St. Michael Church & Cemetery, Tarnov, Platte County, Nebraska

St. Michael Church and Cemetery

Tarnov, Platte County, Nebraska


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1882 -
18 May 1955
According to the list of burials in the St. Michael's 125th Anniversary publication, Frank was a son of John and Catherine CIOCHON.   I found a baptism record for a Franciscus CZOCHON on 18 September 1880, born to John and Catharina nee GEMBOLA.  I am speculating that this is the same Frank, even though the date on the tombstone does not match.

Theola and Ben Chohon
Theola C. CHOHON
May 21, 1915
Dec 11, 1994
June 1, 1908
Benedict Richard was a son of  Michael CIOCHON and Ludovica (Louise) nee JARECKA.  He was baptized on 7 June 1908 in St. Michael's Church.  Benedict married Theophila BARNAS on 5 May 1947 in St. Michael's.  Theophila Cecylia (Theola) was a daughter of  Stanislaus BARNAS and Sophia nee SYSLO.  She was baptized in the St. Michael's Church on 23 May 1915.

Michael and Louise Chohon
Feb 26, 1887
June 17, 1973
Michael CHOHON
Aug 17, 1878
Nov 17, 1957
According to the list of burials in the St. Michael's 125th Anniversary publication, Michael was a son of John and Catherina CIOCHON.  The Jarecki-Bladzik biography in the St. Bonaventure centennial book (Columbus, Nebraska) named Louise (Aloysia) as a daughter of Frank JARECKI and Veronica nee PODRAZA.  The biography also named Michael and Aloysia's children: Ben and Genevieve (Mrs. Felix BARNAS).

Blazej and Maryanna CIOCHON Błazej CIOCHON
1866 -
7 November 1963
Maryanna CIOCHON
1876 -
20 January 1938
According to the list of burials in the St. Michael's 125th Anniversary publication, Błazej (Blase) was a son of John CHOCHON and Catherina  nee GEMBALA.  The 1900 U.S. Nebraska census for Burrows Twp in Platte County has his date and place of birth as Oct 1869, Poland (Aust).  Blase married Maryanna BARNAS on 3 November 1891 in St. Michael's Church.  Maryanna was a daughter of  Bartholomew BARNAS and Maria nee LESIAK.  The 1900 census indicates Maryanna was born Aug 1873 in Poland (Austria).

Jan and Katazyna Ciochon
Katazyna CIOCHON
1849 -
14 July 1931
Jan (John) CIOCHON
1841 -
24 April 1915

1840 - 1914

Born May 1864
UM. 9 Grud 1910 (Died 9 Dec 1910)
Yan (John) FURMANSKI / FOREMAN was born in Austria Poland, a son of Joseph and Marcyanna KOSZ/KUSZ FURMANSKI. Yan immigrated to the U.S. in 1880. He married Mary MORITZ 7 Oct 1890 at Burrows (now Tarnov), Platte County, Nebraska. Mary, born Jun 1875 and died 3 Nov 1951, was a daughter of George and Anna KORUS/VELBUS MORITZ/MORROTZ.

John and Mary were the parents of Felix FOREMAN, my Uncle by marriage. Uncle Felix married into my GALUS family. I have additional information about the FOREMAN family. Use your browser's BACK button to return here.

Pawel GA??? Pawel GA???

Pawel GA????
Born 1831 - Died 1903
He Rests With God

The St. Michael's 125th Anniversary publication lists a burial for a Paulum GAWER on 27 August 1903.  However, the entry indicates he was 88 years old, which does not compute with the date above.  This is the only entry that comes close to the information on this marker.

Frank J. Galus Frank J. GALUS
June 14, 1884
Jan 22, 1957
Frank J. GALUS was Marge's Granduncle. He was a brother of Marge's Grandfather, Stanislaus GALUS. Frank immigrated from Leki Gorne, Galicia, Austria Poland around 1904. He lived and worked in various places, but eventually settled in Tarnov, Nebraska and worked for his Uncle Andrew PAPROCKI. Frank never married.

