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The Hayes Township Cemetery is located on a hilltop west of the road in Section 2 of Hayes Township in Ida County, Iowa. The entrance is nicely marked with plaques on the Barker free-standing brick monuments. The gravesites are laid in north-south rows. The older part of the cemetery is to the north and is well populated with evergreens. The newer part to the south does not have trees. In the beginning the cemetery primarily served the local Baptist, Free, and Mission Covenant congregations. Swedish emigrant population was dominant in the area and the names of those buried here reflect that. About one third of the over 300 decedents were born in Sweden. The earliest recorded burial in the cemetery was Emma Josephine Johnson in 1883. She was only 7 years old. The cemetery is well maintained and most gravesites are well marked with enduring headstones. A few of those monuments are shown here.

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