Families of Audrain County

Families of Audrain County

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Users of this material should be aware of its limitations. It was not painstakingly researched. It should be used like an interview, i.e., as a clue to further research, rather than as an authoritative source. See Dorris Keeven's comments.

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Pioneer Families of MO
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Chambless, Sanderson, Simmons


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Part III

Histories of Families

Families of St. Charles County

A-B     C-D      E-L      M-P      R-Z      Others

Abington, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Atkinson, Audrain, Ayers, Baber, Baldridge, Ball, Barada, Bates, Baugh, Bigelow, Biggs, Bowles, Boyd, Boyse, Braun, Browning, Bryan, Burdine, Campbell,  Campbell, Cannon, Carr, Carter, Castlio, Charlesworth, Christy, Coalter, Colgin, Collier, Collins, Collins, Conioer, Coshow, Cottle, Craig, Cruse, Cunningham, Cunningham, Darst, Davidson, Davis, Day, Denney, Drummond, Durfee, Dyer, Easton, Edwards, Emerson, Emmons, Ferrell, Flint, Frazier, Fulkerson, Garvin, Gaty, Gerrell, Gill, Givens, Grantham, Green, Griffith, Guthrie, Hatcher, Hayden, Heald, Hendricks, Higginbotham, Hilbert, Hill, Howell, Huffman, Hutchings, Iman, Johns, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Keithley, Kenner, Kibler, Kile, Lackland, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lindsay, Lindsay, Logan, Luckett, Lusby, Mackey, Mallerson, McAtee, McCluer, McCoy, McDearmon, McDonald, McElhiney, McGowen, McKay, McNair, McPheeters, McRoberts, Meek, Miller, Millington, Moore, Moore, Morrison, Murdock, Murphy, Nichols, Orrick, Overall, Pallardie, Pearce, Perreau, Phillips, Pitman, Price, Ramsey, Redmon, Rice, Richey, Riggs, Robbins, Robbins, Rutgers, Scott, Shaw, Shelton, Smith, Smith, Spencer, Stallard, Stewart, Sublett, Sullivan, Taggart, Talley, Taylor, Tayon, Thompson, Van Burkleo, Walker, Watson, Watson, Watts, Wells, White, Wooton, Yosti, Young, Zumwalt

Families of Warren County

Archer, Bird, Brown, Burgess, Cain, Callaway, Carnefax, Carter, Caton, Chambers, Clyce, Coil, Cravens, Davis, Ellis, Fines, Fourt, Gibson, Gibson, Gilkey, Graves, Gray, Griswold, Hancock, Hart, Hays, Hopkins, Howard, Howard, Hughes, Hughes, Irvine, James, Jones, Jones, Kabler, Kennedy, Kent, Ketchersides, Kite, Lamme, Langford, Leeper, Liles, Long, Martin, McKinney, Morgan, Northcut, Owings, Pratt, Preston, Price, Pringle, Sherman, Simpson, Tice, Wallers, Wheeler, Williams, Wright, Wyatt, Wyatt, Yates

Families of Montgomery County

A-D     E-H     I-N     O-W

Adams, Allen, Anderson, Anderson, Andrews, Baker, Baker, Barnes, Bast, Beard, Berger, Best, Bowles, Brown, Bunch, Busby, Bush, Camp, Carter, Chapman, Clanton, Clare, Clark, Clements, Cobb, Cole, Cope, Cox, Craig, Crane, Crutcher, Cundiff, Cundiff, Davault, Davidson, Davis, Davis, Diggs, Drury, Dutton, Ellis, England, Estell, Farrow, Farthing, Fipps, Fisher, Fitzhugh, Ford, Freeland, Fulkerson, Gammon, Gentry, Gill, Glenn, Godfrey, Graham, Graves, Gray, Greenwell, Groom, Hall, Hance, Harding, Harper, Harris, Haslip, Henley, Hensley, Henton, Hickerson, Hopkins, Howard, Hudnall, Hudson, Hughes, Hughes, Hunter, Ingram Jacobs, Jones, Jones, Jones, Kerr, King, King, Knox, Lawson, Leach, Leavell, Lewellen, Lewis, Lewis, Logan, Loyd, Mabrey, Massey, Maughs, Maupin, McCarty, McFarland, McGhee, McGinnis, Moore, Morris, Morrow, Nowlin, Nunnelly, Oden, Patton, Pearle, Pegram, Perry, Peverley, Pew, Poindexter, Powell, Price, Purvis, Quick, Rice, Rockafellow, Rodgers, Russell, Sanders, Saylor, See, Singleton, Slavens, Smith, Snethen, Spry, Stevens, Stevens, Stewart, Strobe, Sublett, Summers, Talbott, Triplett, VanBibber, Wade, White, White, White, Whitesides, Williams, Windsor, Witcher, Woodruff, Worland, Wright, Wright

