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Formed 1818 from Cherokee & Chickasaw Cession of 1816


1820 Limestone Co. AL Census
(from Louis Boone and Lucille Mehrkam)
        Males over 21 - males under 21
        Females over 21 - females under 21; total whites
        Absolom Dukins    1-2 1-1 5
        Jeremiah Duncan   1-2 1-4 8

1830 Limestone Co. AL Census (also from Kathy Cawley 11/2001)
Pg. 18  Benjn. Dunkin      1012,001 - 0210,001

1840 Limestone Co. AL Census
Pg.140  James M. Duncan    1000,1   - 1001

1850 Limestone Co. AL Census (and from Donna Little 8/1982; no Duncan indexed)
District 3
Pg.74, #394, Joseph M. MAXWELL 31 SC farmer $0-$0
                  Sophia 22 AL
                  Mary J. 1, Susan 5/12 AL
                  (MAD: looking for Joseph M. Maxwell mar. Lee Ann Duncan 10/19/1838, Lee Ann perhaps deceased)

1860 Limestone Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Limestone Co. AL Census
Twp.5 Range 3, Athens P.O.
Pg.40, #194-194, HOLT, Maria 51 SC (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Ruben (m) 18 AL farm laborer
                  Frances (f) 16 AL (blank
                  DUNCAN, Catherine 23 AL (white) (blank)
                  Sarah 9, John 7 AL
                  James 5, Parks (m) 3 AL
                  Anna 18 AL
                  Thomas 12 AL (white) farm laborer
Pg.43, #251-251, DUNCAN, Berry 30 AL (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Sinah (f) 24 GA keeping house
                  Frank 4, Nora (f) 1 AL
                  (MAD: Granberry W. Duncan in 1860 Marshall Co. AL census; 1880 Colbert Co. AL census)
Pg.43, #252-252, DUNCAN, Wash (m) 27 AL (white) farmer $0-$250
                  Sarah 24 GA keeping house
                  Henry 4, Clifford (m) 1 AL
                  (MAD: said to be Henry Walton Duncan, 1860 Marshall Co. AL census)
Town of Athens
Pg.82, #81-81, WRIGHT, James N. 40 AL (white) President F.Instite? $0-$1000
                  Thurzie W. (f) 35 TN (white) assistant
                  BAYLEY, Bettie (f) 30 TN assistant
                  GUN, Mary 18 TN boarder
                  LEATHERWOOD, Jennie 20 AL boarder
                  DUNCAN, Hellen 15 MS (white) boarder
                  (& other boarders & servants)
Twp.4 Range 4W, Athens P.O.
Pg.104, #81-81, DUNCAN, W. (m) 25 AL (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Jennie 22 AL
                  Lucy 12 AL
Twp.5 Range 4W, Athens P.O.
Pg.120, #5-5, GAMBLE, Fannie E. (f) 27 AL (white) keeping house, $19,000-$500
                  DUNCAN, Benj. G. 28 AL (white) merchant $0-$2000
                  SMITH, Ann 28 AL (white) (blank) $0-$1000
Twp.4 Range 5, Athens P.O.
Pg.147, #207-207, DUNCAN, William 32 TN BLACK farm lab. $0-$0
                  Lucinda 25 TN BLACK farm lab.
                  Rose 18 TN BLACK farm lab.


Limestone Co. AL Marriages 1832-1862 (FHL film 1,035,010 item 3)
      Robert B. Lewis to Elizabeth Dunkin, lic. #1229 on 12 May 1834; married 13 May 1834 by Jas. Wood VDM (pg.64) (not identified 1850 TN census)
      James M. Dunkin to Mary H. Gamble, lic. #1404 on 16 July 1836; married 17 July 1836 by R. Donnell? MG (pg.152)
      No other Duncan indexed
      Joseph M. Maxwell to Lee Ann Duncan, 19 Oct. 1838, Marriage Book 1; from pg.64, Vol.40, "Limestone Co. AL Marriages" by Pauline Gandrud


