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Duncans in Giles Co. VA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised August 19, 2007

Formed 1806 from Montgomery, Wythe?, and Tazewell Co. VA, Monroe Co. WV
Logan Co. WV formed 1824 from Kanawha and Cabell Co. WV and Giles Co. VA
Mercer Co. WV formed 1837 from Giles, Tazewell
Craig formed 1851 from Botetourt, Giles, Roanoke, Alleghany and Montgomery Co. VA and Monroe Co. WV
Bland formed 1861 from Giles, Tazewell, Wythe
(See also Montgomery Co. VA; see Craig Co. VA)


1810 Giles Co. VA Census (Semi-alphabetic)
Pg.386  Charles Duncan          11301         - 40010 
        Robert Duncan           10010         - 30110 
          (MAD: ? m. 1809 Mrs. Elizabeth Lyons in Montgomery Co. VA?)
        William Duncan          11210         - 11101 

1820 Giles Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.114  William Duncum          000101        - 00110
        Lawson Duncum           000010        - 20010
          (MAD: John Lawson Duncan)
        Charles Duncum          000201        - 02201
        Blueford Duncum         200020        - 11000
   115  Thornton Duncum         000010        - 10010
        Landen Duncum           100110        - 40010
        James Duncum            200010        - 00100

1830 Giles Co. VA Census (semi-alphabetic)
(from Vivian Biddle 1981 with permission to share with others)
Pg.218  J. Dowdy
        William Duncan          1000,1        - 0100,1001
        Lawson Duncan           1110,001      - 1020,01
        James Duncan            0020,01       - 0200,01
        Thomas Davis
        Ezekiel Duncan          2000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD & Ed C. Smith: widow Sarah in 1850 LaPorte Co. IN)
        Thornton Duncan         2100,01       - 3100,01
          (MAD & Ed C. Smith: 1840 Berrien Co. MI)
   219  Wm. Davis
        Isaac Dawson
        Charles Duncan          0001,1000,1   - 0000,1000,1
        Landen Duncan           2010,001      - 2121,0100,2
        Henry Dinsand

1840 Giles Co. VA Census
Pg.251  Landon Duncan           0110,1001     - 0202,1001,011
   253  Preston Duncan          0001,001      - 1010,0100,1
   260  John A/S? Duncan        1121,0001     - 0110,101
        William Duncan Jr.      2210,01       - 1001,01
   265  James Duncan            1100,101      - 1102,001

