White and Lee Family History

White and Lee Family  Surnames

The following consists of my ancestral surnames as well as the surnames of those who married into the family. Eventually, I hope to have links to as many of these as possible to show relationships, years of their life and geographical locations. Family groupings are currently limited to those that are direct ancestors (and their children). Please contact me at the address at the bottom of this page if you have questions, comments or think we may connect.

Ancestral Surnames

Aggar, Andrews, Bassett, Bosie, Bourne, Bradt, Bratberg, Brewer, Brudos (Bruås), Byram, Cole, Cooke, Combe, Copson, Darling, De Vos, Dean, Deighton, Dinker, Dunbar, Edson, Eliot, Ferian, Filden, French, Garnet, Gilbert, Granum, Guest, Hansson, Hatch, Hauge, Hayward, Hazen, Helland, Heljeson (Heljesson/Helgesson), Hertel, Hicks, Hill, Hillbo, Hillestad, Holland, Holter, Hopkins, Hosier, Howard, Jønsrud, Joseph, Le Mehieu, Lee, Leet, Mahieu, McElroy, Mellem, Moore, Morton, Nitter, Orcutt, Ots-Toch, Packard, Painter, Pierce (Peirce/Pers), Prouty, Ransom, Richards, Rossiter, Ryckman, Sacia, Sandman, Shaner, Shaw, Smith, Sprehn, Strong, Sturtevant, Sveningson, Taylor, Thoreson, Tomson, Torrey, Towne, Van Slyck, Wadsworth, Walsele (Walsley), Waterman, Watson, White, Williams, Wilson, Wither, Woodward, Wright, Young

Peripheral Surnames

Adams, Anderson, Anderson, Angell, Atkinson, Borchert, Bolstad, Boyman, Bye, Costley, Crandell, Cushing, Crum, Delaney, Dicus, Dismukes, Dockham, Dodge, Doerr, Dunning, Eddy, Erickson, Essmiller, Eugene, Euler, Even, Evenson, Fritzvold, Gant, Geer, Gilbertson, Glimsdale, Glomstad, Goodale, Gooden, Goodrich, Gordon, Graham, Grapp, Grassell, Green, Grem, Grimslid, Grottodon, Hall, Hall, Halseth, Hanson, Harris, Heineck, Hendrickson, Heron, Hicke, Hinkson, Hoff, Hogan, Hole, Hjermstad, Hogan, Hopman, Horejsi, Horn, Hoskins, Hovell, Howland, Huber, Humphrey, Hunter, Huseboe, Iverson, Jacobson, Jacobus, Jerman, Johnson, Johnston, Kellman, Kendall, Knudtson, Knutson, Krogan, Larson, Lowner, Mellen, Miller, Monson, Morrow, Myers, Neeley, Nelson, Nichols, Olson, Osterberg, OttumOverholt, Pertzch, Peterson, Pfaff, Pfoff, Pionke, Roberts, Rhoda, Rouse, Rust, Ryder, Seime, Seymour, Sink, Sjuggerud, Skogen, Skoy, Smith, Snow, Sparstad, Staricka, Steensrud, Swearingen, Taylor, Thompson, Torger, Ugland, Unks, Vangen, Van Vleet, Veldey, Verlo, Vigdahl, Volden, Wall, Wardwell, Weingarten, Williams, Wilson, Witcraft, Yttri

Cemetery Transcriptions

Vermont Church Cemetery, Dane County, Wisconsin

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Last updated 14 January 2002

Please contact Scott W. White with any comments or questions.