Howard Allender - 1944-06-28

Howard Allender - 1944-06-28

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  1846 March.
In 1840 the property of A and F. A. Johns being Mortgaged to Martin, Pleasants &co. of New Orleans, for the sum of about eighteen thousand dollars - the mortgage was closed.  I paid the creditors about eleven thousand dollars and became responsible for the seven thousand - & I purchased the property - consisting of about 35 negroes & 400 acres of land to secure myself -- I subsequently sold the land & paid $4000.00 on the debt - which leaves about $3000.00 now due.  This claim was transfered by Martin Pleasant & co, to the Union Bank of Ten, who now hold it.  It has always been my intention, when all of the above debt was paid, to make a deed of gift of all the negroes remaining To A. Johns wife & children except the following eighteen -- Dennis, Mason, William, Crecy, Dolly, George, Lydia, Catherine, Archer, Mary, Jackson, Ally, Mima, John, Booker, Syd, Henry, Cely --
    These negroes entended for Mary Johns & her children I sold in Jany last to Dabney M. Whart[on] for $12.000.00 to be paid in six annual payments of two thousand each -- secured by mortgage on that property & to carry out my original intention towards Mary Johns & her children   in February last at my Brother in the state of La. I wrote my last will & testament bequeathing to Mary Johns & her children the notes I hold against D. M. Wharton, subgect to the debt of $3000.00 due the Bank -- These notes I left in the hands of my Bro -- & a record of the sale & mortgage is made in the clerk's office of Madison Parish, La.
    I also sold to D. M. Wharton Negro woman Lydia & 3 children & negro woman Crecy for the $1500.00 -- $200 paid in hand & for the balance he executed 2 notes to me of $650. each payable in one & two years -- secured by Mortgage in said negroes.  I also hire to him 2 negroes -- William & Dolly for $175.00 per year --


Source: Handwritten original, private collection, Chambless family.  Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, March 15, 1999.

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