1850 Giles Co. VA Census (also from David L. Duncan with permission to share with others)
Pg.376, #161, James DUNCAN 57 VA blacksmith
                  Rebecca 55 VA
                  Jackson 11 VA
Pg.377, #170, John SMITH 28 VA laborer
                  Milly 32 VA
                  William H. 6, Josephus (m) 2 VA
                  Gasper (m) 1 VA
                  Lucinda DUNCAN 13 VA
Pg.378, #186, Joseph DUNCAN 31 VA farmer
                  Agnes 27 VA
                  Alderson 5, William K. 3 VA
                  James T. 1 VA
Pg.380, #212, Archibal COLDWELL 78 VA farmer $800
                  Lucy Ann 19 VA
                  Lewis DUNCAN 30 VA laborer
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: Michael Coldwell, age 28, not Archibal; wife was Lucy Ann Collins/Coldin)
Pg.395, #409, William DUNCAN 48 VA $62
                  Elizabeth 43 VA
                  William M. 20, Benjamin 17 VA
                  Josephas (m) 13, Lucinda 13 VA
                  Chester B. 11, Elisha W. 5 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: William Duncan mar. Elizabeth Bane 4/17/1824; William McHenry b. 1/15/1831; John Lawson b. 11/17/1832; Benjamin Bane b. 5/10/1835; Chester Bullerd b. 12/27/1842; Elisha White b. 8/10/1845; MAD: John Lawson Duncan b.1832 in 1850 Montgomery Co. VA census)
Pg.395, #410, James A. DUNCAN 23 VA farmer
                  Mary 25 VA
                  Martha A. 5/12 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: son of William above, b. 7/29/1828)
Pg.395, #413, James M. DUNCAN 25 VA
                  Diana J. 22 VA
                  Lewis C. 2, Hamilton W. 10/12 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: son of John Lawson #414, b. 4/27/1825)
Pg.395, #414, John L. DUNCAN 61 VA farmer $400
                  Hannah 56 VA
                  John L.J. 21, Charles 18 VA
                  Hannah 16, Henry 14 VA
                  Hannah OLIVER 8 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: John Lawson Duncan, mar. 1817 Hannah Tillot or Tillet, brother of William #409)
Pg.397, #431-414, William L. DUNCAN 27 VA blacksmith $200
                  Susanna 25 VA
                  Araminta 5, Missouriann (f) 3 VA
                  Harriet C. 1 VA
                  (MAD: 1860 Craig Co. VA census)
Pg.397, #433, Allen TAYLOR 42 VA farmer $400
                  Sarah 39 VA
                  Henry J. 19, Martha E. 16 VA
                  William N. 13, Rhoda 10 VA
                  Charles V? 5, David W. 4 VA
                  Mary P. 2 VA
                  Nancy DUNCAN 23 VA
                  Susanna ROCK 38 VA
Pg.398, #443-436, Wm. A. DUNCAN 32 VA farmer
                  Sarah 31 VA
                  Mary E. 7, William 4 VA
                  Joseph 1 VA
Pg.401, #476, Elisha G. DUNCAN 34 VA farmer $2500
                  Phebe (f) 29 VA
                  John A. 1 VA
Pg.404, #521, Landen DUNCAN 64 VA farmer $900
                  Sarah 59 VA
                  Josephus (m) 23, Erastus 20 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: Erastus was named after Dr. Erastus Peck)

1860 Giles Co. VA Census (part also from David L. Duncan 1986 with permission to share with others)
Newport P.O.
Pg.813, #326-293, William A?. DUNCAN 42 VA farm laborer $0-$47
                  Sarah 41 VA
                  Mary 16, William 12 VA
                  Joseph 10, Sarah 8 VA
                  Fletcher (m) 3, Rebecca 1 VA
                  Christian L. VAUGHT (m) 22 VA farm laborer
                  (MAD: Sarah Duncan and children in 1870 Pulaski Co. VA census)
Pg.823, #385-349, Joseph DUNCAN 40 VA farm labor $0-$75
                  Agnes 37 VA
                  William 15, James 11 VA
                  Loyd 9, Mary 7 VA
                  Nancy 5, John 3 VA
                  James 66 VA blacksmith $0-$25
                  Rachel R. 62 VA
                  David J. 21 VA farm labor
                  (MAD: ? see Joseph Duncan 51 VA, Mary V. 18, Nancy 15 in 1870 Kanawha Co. WV census)
Pg.859, #616-567, Josephus DUNCAN 35 VA farm labor $0-$300
                  Malinda 26 VA
                  William 7, John 6 VA
                  Sarah 4, Amanda 2 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: Landon's son)
Pg.865, #660-607, Joseph HARE 41 VA farmer $2000-$800
                  Julia 37 VA
                  Pheba 15, William 14 VA
                  Rhoda 12, Cornelia 10 VA
                  Susanah 8, Mary 6 VA
                  Joseph 4, Harriet 2 VA
                  Landon DUNCAN 74 VA "superanuated"
                  Sarah 69 VA
                  Peter KIRBY 35 VA farm laborer
                  Baston/Barton BAILEY 22 VA farm laborer
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: Julia Hare was Landon's dau.; Landon age 74 d. 1867, wife Sarah was Sarah Kirk)
Pg.867, #670-617, Elisha G. DUNCAN 44 VA farmer $4000-$3000
                  Phebe 38 VA
                  John 11, William 8 VA
                  (MAD per David L. Duncan: Landon's son, wife Phebe Hare)

