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        Samuel P. Fergus, p. 311 from the "Beers Project"
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        Census - Canada
                1837 Toronto & Home District Directory
                Ontario 1871 Census
        Census - Ireland
                1901 Irish Census Index - TYR
                Census Substitutes - Ireland
                17th Century Muster Rolls
                Books of Survey & Distribution
                Civil Survey of Ireland
                Census of Ireland, c. 1659
                Poll Rax Returns 1660
                Subsidy Rolls, 1662-6
                Hearth Money Rolls, 1666
                Protestant Householders, 1740
                C of I Rector's list, 1766
                Spinning-wheel Preimium Entitlement, 1796
               Tithe Applotment Books, 1824-1838
               Griffith's Valuation, 1848-1864
               Landowners in Ireland, 1876
        Census - Scotland
        Census - U.S.
 Decendants by first known FERGUS lineage (about 10   lineages)
        Descendants of Abraham Ditty
        Descendants of William Fergus
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         Fergus Deeds -GenConnect
        New York City
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 FERGUS Name (Meaning of FERGUS)
            Fergus is the 11,711th most popular last name (surname) in the United States
      The name FERGUS is a characteristic Scottish name explained as meaning "Firey" or "leader or brave Chieftan".
         Surnames of Ireland
         Variations of FERGUS
            There are a number of early forms of the name Fergus to include: FEARGHAS, FERGHAIS, and FHEARGUIS.  The name is derived from Gaelic "Fear" meaning man and "Gais" meaning spear.
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