Milford Township Cemetery Index, Deloit, Iowa

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Milford Township Cemetery Records

Milford Township Cemetery Switchboard
Object ObjectType LastModified Description
Milford Surnames_--- Query 05-09-01 7:49:02 PM Surnames unknown
Milford Surnames_AC Query 05-09-01 7:47:22 PM Surnames from A thru C
Milford Surnames_DG Query 05-09-01 7:47:49 PM Surnames from D thru G
Milford Surnames_HK Query 05-09-01 7:48:05 PM Surnames from H thru K
Milford Surnames_LO Query 05-09-01 7:48:20 PM Surnames from L thru O
Milford Surnames_PT Query 05-09-01 7:48:38 PM Surnames from P thru T
Milford Surnames_UZ Query 05-09-01 7:48:50 PM Surnames from U thru Z

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