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My maiden name is Gilchrist and I have recently started
trying to trace my family history. My info tells me my Gilchrists
followed the same migration route as yours. Although I have been unable
to link it to your family tree, many of the names are the same.  I find
it hard to believe this is just a coincidence.  Maybe you have some
additional info that would help, I would appreciate any assistance and
would be glad to share the little info I have.

My grandfather was William Gilchrist, his father was Archibald (Archie)
Gilchrist b 1871 and his Father was John Gilchrist (no birth Date)
married to Annie Currie, (we think he was married before). All have been
traced back to the Simcoe and Victoria Counties of Ontario.

The Gilchrist comes from my mother's mother's family. We trace our 
family back to John Gilchrist who married Effie McMillan in 
Campbeltown, Kintyre, Scotland on 12 Feb 1770 and came 
(with her parents) to North Carolina. 
They had 9 children. I am descended from their third child, 
second daughter, Margaret.  This is all documented.  John fought in 
the Revolution and is my prime ancestor for the DAR.  Maybe we 
are related!
 Is this the type of information you can use on your web pages? 
I'm interested in finding other Gilchrist folks.

My branch of the family came to upstate New
York by way of Ireland, shortly after the Revolutionary War. Since they
quickly married into established Scottish families, it's safe to assume
they retained their "Scottishness" during what ever time they spent in
Ireland (as part of Ulster Plantation, probably). I know nothing about
our family prior to Thomas Gilchrist's wedding day in County Monaghan in
1795, followed almost immediately by the immigration of he and his wife
to America. We also always assumed allegiance with the 
Maclachlans due to proximity of the clan holding and northern Ireland...
plus they've got a cooler Tartan than the Olgilvies.
My family eventually moved to Wisconsin and then to Iowa. (though 
I now live in Minneapolis, I'll always be an Iowan) Up until my father 
(who is an attorney) the family occupation was farming.

My great-grandfather William Thomas was the only surviving
male descendant.  He was the eldest of the six children, 
born 27/3/1860 in Halifax.  He married Abigail Jane Gray (b. 5/l/1860)
and they had five children before he died on 9/4/1916 of pneumonia.  
He was a friendly, out-going person, a brick-layer and stonemason.

All of William Thomas' children were born in Poplar Hill, in 
Pictou County, between River John and Scotsburn.  The eldest 
was Christina, who married Howard V. Powell and lives in Pictou.
Then came Thomas Gray, a teacher who was lost in action in W.W.I;
Donald Robert, another educator who served in and survived both
wars, and finally died in 1962 at the age of 66; Alexander McRae,
who came out of W.W.I with a metal plate in his head and spent
the balance of his life in military hospitals; and my grandfather
William Sidney, who was a decorated medical officer during W.W.II
and a renowned medical missionary in Angola the rest of his life.

My immediate family tree is irrelevant here.  But I wish I
knew what became of my great-great-granduncles in Lesmahagow...

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