Martin Mosher

Martin was born in New York on July 8, 1809. In 1830, he married Mary B. Durham, daughter of Robert & Phebe (Hackett) Durham. Mary was born in Clarence, Erie County, New York on December 31, 1810 and died in Jackson, Michigan on December 20, 1894 at age 85.

Martin was active in the Mosher "fortune" project in the 1880s, erroneously believing that Ezekiel was the father of the immigrant Mosher ancestor. Martin appears in the 1850 Census for Pembroke, Genesee Co., NY in which his occupation is given as a mason.

Martin died on August 20, 1900 in Jackson, Michigan at the age of 88 years. He and Mary and both buried in Mt. Evergreen Cemetery in Jackson. As indicated on his death certificate, the cause of death was paralysis with the contributory cause given as "old age and hot weather."

His obituary was published Friday, August 24, 1900 in the Jackson Semi-Weekly Citizen, Jackson, Michigan:

Died: MOSHER -- At the home of his daughter, Mrs. William E. Martin, 521 E. Ganson Street, Monday, August 20, Mr. Martin Mosher, aged 91 years. Mr. Mosher was well as usual in the morning when his daughter left the house. When she returned home at noon she found the old gentleman dead. Justice Helmer was called, but decided that death was due to heart disease and that no inquest was necessary. Deceased was born in New York and came to Michigan in 1854. His wife died about six years ago. Four daughters survive him; Mrs. William E. Martin, Mrs. John Mahan and Mrs. Moses Seaman, all of this city, and Mrs. Lucretia Waite of Allegan.

This photo of my 3rd Great Grandmother, Mary (Durham) Mosher is actually a photo of a photo that rested against her casket at her funeral service.

A surviving letter from Mary (Durham) Mosher to her granddaughter, Edith (Waite) Delaney, written shortly after Edith and married William Delaney, dated Nov 14 1894, Jackson, Michigan reads:

My Dear Grand Children, I will try & answer your welcome letter I received all right & also your Pictures was thankefully received & thousand thanks for the same. You wanted I should tell you what I think of them. I think you are very nice looking couple. I appreciate them very much. You may be sure I always will keep them while live. Also Coras & Family what I have of them. I think I have not got her last one picture. You tell Willie G. Waite I would be very glad of his picture so I can have it to put with the rest so I can look at you if I can't see you.

I would been very glad to come to your wedding, but poverty stood in the way. Your Ma wrote for us to come out and stay with her this winter. I would been very glad to went. We had not the means & the rest was as bad off so hear we be about the same as ever only most 2 years older than we was when you left. GrandPa face bothers him the same as ever. He has not earned but little since you was hear. Now Settie, if you was hear you could have the same job you had when you was hear, but Marid told me today Aunt Marild was going come. It is to bad but what is to be will be. Marilda has been taking care of a pair twins four weeks old yesterday. She is their yet. George and Minna has gon to Chicago to live. I don't know whether they have sent for their things or not. It is some days since I heard from Sylvia. I have not seen Martha in some time. I would finished your blocks if I could of got the dark pieces. I would been glad to finished it if I had means to done it with. Since I comenced this Aunt Martha & Phebe has come hear. Phebe says tell you she received your picture & was very thankful. She would write to you soon. Martha wants you to write to her & your picture. She says she don't think Minna will send for her things this winter. Rent rooms furnished. It is to bad they have gone off. I hated to see her go off. The folks is all well as far as I know. Mary Bell sends her love to you. Says you must write. Give me love to Cora family. Well tell them all to write. GrandPa sends his love to you all. I have not seen Susie today. It is so slipery tonight I dare not go over to night for fear I may fall. I would like to step in & see you tonight. I am glad if you have got a good home. Write often. My love to your husband. So good by to my Grand Children one and all. Mary Mosher.

Copy of Martin Mosher's Death Certificate. Cause of death "old age & hot weather."

Copy of Mary Durham Mosher's Death Certificate. Her cause of death was given simply as "old age."

My 3rd Great Aunt Martha Mosher Seaman
Daughter of Martin & Mary Mosher

My 3rd Great Aunt Phoebe Mosher Martin
Daughter of Martin & Mary Mosher

Mosher Sisters Left to Right: Mary, Martha, Phoebe, Marlda, Lucretia & Sylvia. Daughters of Martin & Mary Mosher.

My Great, Great Grandmother, Lucretia Melvina (Mosher) Waite

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