The Hearth Money Rolls are arranged by county and parish. They
list the name of the householder and the number of hearths.
Two shillings per every hearth or fireplace was charged to the
householder in the decade from 1660-1670. The original records
were destroyed in the Fourt Courts' fire in 1922.  The
Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland had preserved
copied of the Rolls, and these were used to make copies for PRONI.

CO TYRONE 1664 Hearth Money Roll
Call #1279356, Item 18
Parish of Cappagh not listed
The largest house in Co Tyrone was that of Henry Mervyn at
Trillick which had six hearths.
This is available at the Armagh Co Museum, Armagh,NI

PRONI T/283/D/2

MIC 15A/81