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Formed 1762 from Anson
Cabarrus formed 1792 from Mecklenburg
Union formed 1842 from Anson, Mecklenburg


1790-1820 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1790 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
pg.150  Dinkins, John       233 - 00

1800 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Pg.540  John Dinkins Jr.    10100 - 10100
        James Dinkins       10020 - 10100
        John Dinkins Sr.    00201 - 01001

1810 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Pg. 25  Federick Dinkins    20110 - 10100
    27  John Dinkins        01001 - 00001

1820 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Pg.172  Frederick Dinkins     311110 - 21010
        Jno. & Mary Dinkins   000100 - 01001
        Joshua Denkins        000010 - 10001
   173  Robert J. Dinkins     100110 - 00010
   180  Mary Denkins          210000 - 10001
   184  Ephraim Kendrick      110010 - 00100
           (MAD: IGI shows Ephraim Kendrick mar.
            Dorcas H. Dinkins 12/21/1818)
   191  Ludy Denkins          001100 - 00000
   200  James Denkins         331201 - 30211

1830 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Pg.351  R.J. Denkins        1103,11  - 1100,01
   389  Lewis Denkins       1100,11  - 1100,1
   390  Lucinda Dinkins     0010,01  - 0001,0001
        Obedience Dunkin    0000,1   - 0000,0001

1840 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.274  Lewis Dinkins       2301,001 - 1002,01

1850 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Pg.16, #253, Ephraim DUNCAN 40 NC overseer
                  Nancy 25 NC
                  Narcissa 6, Minerva 4, Martha 6/12 NC
                  Harriet RODGERS 13 NC
                  (MAD: Ephram Dunken mar. Nancy Rodgers 5/21/1842 Lincoln Co. NC)
Davidson College
Pg.36, #592-595, Lewis DENKINS 52 NC college steward $300
                  Elizabeth 42 NC
                  John 19, Claudia (f) 17 NC
                  William 16, Marcellus (m) 14 NC
                  Eugenia 12, Rufus 10 NC
                  Henry 8, Josephine 6 NC
                  & many students
Pg.75, #1230, Saml. B. WATSON 42 NC doctor $1500
                  Mary 13, Emma 4, Margaret 8 NC
                  (MAD: IGI shows Samuel B. Watson mar. Emily C. Dinkins 9/8/1835)

1860 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Western Div., P.O. Charlotte
Pg.117/59, #262-279, Ephraim DUNCAN 47 NC laborer $0-$150
                  Adaline 31 NC
                  Narcissa 16, Minerva 13 NC
                  Jane 11, Mary 6 NC
                  William 4, David 1 NC
                  (MAD: ? 1870 Lawrence Co. IN census)

1870 Mecklenburg Co. NC Census
Charlotte City, Ward 3
Pg.87, #108-108, DUNCAN, Joseph 55 TN merchant $2000-$2000
                  Mary L. 15 NC att school
                  Joseph A. 10 TN att school
                  Martha E.F. 48 NC keeping house
                  Benjamin 10 TN att school
                  Robt. A. 6, Martha A. 3 NC
                  Fannie C. (f) 6/12 NC b.Dec.
                  CARPENTER, Millie 49 NC BLACK domestic servant
                  (MAD: 1860 Cocke Co. TN census; see Gaston Co. NC)
Long Creek Twp.
Pg.181, #171-171, OSBORNE, Alex 40 NC BLACK works farm $0-$100
                  Sallie 38 NC MULATTO keeping house
                  Monroe (m) 18 NC MULATTO works on farm
                  Ann 14, Dick (m) 13 NC BLACKS works on farm
                  Dovie (f) 10 NC BLACK works on farm
                  Lucy 6, Stephen 5, Caroline 3 NC BLACKS
                  DUNCAN, Wm. 15 NC BLACK works on farm

1930 Census, Charlotte City, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (from Kathy Cawley 10/2008)
E.D.# 60-31, S.D.# 7th, Page# 21B, Image 42 of 71
1129 Jefferson Street
Martin B., Head, rents/$45., age 33, m'd 1X at 23, S.C./S.C./S.C., manager/vinegar plant
Eva, Wife, age 33, m'd 1X at 23, S.C./S.C./S.C.
DUNCAN, Mamie, M-in-law, age 59, W'd., m'd at 18, S.C./S.C./S.C.
DUNCAN, Ivan, Brother, age 20, single, S.C./S.C./S.C., knitter/knitting mill
(and 3 roomers)
      (KDC: Mamie Duncan in 1920 Greenwood Co. SC, widow of John W.)
      KDC: Mamie Duncan's death certificate, filled out by Ivan Duncan, states the following:
            place of death: Mecklenburg, Charlotte
            date of death: 5/5/1958
            date of birth: 2/29/1872
            place of birth: Greenwood County, South Carolina
            parents: David Rush and Mary Francis
            husband: John W. Duncan
            burial: Bold Springs Baptist Church, Callison, S.C.


