg.44, SD 2, ED 36
Pg.497D, #411-411, DUMKUM, John 64 VA mar. farmer VA VA
                  Martha 50 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Julia 34 VA dau. single at home VA VA
                  Charley 5 VA son VA VA
                  Mattie 2 VA dau. VA VA
Pg.497D, #412-412, NEWTON, Ned 65 VA mar. farming VA VA
                  Anna 50 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Mollie 12 VA dau. at home VA VA
                  DUMKUM, David 45 VA son-in-law mar. carpenter VA VA
                  Virginia 38 VA dau. mar. keeping house VA VA
                  Annie 11 VA grdau. at home VA VA
                  Robert 8 VA grson at home VA VA
                  Caroline 6 VA grdau. VA VA
                  Florence 4 VA grdau. VA VA
                  Poka (f) 2 VA grdau. VA VA
Maysville Magisterial Dist., Pg.14, SD 2, ED 37
Pg.509B, #121-121, GARRETT, Robt. A. 41 VA mar. farmer VA VA
                  Mary S. 46 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  STATON, John 13 VA servant single servant VA VA
                  DUNCAN, Andrew J. 23 VA son-in-law mar. farmer VA VA
                  Virginia L. 21 VA mar. at home VA VA
                  Robert M. 5 VA grson at home VA VA
                  William 3 VA grson at home VA VA
                  George 1 VA grson at home VA VA
                  GIBSON, Eliza 17 VA servant single cook VA VA
Maysville Magisterial Dist., Pg.14, SD 2, ED 37
Pg.521A, #326-332, DUNCAN, Geo. M.B. 63 VA mar. farmer VA VA reumatism
                  Mary J. 58 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Geo. M.B. 26 VA son single at home VA VA
                  Robert T. 23 VA son single farm laborer VA VA
                  Nanie D. 21 VA dau. single at home VA VA
                  James H. 18 VA son single farm laborer VA VA
Slate River Dist., Pg.2, SD 2, ED 38
Pg.525B, #16-16, DUNKUM, Benj. P. 60 VA mar. farmer VA VA
                  Ann E. 40 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Calvin H. 14 VA son works on farm VA VA
                  Lena A. 11 VA dau. at home VA VA
                  Nellie T. 8 VA dau. VA VA
                  Etta 4 VA dau. VA VA
                  Laura E. 10/12 VA b.July dau. VA VA
Slate River Dist., Pg.6, SD 2, ED 38
Pg.527B, #54-56, DUNKUM, Joe O. 25 VA mar. works on farm VA VA
                  Ellen J. 25 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Cora A. 7/12 VA b.Nov. dau. VA VA
Slate River Dist., Pg.24, SD 2, ED 38
Pg.536D, #209-217, DUNCAN, Saml. H. 63 VA mar. tanner VA VA
                  Elmira W. 60 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Eliza J. 40 VA dau. single at home VA VA
                  Judy W. 38 VA dau. single at home VA VA
                  Elbridge J. 23 VA son laborer VA VA
                  SMITH, Rebecca 92 VA mother-in-law single at home VA VA
Pg.536D, #210-218, DUNCAN, Robt. H. 35 VA mar. laborer VA VA
                  Mary 26 VA wife keeping house VA VA
                  Henry C. 4 VA son VA VA
                  Edward A. 2 VA son VA VA
                  Ernest C. 10/12 VA b.Aug. son VA VA
Slate River Dist., Pg.32, SD 2, ED 38
Pg.540D, #293-304, DUNCAN, Mary P. 68 VA widow keeping house VA VA
                  BRYANT, Sarah F. 33 VA dau. widow at home VA VA
                  John E. 13 VA grson works on farm VA VA
                  Silas S. 12 VA grson works on farm VA VA
                  Wm. J. 10 VA grson works on farm VA VA

