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Pedigees 861-865: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 861

          *Everard I Radulf (-1112) [more]
       Walter (-1137)
          *Francka (-1078) [more]
   Everard II de MORTAIGNE (-1166)
       Petronella (-1146)
Everard III de MORTAIGNE (-1189) [previous]
      *Baldwin_III of_Hainaut (1087-1120) [more]
   Richilde de HAINAULT 
      *Adelaide (Yolande) of Gueldres  [more]

Pedigree 862

   Lambert de MONTAIGU 
Gertrude MONTAIGU (-1187) [previous]

Pedigree 863

               Thierry de WAVRIN (-1066)
           Gauthier de WAVRIN (-1089)
               (Miss) de ST.VENANT 
       Baldwin de WAVRIN (-1128)
   Roger de WAVRIN (-1155)
Robert de WAVRIN (-1195) [previous]
   Emma de LILERS 

Pedigree 864

                  *Adalbert de GANT (1004-1032) [more]
               Folcard (-1073)
                  *Ermengarde of Flanders  [more]
           Lambert II (-1085)
                  *Lambert_I "The Bearded" (950-1015) [more]
               Landrade de LOUVAINE 
                  *Gerberge of Lorraine (975-1008) [more]
       Wenemar_I (-1140)
           Gisele (-1071)
   Arnoul II de GUINES (-1169)
              *Eustace de Guines (-1052) [more]
           Baldwin I de GUINES (-1091)
              *Susanne de GRAMINES  [more]
       Gisele de GUINES 
           Adele (Chretienne) 
Adelide de GUINES  [previous]
      *Guillaume de St. Omer (-1148) [more]
   Maude de ST.OMER 
      *Melisinde de PICQUIGNY  [more]

Pedigree 865

          *Routrou_I (-1049) [more]
       Hugues III (-1110)
          *Adeline de_Domfront  [more]
   Geoffroy II (-1141)
           Fulcher de FRETEVAL 
       Agnes de FRETEVAL 
Hugues IV (-1180) [previous]

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