Families of Callaway County

A-B     C-D     E-G     H-K     L-M     N-S     T-Y

 Adair, Adams, Adcock, Agee, Allen, Allen, Allen, Anderson, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold,, Austin, Barnes, Bartley, Basket, Baynham, Beaven, Bennett, Benson, Bentley, Berry, Berry, Bethel, Bird, Bishop, Blackburn, Blattenberg, Blythe, Board, Boone, Boswell, Boulware, Boyce, Boyd, Bradley, Brandon, Bright, Broadwater, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Bruner, Bryant, Burch, Burgett, Burt, Burt, Bush, Caldwell, Callaway, Callerson, Carrington, Carter, Cason, Cheatham, Cillard, Clansbury, Clatterbuck, Coats, Coil, Collins, Coonce, Coones, Corder, Covington, Craig, Craighead, Cress, Creswell, Crick, Crook, Crow, Crowson, Crump, Culbertson, Curd, Curry, Darby, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Dawson, Day, Dougherty, Dozier, Driskall, Duley, Dulin, Duncan, Duncan, Dunlap, Dyer, Eley, Ellis, Estens, Evans, Evans, Everhart, Ewing, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferrier, Fitzhugh, Foster, Foxworthy, Freeman, French, Fruite, Galbreth, Galbreth, Games, Garrett, Garrett, Gathright, Gilbert, Gilman, Gilmore, Glendy, Glover, Goodrich, Grant, Gray, Gregory, Hamilton, Harding, Harper, Harrison, Harrison, Hatton, Hawkins, Hays, Hays, Henderson, Herring, Hobson, Hobson, Hockaday, Holland, Holman, Holt, Hopkins, Horde, Hornbuckle, Houf, Howe, Hughes, Hume, Humphreys, Hutts, Hyten, Jackson, Jameson, Jones, Jones, Kelley, Kemp, Kemper, Kennon, Key, Kidwell, King, Kitchen, Knight, Lail, Langley, Langtrye, Larch, Larrimore, Lawrence, Leeper, Love, Lynes, Maddox, Manning, Martein, Martin, Martin, May, McCall, McCamey, McClanahan, McClelland, McCracken, McDonald, McFarlane, McGary, McKenney, McMahan, McPheeters, Meteer, Miller, Miller, Moore, Moore, Moseley, Moseley, Moss, Murphy, Murray, Nash, Neal, Nevins, Nichols, Nichols, Nusum, Oliver, Overfelt, Palmer, Patton, Pemberton, Peters, Phillips, Pledge, Powell, Pratt, Price, Price, Ramsey, Randolph, Ratekin, Read, Reno, Reynolds, Rice, Ridgeway, Riley, Robertson, Robinson, Robinson, Sampson, Sayers, Scholl, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Selby, Sheley, Simco, Simms, Sitten, Smart, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snedicor, Snell, Steele, Stokes, Suggett, Swan, Tarleton, Tate, Tate, Taylor, Taylor, Thomas, Thomas, Thornhill, Thrailkill, Todd, Trimble, Truett, Turner, Wagoner, Walker, Watson, White, Whittington, Wilburn, Wilkerson, Williams, Winn, Winterbower, Word, Wren, Wright, Yates, Young



Families of Audrain County

Armistead, Barnett, Beatty, Blue, Bowen, Bradley, Brown, Bybee, Byrnes, Calhoun, Canterberry, Cardwell, Cauthorn, Cawthorn, Charlton, Clark, Clark, Copher, Crockett, Crouch, Cunningham, Dingle, Doan, Douglass, Eller, Eubank, Farcett, Fike, Fuget, Gantt, Gilmer, Hall, Hall, Henson, Hepler, Hook, Hubbard, Jackson, Jesse, Kilgore, Levaugh, Lockridge, Mansfield, Martin, McClure, McDonnald, McIntire, McIntosh, Mundy, Murray, Musick, Myers, Myers, Pearson, Peery, Petley, Powell, Pulis, Reed, Reynolds, Rodgers, Rose, Russell, Shock, Slocum, Spencer, Stephenson, Strahan, Talley, Thomas, Tinsley, Turner, Vaughan, Watts, Wayne, Weatherford, West, Williams, Willingham, Wilson, Woods, Woods



Biographies and Sketches



Source:   The vast majority of this was typed by Joanne Scobee Morgan, who contributed it to RootsWeb mail lists for Missouri. She gave her permission to place it on my site. The graphics included were scanned from my copy of the original 1876 edition.

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