1870 Giles Co. VA Census
Newport Twp. (faint page)
Pg.216, #23-21, HART?, Rebecca 32 VA keeping house $0-$0
                  Millie? (f) 2 VA
                  SOFAIN?, Wm. 37 VA works on farm $0-$597
                  Lucinda 32 VA keeping house
                  James 17, John 16, Nancy 14 VA at home
                  Mary 11, Samuel 10 VA at home
                  George 8, Emma 6, Laura 4, Olive? (f) 2 VA
                  Lucretia 4/12 VA b. Feb.
                  DUNCAN, Rebec (f) 73 VA retired
Pearisburg Twp.
Pg.234, #98-98, HAIR??, Isaac 42 VA (white) works on farm $0-$0
                  Araminta 35 VA house keeper
                  Robert 10, Obedience 7 VA
                  John 5, Jane 4 VA
                  Cass (f) 2, William 1 VA
                  DUNCAN, John 27 VA (white) "?" (occupation) $250-$0


Giles Co. VA Index to Register of Births, Marriages, Deaths, 1806-1896 (FHL film 31,740 from index from Ruth Burns 1987)
      Births and Deaths not on this film
   Register of Marriages 1806-1870: (FHL film 31,740 pt. 2)
      Murty Dunkin, age 24, b. Giles Co. VA, to Ellen Burton, age 18, b. Giles Co. VA, 30 Oct. 1859 (pg.7)
      Landon Duncan to Sarah Kirk, both b. Giles Co., 12 Aug. 1812 (pg.24)
      James Duncan to Rachael Rebecca Anderson, 18 Jan. 1816 (pg.26)
      John L. Duncan to Hannah Tillet, 12 Dec. 1817 (pg.27
      Thornton Duncan to Peggy Emmons, 19 June 1819 (pg.27)
      Ezekiel Duncan to Sally Eahart, 24 Dec. 1822 (pg.29)
      William Duncan to Elizabeth Bane, 17 April 1824 (pg.31)
      Braxton Duncan to Araminta Kirk, f. Thomas Kirk, 15 Oct. 1835 (pg.38)
      James A. Duncan to Mary Keffer, f. John Keffer, 7 Aug. 1849 (pg.43)
      Joseph Duncan to Agness Lafon, f. Zarkin Lafon, 17 Oct. 1842 (pg.46)
      James Duncan to Diana Jane Smith, f. James Smith, 23 Dec. 1846 (pg.48)
      Elisha G. Duncan to Phebe Duncan, 5 April 1846 (pg.48; f. not given) (MAD: ERROR)
      William S. Duncan to Susan Miller, mother Sarah Miller, 1 April 1844 (pg.49) (MAD: William L. Duncan)
      Erastus A. Duncan to Martha L. Northman?, f. Benj., 28 Aug. 1857 (pg.50)
      Sarah Duncan, age 40, widow, b. Franklin Co. VA, to Thomas Patton, 60, widower, b. Montgomery Co. VA, 18 Aug. 1859 (pg.7)
      Chloe Duncan to Thomas Kirk, 15 Jan. 1814 (pg.25)
      Sally Duncan to John Keffer, 30 April 1817 (pg.27)
      Elizabeth Duncan to William Toler, 28 May 1820 (pg.28)
      Alicy Duncan, f. Bleuford Duncan, to Ralph Stafford, 15 May 1822 (pg.30) (MAD: ? ERROR)
      Nancy Duncan to John L. Brooks, 31 Dec. 1825 (pg.31)
      Margaret Duncan to George Bolton, 29 Jan. 1828 (pg.33)
      Lulina Duncan to Thomas Harris, 28 Jan. 1830 (pg.34) (MAD: ? ERROR)
      Harriet Duncan to Harrison Robinson, 24 March 1834 (pg.37)
      Judith Duncan, f. Charles Duncan, to Andrew J. Brown, 28 May 1835 (pg.38)
      Lucilla Duncan, f. Landon Duncan, to Joshua Low, 27 June? 1838 (pg.39)
      Dilia Duncan, f. Landon Duncan, to Lewis Camp, 9 Feb. 1846 (pg.41)
      Margaret Duncan, f. John S. Duncan, to John Luzar, 18 May 1840 (pg.45) (MAD: John L., not John S.)
      Catherine Duncan, f. James Duncan, to James Lafon, 22 March 1841 (pg.45)
      Mary Duncan to Alexander Lugar, 19 Jan. 1842 (pg.46; f. not given)
      Eliza Duncan, f. Landon Duncan, to Jesse L. Campbell, 4 April 1842 (pg.46)
      July Ann Duncan, f. Landon Duncan, to Joseph Hare Jr., 28 Feb. 1842 (pg.47)
      Rosamond (Rosannah?) Duncan, f. William Duncan, to Andrew T. Carson, 29 July 1844 (pg.49)
      Rhoda Duncan, f. Landon Duncan, to Floyd White, 2 Jan. 1843 (pg.49)