1900 Census, Marshall District, Buckingham County, Virginia (partial; from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
S.D.# 10, E.D.# 60, Page# 107B, Image 28 of 35
DUNCAN, Church H., head, w/m, June 1870, age 29, M'd 5 yrs., VA./VA./VA.
Jossie L., wife, W/F, Oct 1874, age 25, no chi., VA./VA./VA.
DUNCAN, James B., head, w/m, May 1848, age 52, M'd 27 yrs., VA/VA/VA farmer
Mary E., wife, w/f, Jan 1852, 12 chi. born, 10 living, VA./VA./VA.
John M., son, w/m, Nov 1875, age 24, VA./VA./VA. farmer
James G., son, w/m, Apr 1879, age 21, VA./VA./VA.
Sarah E., daughter, w/f, Feb 1881, age 19, VA./VA./VA.
Mary V., daughter, w/f, Aug 1882, age 17, VA./VA./VA.
William L., son, w/m, June 1885, age 14, VA./VA./VA. at school
Eugene E., son, w/m, Nov 1886, age 13, VA./VA./VA. at school
Ada L., daughter, w/f, June 1889, age 10, VA./VA./VA. at school
Mattie S., daughter, w/f, July 1892, age 7, VA./VA./VA. at school
Nannie E., daughter, w/f, Mar 1894, age 6, VA./VA./VA. at school
      (KDC: Probably the same James Duncan with Churchill on the 1880 Census)

1910 Census, Marshall District, Buckingham County, Virginia (partial; from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
S.D.# 311, E.D.# 67, Page# 101, Image 3 of 40
Dillinger Road
DUNCAN, Churchill, head, m/w, age 39, M1X 18 yrs., VA./VA./VA. farmer
Josie L., wife, f/w, age 35, 3 chi. born, 2 living, VA./VA./VA.
Emma E., daughter, f/w, age 3, VA./VA./VA.
Bessie N., daughter, f/w, age 1 2/12, VA./VA./VA.
WOOTEN, Jos. C., boarder, m/w, age 22, single, VA./VA./VA. laborer
New Carter Road
LeSEUR?, Mary, head, f/w, age 29, M1 8 yrs., no chi., VA/VA/VA merchant/gen'l Mdse.
Nellie, step-dau., age 14, VA./VA./VA. at school
Bessie, step-dau., age 8, VA./VA./VA. at school
Clarence, step-son, age 6, VA./VA./VA. at school
DUNCAN, D.B., father, age 73, W'd, VA./VA./VA.
DUNCAN, Carrie, sister, f/w, age 32, single, VA./VA./VA.
DUNCAN, J.B., head, m/w, age 60, M1 37 yrs., VA./VA./VA. farmer
Mary E., wife, f/w, age 57, 12 chi. born, 10 living, VA./VA./VA.
Mattie Ann, daughter, f/w, age 18, single, VA./VA./VA.
Nannie E., daughter, f/w, age 16, VA./VA./VA.
DUNCAN, J.M., head, m/w, age 34, M1X 9 yrs., VA./VA./VA. farmer
Hattie M., wife, f/w, age 25, 4 chi. born, 4 living, VA./VA./VA.
M. Benj., son, m/w, age 8, VA./VA./VA. at school
Nannie L., daughter, f/w, age 6, VA./VA./VA. at school
Rena A., daughter, f/w, age 4, VA./VA./VA.
Jamie S., daughter, f/w, age 1 4/12, VA./VA./VA.
      (KDC: all of the above live close by)

1920 Census, Marshall Magisterial District, Buckingham Co., Virginia (partial; from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
S.D.# 10, E.D.# 69, Page # 162B, Image 12 of 37
DUNCAN, Church H., head, owns free, m/w, age 49, VA./VA./VA. farmer/Gen'l Farm
Josie L., wife, f/w, age 44, VA./VA./VA.
Elizabeth, daughter, f/w, age 13, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Bernice N., daughter, f/w, age 11, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Carlos A., son, m/w, age 9, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Lily E., daughter, f/w, age 6, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Lonnie M., son, m/w, age 5, VA./VA./VA.
DUMKUM, James B., head, owns/free, m/w, age 70, VA./VA./VA. farmer
Mary E., wife, f/w, age 67, VA./VA./VA.
Nannie L., grand-dau., f/w, age 16, single, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
DUMKUM, Benjamin S., head, rents, m/w, age 43, VA./VA./VA. truck foreman/R.R.
Ella L., wife, f/w, age 40, VA./VA./VA.
Claude L., son, m/w, age 15, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Sarah E., daughter, f/w, age 13, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Arthur P., son, m/w, age 9, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Mary M., daughter, f/w, age 7, attends school, VA./VA./VA.
Dorothy F., daughter, f/w, age 5, VA./VA./VA.
Edith VA., daughter, f/w, age 1 3/12, VA./VA./VA.