Limestone Co. AL Deeds (FHL film 1,034,997 indexes, 1818-1840; 1840-1871)
      1-54: 1 June 1820, Oliver C. Bee of Limestone Co. AL to Thomas Howard of State of TN, $250, household and farm equipment, livestock, and supply of corn and bacon. Wit. Jessee Hunter, Jeremiah Dunkin. Proven before Thomas T. Smith on oath of Oliver C. Bee on 1 June 1820. (from pg.183, Vol.9, 1974/75 "Valley Leaves" Vol.9, 1974/75; FHL book 976.19 B2v and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1983)
            (MAD: ??? see Jeremiah Duncan of Rhea Co. TN, son of Jeremiah of Greene Co. TN & wife Rebecca Henley; ?? see Jeremiah Duncan of Lexington Co. SC, wife Mary who had son Oliver Bee)
      2-263: 8 Feb. 1826, James Clemens and wife Minerva P. of Madison Co. AL to Benjamin Duncan of Limestone Co., $200, lot #40 on Market Street in town of Moorsville in Limestone Co. AL. (FHL film 1,034,998)
      2-327: 29 Dec. 1824, James Clemens and wife Minerva P. of Madison Co. AL to Benjamin Duncan of Limestone Co., $300, lot #39 on Market Street in town of Moorsville in Limestone Co. AL. (FHL film 1,034,998)
      3-513: 16 Sept. 1829, James S. Seamaster and Penelope P. his wife to Benjamin Dunkin, both of Limestone Co. AL, $700, SE 1/4 Sec. 8, Twp. 5, Range 3W, 162.11 acres. Wit. James B. Walker, Ebinezer Darby. (FHL film 1,034,998)
      5-324: 15 Jan. 1838, James M. Duncan and Mary H. his wife to Edwin Owens, both of Limestone Co. AL, $175, lot #12 on Market Street in Moorsville. No wit. (FHL film 1,034,999)
      5-366: 16 Dec. 1837, James English as trustee to James M. Dunkin, all of Limestone Co. AL; James English trustee by deed of trust made by Thomas Cotton to English to secure to Benjamin Dunkin a sum of money due 15 Aug. 1829, recorded in Limestone Co. AL 8 Sept. 1829; in fulfilment of stipulations and conditions therein, the trustee James English advertised and offered for sale to the highest bidder in the town of Mooresville lot #12; James M. Dunkin was highest bidder at $100.25; lot #12 deeded to James M. Dunkin. Wit. Thos. H. Thacks?. (FHL film 1,034,999)
      5-378: 27 Oct. 1835, Benjamin Dunkin and Nancy his wife to William H. Blackwell and Edward W. Parker, all of Limestone Co. AL, $5,090, NE & SE 1/4 of Sec. 8 and SE 1/4 of Sec. 5, Twp.5, Range 3W, 484.76 acres. No wit. (FHL film 1,034,999) (MAD: Benjamin Dunkin listed in Old Government Tract Book, 7 Feb. 1818, for this land; from "Old Land Records of Limestone Co. AL" by Margaret Matthews Cowart; FHL book 976.198 R2c; and from Evelyn Sigler 12/1985)
      5-660: 13 Dec. 1839, Oliver Price owes James M. Duncan $495.84, due Jan. 1, 1841; mortgage to Hugh G. Hall of Lot 12 in Morisville and Bibby Tanyard and other lots. (FHL film 1,034,999)
      6-354: 9 Aug. 1842, Hugh G. Hall as trustee to James M. Dunkin; Hall was trustee for Oliver Price; land sold to James M. Dunkin as highest bidder. (FHL film 1,035,000)
      6-484: 20 May 1842, Benjamin (X) Duncan of Madison Co. AL for love and affection to my grandchildren Lucy Ann Duncan, Mary Jane Duncan and John Thomas Benton Duncan children of my son Peter H. Duncan of Madison Co. AL, and to such other children as my said Peter H. Duncan may yet lawfuly beget, negro slaves. Wit. Peter Wm.? Richardson. Benjamin Duncan acknowledged in Limestone Co. AL 20 May 1842. (FHL film 1,035,000) (MAD: listed as Madison Co. AL deed U-110, 20 May 1843; in Vol.133 of "AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud)
      10-166: "Received of R.C. Gamble, Gar., $1346.30 for balance of my legacy left me by my grandfather J.H. Gamble decd in the final settlement of his estate which was made about the 6th of March 1857. This the 10th day of June 1858." /s/ B.G. Duncan; judge of probate court "Benjamin G. Duncan". (FHL film 1,035,002)


