St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery Records, Kiron, Iowa

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St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery Records

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The St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery is located at the site of the old church in Stockholm township section 15. Using current road identifiers, the cemetery is on the east side of 310th Street between C Avenue and D Avenue in Crawford County, Iowa. The cemetery is laid out in blocks starting from the road and going east. Block 1 is nearest the road with about 6 north south rows containing 30 lots. The number of gravesites within lots vary. Next is Block 2 with 7 north south rows containing 35 lots and to the east is Block 3 with 6 north south rows and 30 lots. Blocks 1 and 2 have trees. Blocks 2 and 3 are populated with easily identifible headstones. The cemetery is expanding south adding a 13 lot east west row corresponding to the alignment of Blocks 2 and 3. Time has taken its toll on some of the headstones in Block 1. The cemetery is well maintained and has current burials. The church was erected on this site in 1892. The oldest burial records listed in these tables was obtained from copies of the 1902-46 church books (written in German) and occurred on 2 August 1902 -- Christine Ella Wilhelmina Hansen, infant daughter of Johannes Hansen and Anna Koch. Undocumented burials from 1892 to 1901 may exist in this cemetery.

(Cemetery walked in 1997)
(Extracted from microfilm #1516498 / part 11 and #1516499 / parts 2 and 3)

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