Wojciec and Katarzyna Gdowski Katarzyna GDOWSKI
1859 -
27 December 1928

1858 -
4 April 1933
Biography of Albert (George) and Kathryn (MIELAK) GDOWSKI, from the Centennial book for Ss. Peter and Paul Church, Krakow, Nance County, Nebraska, page 206
Adalbert GDOWSKI and Kathryn MIELAK married 9 February 1888 at St. Bonaventure Church in Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska.  They were the parents of 8 children:
1.  Charles (Stanislaus), born 9 November 1888, died 8 April 1962, buried in Columbus.
2.  Mary (Mrs. Adam OSEKA), born 3 April 1890, died 14 February 1917 shortly after childbirth.  Buried in Tarnov [St Michael's].
3.  Anna H. (Mrs. Peter VOICHOSKIE), born 3 August 1891 in Nance County, died 19 April 1970, buried in Fullerton, Nance County.
4.  Joseph born 1892, drowned near Genoa in 1921.  Was married about 3 months.  Buried [at St. Michael's] in Tarnov.
5.  Thecla (Tillie), born 18 November 1894.  Joined Trinity Convent, Terre Haute, Indiana, took her vows as Sister M. Notburga.  Died 1 December 1918, Terre Haute, flu epidemic.  Buried in Columbus.
6.  Balbina (Mrs. Joseph OLSZOWKA), born 28 February 1899.  Was living in Chicago, Illinois.
7.  John, born 29 March 1901, baptized at Krakow.  Moved to Platte Center in Platte County.  Injured in a car  accident  in 1977 and died a few weeks later.  Buried in Platte Center.
8.  Catherine, born 17 September 1903, died shortly after birth, buried in the Krakow Cemetery.

Ignatz and Cecelia Gourka
Cecelia GOURKA
Jan 16, 1905
Nov 9, 1990
Sept 5, 1898
Sept 29, 1971
Cecelia was a daughter of  Stanislaus (Charles) SLIWA (SLIVA) and  Catherine nee TORCZON.  She is my half third cousin twice removed -- related though my GALUS family.  Cecelia married Ignatz (James) GOURKA on 29 January 1930 in St. Michael's Church.  Ignatz (James) was a son of John GORKA and Sophia KWAPNIOWSKI.

James, William, Agnes JAROSZ
James JAROSZ, Son
May 14, 1897
Feb 5, 1944
William JAROSZ, Father
Jul 27, 1850
Mar 8, 1901
Agnes JAROSZ, Mother
Aug 20, 1858
Dec 27, 1943
Information about William and Agnes is included in the biography of their son George in th online The History of Platte County.  Agnes' maiden name was GURKA / GORKA.  William and Agnes were the parents of  George, John, Joseph, Andrew and James.  I've found all but James listed in the baptism records of St. Michael's Parish.  All of the baptism records give William's name as Valentine, as does the entry for his death.

Alfred and Sylvia Jarosz
Sylvia Elaine JAROSZ
nee SOCK
No death date
Alfred A. JAROSZ
Dec 28, 1928
June 23, 1994
Alfred Albert was a son of George / Adalbert JAROSZ and Helen nee BARNAS.

Andrew and Mary Jarosz
Aug 22, 1901
Nov 2, 1994
Andrzej JAROSZ
Rodz. 12 Wrzesnia [September] R 1891
Umarl [died] 17 Lipca [July] R 1934

George and Helen Jarosz
Mar 12, 1895
Sept 28, 1960
Nov 21, 1902
Jan 27, 1985

Laverna Jarosz Laverna JAROSZ
May 8, 1926
Dec 29, 1994
Daughter of George & Helen

Mateusz and Kunegunda Jarosz Mateusz JAROSZ
1858 - 1930

Kunegunda JAROSZ
1856 - 1953

Mike and Della Jarosz
1898 - 1974
1895 - 1982

Mary Jazwiec Mary JAZWIEC
1879 - 1950


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