Giles Co. VA Index to Register of Births 1855-1896, Marriages 1806-1896, Deaths 1855-1896 (FHL film 31,740 from index from Ruth Burns 1987)
   Duncan Births (all white unless otherwise listed):
      Ardelia, Oct. 17, 1875, wf., par. W.K. & Virginia Duncan (pg.49)
      Walter R., Nov. 19, 1878, wm., par. Wm. H/K. & Virginia Duncan (pg.55)
      Lucy M., Aug. 21, 1883, wf, par. J.H. & Texas Duncan (pg.83)
      Fannie J., Aug. 6, 1884, wf, b. Stafferdesittle, par. A. Duncan (miller) & Evaline Duncan (pg.89)
      William Henry, Apr. 30, 1885, wm, b. Wolf Creek, par. John H. & Texas Duncan (pg.91)
      Not named, Sept. --, 1886, wm, par. John H. & Texas Duncan (pg.96)
      Amanda J., 8 Apr. 1858 wf, b. Monroe Co., father Josephus Duncan farmer res. Giles Co., mother Malinda Jane; informant mother. (pg.22)
      Unnamed, July 8, 1858, wf, b. Giles Co., par. W.A. & Sarah Duncan, farmer res. Giles Co.; informant father.
      Sarah Ann S., June 8, 1860, wf, b. Clovis Hollow, par. Joseph Duncan & Agnes, farmer res. Giles Co.; informant father. (pg.31)
      Minnie A., July 19, 1890, wf, b. Wabash, Giles Co., par. A.L. Duncan miller & Rebecca Duncan (pg.111)
   Duncan Deaths:
      Walter Byrns, 1858, Sept. 27, wm, d. Sinking Creek, of inflamation of brain, age 1y 3mos; par. W.A. & Sarah Duncan of Giles Co.; informant father Wm. A. Duncan. (pg.12)
      Jno. A., 1860, Sept. 12, d. Clove Hollow of hives, age 5y, par. Joseph & Agnes (pg.15)
      Agnes, 1860, June 15, d. Clove Hollow of appoplexy, age 38y, par. Zazariah & Agnes Lafon (pg.15)
      Rosa L., 1875, Sept. 25, d. age 11m, par. Wm. K. & Virginia Duncan (pg.23)
      Ardelia, 1881, Nov. 22, age 4y, d. on DO (DOV? DON?) Creek, par. Wm. K. & Jeneva Duncan (pg.29)
      Peter E., 1883, Apr. 7, d. Pulaski Co. VA of bronchitis, 7y 4m 7d par. A. & Eustins Duncan, b. Floyd Co. VA (pg.30)
      Malinda E., 1884, Dec. 7, d. age 13 of diptheria, Wabash, Giles Co. VA, par. A. Duncan miller b. Giles Co. VA & E. Duncan (pg.31)
      Elisha G., 1860, Oct. 13, slave owned by Elisha G. Duncan, d. on Wolf Creek (pg.16)