Limestone Co. AL Wills (FHL film 1,035,138)
      Vol. 3, 1836-1841 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,035,137)
      Vol. 4, 1831-1837 - no Duncan
      Vol. 5, 1836-1841 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,035,138)
      Vol. 6, 1841-1845 - no Duncan
      Vol. 7, 1844-1847 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,035,139)
      No Vol. 8
      Vol. 9, 1849-1850 - no Duncan
      No Vol. 10
      Vol. 11, 1865-1866 - no Duncan, no J.H. Gamble (FHL film 1,035,140)

Limestone Co. AL Index to Files and Estates (FHL film 1,035,139)
      File 155 - Duncan, James A., minor (MAD: one James A. Duncan Jr. listed in Probate Minute Book 1910-1914 pg.372; from "Probate Minute Index, Limestone Co. AL" by Eleanor Schulte Frost; FHL book 976.198 P22p)
      File 111 - Duncan, Robert T., decd
      File 64 - Duncan, Geo., decd
      File 23 - Gamble, J.H.
      (Unable to locate actual files in microfilmed records)

Limestone Co. AL Probate Court Minutes; Book 1910-1914, Vol.EE (FHL film 2,231,295)
      EE-372: Court 16 Oct. 1912. James A. Duncan, minor over age 14, grant of letters of guardianship. Elizabeth W. Duncan filed petition as guardian of estate of James A. Duncan Jr., minor over age of 14 and under age of 18 who resides in Athens, Limestone Co. AL, with his father James A. Duncan Sr.; she is sister of said minor and is over age 21, is an unmarried woman, she and said minor reside in Athens, Limestone Co. AL; the only property of said minor consists of his share of a legacy to his mother's estate from the estate of one Charles Allmand decd, $160 to $175; she produced in writing the nomination by said James A. Duncan Jr. certified by Miss Myrtle Simmons, Notary Public, requesting appointment; and the consent by James A. Duncan Sr. The court appointed Elizabeth W. Duncan the guardian, she posted bond of $350, security by James A. Duncan Sr. and Louise B. Duncan.

Limestone Co. AL Orphans' Court Minutes; Book 1824-1830 (FHL film 2,210,381 item 5)
      Pg.196: Court 20 Dec. 1828. Ordered Levi Edmondson, Thomas Cotton, Benjamin Dunkin, Thomas H. Thach, and Scott Bayne be appt. commrs. to divide the slaves belonging to estate of Saml. McAllister decd among the heirs, to wit, Eliza Jane McAllister and John McAllister and his children and Sarah Patterson late Sarah McAllister widow and relict of said decd., or any three of them and report to court.

Limestone Co. AL Orphans' Court Minutes; Book 1830-1834 (FHL film 2,210,382 item 1)
      No Duncan indexed

Limestone Co. AL Orphans' Court Minutes; Book 1835-1843 (FHL film 2,210,382 item 2)
      2-193: Nov. 28, 1837, Paris D. Bell died intestate, relict and widow Barthena Bell relinquished right of administration in favor of James M. Dunkin, he now applying for letters of administration, bond of $400, security William T. Keyes and John M. Richardson; appraisers William Dewoody?, James H. Gamble, Robert B. Prebles.
      2-200: Dec. 23, 1837, James Atkinson died intestate, widow Alcie Atkinson relinq. right of admin. in favor of James M. Dunkin, bond $13,000, securities William T. Minor, James H. Gamble; appraisers Thomas H. Thack, William Dewoody, Hury (?) Preebles, Hartwell Tucker and Edward Walton.
      2-208: Jan. 25, 1838, James M. Dunkin, admin. of James Atkinson, to make private sale of crop of cotton.
      2-216: March 21, 1838, William Fryer decd, admin. de bonis non Thomas F. Edwards, bond $2,000, securities James M. Dunkin and Thomas G. Fryer.
      2-226: May 19, 1838, James M. Dunkin, admin. of estate of Paris D. Bell, reports estate insolvent, final settlement to be made.
      2-244: Aug. 20, 1838, George Dillard died intestate, James M. Dunkin admin, bond $80,000, security James H. Gamble and Ann Dillard; appr. Thomas H. Thack, Robert Prebles, James Word, James Woodruff, Jonathan Fisher.
      2-344: Dec. 19, 1839, Alice Atkinson, widow and relict of James Atkinson, petition for her dower to be laid off, James M. Dunkin admin. has received notice, court so ordered.
      2-389: Sept. 11, 1840, court made final settlement of account and vouchers of James M. Dunkin, admin. of estate of James Atkinson; ordered confirmed and recorded.
      2-418: Jan. 27, 1841, James M. Dunkin, admin. of James Atkinson, posted bond, security Paul Robbins, for $4,246.
      2-548: Oct. 24, 1842, James M. Dunkin, admin. of estate of James Atkinson, filed account; notice of settlement.
      2-564: Dec. 13, 1842, James M. Dunkin, admin. of estate of James Atkinson, filed account, final settlement of accounts and vouchers of John N.S. Jones?, admin. of estate of Elisha Parker decd.