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, Patrick, File No.2393, Mecklenburg Co., 150 acres, Grant No.191 issued 28 April 1768, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.23, page no.219, Location: On the Cedar fork a North Branch of Fishing Creek
            Duncan, P., File No.095, Mecklenburg Co., Petition acres, Grant No. "not latel" (latel?) (rest of card blank)
            Duncan, Peter, File No.2349, Mecklenburg Co., 300 acres, Grant No.100 issued 28 April 1768, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.23, page no.202, Location: On both sides of Second Broad River
            Duncan, Peter, File No.349, Mecklenburg Co., 640 acres, Grant No.257 issued 16 Nov. 1764, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.17, page no.132, Location: On both sides of Little Broad River
            Duncan, Peter, File No.1081, Mecklenburg Co., 640 acres, Grant No.257 issued 16 Nov. 1764, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.18, page no.119, Location: On both sides of Little Broad River
            Duncan, William, File No.2361, Mecklenburg Co., 300 acres, Grant No.112 issued 28 April 1768, Entry No.---- entered ----, Book No.23, page no.204, Location: On Beaverdam Creek of Fair Forrest

Mecklenburg Co. NC Deeds
      Indexes to grantors 1763-1840 A-Z, Duncan/kin on pg.27 (FHL film 497,471)
            1840-1918 C-G, Duncan on pg.199 start 1870, Dunkin separate (FHL film 497,474)
      Indexes to grantees 1763-1840 A-Z, Duncan/kin on pg.26 (FHL film 497,472)
            1840-1918 D-L, Duncan on pg.209 start ca 1870, Dunkin separate (FHL film 497,479)

Mecklenburg Co. NC Deeds through Vol. 14, 1797, not copied because published in books.
      Series 1, 2-171, 172, 446, 448 (Peter Duncan, grantor)
      Series 1, 1-284, 286 (Patrick Duncan, grantee)

Mecklenburg Co. NC Deeds
      2-79: 6 Jan. 1831, Samuel G. Barker of Charleston, SC, now of Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. NC, to Benjamin F. Dunkin, also of City of Charleston, SC, $750, subject to the lease hereinafter mentioned, 1/4 part undivided of tract in Lincoln Co. NC on NW side Catawba River formerly known as the property of John Oliver and adj. Oliver Mines, bounded by the following lines: on the River bank, the courses of the Oliver Mines tract, to another corner of the Oliver Mines tract, passing a spring, containing 64 acres more or less, also all said Barker's undivided 1/4 interest in another tract of 15 acres more or less in the neighborhood of the last described, known as Lewin's fishery?, bounded by lines on the River bank formerly of Justice Black's ... both of which tracts are now under lease to the Chesalise? Vincent De Riverfewole? and his Lucu? S.G. Barkers, 1/4 part of the lease ... articles of agreement setting forth the terms are hereby assigned to the said Benjamin F. Dunkin. /s/ Samuel G. Barker; wit. T.H. Bessell, J.H. Darnall. Rec. 13 March 1846 on oath of E.H. Bissell to handwriting of J.H. Bissell. (FHL film 484,177) (MAD: these deeds should probably have been recorded in Lincoln Co. NC where the land was.)
      2-80: 6 Jan. 1831, Samuel G. Barker of Charleston, SC, now in Charlotte of Mecklenburg Co. NC, to Benjamin F. Dunkin also of City of Charleston SC, for $3,000, subject to the lease hereinafter mentioned, 1/4 part undivided of a tract in Lincoln Co. NC on northwest side of Catawba River formerly known as the property of John Oliver and by the leases of Oliver Mines, containing 95 acres more or less, adj. the river bank and meanders of the river, which land is now under lease to the Chisalin? Viscount? Du Rivafiwoli? and his heirs, the said Samuel G. Barker 1/4 part of the said lease and rents and of the articles of agreement setting forth the terms and conditions thereof are herewith assigned to the said Benjamin F. Dunkin .... /s/ Samuel G. Barker; wit. J.H. Bissell, J.H. Damall (Darnall?); Jan. 1846 court, recorded on oath of E.H. Bissell who proved the signature of J.H. Bissell. (FHL film 484,177)
      5-129: 1 March 1857, C.W. Downing of Mecklenburg Co. NC to A.A.N.M. Taylor & Joseph Duncan, trading under firm of Taylor & Duncan, mortgage, cow, cooking stove, rocking chair, book case, carpet, one lot china ware, and all other goods ...; Taylor and Duncan obtained judgement against Downing before F.M. Ross, Acting J.P., for $83, 4 Feb. 1857; mortgage to pay by 1 Jan. 1858. Wit. C.W. Alexander. (FHL film 484,180)