Giles Co. VA Will Index 1806-1953 (FHL film 31,724)
   Books A-B, 1806-1847 (FHL film 31,724)
   Books 3-4, 1849-1873 (FHL film 31,725)
   Later books not on film
      Duncan, C.E.: appr. 9-331
      Duncan, H. Watson: will 9-84; heirs 9-86
      Duncan, Jemima: heirs 8-503
      Duncan, John H.: will 9-123; heirs 125, appr. 135, ? 214
      Duncan, Landon: 4-438
      Duncan, Sarah L.: heirs 8-164; will 194
      Duncan, W.K.: will 7-253; heirs 256
      Duncan, W.H.: will 8-194; heirs 164
      Duncan, Wm. T.: heirs 8-379; settle. 496
      Duncan, W.K. Mrs.: heirs 8-503; & later not copied

Giles Co. VA Will (FHL film 31,724)
      A-255: I, Thomas Kirk of Giles Co. VA, ... all my personal property be sold and my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of the amount thereof, the remainder be equally divided among my children and wife Chloe Kirk who shall be an equal heir with my children. Second, I will that my half of the land bought & occupied by myself & son in law Landon Duncan continue to be occupied by said Duncan upon his paying the sum of $15 yearly which shall be appropriated to the benefit of the heirs as above named until said Duncan together with the executors of this my last will and testament can or may sell the whole tract at the valuation of the (interested?) men to be chosen by them, allowing the purchaser three years to pay the whole sum, the one half of which being the property of the said Duncan, the other half shall be equally divided between my children and my wife whom I also make an equal heir herein as in the sale of my personal property. Third, I appoint my brother John Kirk and Archibald Clyburn my son in law to be the sole executors and administrators ... Fourth, The portion herein bequeathed by me and obtained by each of my children and wife of and from the sale of my personal and real estate as above named be held by them their heirs or assigns as their own forever. 26 July 1821, /s/ Thomas Kirk. Wit. Edward Hale, Hiram Pennington. At Giles July Court 1821; last will and testament of Thomas Kirk proven in court by oath of Edward Hale at Giles August Court 1821 the same was further proven by the oath of Hiram Pennington and ordered to be recorded.

Giles Co. VA Will from Will Book 4, 1856-1873, page 438 (from photostatic copy from county will book; in loose files of Nancy Reba Roy loaned by Miss Roy's niece through Fran Laaker to MAD, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society Library)
      4-438: I, Landon Duncan of the County of Giles and State of Virginia do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
      1st. I devise to my beloved wife Sarah Duncan all my real and personal estate during the term of her natural life.
      2nd. After the death of my wife I devise all my real estate to James H. [K?] Duncan but upon this Trust that he will hold and use the same for the exclusive benefit of my daughter Julia Chane [?] Hare, wife of Joseph Hare, and of Phebe S. Duncan, wife of my son Elisha G. Duncan.
      3rd. After the death of my wife Sarah Duncan, it is my will that the personal estate herein devised to her be sold by my Executor and the proceeds arising from said sale be put out at interest until the youngest child of my deceased son Josephus Duncan arrive at full age, when said proceeds shall be equally divided between all the children of the said Josephus Duncan.
      4th. I appoint and constitute my son Elisha G. Duncan the Executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 25th day of December 1865. Landon Duncan.
      Witnesses William H. Hale, Ralph M. Stafford
      Virginia: In Giles County Court, November 19th 1869. This last will and testament of Landon Duncan deceased which was partly proven at the last term of the Court by the evidence of William H. Hale, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto was this day again presented in Court, farther proven by the evidence of Ralph M. Stafford, the other subscribing witness thereto, and ordered to be recorded. Teste John W. Easley CC

Giles Co. VA Circuit Court will book, 1856-1902 (FHL film 31,726)
      No Duncan


