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Formed 1683; discontinued
Chester formed 1785 from Craven, Camden

The area covered by old Craven District SC, taken in part from "Counties in SC," typed pages from file of Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      According to Leonardo Andrea, Craven County was a Colonial County; the records are in Charleston Co. Courthouse, and some in the Historical Commission in Columbia. Craven County was the largest of the Colonial Counties.
      The boundaries of Craven began on the Atlantic at the mouth of the Santee River and followed the north bank of the Santee and Cangaree Rivers to where Columbia is now situated. From Columbia it was laid off to follow up the Broad River but for some reason did not do so. It took a straight line from Columbia to where Pickens joins Greenville on the NC Line and then followed the NC line to the Atlantic and down the Atlantic to the mouth of the Santee River. It comprised the following:
            Georgetown, once known as Winyah Co. and as Pr. George Parish
            Williamsburg, also known as Pr. Frederick Parish
            Horry, once known as Kingston Co. and All Saints Parish
            Dillon, a new county
            Darlington, once known as St. David Parish
            Chesterfield, once known as St. David Parish
            Lee, a new county
            Sumter, once known as Salem Co. and later as Cleremont-Clarendon
            Kershaw, until after 1790 it was a part of Lancaster Co
            Lancaster Co., once known as the Waxhaws
            Cherokee, late county formed from York, Union & Spartanburg
            The eastern portions of Greenville, Laurens and Newberry, and all of Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union were first laid off as part of Berkeley Co. The western portions of Greenville, Newberry, and Laurens were in Berkeley Co.


SC Land Plats 1688-1787 (Index on FHL film 22,598)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Duncan, John, Craven, 100a, 14-493, 20 Oct. 1767
      Duncan, John, Craven, 50a, 14-494, 27 Mar. 1771
      Duncan, Jonathn, Craven, 300a, 14-494, 14 Dec. 1771
      Duncan, Saml., Craven, 400a, 11-41, 5 Sept. 1769? (1764?)
      Duncan, Sarah, Broad R., 350a, 11-415, 4 Sept. 177- (edge dark)
      Duncan, William, Craven, 100a, 14-495, 19 Dec. 1771

SC Land Plats (some pages have diagram of land)
      11-41: "Pursuant to a Receipt from John Troup Esqr. Dep. Sver?. Genl. dated 6 Aug. 1765, I have measured & laid out unto John Hammer a Tract of Land containing Four hundred acres on the waters of Bush River in Craven County bounded W.ward by Wm. & Mathias Elmore's Land, & vact. land, S.ward part on Mathias Elmore's Land part on Wm. Hilborn's & part vact. ?.ward portion Wm. Hilborn's Land & part vacant, & to the N?.ward by vact. land & Hath such shape & marks as the above plat repressts. Certified 28 Aug. 1765, Jno. Pearson D.S. N.B. The above plat was certified for Samuel Dunkin. Paid? la? casta? 5th Sepr. 1769. (FHL film 22,606)
      11-415: Receipt 3 Feb. 1767, laid out unto Samuel Duncan, 350 acres in the fork between Broad & Saludy Rivers on a small branch of Bush Creek, bounded by David Hammer, Wm. Austel, ... Surveyed 17 Feb. 1767; plat certified for Sarah Duncan 4 Sept. 1770. (FHL film 22,606)
      14-493: 3 Oct. 1769, to John Dunkin, 100 acres in Craven Co. on waters of Tyger River, on a small branch thereof called James Creek, bounding ... Martin Lewiston. Cert. 20 Oct. 1769. Ord. C. 8 July 1774. (FHL film 22,607)
            MAD: Spartanburg Co. SC Deed D-225, 23 Feb. 1795, from Anthony Wilson and wife Jean to Thomas Price, was for 100 acres on Jamie's Creek of Tygar River originally granted 11 Aug. 1774 to Johnn Dunkins in Craven Co. who sold 19 & 20 Jan. 1787 to William Caldwell; from pg.108 "Spartanburg Co./Dist. SC Deed Abstracts, Books A-T, 1785-1827 (1752-1827)" by Albert Bruce Pruitt (Carlsbad, CA, Public Library book 975.729 R2PRU; FHL book 975.7 R28p)
      14-494: 5 Feb. 1771, to John Dunkin, 50 acres in Craven County on N. side of Saludy River, bounded ... William Ellis, Robt. Lang. Cert. 27 March 1771. (FHL film 22,607)
      14-494: 3 Dec. 1771, to Jonathan Dunkan, 300 acres in Craven Co. on S. fork of Rocky Creek, bounded ... John Lews?, Archibald Cauthen? (Cauken?). Survey 14 Dec. 1771. (FHL film 22,607) (MAD: later Chester Co. SC)
      14-495: 6 Aug. 1771, to William Duncan, 100 acres in Craven Co. on "S. fork of Tyger River not worthy to be called a river" bounded ... old surveyed land and marks, name not known, ... Cert. 19 Dec. 1771. (FHL film 22,607)

