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Original Dist., formed 1769, discontinued
Chester formed 1785 from Craven, Camden
York formed 1785 from Camden, Pickney
Kershaw, Fairfield, Lancaster, Sumter formed 1798 from Camden

According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Waxhaw Township. Was often referred to as a county. It was formed into Lancaster in 1785 and included Kershaw. It had two county seats, Camden and Lancaster. Most of the records at Lancaster were burned by Sherman. Some records scattered over Camden Dist. and a few can be found in Mecklenburg & Anson counties in N.C.


Index to SC Royal Land Grants, A-K (FHL film 22,581)
      (Location in parentheses below was added in small handwriting near the name columns, apparently at a later date)
      Duncan, George, (Rocky Cr), Camden, 400a, 37-55, 9 June 1775

SC Royal Land Grants (FHL film 22,597)
      37-55: 9 June 1775, to George Duncan, 400 acres in Camden Dist. on waters of Rocky Creek, bounding NE on John Knox and Jane Brown, SE on David Grimes, SW on Jonas Miller, NW on John Henderson and David McQuistan; plat certified 26 April 1775. (MAD: See Chester Co. SC)

SC Land Grants
      Land grants begin with Vol. 1 through 22; then apparently all or most were recorded in a second series, "Class 2" starting again with Vol. 1 and are identical in the 2nd series.
      1-201: 15 Oct. 1784, to Jacob Duncan, 4 lbs sterling, 200 acres in Camden Dist. above Crouders Creek on Catawba River, bounding NW by river and Mathew Biggers land, W on David Johnston's; plat certified 5 Aug. 1784. (FHL film 22,532; also Class 2, 3-201, FHL film 22,544, shows payment of 4 lbs. 13 shillings 4 pence)
      4-394: 1 Aug. 1785, to Jonathon Duncan for 4 lbs. 13 shillings 4 pence, 200 acres in Camden Dist. on branch of Mile Creek; plat certified 28 Nov. 1784. (FHL film 22,534; not found in Class 2 index)
      31-304: 3 Dec. 1792, to Margaret Duncan, her ... 145 acres surveyed for her 28 Aug. 1791 in the Dist. of Camden in York Co. on waters of Fishing Creek, bounded by lines running NE and SE by Edward Hills land, NW by Thomas Duncans land, SW by Margaret Duncans land; plat certified 27 Nov. 1792. (FHL film 22,556)
      32-233: 6 May 1793, to Peter Dunkin, 192 acres survey 27 Oct. 1792 in Dist. of Camden on branches of Little Flat Rock Creek of Graneys Quarter Creek, bounded SE by said Peter Dunkins land, E by Jno. Durins, N by Jno. Twaddles, W by Robert Rawans?, SW by Zachariah Brinsides. (FHL film 22,557; and from Dean Cress 9/1984)
      32-234: 6 May 1793, to Peter Dunkin, 100 acres surveyed for him 25 Nov. 1792 in Dist. of Camden, both sides Little Flat Rock Creek, prong of Graneys Quarter Creek, bounded NW by John Durins lands, NE by Benjn. Coward and William Carson, SE by Alexr. Burnsides, SW by William Clarks. (FHL film 22,557; and from Dean Cress 9/1984)

SC Land Plats 1688-1787 (Index on FHL film 22,598)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Duncan, George, Camden, 400a, 14-492, 26 April 1775

Index to Land Plats 1784-1845 (FHL film 22,599)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Duncin, Peter, Camden, 192a, 31-205, 19 April 1793
      Duncin, Peter, Camden, 100a, 31-207, 19 April 1793

SC Land Plats (FHL film 22,607; many plats have diagram of land)
      14-492: Receipt 1 March 1775, laid out to George Duncan, 400 acres in Camden District on waters of Rocky Creek, bounded .. John Knore's and Jane Brown's land, David Grumb?s, Jonas Millen, John Henderson's and David McQuinstain's land. Cert. 26 April 1775. (MAD: see Chester Co.)