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HISTORIES before 1923

"History of the Middle New River Settlements" by D.E. Johnston, 1906 (Memphis Public Library book 975.45 J72; from Evelyn Sigler 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Chap.IV, 1775-1794: After the Revolution, many came to New River Valley, including Charles Duncan, John Kirk. Charles Duncan came from Stokes Co. NC; John and Thomas Kirk & Tollison Shuemate from Fauquier Co. VA. (pg.84)
      In the early settlement of the country near the mouth of Wolf Creek in what is now Giles County, the dogs of Mr. Landson Duncan drove a panther up a tree. Mr. Duncan being from home, his wife took his rifle gun and shot and killed the animal; it measured 9' in length. (pg.119)
      Landon Duncan, b. Fauquier Co. VA, to Stokes Co. NC, to what is now Giles Co. about the close of the 18th Century. Was a Baptist preacher in the Order of New Lights; 1818 became member of faith founded by Alexander Campbell. (pg.123)
      5 Oct. 1829, convention for extending right of suffrage. Delegates in 14 Jan. 1830 from west of the Alleghenies (WV) who voted against the adoption, included Edwin S. Duncan. (pg.169) (MAD: see Harrison Co. WV)
      Joseph Hare, b. 1749, m. (1) Nannie Clay, April 1789, d. ca 1792; m. (2) Phoebe Perdue, ca 1792. Son William H. Hare, only child, m. Sallie French. Their ch: Joseph Hare m. Julia A. Duncan; Phoebe Hare m. Rev. Elisha G. Duncan. (pg.411)
      Confederate Army: A roll of Co. H, 36th VA Infantry (Giles Co. Company), Capts. A.J. Porterfield, James F. Hare: Joseph Duncan, private. 1863. (pg.472)
      Confederate Army: A roll of McComas' battery (Giles Co. Company), Capts. W.W. McComas, David A. French: E.G. Duncan, private. 1863. (pg.474)

"Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of Mercer Co." by William A. Marsh; ed. by Newton Bateman & Paul Selby, Mercer Co. Hist. ed. by Wm. A. Lorimer; pub. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1903, 860 pgs. (LH5463, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL fiche 6,078,640)
      Pg.742-743: CHARLES W. SOUTHERN, farmer, Green Township, Mercer County, was born in Giles County, Va., April 8, 1829, a son of John and Elizabeth (Duncan) Southern. In 1848 Mr. Southern located on a farm in Duncan Township, and, in 1852, moved to his present farm ... Enlisted in the Union Army ... On Jan. 16, 1848, he was married to Sarah Duncan, who died April 16, 1849, and Aug. 6, 1851, he was married to his present wife, Mrs. Ruth McManus, and of their children, Catherine E., Sarah E., and Marion L., are living, and two - William and Martha - are deceased. Republican, Commissioner of Highways for 21 years, member of the United Presbyterian church at Viola.


CHARLES DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-22973 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 27 July 1819, age 59, in Giles Co. VA; enlisted for 3 years on 12 Jan. 1777 in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Wm. Blackwell, Col. Daniel Morgain, Gen. Woodford; served 3 years; witness John Kirk.
      Applied 30 May 1821, age 60?, in Giles Co. VA; old and infirm; wife and 5 children live with him; son Braxton b. 1 Feb. 1798 weak & sickly; dau. Peggy b. 10 July 1800; dau. Alsey b. 20 Nov. 1802; dau. Nancy b. 4 March 1806; dau. Judith b. 14 July 1808.
      Application by Peggy Duncan, age 72 years & upwards, res. Walker's Creek, Giles Co. VA, on 23 March 1840; m. Charles Duncan 7 Dec. 1786 in Fauquier Co. VA by clergyman James Craig; husband died 24 Oct. 1838 in Giles Co. VA; witness John Kirk Sr. not present at wedding as he lived in Montgomery now Giles Co. but during visit to his father's residence learned of marriage; the family record contained their marriage date and dates of birth of Charles and Peggy as well as "nine of their children".
      Application by Margaret Duncan, 10 March 1846 in Mercer Co. IL refers to her brother of Giles Co. VA if yet living as witness to Charles Duncan's Rev. War Service; first child b. 15 Sept. 1787.
      Declaration by Buford Duncan, age 59, on 1 March 1847 in Mercer Co. IL; his mother to Mercer Co. IL during 1842, Margaret d. 29 Aug. 1846 Mercer Co. IL; legal heirs Buford age 59, Braxton age 49, Elizabeth Lett age 56, Margaret Bolten age 47, Thornton age 54, Nancy Brooks age 40?, Judith Brown age 39. Letter in 1880 mentions the whereabouts of Judith Brown were unknown.
      Original Family Record in possession of Braxton Duncan: Charles Duncan b. 19 Jan. 1761, Margaret "Peggy" b. 3 Oct. 1767, m. 17 Dec. 1786, Charles d. 24 Oct. 1838, Margaret d. 30 Aug. 1846; Buford b. 15 Sept. 1787, John K. b. 26 Jan. 1789 d. 11 Dec. 1814, Elizabeth b. 20 Jan. 1791, Thornton b. 14 Jan. 1793, Ezekiel b. 12 June 1795, Braxton b. 1 Feb. 1798, Margaret "Peggy" b. 10 July 1800, Elsby b. 20 Nov. 1802, Nancy b. 4 March 1806, Judith b. 14 July 1808, Sarah b. 4 May 1811 d. 22 Sept. 1813; also contains records "of branches of said Family and others who had by permission ... free use ... for that purpose, by their children" ... Floyd Duncan b. 20 Nov. 1825; James Kebley b. 4 Jan. 1824; Araminta Kirk b. 15 Jan. 1815/45; Margaret Susannah Duncan b. 13 Aug. 1837.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