SC Memorials (Land) (index on FHL film 23,297)
      Name, location, No. of acres, volume-page, date
      Duncan, George, Craven, 400a, 2-408, 26 April 1775
      Duncan, Jonathan, Rockey (sic), 300a, 11-236, 27 May 177?
      Duncan, William, Craven, 400a, 8-535, 13 Nov. 1769
      Duncan, William, Craven, 100a, 11-281, 29 June/Jan? 1772

SC Memorials
      2-408: (page badly torn) Memorial to George Duncan, June 1775, Camden District, waters of Tho... NE on John Kn... Grimbs, W on ... David McQu... 100 acres (rest of page missing) (FHL film 23,298)
      8-535: 13 Nov. 1769, Memorial to Samuel Dunkin for 400 acres in Craven Co. on waters of Bush River adj. Wward by Wm. & Mathias Elmore and vacant land, Sward part on Mathias Elmore and part William Hilbourne and part vacant land, Eward part on William Hillbourne's and part vacant, and Nwardly on vacant; survey certified 5 Sept. 1769 and granted 27 Sept?. 1764 (1769?) to the memorialist ... /s/ James H. Cossey (Cofey). (FHL film 23,302) (MAD: indexed as William Duncan, actually Samuel Duncan)

Index to South Carolina Royal Land Grants, A-K (FHL film 22,581)
      (Location in parentheses below was added in small handwriting near the name columns, apparently at a later date)
      Dunken, Jonathan, (S. Fork of Rawley Cr.), Crav, 300a, 23-173, 13 Mar. 1772
      Dunken, John, (James Cr. Tyger R.), Crav, 100a, 32-73, 11 Aug. 1774
      Dunken, Samuel, (Bush Cr.,) Crav, 400a, 18-541, 27 Sept. 1769
      Duncan, Sarah, A. Bush Cr, 350a, 21-72, 19 Sept. 1770
      Duncan, William, (S. fork of Tyger River), Crav, 100a, 25-449, 15 May 1772

SC Royal Land Grants
      16-541: 27 Sept. 1769, to Samuel Dunkin, 400 acres on Waters of Bush Creek in Craven Co., bounded W by Wm. and Mathias Elmores land and vacant land, S part on Mathias Elmores land, part on William Hilburnns land and part vacant, E part on Wm. Hilburns land and ?? vacant and N by vacant lands; plat certified 5 Sept. 1769. (FHL film 22,589) (MAD: see also (old) Berkeley Dist. SC)
      18-541: 27 Sept. 1769, surveyed 5 Sept. 1769, grant to Samuel Dunkin, 400 acres on waters of Bush Creek in Craven County, bounded N. by Wm. and Mathias Elmores land and vacant land, S on Mathias Elmores land, part on William Hilbourns land and part vacant, E. part on Wm. Hilbourns land and part vacant & N by vacant land. (FHL film 22,591)
      21-72: 19 Sept. 1770, grant to Sarah Duncan, 350 acres situate on the fork between Broad & Saluda Rivers, on a small branch of Bush Creek, bounding northeastwardly on land laid out to David Hammer & part vacant, southwestwardly part on land laid out to William Austin & part vacant, the other sides on vacant land. (FHL film 22,592)
      25-173: 13 March 1772, to Jonathan Dunken, 300 acres in Craven Co. on S. fork of Rockey Creek, bounded SW by John Lee and Archibald Couters land, other sides vacant; plat certified 14 Dec. 1771. (FHL film 22,593)
      25-449: 15 May 1772, to William Duncan, 100 acres in Craven Co. on S. fork of Tyger River bounding to north by said river, south by an old survey, other sides vacant; plat certified 19 Dec. 1771. (FHL film 22,593)
      32-73: 11 Aug. 1774, surveyed 8 July 1774, grant to John Dunkin, 100 acres in Craven Co. on Tyger River on a small branch called James Creek, bounded E. by unknown land, W on Martin Levistone, other sides vacant. (FHL film 22,596)