Camden Dist. SC Commr. of Locations, Index to Plat Books, 1781-1841 (FHL film 1,294,175)
      FHL Catalog comments: includes Cherokee, York, Chester, Fairfield, Richland, Clarendon, Sumter, Lee, Kershaw & Lancaster Cos.; last books on 2nd film, A2 & B2, indicate Fairfield Dist. instead of Camden Dist. At the time those volumes were recorded, Camden Dist. had been divided into several smaller districts, one being Fairfield, slightly larger than today's Fairfield since it included small pieces of Richland & Kershaw.
      Index to Vols. A to K, A2, B2 1784-1841 index (St. Marks Parish), includes Denkin and Ducan (not copied)
      C-330: Duncan, James, 1786
      D-185: Duncan, Margt., 1788
      E-160x2: Dunken, Peter, 1791
      E-275: Duncan, Wm., 1791
      B2-97: Duncan, John, 1829

Camden Dist. SC Commr. of Locations, Plat Books, 1781-1841
      C-330: Pursuant to warrant, I have laid out to James Duncan in Camden Dist., 172 acres on "Bufflelow" Creek waters of Broad River, bounded N. by James Duncan's line, W. by Peter Quin's land, S by vacant land, E. by James Bridges; /s/ James Pinkerton, D.S.; surveyed 9 Aug. 1787; rec. Sept. 7, 1787. (FHL film 1,294,175) (MAD: York Co. later Cherokee Co. SC)
      D-185: Pursuant to warrant of 22 Aug. 1791, I have laid out to Margret Duncan, 145 acres on waters of Fishing Creek, York Co., Pinckney Dist., adj. Edwd. Hills, Wm. Hills, Thos. Duncan, Margret Duncan's land; surveyed 20 Aug. 1791 by T. Palmer D.S., rec. 30 Aug. 1791. (FHL film 1,294,175)
      E-160 (1st): Pursuant to warrant, I have laid out for Peter Dunkin, 192 acres on Little Flat Rock Creek a prong of Granney's Quarter's Creek in "said" district adj. SE by Peter Dunkin, E. by John Diorins land, N. by John Twaddle's and W. by Robert Rowan and SW by Zach. Dimsden's land. 27 Oct. 1792, /s/ James Bredine D.S. Rec. 21 Jan. 1793. (FHL film 1,294,175)
      E-160 (2nd): Pursuant to warrant, I have laid out for Peter Duncan, 100 acres on both sides Little Flat Rock Creek, a prong of Granys Quarters Creek, adj. NW by John Dusin, NE by Benjm. Coward and Wm. Carsen, SE by Alexr. Burnsides, SW by Wm. Clark; 25 Nov. 1793, /s/ James Bredine D.S.; rec. 21 Jan. 1793. (MAD: no county or district given) (FHL film 1,294,175)
      E-275: Pursuant to warrant of 2 Nov. 1793, I have laid out to William Duncan, 337 acres in Pinckney Dist. on waters of S. & N. Forks of Fishing Creek adj. Robert Gill, John Cooper, David Boyd, Samuel Wharry, John Workman; surveyed 26 Nov. 1793 by Wm. Boyd D.S., rec. 9 Dec. 1793. (FHL film 1,294,175) (MAD: Chester Co. SC)
      B2-97: Fairfield Dist., pursuant to warrant 10 Feb. 1824, I have surveyed for John Duncan on waters of Broad River, 49 acres adj. Thos. McKeowns, Wm. Kincaids, and Presha (no 2nd name); surveyed 10 March 1824; /s/ Thos. Lyles D.S.; rec. April 6, 1824. (FHL film 1,294,176)

SC Memorials
      2-408: (page badly torn) Memorial to George Duncan, June 1775, Camden District, waters of Tho... NE on John Kn... Grimbs, W on ... David McQu... 100 acres (rest of page missing) (FHL film 23,298) (MAD: see Chester Co. SC)
      12-132: Feb. 1773, Memorial to John Balmer, 300 acres in Craven Co. on branch of High Hill Shoal Creek adj. NE on John Mullinanes land, SE on Wm. Johnston's land, SW on Jacob Vandall's land, NW on Robert McAfee's land; survey certified 26 Sept. 1772, N?. Ellison DS. Also another tract of 700 acres in Camden Dist. on head branches of Fishing Creek 4 miles from Bethid's Meeting House and 2 miles from Batton's Mill adj. S. on Thomas Duncan and vacant, NE on Robert Alexander's land now John Care and James Thompson's land, and E on William Smith's land; survey certified 4 Oct. 1772, R. Ellison D.Sur. Also 1000 acres on the N.side Broad River between Whitaker's Mount and Buffelow Creek on Reedy Branch, W. on said Balloners, S. on John Jonston's land and John Mullinaxs land, other sides vacant; certified 25 Sept. 1772, also Robt. Ellison DS. Also 1000 acres in Colleton Co. (& 4 more parcels. not copied) (FHL film 23,304)


