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Here are some links to other great websites


  Click for the Relationship chart... If you've ever tried to figure out how that cousin, once-removed thing works, go here for a really nice chart to explain the whole mess!

  Click for the Social Security Death Index... A great place to get basic information on someone who had a social security account, the social security death index! The site can be very busy, but give it a try.

  Click for information on the SSDI... Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you want to know more about the SSDI, go to this site for a tutorial by Carrie E. Bodensteiner.

  Click for Tracing your Scottish Ancestry... "Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry", another basic introduction to research in Scotland, etc.

  Click to see Basic Introduction to Scottish Genealogy... "A Basic Introduction to Scottish Genealogy", a brief site that contains a few good links, and some photos.

  Click for GRO of Scotland... The General Registrars Office of Scotland is supposed to have lots of old Scottish records online.

  Click for Canadian Genealogy Resources... "Canadian Genealogy Resources", a great place to begin searching for information in Canada.

  Click for Minnesota State Demographer's Office... Help for the state of Minnesota, State Demographer's Office.

  Click for "Genealogy of the Dakotas"... And for South Dakota assistance...

  Click here for the "Ancestor's Resource Guide"... The "Ancestor's Resource Guide", sponsored by PBS. This shows US resources for archives & libraries, genealogy societies, historical societies and ethnic resources.

  Click here to get PBS forms... A special section of the PBS site has forms that you can use for you research. Pedigree chart, family group record, timeline page, research log, family and home information sources checklist. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader for these files.

  Click for Switchboard.com Find a Person... Here's a great way to find someone, phone, business, e-mail listings.

  Click for the GENDEX index... Find out about the GENDEX system of locating surname connections.

  Click for "Gateway to GIS Resources"... Find out how the U.S. census can find things for you.


  Click for the Internet Guide to the Isle of Islay... This is called the "Internet Guide to the Isle of Islay". It has links to sites related to Islay. Lots of places to find pictures and travel information.

  Click for "Scots On-Line" magazine... Kind of a fun place to keep track of events and gatherings.

  Click for Scottish Castles... One of the neatest sites I've found. Pictures of castles in Scotland. Even though none of these really apply to our family history (not yet, at least) but they have some wonderful photos.

  Click for Johnny MacKinnon's website... Johnny lives in Stirling, Scotland; and grew up in Campbeltown on the Kintyre peninsula, inland from the Isle of Islay. This is a hometown webpage that talks about life there, and who's where now, etc...

  Click for the Castle Lachlan and Strathlaclan Castles... This one's called, "Castle Lachlan and Strathlaclan Castle, Dwellings and Memorials of Clan MacLachlan. Please note, most opinions now believe there is little connection with the Gilchrist name, and any specific clan. Some have speculated on a connection with the MacLachlan or Ogilvie clans, research does not confirm these opinions.

  Click for History of the Clan MacLachlan... And more on the clans. This is the history of the Clan MacLachlan according to the link file.

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