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One of the greatest pleasures for me in my genealogy research is discovering the stories about my ancestors and I've decided to include some of them here. Some are humorous or whimsical, others are of a more serious nature and contain biographies, wills, obituaries and inventories. Several of the historically related ones are included within my Notable Women Ancestors web site. I hope you'll take the time to visit. Enjoy!

Notable Women Ancestors

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Tribute to my Parents, WWII Veterans

Thomas & Alice Angell Among the earliest settlers of Providence, RI, Thomas held many town offices despite being illiterate (or at least unable to write). His will and inventory as well as those of his wife, Alice are here.

Biography of Thomas's son, John Angell, including his inventory.

Biography of John Sr.'s son, John Angell.

Biography of John Jr.'s son, Stephen Angell.

Eleanor of Aquitaine Wife of two kings and mother of two more, Eleanor was one of the most interesting women of medieval Europe.

Biography of Benjamin Barnard, son of Nathaniel.

Biography of George Barnard, son of Uriah.

Biography of Nathaniel Barnard, son of Thomas the second who married his cousin, Mary Barnard, daughter of Robert.

Biography of Robert Barnard, son of Thomas and brother to Thomas.

Biography of Thomas Barnard, earliest known ancestor of this line.

Biography of Thomas Barnard, son of Thomas and brother to Robert.

Biography of Timothy Barnard, son of Benjamin.

Biography of Timothy Barnard, son of Timothy.

Biography of Uriah Barnard, son of Timothy the second.

Sancha de Ayala & Sir Walter Blount The biographies of two of the ancestors of many early American Colonists, including Roger Ludlow and Anne Marbury Hutchinson

Mary Bliss Parsons A 10th great aunt, accused twice of witchcraft in Springfield, MA, both times managed to wriggle out from under the accusations.

Biography of emigrant Nathaniel Bliss.

Biography of Samuel Bliss.

Biography of emigrant Thomas Bliss.

Biography of John Bryant, Josiah's son.

Biography of Josiah Bryant, earliest known ancestor of this line.

Biography of George Bunker, Roger's great, great grandson.

Biography of Oliver Bunker, Roger's grandson.

Biography of Peleg Bunker, Roger's 4th great grandson.

Biography of Roger Bunker, the earliest known ancestor of this line.

Biography of Timothy Bunker, Roger's great grandson.

Biography of William Bunker, Roger's son.

Biography of William Bunker, Roger's 3rd Great Grandson.

Biography of emigrant Benjamin Burr.

Biography of emigrant Henry Butterworth.

Mary Peck Butterworth, wife of Henry's great grandson, John Butterworth, was a female counterfeiter.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton My famous 5th cousin, 4 times removed. Recognizing the discrimination that existed against women in American in the 1800's early in her life, Elizabeth became the leading force behind Women's Rights Movement along with her lifelong friend, Susan B. Anthony. Her advocacy for suffrage led directly to the passage of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

Biography of Benjamin Cady.

Biography of Benjamin's son, Benjamin Cady.

Biography of Indian fighter, Joseph Cady.

Biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's earliest Cady ancestor (and mine), Nicholas Cady.

Biography of emigrant, Thomas Caswell.

The China Years Excerpts of letters written by my mother, Dorothy Williams Behling, while stationed in Shanghai, China 1946-1949.

Biography of emigrant John Choate.

Biography of John's son, John Choate.

Biography of John's father, Robert Choate.

Biography of David Church, Garrett's son.

Biography of Garrett Church, the earliest ancestor of this family.

Biography of John Church, Garrett's grandson.

Biography of emigrant Josiah Churchill.

Colorado Pioneers My grandparents, Art & Minnie Williams, homesteaded on the Great Divide.

Biography of emigrant, Quartermaster George Colton.

Biography of George's son, Isaac Colton.

Biography of Francis Cooke & of the Mayflower.

Biography of John Cooke of the Mayflower, son of Francis.

Biography of emigrantThomas Cooper of Springfield, MA.

Biography of Israel Curtis, John's GGG Grandson.

Biography of John Curtis, the earliest known ancestor in this line.

Biography of John Curtis, his son.

Biography of Joseph Curtis, John's great grandson.

Biography of Peter Curtis, John's great, great grandson.

Biography of Thomas Curtis, John's grandson.

Biography of Zabad Curtis, John's GGGG grandson.

Biography of emigrant Abraham Doolittle, of New Haven, Connecticut.

Biography of Edward Doolittle, Abraham's father.

Biography of Humphrey Doolittle, Abraham's grandfather.

Biography of Humphrey Doolittle, Abraham's great grandfather.

Biography of John Doolittle, earliest known ancestor of the Kidderminster Doolittles.

Biography of John Doolittle, Abraham's son.

Biography of John Dyer, the earliest known ancestor of this line.

Biography of Henry Dyer, William & Mary's grandson.

Biography of Mary Barrett Dyer, who was hanged in Boston for being a Quaker.

Biography of Samuel Dyer, William & Mary's son.

Biography of William Dyer, John's son and William's father.

Biography of William Dyer, husband of Mary Barrett Dyer.

Biography of John Eddy.