Limestone Co. AL Circuit Court Minutes; Book 1825-1827 (FHL film 2,210,732 item 1)
      Pg.225: Court 15 Sept. 1826, Keyes & Dunkin vs. James Simpson, Appl. The applicants' demurrer (demend? demerrad?) to the pltf's certiorrari being heard, argued and fully understood, the same be overruled and defendant have leave to plead; the jury cannot agree, the cause is continued.
      Pg.256: Court 8 March 1827, Case #1914, James Cowan vs. Keyes & Dunkin, cause continued.


Carter Co. TN Deed (FHL film 847,622)
      D-109: 4 Oct. 1826, Benjamin Dunkin of Limestone Co. AL to Jacob Cameron of Carter Co. TN, $200, Elizabethton lot #38. Wit. Benj. Brewer, W. Graham, Alfred E. Jackson. Rec. Feb. 1827 on oath of witnesses.

Madison Co. AL Deeds
      O-624: 1 Jan. 1834, James F. Johnston (also signed by Polly Johnston) of Limestone Co. AL to Benjamin Dunkin of Madison Co. AL, $400, 80 acres, E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 24, Twp. 3, Range 2W. No wit. (FHL film 1,305,812)
      W-109: 20 May 1843, Benjamin Duncan of Madison Co. AL for love and affection to daughter Delilah H., now the wife of William H. Sadler of Madison Co. AL and her children Mary E. Sadler, Mandy A. L. Sadler and Isabella C. Sadler; slaves in trust, William H. Sadler, trustee; acknowledged in Limestone Co. AL. (from Vol.159, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)
            MAD: Madison Co. AL Chancery? Court Record V-34, bill filed 10/24/1855, William H. Sadler, orator, vs. Delilah H. Sadler (wife of orator) and their children Mary E. Sadler and Amanda L. Sadler (between 14 and 21), Isabella C. Sadler, George L. Sadler, Sarah R. Sadler, John R. D. Sadler, William A. Sadler and Albert R. Sadler, all under 14, all living with orator; that Delilah is a daughter of Benjamin Duncan; she and orator were married many years ago, and that on 5/20/1843 Benjamin Duncan, for love for the said Delilah and her then living children Mary E, Amanda A.L. and Isabella C., deeded slaves in trust; since then, George L., Sarah R., John B.D., William A. and Albert R. have been born; the orator petitions to sell one of the slaves. (from Vol.159, "Madison Co. AL Deeds" by Pauline Gandrud)

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of Hamilton, Knox and Shelby Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.3)
      Vol.3, pg.955-6: Shelby Co. Dr. George K. Duncan was born in Limestone Co. AL, April 24, 1828. His father, Benjamin Duncan, was a native of VA. He moved to East TN and settled near Greenville; was a stonemason by trade, but was afterward a merchant at Mooresville, AL. He was married in East TN to Nancy Ross, and they had 6 sons and 4 daughters, our subject being the youngest. The father moved, in 1835, to Shelby Co. and settled on Big Creek, on the old Jesse Benton farm, and died at Raleigh, Shelby Co., June 21, 1860. The mother was a native of East TN and died at the home on Big Creek in 1838. Dr. Duncan was raised in Shelby Co. and educated in the common schools. He read medicine ... and graduated from the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia in 1851, and has since then practiced medicine in Shelby Co. ... He was married in Shelby Co. March 1, 1854, to Miss Annie Lamphier, daughter of John Lamphier, a native of VA. They had 3 children -- Edith V., Elizabeth and Albert B. The mother was born in KY and died July 11, 1881, at Raleigh, and Dr. Duncan was married again in Memphis, March 5, 1884, to Miss Sophia Anderson. He was an old line Whig before the war but is now a Democrat and a member of the A.O.U.W. ...