1930 Census, Marshall District, Buckingham County, Virginia (partial; from Kathy D. Cawley 4/2005)
E.D.# 15-7, S.D.# 4, Page# 260, Image 27 of 36
DUNCAN, Church H., head, owns, m/w, age 59, M'd at 22, VA./VA./VA. farmer
Josie L., wife, f/w, age 55, M'd at 18, VA./VA./VA.
Elsie, daughter, f/w, age 16, VA./VA./VA.
Lon M., son, m/w, age 15, VA./VA./VA.
AYERS, Malios? A., Mother-in-law, f/w, age 77, W'd, VA./VA./VA.
DUNCAN, Carlos, son, m/w, age 19, single, VA./VA./VA. laborer/slate mine


Buckingham Co. VA record [marrige bond] (from Robert Hays 8/2002; to him from Sharon Dortch and Kathy Curtis; MAD's extract)
      Marriage shortly intended between Fleming Duncan & Martha Scruggs, I do hereby certify the said Martha being of full age. Whereas the said Fleming Duncan with Pleasant Sanders his security entered into bond, 17 Feb. 1787 for the marriage.


VA State Land Office Surveys, Book 2, 1779-1782 (FHL film 29,545)
      2-62: This is a plot of 390 acres on both sides Horsepen Creek of Glovers Creek surveyed for Robert Wooding Oct. 9, 1747, by Thomas Turpin, surveyor. Transferred from Robert Wooding to John Merriman to Benjamin Miggison to John Duncan. Buckingham Co. Grant issued 25 June 1780. (MAD: no neighbors given).

VA State Land Grants, Mid Valley & Adjacent Areas (index on FHL film 29,310)
      A-492: 25 Jan. 1780, Patent (grant) for 40 shillings to John Duncan, assignee of Benjamin Higginson who was assignee of John Merimon who was assignee of Robert Wooding "(for whom the survey was originally made)", 390 acres by survey 9 Oct. 1747 in Buckingham Co. on both sides Horse Pen Creek of Glover Creek. (FHL film 29,360)

Buckingham Co. VA Plat Book 1762-1814 (FHL film 30,685)
      No index; no Duncan found


Buckingham Co. VA Personal Property Tax Lists 1782-1809 and Land tax lists 1782-1803 (FHL film 30,687; FHL film 29,290 is of same 1782 personal property list; FHL film 29,901 is land tax list)
      white poles are taxable males over 21
1782, p.20, John Mosely's list
      Edward Duncan, 0 wp, 1 cattle, 1 horse
      Jesse Duncan, 0 wp, 3 cattle
      John Duncan, 1 wp, 12 cattle, 6 horses
1782, p.31, Henry Bell's list 4/10/1782
      Jacob Duncan, 1 horse, 1 wp
1782, p.38, list of George Hooper 4/10/1782
      James Dunkin, 1 wp, 1 horse, 1 cattle
1782 Land tax list (film 29,901)
      Duncan, John, 367a
      Duncan, James, 200a
       (2 names)
      Duncan, Jacob, 237a
Did not look at later tax lists


Cedar Baptist Church, Trent Mill, Buckingham Co. VA Cemetery (from Ruby Talley Smith 1985 with permission to share with others)
      Robert James Duncan, Dec. 15, 1851 - Nov. 3, 1923
      Robert L. Duncan (father), May 3, 1882 - Aug. 8, 1946
            Willie J. Duncan (mother), May 29, 1883 - Nov. 24, 1927
            George W. Duncan (son), no dates
      Church Duncan, May 1, 1892 - Sept. 20, 1976
            Pearl D. Duncan, Mar. 3, 1903 - blank


Albemarle Co. VA Deed Book 5, 1758-1772 (Duncan/Hall/Scruggs notes of Sue Harris, from Mary Louise Craven 1986, included with permission of Sue Harris)
      (no date) Charles Bond of Buckingham Co. for £205, 250 acres in Albemarle adjacent to south side of Hardware River, being part of 400 acre grant to James Shepherd by patent 30 June 1743. Wit. George Duncan. (MAD: is this the same as deed book 3, 12 Feb. 1761, Chas. Bond to son Nathan Bond; wit. George Duncan.)