Biography of Joshua Eddy.

The Death of Samuel Eddy's Dog The Plymouth Court Orders record the poisoning death of Samuel's dog which later inspired an amusing poem written by a member of the Eddy Family Association. Also full biography of this emigrant ancestor.

William Eddye The 4th Vicar of St. Dunstan's Church in Cranbrook, Kent County, England. His sons, John and Samuel were the emigrants to America.

Biography of Zachariah Eddy.

Biography of emigrant, Zachariah Fitch.

Dedication Page to my Mother, Dorothy Williams Behling Biographical information including homesteading, service in Marine Corps and work in China.

Richard Delaney & Emma Mathews Richard emigrated from Ireland when he was a boy and married Emma, granddaughter of a Revolutionary War soldier.

Diary From California My grandmother, Minnie Hiney Williams kept an amusing diary of my grandparents' trip in 1940 from Colorado to California.

Biography of emigrant, Edward Farmer.

Biography of Edward's father, John Farmer.

Biography of Edward's grandfather, John Farmer.

Biography of Edward's great grandfather, John Farmer.

Biography of William's son, Walter Gaylord.

Biography of emigrant William Gaylord.

Lady Godiva The wife of Leofric, the earl of Mercia, Godiva is best remembered for her naked ride through town protesting increased taxes. However, she was also instrumental in the founding of the abbey around which the town of Coventry grew and prospered.

Thomas Granger A 9th Great Uncle, Thomas was executed for the crime of bestiality in Plymouth Colony in 1642. William Bradford wrote about it in his history, Of Plimouth Plantation.

Guardian of the New World My 9th Great Uncle, Benjamin Wait, was the Hadley, MA town carpenter and musician, and was a bit on the rowdy side until he married. He later rescued his wife and children who were captured by Indians and taken to Canada, and also helped to hide two of the Judges who ordered the death of King Charles I.

Biography of Great, Great Grandfather, Elias Hiney, along with his diary kept during the Mexican-American War.

Bio and obituary of GGG Grandfather, George Hiney, a veteran of the War of 1812.

Biography of Kirk Hiney, my Great Grandfather.

The Whipping of Obadiah Holmes He rebelled against the Puritan Church and became a Baptist Minister in Newport, Rhode Island. While "converting" others, he was arrested, fined and sentenced to be "well-whipped."

Biography of Obadiah's father, Robert Hulme.

Biography of Obadiah's grandtfather, Robert Hulme.

Elizabeth Hull Heard Elizabeth's experience on an exposed outpost where for nearly ten years she was surrounded by hostile Indians is legendary. Even Cotton Mather wrote about her.

Rev. Joseph Hull Founder of Barnstable, MA and one of the earliest ministers in the colonies, Rev. Hull was frequently at odds with the Puritans, resulting in continual removal from settlement to settlement in an effort to gain acceptance for his preaching.

Biography of Joseph's son, Capt. Tristram Hull.

Biography of the Hutchinson ancestor.

Anne Marbury Hutchinson A visionary ahead of her time, Anne Hutchinson advocated religious freedom and toleration and was banished from Boston for her "radical" ideas.

Biography of Edward Hutchinson.

Biography of Capt. Edward Hutchinson.

Biography of John Hutchinson.

Biography of emigrant William Hutchinson, husband of Anne Marbury Hutchinson.

The Possession of Elizabeth Knapp Granddaughter of my direct ancestors, William Knapp and John Warren of Watertown, 16-year old Elizabeth was a servant in the home of Rev. Samuel Willard in Groton, MA when she became "possessed" by the Devil in 1671.

Biography of Thomas Knapp, father of the emigrant.

Biography of emigrant William Knapp.

Biography of Christopher Leaming. The emigrant who settled in Cape May, New Jersey, my 7th great grandfather.

Biography of Jeremiah Leaming. Christopher's son, my 6th great grandfather.

Biography of Matthias Leaming. My 5th great grandfather who remained a Tory throughout the Rev. War.

Biography of Judah Leaming. My 4th great grandfather, a Rev. War Patriot.

Biography of Judah Leaming. My 3rd great grandfather, the first settler of Springfield Township, LaPorte County, Indiana. He later moved the family to Dallas County, Iowa.

Lydia Leaming Miller Autobiography of my 3rd great aunt's pioneer trek from Dallas County, Iowa to Oregon in 1866. Fascinating detail, including travel by wagon train, Indian attacks and buffalo gnats.

Autobiography of Martha (Mattie) Caroline Rogers Leaming.

Biography of Dessie Elizabeth Hayter Leaming.

Diaries of Aaron & Thomas Leaming Diaries of two of my 7th Great Uncles transcribed by Aaron's son, Aaron the 2nd, jam-packed with genealogy data (births, deaths, marriages) of the early Leaming and related families of Cape May, New Jersey. A most valuable extant record.

Biography of Rev. Francis Marbury, Anne Marbury Hutchinson's father.

Biography of John Marbury, Anne Marbury Hutchinson's earliest known ancestor, her GGG Grandfather.

Biography of Robert Marbury, Anne Marbury Hutchinson's Great Grandfather.