1891 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Mississippi" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.2 D3b V.1 Pt.2; and from Evelyn Sigler 5/1983)
      Pg.671-3: JAMES M. DUNCAN, ... was born in Greene Co. TN on the 28th of October, 1813, and inherits Scotch blood from his paternal grandfather, who was a native of Scotland. The latter and a brother came to the United States prior to the Revolution, and the brother was killed by the British near Norfolk, VA. The grandfather settled in Botetourt county, VA, and there reared his family, consisting of George, Jerry, Amos, Benjamin, David and two daughters. (MAD: see probate record in Madison Co. AL for David Duncan.) The fourth child in order of birth, Benjamin, grew to manhood in Virginia, and when a young man went to East Tennessee, where he was married in 1812 to Miss Nancy Ross, also a native of the Old Dominion, and a daughter of William Ross, who served in the Revolutionary war, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. Mr. Ross has several sons, who served in the Creek Indian wars. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan continued to reside in Greene Co. TN until November, 1822, when they moved to Limestone county, AL, and from there to Shelby Co. TN, in 1834. The father followed merchandising from the close of the Indian wars, in which he served as a lieutenant in Capt. Waterhouse's company, until about 1850, when he carried on planting .... He was a stanch whig, ... a Mason of rank, ... of Shelby county. He died June 1, 1860, ... his wife died in the same county in 1836, leaving six children -- three sons and three daughters, two of whom are yet living: James M. Duncan, the subject of this sketch, and the eldest child; and Mrs. Ann Reembert, of Shelby Co. TN. After his wife's death Mr. Duncan was married the second time and became the father of two children by this union, a son and daughter, both now deceased. James M. Duncan passed his boyhood and youth in Limestone Co. AL, and their received his education. In 1836 he started out in life for himself as a merchant at Mooresville, Ala., Limestone county, and there continued until the spring of 1840. He first came to Mississippi in 1838, to administer upon the estate of George Dillard, and ... moved there in the fall of 1840. .... He was first married while living in AL to Miss Mary H. Gamble, who was born and reared in that state. She died on the 21st of June, 1840, leaving two children: Benjamin G. and Mary, both of whom are deceased. The former served as a soldier in the Civil war, and was a member of Captain Stanford's battery, ... His death occurred on the 6th of April, 1880, in Grenada. The other child died in Alabama when young.
            Mr. Duncan's second marriage was to Mrs. Susan Augusta (Girault) Sykes, widow of Dr. J.B. Sykes, whom she had married in 1847. Her parents, James A. and Susan (Dunbar) Girault, were early settlers of Mississippi. James A. Girault was born near Natchez, MS, in 1793, and died at Jackson, MS, March 24, 1851. (more on Girault genealogy) Mrs. Duncan ... the fourth child in order of birth. She was born at Bellevue, near Natchez, on the 19th of October, 1832 ... (more on Girault genealogy). To Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were born 9 children, five of whom are now living: Robert D., engaged in merchandising at Greenwood, Miss.; James M., resides at Vicksburg and is teller in the Delta bank; Annie E., married R.S. Turnage and lives in Memphis, TN; Blanton C. is a merchant of Grenada, Miss.; and Katie A., who is a single and a highly accomplished lady. Those deceased are: Mary, died in 1852; Nancy Ross, died in 1859; John G., died in 1866; and Susan H., who was the wife of Thomas P. Lampkin, died in 1883, leaving two beautiful young daughters, Helen and Elouise. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist church. Mr. Duncan is a democrat in politics and is the only one of the older members of the family who voted with that party, they being whigs.


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