Louisa Co. VA Deeds
      Q-462: 18 Oct. 1825, Whittle Flanagan & wife Judith in trust to Ludlow Bramham; Flanagan owes Ann Duncan, exor of John N. Duncan, decd, trust deed; not copied further. (FHL film 32,209)
      S-26: 19 May 1829, Ludlow Bramham of Louisa Co. VA to Ann Duncan of Buckingham Co. VA, for $100, the same as trust deed, 100 acres on Hudson Creek (sold at auction). (FHL film 32,210) (MAD: she to Highland Co. OH)

Prince Edward Co. VA Deeds
      15-41: 2 Jan. 1813, William H. Worsham and wife Elizabeth A. of Prince Edward Co. VA, to Joseph C. Duncan of Buckingham Co. VA, for £120, 100 acres on Vaughans Creek adj. William Price's line, James Black's line, Martin Smith's line, James McNeale & Dungey's corner. Wit. J. Maddox, Charles Maddox, Mi. Maddox. (FHL film 33,229)
      15-367: 20 March 1815, Wm. Black, admr. of James Black decd, appointed to sell 45 acres of land, sold to Joseph C. Duncan for £45, 45 acres corner said Duncan. Wit. B.T. Pryor, Robert Kelso, Thomas Williams.
      16-255: 26 Aug. 1817, Joseph C. Duncan and wife Nancy (X) to Robert C. Land (no localities), for $575, 145 acres on Wm. Price's line, Smith's line, crossing Cedar branch, etc. Wit. Jacob Woodson, Ryan Porter, E.A. Ainduck as to Joseph C. Duncan. Dower relinquished. (FHL film 33,230) (MAD: Joseph Curd Duncan & wife Nancy Madox)

Cumberland Co. VA Deeds
      22-441: 25 March 1836, William B. Anderson and wife Susan of Cumberland Co. VA, to Cary Duncan of Buckingham Co. VA, for $400, 38 acres adj. Charles Bryant and others. No wit. (FHL film 30,755)
      24-318: 23 Aug. 1841, Cary Duncan (1), John Hill & Quinn M. Word (2), and John Jones (3), all Buckingham Co. VA; that John Jones is security for Duncan for debts owed Wm. Leitch and Richard B. Trent; in order to secure Jones, Duncan mortgages to Hill and Word 246 acres in Buckingham Co. VA adj. William Leitch & others, and crop of tobacco, corn, wheat and oats on said land, 4 horses, negro Bob, furniture, animals, etc., and land in Cumberland Co. of 38a adj. Richard Anderson and others and crop of corn on said land. Rec. Cumberland Co. VA Aug. 24, 1841. (FHL film 30,756)

Shelby Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 259,231)
      I-217: 24 Oct. 1807, Jesse Duncan at this time of the Co. of Buckingham but who is about to remove to State of KY, to Chesley Glover and James Anderson of Co. of Buckingham who are also about to remove to KY, mortgage of negroes, recorded Buckingham Co. VA, 14 Dec. 1807. Wit. Rolfe Eldridge, B. Gaines, William Glover, Jesse Glover, Edmund Glover Jr. Rec. Shelby Co. KY, 17 Oct. 1808.