Charleston Co. SC Probate Records; Inventories 1771-1774, Vol.Z (FHL film 194,636)
      Z-137: Inventory of estate of Samuel Dunkin decd, incl. 4 cows, 5 head of young (cows), waggon & gear complete, horses, filleys, old mare, sundry plantation tools, 2 guns and a barrel, 1 rifle gun, sundry household goods, 2 spinning wheels, carpenters tools, woman's saddle, beds & furniture, a saddle, bridle & saddle bags, 1 old negro man, looking glass, bed, flour, etc. The above is a just and true inventory of the goods and chattels shewed us by Sarah Dunkin and appraised; 13 July 1771, /s/ Jacob Brooks Jurat, Wm. Gillum (X). (MAD: see Old Berkeley and Craven Cos. SC)
            MAD: 5 Nov. 1770, Citation granted to Sarah Duncan to administer on the Estate and Effects of Samuel Duncan late of Bush River Craven County as Nearest of kin; to be read in the parish Chh of St. Marks or nearest place of Worship. Dedimus issued to John Caldwell Esqr. to qualify Sarah Duncan administratrix of the estate and effects of Samuel Duncan her husband, 5 Feb. 1771. (from pg.111 and 121, "Probate Records of SC; Journal of the Court of Ordinary 1764-1771 [Charleston Co. SC]" Vol.3, by Brent H. Holcomb; FHL book 975.7 P2p v.3)

Charleston Co. SC Wills (FHL film 23,461; listed on pg.235 in "Abstract of Wills of SC 1760-1784" by Caroline T. Moore as Book TT)
      Vol.1774-1779, pg.252-253: Craven Co. SC, 21 Nov. 1773, will of Hennery Dixon, being just about to leave this earthly world; body buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my executors; Appoint Hugh Johnson my lawful attorney and whole executor; to my beloved friend Philip Lanhair one brown mare with a small star in her forehead and one saddle and one bridle, the said Lanhair living in Lanchester town saddler. To my beloved friend Hugh Johnson all my goods and chattels and debts in the foresaid province as follows: Nelson Dunkin note, Joseph Wright note, William Kelly note being security for Michael Murrel, widow Spraggins note, at Little River John Johnson, Major Collwel, John Ridgdels note to asn? of shoes & cash, William Wests Senr, Chas. Banks Junr, James Williams, one young cow at Jacob Vansants, Archibald Dunbar, David Dunlaps note, 2 pair of stocking at the widow Johnson, making of one pair of Breeches at Mary Neels, 2 deerskins at Young William Wests, Thos. Clark ditto, Gipson ditto, and all my working tools at Capt. West, which I give to the said Hugh Johnson and his heirs & assigns forever. Wit. John Pope, Nealson Dunkin. (MAD: see Edgefield Co. SC)
      MAD: the Will of Hance McWhirter of Craven Co. dated 18 Oct. 1772 recorded in Will Book SS, 1771-1774, was witnessed by John Duncan among others; from pg.196, "Abstracts of the Wills of [Charleston] SC, 1760-1784" Vol.3, by Caroline T. Moore (FHL book 975.7 P2m)

Charleston Dist. SC Deeds
      L4-133, L&R, 8/9 Feb. 1769, Reason Nelson of St. Marks Par. SC to Henry Donworth of same, £500, 200 acres on Great Branch adj. James McCullys line, granted said Reason Nelson for 500 acres; /s/ Reason Nelson; wit. John Plunkett, John Elkins, Nelson Dunkin. Nelson Dunkin gave oath, sworn on Holy Evangelists of Almighty God. (FHL film 23,546; many other deeds had same wording of oath) (MAD: ?? see Craven Co. SC)
      V5-492/3: Lease & release, 2/3 Nov. 1777, John Milhouse of Craven Co., Camden Dist., SC, millwright, to William Duncan of Berkeley Co., 96th Dist., 300 acres on S.fork Tyger River adj. on SW by land laid out to William H. (blank), all other sides vacant, incl. houses etc., to enable William Duncan to receive a grant; wit. Jesse Hayes, Wm. Teat, James Teat; rec. "36" Jan. 1787. Release for £300, land granted 30 May 1763 to John Milhouse of 300 acres in Berkly Co. on S.Fork Tyger River adj. SW on land laid out to William Hendricks, other sides vacant, rec. Book XX pg.108. (FHL film 23,567; MAD: see Spartanburg Co. SC)
      X5-19: Lease, 26 June 1765, John Duncan of Duncan's Creek of Craven Co. SC, planter, to William Hendricks of same, millwright, John Duncan Senr. lease 200 acres on S.fork Tyger "Creek" in Berkly Co., all sides vacant land, incl. houses etc.; wit. John Odel, Thomas "Hill"; reg. 28 March 1787. (FHL film 23,562)
      X5-22: Release, 27 June 1765, John Duncan Senr. of Duncan's Creek in Craven Co. SC, planter, to William Hendricks of same, millwright, 200 acres in Berkeley Co. in the fork between Broad and Saludy Rivers on S.fork Tyger Creek, all sides vacant, according to plat with the grant recorded in Book X, pg. 47; John Duncan and Elizabeth (x) his wife release for £200 ...; wit. John Odell, Thomas "Will"; rec. 28 March 1787. (MAD: there were a lot of grantee deeds here to William Hendricks, land adj. Brazel Prater, Joseph Witmore, etc., not copied; see Newberry Co. SC)

