French Blackstone White Invalid Claim for Pension, 1890-93

French White
Invalid Claim
for Pension

French White Invalid Claim for Pension

Thomas White (1808-1888)
French B. White (1832-1893)
Thomas W. White (1866-1946)
John White
Census: Athens Co. (OH) (1840-1860)
Census: Athens Co. (OH) (1870-1880)
Census: Vernon Co. (WI) (1870-1880)
Marriage: Thomas White - Elizabeth Davis
Obit: Eugenia (Marshall) White
Obit: French B. White
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Pension: French White
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About the applicant

French Blackstone White was a soldier in Company I of the 1st regiment of the Ohio Heavy Artillery, during the Civil War. He was a blacksmith by training and served as an artificer for his unit. He mustered into the service on June 22, 1863 and mustered out at Knoxville, Tennessee on July 25, 1865. During his service, he contracted a serious case of chronic diarrhea that lead to other ailments such rheumatism, piles, and constipation which apparently plagued him for the rest of his life.

Below are the documents that pertain to both Mr. White's original application for an Invalid Pension (claim no. 728.828) and his increase for an Increase of Invalid Pension (claim no. 504.042). Affidavit's from his neighbors, friends, and family are included, testifying to both his health before and after the war. Copies of the original National Archives documents were scanned to make available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Transcriptions may later follow.

Documents for Claim No. 728.828

Index - Original inv., Claim No. 728.828 (PDF, 142 kb)

NOTE: Some of these documents were too long to fit on a standard Letter-sized sheet of paper.  Therefore, the same sheet was scanned twice to include both the top and the bottom., which resulted in parts of these pages appearing in duplicate.

Name and P.O Address - Date of Filing - Subject

  1. French B. White, Retreat Wisc., Sept. 17 1889 - declaration (PDF, 280 kb)
  2. French B. White, Jan. 31, 1890, amended declaration (PDF, 108 kb)
  3. French B. White, April 3, 1890, history of disability (PDF, 278 kb)
  4. Adjutant General Report, Nov. 15, 1889, Service (PDF, 42 kb)
  5. S.G. Report, Nov. 15, 1889, hospital treatment
  6. John T. Shepherd, March 24, 1890, origin (PDF, 226 kb)
  7. John T. Shepherd, July 11, 1890, reply to office letter (PDF, 44 kb, hard to read)
  8. Wm. H. Lefever, Trimble, Ohio, date?, origin (PDF, 229 kb)
  9. Dr. H. D. Danford, Trimble, Ohio, March 24, 1890, Proof of Disability (PDF, 254 kb)
  10. Dr. H. D. Danford, July 8, 1890, reply to office letter (PDF, 254 kb)
  11. Calvin C. Mingus, Ballard, Wash., July 21, 1890, origin (PDF, 134 kb)
  12. J. M. Hill, Retreat, Wisc, November 5, 1889, Neighbor's Affidavit (PDF, 384 kb)
  13. Wm. B. Witcraft, Romance, Wisc., March 24, 1890, continuance (PDF, 187 kb)
  14. Wm. B. Witcraft, July 31, 1890, reply to office letter (PDF, 121 kb, hard to read)
  15. Silas D. Taylor, DeSoto, Wisc., March 31, 1890, continuance (PDF, 327 kb)
  16. Silas D. Taylor, July 14, 1890, reply to office letter (PDF, 60 kb)
  17. Dr. H. J. Suttle, Viroqua, Wisc., March 25, 1890, medical evidence (PDF, 236 kb)
  18. Surgeon certificate, Feb. 10, 1890, rating 6/18 for diarrhea & results. 4/18 for rheumatism (PDF, 197 kb)
  19. Original Invalid Claim awarded at $6/month, Oct. 1, 1890 (PDF, 141 kb)
  20. Invalid Pension at $10/month, Dec. 9, 1891(PDF, 124)
  21. Pension records (not sure what these are called - PDF, 74 kb)

Documents for Claim No. 504.042

Name and P.O Address - Date of Filing - Subject

  1. Declaration for the Increase of an Invalid Pension, June 27, 1891 (PDF, 150 kb)
  2. Medical Board, Richland Center, Wisc., December 9, 1891, Surgeon Certificate, rating 12/18 for chronic diarrhea, 2/18 for piles & dis. of rectum, 4/18 for dis. of heart, and 4/18 for rheumatism (PDF, 165 kb)
  3. Dr. S. A. Mellen, Viroqua, Wisc., March 12, 1893, For an Increase of Invalid Pension (PDF, 81 kb)
  4. Dr. H. J. Suttle, Viroqua, Wisc., March 18, 1893, Medical Affadavit PDF, 398 kb)
  5. John M. Hill, Retreat, Wisc., April 13, 1893, General Affidavit (PDF, 131 kb)
  6. Wilber T. White, Retreat, Wisc., April 29, 1893, General Affidavit (PDF, 165 kb)
  7. Dr. S. A. Mellen, Retreat, Wisc., Medical Evidence (PDF, 204 kb)
  8. Dr. H. J. Suttle, Viroqua, Wisc., July 7, 1893, Medical Evidence (PDF, 377kb)
  9. Pension records (not sure what these are called - PDF, 98 kb)

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