"The News Herald" Hillsboro, Ohio, Thursday, Feb. 11, 1915, Page 7 (transcript from Margie Duncan Taylor 8/2001; MAD: Highland Co. OH)
      John W. Duncan was born Aug. 6, 1828 (1838?) in Buckingham County, Va. He emigrated to this state with his parents, John and Martha Duncan, in the year 1841, when he was but 2 years old. They settled in Dodson township, not far distant from where he died, at ... o'clock Thursday, Dec. 31, 1914, at the well advanced age of 76 years, 4 months and 25 days.
      "Grandpa", as he was familiarly called, was the youngest of a family of 7 children, all of whom have preceded him to that better land except Thomas Duncan, of Butler, Bates county, Mo., and Miariah Cadwallader, of Jollette, Ill.
      The foundation of a noble life was laid among hardships and trials encountered in the days of the early settlers. It could be nothing else but determined perseverance and rugged strength of good character that told in the struggle with nature. Never once in all the years of his long life did he falter or seek to evade the path of duty marked by destiny for his journey.
      And when we come in close communion with God and realize that nature is his handwork, it is only then that we can understand why he, in his early youth, obeyed the Master's command, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God", and united with the Dodsonville M.E. church, but in late years he became one of the charter members who made possible the erection and sustenance of the Christion Union Church of Allensburg, of which he has been a faithful member ever since.
      When the last taps were sounded and he was called to go, he had so unerringly followed the precepts of his Master and so unfailingly had he followed the paths of righteousness that he stepped peacefully into eternity to meet his Savior.
      He was united in marriage to Elizabeth Henderson. To this union were born two sons, Charles and Robert, of Allensburg, and one daughter, Mrs. Effie VanWinkle, of New Market. There also survives to cherish the memory of Grandpa Duncan eight grandchildren and thre great grandchildren. It is true that Grandpa has left us, but while we honestly experience a feeling of joy the good man will suffer no more but have life everlasting, yet a spirit of loneliness surrounds us, especially Grandma, for no more shall she grip the hand of this honest man. No more shall she hear his kindly words of greeting.
      Yet we feel that if we should offer a regret at this time it would be because we have not heeded his sincere admonitions; because we have not accepted his experience at its true worth.
      But even now it is not too late for we may yet gather inspiration from the life of Uncle John. We may follow in his footsteps though hard they may seem, and strive to emulate the character of the departed spirit. Let his life be a light to our feet, a guide to our faultering step, that we may strive on to gain the reward at the end of the journey and hear the Master's voice as Grandpa heard it, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."
      (MDT: son of Thomas B. Duncan; they are both buried in the Henderson Cemetery, Allensburg, Highland County, Ohio)


GEORGE DUNCAN, widow Elizabeth, W-9845, VA, KY, IN (FHL film 970,863, National Archives Roll 863)
      MAD: We have extracts from pension; "VA/WV Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records" by Wardell, Vol.II, p.56, for this George Duncan, lists "QLF 1921 from Mrs Alice V.D. PIERREPONT of Petersburg, VA, gddau of a VA RW sol George DUNCAN (& wife Ann) of Albemarle Co or Fluvanna Co, VA, whose gdf Marcus Monroe DUNCAN (also bro George & sis Eliza) b. Buckingham Co, VA, & left orphans at early age, their guardian being Junius CLAY."
      Letter Sept. 28, 1921, from Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, to Mrs. Alice V.D. Pierrepont, Violet Bank, Petersburg, VA. Madam: In reply to your letter dated 30 August and received 3rd Sept., you are advised that the Revolutionary War records of this Bureau fail to afford any information in regard to Webb Kidd. In order to identify the record of any particular George Duncan, you are requested to furnish as much of the following data as possible: places of residence at enlistment and after service; approximate dates of birth and death; given names of widow; names of any Officers under whom he served.
      Handwritten at bottom of letter: Webb Kidd mar. Elizabeth White, daughter of Jeremiah White. Over.
      Handwritten on back of letter: Oct. 1, 1921, Violet Bank Studio, Petersburg, VA. I wish I could give you the information desired as to George Duncan. This is all I know. My grandfather Marcus Monroe Duncan was the son of George Duncan. He was born in Buckingham Co. VA. He & his brother George & sister Eliza were left orphans at an early age, Mr. Janius Clay being guardian. The Buckingham records were destroyed & our family Bible burned. I think my gr.gr.grandfather was also George Duncan of Albemarle or Fluvanna Co. -- his wife Ann & his lands on both sides of the river -- Hardware, I think. The family tradition is that he was a Rev. soldier. So he would probably be listed from one of those 3 counties as a soldier. Thanking you for any trouble, Sincerely yours, Alice V.D. Pierrepont.
      Click here for more from the pension file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film
      ... to Dunh.. (FHL film 840,458)
      Dunk.. to ... (FHL film 840,459)
      Duncan, Cary, widow Lucy; WO 22627, WC 18622; BL 37891-80-50, 47199-80-55; served 8/1/1814 to 2/8/1815 (sic), 2/6/1815 to 2/21/1815; res. 1851 Buckingham Co. VA; maiden name Lucy Landrum m. fall 1815; soldier d. June 10, 1855, Buckingham Co. VA; Remarks: soldier's discharge ctf. and a leaf from family bible record in brief.

