April 1, 1888 - June 30, 1888

April 1, 1888 - June 30, 1888

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Apr. 1, 1888. Sabbath.
Mr. Howison preached a sermon on the Pastor's Office. It is scriptural. Presbytery is the only scriptural form of Government recognized in the bible and the only relation between people and minister is the Pastoral. Stated supply is unscriptural and unprofitable.

Apr. 3, 1888.
I received a letter from Rufus Robbins in St. Louis. My wife and I went over to Johan's to see a girl from Lincoln County who wants a situation as servant. We engaged her. The girl we have is a failure. Young Chenowith is here tonight with Shirley. In afternoon I rode down to my farm in prairie. The wheat crop on my place is mixed, some good, some tolerably fair, some dead, on the low spots all dead. About 12 acres in 100 -- dead. Carrie Mittlebusher left today. We tried her for two months and she could not do our work and this morning Mary Ul came to us, she is from Lincoln County. Having fence made on the alley between Sturmer and me. I sat with County Court today in equalizing assessments on city property. Saw Mrs. Tom Pearce in town. Wife and I rode down town and did some shopping.

Apr. 9, 1888.
Mr. Howison preached on the doctrine and duty of Christian wervice from Christ's example in washing the Apostle's feet and his precept and example, "Icame to minister and not to be ministered to". Received a letter from Mattie at Jacksonville, Florida. Jane wrote to Annie and I wrote to Mattie, she expects to be in Philadelphi tomorrow. We received photographs of Annie and her three children Saturday, a very fine group.

Apr. 11, 1888.
Mrs Durfee wrote to Mattie this a.m. Roscoe Conkling of New York is very ill. The Session of the church had a metting last night at the parsonage. Mr. Howison has been preaching for us as stated supply for 2-1/2 years and is not willing to continue in that way, he thinks it is not Presbyterial. The church is not willing to give him a call, about 1/3 of the members do not like his preaching. All like him personally and regard him as a very good pious man. It is a painful thing, that such a condition exists. He is a good theologian, a good student but is what is considered in any preacher. He lacks animation and imagination but good instructive sermons. We had to inform him last night of the opposition of a part of the church to a call. It is a disappointment to him. He said he would cease his labors among us 1st of June. Such are the painful things that occur inour churches from time to time. Our church is seak and there are many discouragements. Small American population and another Presbyterian Church (Northern).

Apr. 14, 1888.
Received letters from Minnie and Mattie today. Shirley went with Chenowith to Dardenne to visit at Judge Bate's until Monday. I wrote postal to Arthur today.

Apr. 16, 1888.
Received a letter from Mary Pearce, she is very unwell, makes her sick to wash and Louisa will have to go home. George and little George came up yesterday, he is a bright little fellow and seems quite at home here with us. Received letter from Eleanor Martin.

Apr. 18, 1888.
Louisa Pearce goes home this evening, her mother is so unwell, she must go home. She has been here about 2 months, she is a good girl, very good natured. Mrs. Alderson called this p.m. I called at Wm Parks in afternoon. Rosco Conkling died last night.

Apr. 20, 1888.
Wrote Ellen Cowan. I heard a very interesting lecture last night at the Opera House by Reverend Dr. Mathews of St. Louis on superstitions and spiritualism. He is an able man and has a great deal of wit and humor. wife and I called on the Howisons this p.m. Frederic 3d Emperor of German considered near death, he is a man of peaceful and liberal views but his son William who will succeed him is more warlike and Europe is excited at the prospect of his reigh. France is very unsettled too. General Boulanger's rising popularity is exciting apprehension of revolution. The French Republic is not securely established, too much power in the Legislature, they can put a president in and out at pleasure. All eyes are turned to France and Germany.

Apr. 22, 1888 Sabbath.
Mr. Howison preached a good sermon on the "Lord thinketh on me." God's tender love and care for his people, how comforting to us. Robert Pourie called this afternoon, Prof. Gibson preached at night.

Apr.25, 1888.
I went up to Moscow and to Mary Pearce's and then to meeting of Presbytery at Troy. I spent Monday night and Tuesday at Mary Pearce's. She is better but they live in a bottom that looks like it is very sickly, it is bottom land but looks white. John has plowed about 10 acres for corn and sowed 5 acres in oats. It is very dry and cloddy. It is the dryest April I ever saw, looks like August. We got through the business of Presbytery in one day and night. We received letters today from Annie Johns, all well. I wrote George and sent a dollar for Lithia for wife. Received letters from Lys Johns and Ellen Cowan.

p. 143.


Source: Location of handwritten original unknown.  Transcription and excerption by Florence Johns.   Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 2003.

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