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Formed 1798 from Mason
Floyd formed 1799 from Fleming, Mason, Montgomery
Rowan formed 1856 from Fleming, Morgan
Robertson formed 1867 from Nicholas, Bracken, Mason, Fleming, Harrison


1810 Fleming Co. KY Census
Pg. 66  Duncan, Charles G.     00110 - 00100
          (MAD: Charles C. Duncan mar. Jamimah Foster 10/15/1809)
    89  Duncan, William        20010 - 20010

1820 Fleming Co. KY Census
Pg.401  Martin Duncan          110010 - 20030
          (MAD: Martin Duncan mar. Maryann Henry 12/20/1810)
        Elizabeth Duncan       220000 - 12010

1830 Fleming Co. KY Census
Pg. 25  Margarett Duncan       0      - 0100,0000,01

1840 Fleming Co. KY Census
Pg.197  Margaret Duncan        0      - 0001,0000,001
          (MAD: d. 1844)

1850 Fleming Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.266, #141, Jack DALE 40 KY farmer
                  Mary 33 KY
                  Lucy A. 6, Dennis 2 KY
                  William DUNCAN 17 KY farmer
Pg.295, #511, Patsey DUNCAN (f) 50 GA BLACK
                  Jeff. (m) 38 KY BLACK laborer
                  Andrew 26, Jessee 27 KY BLACK
Pg.296, #526, Samuel RHODES 57 KY farmer $1500
                  Mary 60 PA
                  Andrew R. 28 KY farmer
                  Elizabeth 26 KY
                  John E. 24 KY carpenter
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 13 KY
Pg.308, #691, Margaret WILLIAMS 63 NC -- $1600
                  James W. 28 KY farmer
                  Isaac 26, John 24, Sarah J. 22 KY
                  (MAD: dau. of Isaac Duncan Sr.; see Bath Co. KY)
Division 2
Pg.391, #444, Silas ROSS 40 KY farmer $400
                  Henry 15, Isaac S. 13 insane OH
                  Silas 11 KY
                  Armild DUNCAN (f) 23, Sarah 23 KY
                  Malevia? Jane 5, Cassius 3 KY
                  Mary E. 2, Brutus 1/12 KY
                  (MAD: ?? Cassins Duncan 14 MO in 1860 Macon Co. MO census ??)

1860 Fleming Co. KY Census
District 2, Lexington
Pg.613, #16-18, Richard HUDDLESTON 35 KY farmer $30,000-$20,000
                  Wm. DUNCAN 30 KY laborer $0-$300
                  Wm. TAYLOR 24 KY farm laborer
                  George WILEY 45 VA gentleman $2,000-$200
Taken 7/6/1860
Pg.637, #178-228, William H. DUNCAN 27 KY farmer $0-$330
                  Martha C. 27 KY mar/in/year
                  Avory J. 6, William N. 5, James D. 3 KY
                  Mary E. 7/12 KY
                  Lenory F. MURRAY (f) 21 KY $0-$150
                  (MAD: 1870 Maries Co. MO census)
Taken 8/21/1860
Pg.711, #725-798, William H. DUNCAN 26 KY farmer $0-$215
                  Martha E. 26 KY (not mar/in/yr)
                  Avory J.W. (m) 6, William N. 4 KY
                  James D. 2, Mary E. (sic) 9/12 KY
                  Emily J. MURY 17 KY
                  (MAD: different neighbors)

1870-1880 Fleming Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed


Fleming Co. KY General Index to Marriages, A-M (FHL film 344,013, typed)
      1808, Duncan, Walter, to Amelia Asberry, 00-14 (MAD: see Mason Co. KY)
      1809, Duncan, Charles C. to Jameimah Foster, 00-14 (MAD: to Clark Co. KY)
      1810, Duncan, Martin to Mary Ann Henry, 00-14 (MAD: see Mason Co. KY)
      1853, Duncan, William to Martha Newman, C-105
      1861, Duncan, Jacob to Melinda J. Taylor, D-90
      1883, Duncan, O. Silas to Nettie Mills, P-2
      1820, Duncan, Priscilla to William Lawson, 00-54 (MAD: see Bath Co. KY)
      1822, Duncan, Nancy to John Patton, 00-76
      1822, Duncan, Elizabeth to James Patton, 00-76
      1823, Duncan, Amanda to Thomas Patton, 00-76
      1845, Duncan, Mary to John Dale, B-55
      1845, Duncan, Mary to John Dale Jr., A-440 (sic)
      1854, Duncan, Amanda to Silas Ross, B-211
      1854, Duncan, Amilda to Silas Ross, C-140 (sic)
      1867, Duncan, Hester (Col) to Jerry McIlvain, 1C-15
      (next marriages after 1900)