Biography of William Marbury, Anne Marbury Hutchinson's GG Grandfather.

Biography of William Marbury, Anne Marbury Hutchinson's Grandfather.

Biography of emigrant George Martin of Ipswich, MA.

Biography of George's son, George Martin.

Impressed into service as a British soldier, John Matthews came to America where he switched sides and fought for the Patriots through the entire Revolutionary War.

Biography of Thomas Matthews, John's son.

Irene McFee Her pioneer life in Oregon described in an autobiography shortly before her death, including details of her father's tragic death. Her brother, Ivyl wrote a letter describing this awful accident.

Mosher Millions Great Grandma Waite gets suckered by the legend of the English Mosher legacy.

Biography of Jabez's son, David Mosher.

Uncle Ki Mosher & Spook Hill. Ghoulish unattached hands, money from the devil and mysterious rock tapping at Spook Hill are all part of Hezikiah Mosher's legacy.

Biography of emigrant Hugh Mosher. Biography of Nicholas's son, Jabez Mosher.

Biography of Jabez's son, Jabez Mosher.

Biography of John Moger/Mosher, the earliest known of this line.

Biography of David's son, Martin Mosher.

Biography of John's son, Nicholas Mosher.

Biography of Hugh's son, Nicholas Mosher.

Biography of Nicholas's son, Nicholas Mosher.

Thomas Nichols & Prescott Farm After being imprisoned at the end of the English Civil War, Thomas and his brother, Edmund sailed to America in their own ships to Rhode Island where they continued their business in shipping and built the Overing & Page Farm, now called Prescott Farm.

Thomas Olney Thomas, who emigrated to America on the Planter, was one of the first settlers of Rhode Island and the first Treasurer of Providence. He was also Court Assistant, Town Councilman and Clerk. His will and inventory are here.

Biograph of Jacob's son, David Preston.

Biography of Samuel's son, Jacob Preston.

Biography of emigrant Roger Preston.

Biography of Roger's son, Samuel Preston.

Biography of Rev. Henry Smith of Wethersfield, CT.

Richard Smith Richard was one of the earliest settlers in Rhode Island and built a trading post known as Smith's Castle which still stands today.

Those Terrible Tuttles Sarah was fined by the CT court for flirting with a married man and her brother, Benjamin killed her with an axe. (Siblings of Elizabeth and Mercy of "Sinister Sisters".)

Tuttle Sinister Sisters Elizabeth Tuttle was promiscuous and mentally unbalanced and her sister, Mercy killed her son with an axe. (Siblings of Sarah and Ben of "Those Terrible Tuttles").

Biograhy of Thomas's son, Richard Tuttle.

Simon Tuttle of Ringstead The English father of three sons who immigrated to America on the ship Planter and grandfather of the the homicidal Tuttles (Sarah & Ben of "Those Terrible Tuttles" and Elizabeth & Mercy of "Sinister Sisters"); his will is here.

Biography of William's son, brother to Sarah, Elizabeth & Mercy, Simon Tuttle.

Biography of Timothy's son, Simon Tuttle.

Biography of William's father, Symon Tuttle.

Biography of the earliest known Tuttle, Thomas Tuttle.

Biography of Simon's son, Timothy Tuttle.

Biography of emigrant, William Tuttle.

Twice-Baked Condemned to be burned at the stake, they had to burn Edward Wightman twice in order to get it right.

Julius Porter Waite & Lucretia Melvina Mosher Julius was a farmer and a soldier in the Civil War who was captured and put into Virginia's Libby Prison. He and his wife, Lucretia raised their family in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Biography of John Warren, son of Robert.

Biography of John "the Middle" Warren, grandson of Robert, and father of emigrant, John Warren.

Biography of emigrant John Warren, who settled in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Biography of Robert Warren, earliest known ancestor of the Watertown, MA Warren line.

Richard Warren of the Mayflower A merchant of London, England, Richard was a Mayflower passenger and the twelfth signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Biography of Providence settler, Capt. John Whipple.

George Wightman George, an emigrant ancestor to Rhode Island, was arrested and taken with others to Hartford, CT in 1669 on account of his allegiance to the government of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. His will and inventory are here.

Charles Williams My great grandfather, a descendant of Nantucket and North Carolina Quakers who was born in Indiana and settled in Iowa as a barber. Short biography here with photos.

Edna Williams Wean Mountain My Great Aunt who was murdered after one too many love affairs.

Biography of Daniel Williams, son of Roger.

James & Alice Williams. Biographies of the parents of Roger Williams, founder of Providence, RI are here, along with their wills.

Brief biography of Mark Williams, grandfather of Roger.

Roger Williams, Founder of Providence, Rhode Island. Born in England, pastor for a time in Salem and Plymouth, he was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and went on to found the town of Providence which eventually become the Colony of Rhode Island.

Biography of Joseph Wilson, Sarah's husband.

Sarah Lord Wilson One of the Andover, MA women caught in the Salem witch hysteria, Sarah and her daughter, Sarah, Jr., were both arrested, imprisoned and forced to "confess" to witchcraft.

Biography of William Wilson.

Biography of his son, William Wilson.

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