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Our Gilchrist forebearers are also from Islay. My great grandfather, John Gilchrist was born at Port Ellen, Islay in 1932; and emigrated to Austrailia in 1857. He eventually settled at a place called Woodend, about 45 miles northwest of Melbourne, where he and his wife, Christina (originally from Nova Scotia) ran a general store.

My grandfather, William Alexander Ross Gilchrist worked for a civil engineering firm in Melbourne. He died at Brighton, a bayside suburb of Melbourne, in 1923, more than 20 years before I was born. His eldest brother, Eneas Fraser Gilchrist, was city engineer of Brisbane in the 1920's and 1930's. There is a Gilchrist Avenue there, a thoroughfare of some significance, which was appearently named in his honor - we think anyway!

Richard B. Gilchrist

GPO Box 1211 M

Hobart, Tasmania 7001


EDITOR'S NOTE: Richard's address is listed above if you wish to post a letter to him, the following link is for his brother, John Gilchrist
Another Note: Richard has sent me a good deal of information that I hope to compile and add to the site soon, don't touch that dial!

Gilchrist Family Tree

William Gilchrist  (either from Scotland or Ireland) marries Catherine Mckiernon 
and they remain in Ireland. Two of their children Patrick (1842-1929) and Rose Ann 
(1848-?) immigrate to Canada in1869 or 1870 and settle on a land grant farm at
Fallowfield near Ottawa in eastern Ontario. In 1871 Rose Ann goes to St. Cloud
Minnesota as a servant and is not heard from until 1929 when relatives of her's come
looking for Patrick in Ottawa...
	Patrick moved into Ottawa got a job with the Canadian Pacific Railroad and
married Elizabeth Fitzgerald on November 19,1873. They had four children Patrick, 
William, John, and Mary Ann. Patrick (1876-1901) and Mary Ann(1882-1960) never
married. John (1880 -1962) married Violet Fields (1885-1964) in 1905 and went west
to Winnipeg Manitoba to work for the railway. They had two girls Audrey who never
married and died in 1995 and Mary who had two sons and a daughter and died in
	William (1878-1947) married Elizabeth Frances Prentice (1881-1934) in1905.
They had three children Dorothy (June28, 1910-Jan.17, 1990), Clarence (May13,
1912-March18, 1996), and Helen (Sept.28, 1916-Feb.9, 1939). Dorothy entered
religious life(Grey Sisters) February14,1924 and taught school until1974. Helen died
of tuberculosis after a three year stay in the sanatorium. Clarence married Bertha
Deslauriers September 24, 1938 at Saint Francis church in Ottawa. They had six
children: Peter, Joan, Mark, Danny, Mary Ann, and Tony.  Joan born Jan.13, 1943
died as an infant on Sept. 30,1943. The others are all living 
and married as follows.

Peter 25/09/40, married Linda Robinson, 23/12/81, Toronto, Ontario
children:  Andrew 19/11/82, Katie 13/07/85

Mark 11/05/44, married Rejeanne Dubeau, 25/06/71, Montreal, Quebec
children:  Christopher 25/08/68, Stefan 28/04/73

Danny 24/07/48, married Kathleen Bernet, 22/08/70, Monroe, Wisconsin
children:  Sarah 25/02/71, Peter 03/02/75

Mary Ann 26/01/50, married John Balsillie, 07/02/70, Edmonton, Alberta
children:  Lisa 17/07/70, Bridget 16/07/72, Kevin 27/08/76

Tony 08/12/51, married Janet Keay, 07/05/82, Ottawa, Ontario
children:  Nolan 19/11/82, Michael 13/09/84, Andrea 12/04/87

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