Chester Co. SC Deeds (FHL film 23,326)
      R-109: 22 Nov. 1775, George Duncan of Charleston, SC, to Alexander Turner of Camden Dist. SC, for 100 lbs., 200 acres to be laid off adj. Jane Brown, David Grimbs, Josias Millerby, from 400 acre grant 10? June 1775 to George Duncan in Camden Dist. on Rockey Creek, adj. Jno?. Knox & Jane Brown, David Grimbs, Josias Miller, Jno?. Henderson, David McQuistons. Wit. Arthur Stafford, Thos. Hanscome. Reg. on oath of Thomas Hanscome 1 May 1815. (next deed from Alexander Turner's heirs, referring to his will)

York Co. SC Deed (FHL film 355,976)
      A-272/6: 26 Nov. 1785, Jacob Duncan of Camden Dist. SC, hunter, to Joseph Henderson of same, planter, lease and release, £20 sterling, 200 acres above Crawder's Creek in the Catawba River, bounding NW on Oliver and Matthew Biggers, W on David Johnston, orig. grant 15 Nov. 1784 to Jacob Duncan. Wit. Thomas (o) McCormick, Archibald McQuiston, Hugh McQuiston.


JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3125 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives; part from Sammie Duncan)
      Born June 10, 1755, Pittsylvania Co. VA; d. May 3, 1844, Jackson Co. AL. Applied 1834 in Jackson Co. AL; enlisted early 1776 in Camden [Co.], SC, under Gen. Lincoln, Col. Thompson, Maj. Perdue, Capt. Hopkins, served 18 months; volunteered again under Gen. Morgan, Col. Shelby, Capt. Small in VA and served 6 months; entered again under Col. Preston and Capt. Chadwell for 3 months; entered again under Pickens, Col. Anderson, Capt. Key; age in father's family bible burned with house shortly after war before he married; lived in Camden Dist. SC about 10 years after end of war; moved to Hawkins Co. TN; then to Greene (now Adair) Co. KY; then to Jackson Co. AL. Married 1780-81 Ann, who d. Nov. 23, 1846. Witnesses Rev. Steven Donathan and Jesse McElyea of Jackson Co. AL. Listed in 1841 census of pensioners age 83, Jackson Co. AL residing with Robert Duncan. Affidavit of Peter Duncan and David Chadwell 20 Feb. 1835 in Jackson Co. AL re service. Deposition of brother Peter Duncan of Marshall Co. AL on 8 April 1843, age ca 77; home in Hawkins Co. TN burned 47-48 years before; Peter age 10-11 when John entered service, age ca 13 when discharged. Deposition of Greenbury Middleton 27/29 March 1843, age ca 1868, of Jackson Co. AL; knew John Duncan ca 40 years ago in Adair Co. KY. Deposition by Absalom Coffee on 28 March 1843, age ca 55, knew John more than 20 years, later 30 years; mentions John and aged wife. Witnesses Daniel M. Martin and Philip Henry Armbruster. Deposition by John Duncan on 30 Sept. 1843, age ca 88.
      Children: David, Robert, Peter. There were other children but all died before their parents. Aug. 17, 1854, Absolum Coffee testified his wife Jane was a granddau. of John Duncan. William Duncan of Jackson Co. AL filed power of attorney 9 June 1854. Deposition by Absalom Coffee, adm. of estate, that when Ann d. 23 Nov. 1846 she left survivors David, Robert and Peter her only legal heirs; since her death David and Robert are both dead.
      Statement by SC on 25 July 1857 of copy from Indent and account No. 84, Book R: payment 9 May 1785 to John Dunkin Senr. for 526 days duty in 1781-82; note by John Duncan 14 Sept. 1784 of Broad River asking for indent, wit. Amos Davis JP; statement by John Dunkin 3 June 1784 before Camden Dist. JP
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


Many Camden Dist. SC documents are in the Kershaw Co. SC records.

Some Camden Dist. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.VII#2, Spring 1979 includes early settlers on Fishing Creek, including John and Joseph Gebby whose 65 acres was situate as supposed when run out to be in Mecklenburg Co. NC, but now in Craven Co. SC, S.side of the Catawba river on fishing creek, joining and between Wm. Watson and Patrick Duncan's land, originally granted 25 April 1767 to Francis Travers who conveyed 10 April 1768, from Memorial Book. (MAD: see Camden/Kershaw Cos. SC) (FHL book 975.7 B2sc; and from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984)
      "Loyalists in Southern Campaign of the Rev. War" by Murtie June Clark, Vol.1; includes George, Robert and John Duncan (from Louis Boone 2/1984; FHL book 975 F2cm)
      "Roster of SC Patriots in the American Revolution" by Bobby Gilmer Moss, 1983; mentions James Duncan and John Duncan, from SC Audited Accounts & Stub Indents (FHL book 975.7 M2m; from Evelyn Sigler and Donna Little)
      "SC Revolutionary Soldiers 1750-1856" (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,232)


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