Burials in Duncan plot at Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. NC, purchased by James W. Duncan (d.1887 Greene Co. TN) and then given to James' brother Joseph Duncan (list sent by cemetery official to Tracy DeVault ca 3/8/2009 who shared it)
      1) Mary Ann Duncan - 9-18-1868
      2) Joseph Duncan - 5-15-1887
      3) Martha E.F. Duncan - 9-4-1899
      4) Robert A. Duncan - 11-9-1913
      5) Jack Duncan - 7-18-1903 (4 months)
      6) Benj. F. Duncan - 12-15-1934
      7) Mrs. Emma C. Duncan - 2-13-1939 (70 years)
      8) George M. Duncan - 6-2-1887 (18 months)
      9) Fannie Duncan Kistler - 7-19-1955 (Box)


Lincoln Co. NC Wills (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit by MAD 10/1985)
      Original will of Peter Johnston, 7 Dec. 1786 (no probate date shown nor other documents in file), of Mecklenburg Co. NC, of perfect mind and memory, calling to mind the frailty ... I will that my lawfull debts be paid. I also will and bequeath to my friend John Duncan of Orange County all my estate whither real or personal, where ever to be found. And lastly I constitute ... said John Duncan whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament. (signed) Peter Johnston.
      MAD: See Mecklenburg Co. NC deed 13-137, 11 Dec. 1786, William Jackson Jr. of Orange Co. NC to Peter Johnston of Rutherford, 552 acres, witnessed by John Duncan and others, proved April 1787 in Orange Co. NC court by John Duncan (from pg.95-96, "Genealogical Deed Abstracts, Mecklenburg Co. NC, Books 10-14" by Herman W. Ferguson; FHL book 975.676 R2f)

Lincoln Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 421,020)
      46-128: 24 Feb. 1861, Parson Nayler to A.A.N.M. Taylor and Joseph Duncan, traders, of town of Charlotte, in name of Taylor & Duncan of Mecklinburg Co. NC, $1200, Lot #49 in town of Lincolnton.

Washington Co. TN Deed (FHL film 825,535)
      41-319: 8 March 1869, James W. Duncan, now of Mecklenburg, NC, exec. of will of Joseph and Mollie Duncan, appoint Samuel B. McAdams attorney ....

Washington Co. TN Chancery Court Records; Enrolling dockets v.1-3, 1870-1877 (FHL film 812,988)
      Vol.1, pg.12-14: (no Court Date): M.A. Duncan vs. J.W. Duncan; Complainant Martha A. Duncan res. of Green Co. TN complains against her husband in law James W. Duncan, res. of Washington Co. TN; that on 27 Oct. 1874 in Green Co., her name then being Royce, she married said Duncan then also a citizen of Green Co.; shortly thereafter they moved to Charlotte [MAD: Mecklenburg Co.], NC, where they began home-keeping and said Duncan engaged in merchandising for a few weeks when he returned to TN to visit his relatives in this county and remained here about 2 months, she remaining in charge of the house in Charlotte. In Jan. of this year he came again to Charlotte but after a stay of some 10 days returned again to this county where he has ever since remained. She accompanied him on his return and remained here with him about a month; he mentioned complaining of illness and declaring his inability to return to Carolina; in order to attend to their house & see to his business, she went again to Charlotte, resumed control of their house and remained there till July last. Her husband's store had been sold out just before their return to TN and she was driven by necessity to support herself by keeping boarders and by clerical labor. This she did till completely exhausted by her efforts and in July she closed their house and returned to the home of her father, Dr. Jas. F. Royce, her present residence, Duncan remaining meanwhile with his relatives. During their separation, sometime in May last she thinks, an alienation was caused by circumstances not now necessary to be detailed during which some unsigned? letters were passed and she was provoked to some utterances in her letters to her husband which she has since regretted and this regret she several times expressed in her letters to him even before her return and also often since. Before this their married life had been tolerably agreeable and no difficulty whatsoever of a serious nature had occurred; but since her return to TN he has treated her as a stranger. He has never been to visit her even when passing within a few miles; he has written her but a single letter in reply to her may kind ones to him and that is cold, formal and repulsive. She has sent a messenger to him to visit her, also met with silent repulse. She has even gone herself to see him in person and obtain a declaration of his intention for the future, but could obtain none; and to her various propositions for a return to amicable relatives and future living together, he replied with an evasive promise to answer by letter. She proposed to live with him in Washington or Green Co. near his relatives or her own, he to find a house for them or even she to find it, but could in no way effect her purpose. She has since this visit received the letter promised, which she understands to be a final farewell to her. For the past eight months he has done nothing whatever to provide for her and she has been left entirely to her own resources. She charges that he has abandoned her and refused or neglected to provide for her, and asks that said J.W. Duncan be made a party defendant, that process issue, and that a divorce or vincento? matromonie be granted her; that she be restored to her former name; and for general relief. She appeared in Greene Co. TN, and said she had not made the complaint out of collusion but in sincerity; Nov. 14, 1875, S.E. Snapp, JP; filed 15 Nov. 1875.