"Descriptive Roll, Co. F" booklet cataloged as Descriptive Roll Book, Company F, Spaight's Battln., in Julia Duncan Wilder Collection at Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, Liberty, TX (from Mary Urban 9/2002)
      Top of double-page: Descriptive Roll of Commissioned Officers, Company (F) Spaights Battalion of Texas Mounted Volunteers C.S. Army
      Rank; Name; Date of Election or Appointment; Date of Promotion; Age; Occupation; Description: Height Feet/Inches, Complexion, Eyes, Hair, Where born: Town or County/State; Remarks
      2d jr. Lieutenant, Duncan, G.C., Aug 8 /62, promoted Aug 20th /63, Rank of Promotion: 2d Lieutenant, age 31, farmer, 6 foot 1/2 inch, complexion fair, eyes grey, hair dark, born Buckingham, Virginia; Remarks: appointed A.A.Q.M. Apr 9 /64. (MAD: ? 1860 DeWitt Co. TX; 1850 Buckingham Co. VA pg.395 with George 50 b.Prince Edward Co. VA)

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, William T., widow Louisa Amanda Duncan, Madison Co. AL, Capt. Co.G Tucker's Regt. Application 19 Nov. 1923 by Mrs. Louisa Amanda Duncan, P.O. Huntsville, age 77 years 9 mos. 15 days, lived this state 50 years, also lived Albemarle Co. VA; her husband enlisted 1864, student in VA Military Institute and enlisted the last of the war with other Cadets and was Captain of his Company; in Engineering Co., Capt. Co.G, Tucker's Regt., served 6 months, released at close of war; full name: William Tandy Duncan, married Feb. 22, 1869, he died Huntsville, AL, Aug. 28, 1896, she now living at her home. Witnesses 19 Nov. 1923: S.M. Stewart and F.H. Gillian, who knew her 40 years and 40 years.

HISTORIES before 1923

1876 "Pioneer Families of Missouri" by Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.8 B915)
      Pg.325, Callaway Co.: DUNCAN -- Joseph C. Duncan, of Buckingham Co. VA, was of Scotch descent. He married Nancy Maddox, and settled in Christian Co. KY, in 1817. In 1829 he removed to Missouri and settled in Callaway county, where he lived the rest of his life. His wife died in 1860, and he died in 1870. They had nine children, but two of them died before they were grown. The names of the other children were -- Elizabeth A., Frederick W., Ouslow G., Jerome B., Artinicia, Merrett B., and Edward. Elizabeth A. married John McMahan, and is now a widow. Frederick W. lives in Oregon. Ouslow G. married Julia A. Broadwater, and lives in Audrain county. Jerome B. married Mary George. Artinicia married Colonel Marshall S. Coats, of Coats' Prairie. Merrett B. married Mary E. Berkett. He is a prominent banker of Mexico, Mo. Edward married Martha McMahan, and lives in Monroe county. Joel and Richard were the two who died before they were grown.

1884 "The Bench and Bar of Missouri Cities" by H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co. (from Kit Smith 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Pgs.103-4: MERRITT Y. DUNCAN, Mexico. Merritt Young Duncan, a member of the Audrain county bar for twenty years, is a native of this state, and was born in Callaway county, July 18, 1830. His father was Joseph Curd Duncan, a farmer, and a native of Buckingham Co. VA, and his mother was Nancy (Madox) Duncan, born in Prince Edward county, that state. His grandfather, Edward Duncan, was in the continental army, and died the same year with General Washington, 1799. Merritt was educated ...


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