Fleming Co. KY Marriage Records; Returns 1798-1891 (FHL film 344,015)
      00-75, Jno. Patton to Sarah Blair, 16 April 1819.
      00-76, #12, John Patton to Nancy Duncan, by James K. Birch, Jan. 10, 1822
      00-76, #13, James Patton to Elizabeth Duncan, by James K. Birch, April 4, 1822
      00-76, #17, Thomas Patton to Amanda Duncan, by James K. Burch, March 13, 1823
      00-76, #18, John L. Patton to Elizabeth McCorkle, by Jas. K. Burch, Sept. 18, 1823.
      (& other Patton men; these listed in "P" grooms)

Fleming Co. KY documents (copy of original pages from Pat Hahn 2/1985)
      Marriage License 22 Sept. 1883 and certificate 25 Sept. 1883 for marriage of Silas O. Duncan to Nettie M. Mills; witness to mar. Eli Andrews and John Mills.
      Marriage Book page 2: 25 Sept. 1883, Silas O. Duncan, of Fleming Co. KY, age 26, 1st marriage, mechanic, b. Carter Co. KY, parents both b. Carter Co. KY, to marry Nettie M. Mills, of Fleming Co. KY, age 16, 1st marriage, b. Fleming Co. KY, father b. Fleming Co. KY, mother b. Nicholas Co. KY, to be married at residence of bride's father on 25 Sept. 1883.
      Marriage Bond of Silas O. Duncan and John F. Mills for marriage of Silas O. Duncan to Nettie M. Mills, 22 Sept. 1883.


Fleming Co. KY Wills (index to wills on FHL film 344,037)
      A-322: Pursuant to order of Fleming County Court at May term 1814, appraisal of personal estate of William Duncan decd., ... 25 May 1814 ... includes 3 horses, colt, 29 head "sheap", yoke oxen, steers, heifers, pigs, flour, rifle, kitchen tools; 1 bed stead, bed & furniture $43.75; one bed stead, bed & furniture $52; one "trunnel" bedstead, bed & furniture $12; desk, table, 6 chairs, 2 Bibles, wearing apparel of the decd, total $968.36; Administrator D. Henderson, /s/ Hugh Fulton, Wm. G. Lowrey, Caleb Fenton; filed Nov. 1814. (FHL film 344,038)
      A-324: Estate of William Duncan, sales to Joseph S. Pepper, Samuel Staggs, Gibson Baker, ... desk to Henry Asbury, trim pot to Joseph Duncan, total $854. Following articles purchased by Mrs. Duncan ... (personal property, Bibles, etc.). Filed Nov. 1814. (FHL film 344,038)
      B-478: (MAD: Plot of land shows a rectangle divided in half, left half marked "242.1.25 1/2 Cassidys" and right half marked "242.1.25 1/2 Duncans heirs", far right side along Duncan's half has written sideways "Montgomery's land", and along the bottom below both halves is written "Graham's land.") Pursuant to court order, on 14 June 1820, (signed Joseph Morrison Ser.) with Henry Brice Esq., Hole. (MAD: Honorable?) David Hart, three of commissioners appointed to allot half of a survey of 440 acres patented to James Duncan decd, to Michael Cassidy, for the heirs of said Duncan, having first ascertained that aforesaid survey of Duncan contains 484 and 3/4 acres 11 poles, we allotted to said Cassidy land (by meets and bounds). (FHL film 344,038)
      C-145: 5 April 1824, will of Margaret Duncan; weak and afflicted in body; my daughter Margaret Holvey of Allegany Co. PA $200 specie and interest of $500 annually of proceeds of the farm whereon she now resides for her life, then if they outlive her the amount in full for interest and benefit of Elizabeth Finley, wife of David D. Finley, and Sarah Gibson, if (they) not (survive her), then for use and benefit of their respective heirs; to my grandson David Clarke $200 and my granddaughter Hannah Rheames $200 and to her daughter Margaret Logan $100 and to Mary Campbell $200; to Sarah Gibson all my furniture, etc; to David D. Harley (Hurley?) my grandson $300 specie, to his daughter Margaret $100, to his daughter Martha $100, and to my daughter Hannah Findley and son Samuel Duncan $1 each, they having already received a larger portion than any of the legatees above named; to my granddaughter Sarah Gibson the amount due me on two bonds executed to me by Triplett & Early, one for $700 and one for $200 with the interest now accrued and that may hereafter accrue until paid; to Abraham Clarke $100; to Margaret Chitsey $200; all the papers relative to my 'Town' property in Saint Louis, State of MO, be placed in the hands of David D. Finley to make what use of them his discretion may direct. Appoint friends James Young Esqr. and George Stewart Esqr. of Pittsburg, Alleghany Co. PA, and William P. Fleming of Fleming Co. KY executors. Wit. John C. Cassidy, Marquis D. Cornby. Prob. 5 July 1824. (FHL film 344,039) (MAD: above will also filed in Allegheny Co. PA 1829)
      G-541/4: 5 May 1837, will of Margarett (M) Duncan, weak in body; free several slaves; my granddaughter Carrissa Bailey one feather bed etc.; my daughter Margaret Williams one feather bed etc.; my daughter Elizabeth Lynam $1 & my daughter Melina Taney $1 which is to be considered their portion of my estate; to my grandsons Edward Bailey, James Bailey, John Bailey, and Isaac Bailey $4 to be divided between them; to my granddaughters Margaret Lawson and Sarah Jane Lawson $1 each; land and ballance of personal property be sold, money equally divided between my son Wm. Duncan and my two daughters Sarah Davis and Margarett Williams with the understanding that the portion which falls to Margarett be held by her in trust for her children now living, and at her death to be equally divided between them; appoint friend Wm. W. Blair executor. Wit. Henry Overley, Benjamin Williams, John Perrdum.
            Codicil 4 May 1839; whereas by my will my daughter Margarett Williams is entitled to one bed & 1/3 money, in addition to which I give her my saddle and 1/3 of all my wearing apparel, and in the event my daughter Malinda Tony should not come or send for her part then they are to be equally divided between my two daughters Margarett Williams and Elizabeth Lignam; my family bible I leave in the care of my daughter Margarett Williams for my son William Duncan, and should he not call for it then to my grandson Isaac Williams 2nd; by agreement ... mention again of negroes; appoint friend Jacob C. Lee executor in conjunction with William W. Blair. Wit. John Pardum, Thomas C. Newcomb.
            Codicil 12 July 1843; mention again of slaves; to my son William Duncan my waggen in addition to what I have given him; to my granddaughter Clarissa Bailey in addition to what I have heretofore given in my will, ... and 1/3 furniture; remaining 2/3 furniture equally to my two daughters Margaret Williams and Elizabeth Lynam. Wit. John Purdum, John T. Knight. Prob. 28 Oct. 1844. (FHL film 344,041) (MAD: widow of Isaac Sr. d. 1803 Montgomery Co. KY; see 1803 Bath Co. KY Court Record)


