Descendants of William Fergus
Generation No. 1
 1.  William Fergus   was born abt 1780 at:  Westray and Papa Westray, Scotland. He married Margaret Seater Oct 21,1810  in Westray Scotland.

Children of William Fergus and Margaret Seater are:
  2.i James Fergus, born October 09, 1813 in Westray And Papa, Scotland; died Apr16,           1875  in Saverock Kirkwall, Scotland James married Mary Traill Rendall on Jun 7, 1853 at North Leith Scotland

        3.i George Munro Fergus, born Mar 2, 1855 Orkney Scotland. George never married,
immigrated to Canada in 1883, and died about 1885 in Whitewood Saskatchewan Canada.

        3.ii William Seatter Fergus, born Mar 5, 1857 in Orkney Scotland. William immigrated
to Canada in 1883 with his brothers, married his cousin Ida Estella Rae in 1884. William
died a year later in 1885 between Whitewood and Yorkton Saskatchewan.

        3.iii James Fergus, born Feb 7, 1859, in Kirkwall And St. Ola, Scotland. James immigrated to Canada and married Betty Sinclair in Yorkton Saskatchewan. James died
in Yorkton Saskatchewan Feb 07, 1900.

        3 iv Susanna Margaretta Fergus, born Jul 3, 1861 in Kirkwall Scotland. Susanna was
thrown from a horse and died May 07, 1878 Kirkwall Scotland.

        3.v David Munro Fergus, born December 05, 1865, in Kirkwall, St Ola Scotland.
David immigrated to Canada and married Isabelle Smith Houri Dec 2, 1902, also from
Orkney Scotand. James died in Yorkton Saskatchewan March 16, 1936.
            4.i William Fergus, born 1903 in Yorkton Saskatchewan. William died in Yorkton
Saskatchew at birth and is buried in Orkney Saskatchewan, east of Yorkton.

            4.ii Munro Fergus, born Jul 04,1904 in Yorkton Saskatchewan. Munro died of
a gun accident May 03, 1914 and is buried in the Orkney Saskatchewan Cemetery.

            4.iii Mary Isabella Fergus, born August 12, 1907 in Yorkton Saskatchewan. Mary
Mary died October 10, 1911 of an unknown short illness and is buried in the Orkney Cemetery.

            4.iv Susanna Margaretta Fergus, born May 03, 1909 in Yorkton Saskatchewan.
Susanna married John Edgar Devins (1903 - 1963) They had 3 sons and a daughter.

            4.v William Donald Fergus, born May 02, 1914 in Yorkton Saskatchewan.
 2.ii John Fergus, born Dec 16, 1817 in Westwray Scotland. 

Notes on the above:

James Fergus was a Merchant Capt at sea, on his own ship the "Paragon". Sailing from
Scotland to Russia. James and his brother in law George Rendall were employed often
by the Tzar of Russia.
He was described in his death entry as a Ship Master (Merchant Service) aged 61, the son of William Fergus and Margaret Seater. The informant for this death entry was given to the Registar by William Rendall, Ayre, Kirkwall, brother in law 

George Munro Fergus apprenticed with George Petrie, Sheriff Clerk of Orkney for 4 years May 3rd, 1870 to September 3rd, 1874.  The Indenture between George Petrie Sheriff Clerk of Orkney and George Munro Fergus also had to be signed by his father James Fergus.  The salary was Five Pounds Sterling for each of the first three years and Ten Pounds Sterling for the last and final year.  The Indenture was discharged August 18th, 1874 and signed by each of the three parties with a footnote by the Sheriff.
    Kirkwall September 3rd, 1874.  I hereby certify that Mr. George M. Fergus designed in the foregoing Indenture was also Clerk in my office from January 6th to May 3rd, 1871 and has continued as Clerk in said office from the expiring of his apprenticeship to the date hereof - that he has acted as a Sheriff Clerk Deputy of Orkney  from August 1st, 1871 - that he has always discharged his duties with great zeal and fidelity and has even conducted himself as a steady, sober and thoroughly trustworthy young man.    Signed:  George Petrie, Sheriff Clerk,  Community Clerk and Clerk of the Peace of Orkney. 

David Munro Fergus took possession of property apon reaching Yorkton Saskatchewan
at the early age of 17.
Interim Homestead Receipt stating David paid
ten dollars for No. 27826 S.E. Quarter Section 32, Township 26
Range 4 

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