MAD: Early land holders in Mecklenburg Co. NC:
      PETER DUNCAN had a patent on 16 Nov. 1764 for 640 acres in Mecklenburgh on both sides of Little Broad river, including his own improvements, and other patents on 28 April 1768 for 300 acres on both sides Second Broad River in Mecklenburgh Co. and on 25 Jan. 1773 for 300 acres in Tryon Co. on both sides Second Broad River. (Patent Book 17, #5727, pg.132; from "Colony of NC 1735-1764 Land Patents" Vol.I, and Patent Book 23, #6472, pg.202, and #4338, pg.211, from "1765-1775" Vol.II, by Margaret Hoffman). Land warrant #878 was issued in 1766 for the 300 acres (from "Mecklenburg Co. NC Land Warrants 1765-1768" by Miles S. Philbeck; FHL book 975.676 R2p). Deeds 2-171 and 2-446 in 1765 from Peter Duncan, schoolmaster, of Mecklenburg, show sale of this land. See also the records of Rutherford Co. NC.
      PATRICK DUNCAN had a patent on 28 April 1768 for 150 acres in Mecklenburgh on Cedar Fork, a north branch of Fishing Creek. (Patent Book 23, #6561, pg.219, from Vol.II, "Colony of NC, Abstracts of Land Patents 1765-1775" by Margaret Hofmann) Land warrant #706 was issued in 1766 for the 150 acres. (from "Mecklenburg Co. NC Land Warrants 1765-1768" by Miles S. Philbeck; FHL book 975.676 R2p) Grants to others in Mecklenburg Co. NC on Fishing Creek show neighbors Joseph Duncan, Patrick Duncan and James Duncan (from "NC Land Grants in SC, Anson & Mecklenburg Cos., 1749-1770" Vol.II, by Brent H. Holcomb; FHL book 975 R28h V.2). Deed 1-285 on 3 Nov. 1765 from Thomas Allison of Rowan to Pattrick Duncan of Nortuck (MAD: ?Martic) Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, for £22, was for 200 acres on south side Cataba River in Mecklenburg Co., witness John Duncan. An examination of the land records shows neighbors with the same name, including deed 3-112 in 1767 from William Watson and wife "Velate" (Violet/) witnessed by Vilatt Duncan; see York Co. SC. "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.VII#2, Spring 1979 (FHL book 975.7 B2sc), Some Early Settlers on Fishing Creek, by Laurence K. Wells, contains mention of land deeded to John and Joseph Gebby "containing 65 acres situate as supposed when run out to be in Mecklenburg Co. NC, but now in Craven Co. SC, S.side of the Catawba river on fishing creek, joining and between Wm. Watson and Patrick Duncan's land" from Memorial Book Vol.II, pg.484; see Camden Dist., Kershaw Co. SC.
      WILLIAM DUNCAN had a patent on 28 April 1768 for 300 acres in Mecklenburgh on Beaverdam Creek of Fair Forest (Patent Book 23, #6484, pg.204, from Vol.II, "Colony of NC, Abstracts of Land Patents 1765-1775" by Margaret Hofmann). Land warrant #1022 was issued in 1766 for the 300 acres (from "Mecklenburg Co. NC Land Warrants 1765-1768" by Miles S. Philbeck; FHL book 975.676 R2p).
            According to a map on pg.89 in "NC Land Grants in SC, Anson & Mecklenburg Cos., 1749-1770" Vol.II, by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975 R28h V.2), a survey for William Duncan of 337 acres in 1793 on the east side of Stamp Branch of S. Fork of Fishing Creek, on both sides of Saluda Road, had a majority of the land in York Co. SC and a small part near Robert Gill and John Downing in Chester Co. SC.


"Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos. NC 1769-1786; Tryon Co. Wills & Estates" by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975.6 R2ho; also Memphis Public Library book 929.356 H725d extracts from Evelyn Sigler 11/1982)
      This book contains abstracts of early deeds and other documents, as well as an index to all the names in those documents. It also includes on pg.171, under Early Land Surveys on Ward's Creek, information about Peter Duncan's grant of 16 Nov. 1764 in Mecklenburg Co., sold in 1818 in Rutherford Co. NC by his grandson Hiram Duncan, son of Mark Duncan, although Peter Duncan had sold it much earlier.


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