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I don't know a lot about my family history.  My relatives too came from
Scotland.  The earliest ancestor that I know of is Robert Gilchrist who
was born near the Kirkgate of Leith, Scotland,  in June 1836.  In 1856
he migrated to Australia.  He arrived in Melbourne, and got work with a
printing company Callander and Co.,  and then with another printing
company, Sands and McDougal, who he remained with until his death.

Robert Gilchrist also took an active role in Dorcas Street Prebyterian
Church, South Melbourne.  

He started a new branch with Sands and McDougal in Adelaide, shortly
before 1883, and founded the Norwood Presbyterian Church there.  I think that he died in 1915.

Have you heard or found anything about Robert Gilchrist or his

I think he was my Great Great Grandfather.  My Great Grandfather was
Alexander, my Grandfather was Alex and my Father is Ian Gilchrist.  

Thanks again for getting in touch with us.  Please let me know when your page is updated.

David and Margy Gilchrist

Our ancestors are from Loughrea County of Galway Ireland back to 1775.
Emigrated to Australia in 1810 on the ship Marchioness of Bute.
Dont know if we have any one who went to USA or Canada.
We also have Murphys, Campbells, Oakmans, Coker, Goleby and  Quinlan's just to name a few other lines
Phil Gilchrist
Sydney NSW

Just found your pages and wondered if you would be interested in some

Aussie Gilchrist history?

Mary Gilchrist, my gg grandmother was born abt 1843 in Glasgow Scotland to Samuel

Gilchrist and Sarah Bouvaird. I have found a sister Elizabeth who died in Melbourne Vic Aus in 1887

and another one Matilda who was born about 1856 in Castle Finn, Glasgow Scotland and

died in 1917 in East Malvern Vic Aust. Matilda married a Taylor. In her will she names

another sister Ellen (Mrs Archibald Sullivan dec) but no location. There is also mentioned

a brother Robert in Scotland and a brother Samuel in Spokane Washington.

My Mary married John Duncan Cromb in the small goldmining town of

Walhalla in Vic in 1871.

I have never been able to find out any more on her ancestry but that

which was on her marraige and death certificates. I have have tracked

descendants of Matilda but can find out nothing on the other siblings.

My great aunt who is 93 can only ever recall Mary talking about her

sister "Tilly" (Matitlda) and she was quite taken aback when I turned up

the others, but I have never been able to find out any more than names.

Good luck with your research and if you ever run across any Cram's etc

send them along to my page :-)



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