Kershaw Co. SC Wills (FHL film 24,052)
      1A-66/7: 6 Dec. 1782, will of James Duncan of Craven Co. SC, in low condition; to my wife Margaret Duncan the third of my moveable effects to be enjoyed and freely possessed by her, also black horse and benefits of negro fellow that is due me at this present time when recovered, to her in order to assist in raising my little children to the years of maturity; to my son Robert Duncan 209 acres whereon I now live providing also that he when come to years of maturity shall pay half the value of the same tract to his brother William Duncan or if the babe now in the womb should be a boy and spared to come to the years of maturity he shall enjoy an equal part, Robert paying 2/3 to those two last mentioned legatees and enjoying himself, in these circumstances, the 1/3; the thirds of my personal not yet willed, I think proper after the whole being brought to sale and value known to give and bequeath it unto my children, Robert, William and Mary Duncan, the Babe now in the womb whether it be a boy or girl shall enjoy an equal part with the others, each of them when arrived to proper years shall receive their part of the same equally; the negro fellow above mentioned I will after the children are brought to the years of maturity, he shall then be so disposed of that each of my children, whether they be sons or daughters, may receive an equal part of his value; appoint John Duncan my beloved brother, Joseph Ratchford my brother-in-law, both of the county and State aforesaid, to have the care of my fatherless children and widow ... Wit. Wm. McLean, Joseph Jewel, Thomax (X) Duncan. No probate date given. (MAD: compare Margaret Duncan in York Co. SC)


"Laurens and Newberry Cos. SC: Saluda and Little River Settlements 1749-1775" by Jesse Hogan Motes III and Margaret Peckham Motes, 1994 (FHL book 975.73 R2m and from Jim Wanke 4/1997, from Mary L. Cook Public Library, Waynesville, OH)
      This volume contains extracts from surveys and memorials for land in several districts: Sec.3, Saluda River and Beaverdam Creek in Berkeley Co. for Richard and Samuel Dunkin or Duncan and Samuel's widow Sarah; Sec.5, Bush River and Beaverdam Creek in Berkeley and Craven Co. for Nelson Duncan (also written Darkett) and Samuel Dunkin or Duncan; and Sec.8, Little River above Mudlick Creek, witness Samuel Duncan in 1793 to a deed recorded in Newberry Co. Part 3, Case Study: Settlement on Little River 1755-1833; Chapter 9, Beaverdam / Mountville Settlement, Laurens Co. 1755-1833, includes a deed in Laurens Co. to land adj. Regnal Duncan in 1833.

There are references to Duncans in old Craven Co. SC in the following:
      "Citizens and Immigrants, SC, 1768" by Mary B. Warren, pg.146, which includes Alexander Duncan, witness to land transfer 1768, Craven Co. (from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983) (FHL book 975.7 N28w, 2nd ed.)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.VII#2, Spring 1979, Some Early Settlers on Fishing Creek, by Laurence K. Wells, from SC Memorial Books, Vol.II pg.484, includes a reference to John and Joseph Gebby ... a plantation or tract of land containing 65 acres situate as supposed when run out to be in Mecklenburg Co. NC, but now in Craven Co. SC, on S.side of the Catawba river on fishing creek, joining and between Wm. Watson and Patrick Duncan's land ... Originally granted 25 April 1767 to Francis Travers and conveyed by him 10 April 1768 by deed of release ... (sworn) 27 Oct. 1772 (papers) taken away by Andrew Love. (FHL book 975.7 B2sc and from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984) (MAD: see Camden/Kershaw Cos. SC)


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