War of 1812 pension applications and original muster rolls (extracted by Edgar C. Smith at the National Archives 1995; from Edgar C. Smith 1995 with permission to share with others; see Giles Co. VA)
      ECS: There were three men named Ralph Stafford on muster rolls of Capt. George W. Camp's Company, 4th Regiment, Virginia Militia. They all served from 16 Sept 1813 to 10 March 1814. Two of them had filed for pensions.
      SO 23215, SC 19383; WO 36218, WC 26741; Ralph "Kentucky" Stafford. Note says that he used the "Kentucky" to distinguish himself from the others when they applied for a pension in 1871; he had lived some in KY after the War of 1812. He said that the other two used the middle initial C or S, but didn't say which was which. He married (1) Alcey Duncan. A note dated 22 June 1879, signed by Judith Brown and witnessed by C.F. Brown and John H. Ducham[?] says, ".. he was married to Alcey Duncan, a sister of this affiant, about May, 1822, and that her said sister died on or about the 29th day of December, 1832". He married (2) Mary "Polly" Terpin in Garrard County, KY, in April, 1835. Their marriage bond is quoted and the name James Terpin is on it. Ralph was a resident of Staffordsville, Giles County, VA, in 1871 when he applied for the pension.
      SO 19460, SC 12255; WO 37478, WC 27343; Ralph Stafford. His original application noted that he was sent to defend Lynn Haven during the blockade and was there for 40 days. Also, ".. rendered assistance in securing two valuable prizes consisting of the cargo of two vessels." He married Margaret Orr at Kimberling Church on 15 Sept 1815. The marriage bond is quoted and includes the named Alexander Orr and John Orr. This Ralph was born in Montgomery Co., VA, and was 18 when drafted. He lived later at Mechanicsburg, Bland Co., where he died 24 Jan 1879. The name William G. Stafford is on the widow's application. The file contains an affidavit by Ralph "Kentucky" Stafford to distinguish them, and says that there were three men with the same name and who served identical times; one was deceased (1871).
      The muster rolls of this company also included the names of Lawson, William and John Duncan, Thomas, Joseph and Isaac Kirk and Andrew Brown.

"Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands" by Andrew B. Booth, 1920, Vol.2, B-G (FHL film 1,305,384 and 1,685,400; also from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985, and pgs.712-714 from Florence Dyess 1987 & 1990)
      Duncan, W.C., Pvt. Capt. Fenner's Batty, LA Lt. Arty. On Roll of Prisoners of War. Paroled at Meridian, MS, May 10, 1865. Res. Newport [Giles Co.], VA.


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