Fleming Co. KY Deeds (grantee index on FHL film 343,964; grantor index on FHL film 343,969)
      C-193: 4 Dec. 1805, Wm. Gist and John Kay and Margarett Craig, exors of Andw. Gatewood decd of Fayette Co. KY, to David Duncan of Mason Co. KY, for 5 shillings, 900 acres on Triplett's Creek, adj. SE corner of said Gatewood's 11,918 acre survey, being the portion of Benj. Holliday's claim held in partnership with said Andrew Gatewood decd, and by said Holliday sold to above David Duncan; this deed only warrants and defends from Gatewood's heirs without liability or recourse. (FHL film 343,974)
      D-133: 2 Oct. 1810, William Darnel and wife Mary of Fleming Co. KY to Martin Duncan of Mason Co. KY, $600, 75 acres on Johnston's Fork of Licking, adj. a line of Hugh & William Campbell heir to Robert Campbell assignee of William Hais (sic), line of Ambrose Walden's 1,333-1/3 acre survey, John Walden's survey, part of Tabb's & Crutchers 1,000 acre survey, legal title to which is no (sic) in William Darnel. Wit. George W. Botts, D.C. (Deputy Clerk). (FHL film 343,975)
      D-173: 23 Nov. 1810, John McCullough of Highland Co. OH, late of Fleming Co. KY, to Charles C. Duncan of town of Flemingsburg, Fleming Co. KY, $30, lot 67 in Flemingsburg, same lot sold to said John McCullough 21 March 1808 by Robert Campbell and wife Jane. also /s/ Jenny McCullough; relinquishment by Jane McCullough. (FHL film 343,975)
      E-35: 19 Aug. 1811, Nathaniel Foster appoint Charles C. Duncan, both Fleming Co. KY, attorney to issue deed for land on Stockton Branch of Fleming Creek agreeable to a bond ... 142 acres. (FHL film 343,975)
      E-116: 7 Sept. 1811, Nathaniel Foster and Charles C. Duncan to Alexander Dunbar and Elizabeth Dunbar, admins. of James Dunbar decd, all of town of Flemingsburg, Fleming Co. KY; Foster and Duncan in consideration of judgement of Fleming circuit court at Sept. term, for "twelve hundred and odd dollars with interest and costs" in favor of said Alexander & Elizabeth Dunbar, adms., against Foster & Duncan & Appleton E. Ballard, mortgage of lot 60 in town of Flemingsburg on which Foster's stable stands, being entirely the property of Foster alone, and another lot 67 being the property of said Duncan alone on which Duncan now has a frame for a house raised, and (more lots); mortgage to be paid by 1 March next when Foster is to return from the south to where he is shortly intending a journey. (FHL film 343,975)
      F-108: 9 Sept. 1814, Charles C. Duncan of Clark Co. KY to Nathaniel Foster of Flemingsburg, $500, lot 67 in Flemingsburg. No wife. (FHL film 343,976)
      G-264: 3 Sept. 1817, James Duncan of Bourbon Co. KY to Thomas Patton of Fleming Co., $10, 20 acres on Johnston's Fork of Licking, on south bank, NW corner to William Lains survey of 400 acres, Wallace's line. /s/ by Robert Trimbell, attorney. (FHL film 343,976)
      H-436: 31 May 1819, Relinquishment of Jemimah Duncan, widow and relict of Charles C. Duncan, to Nathaniel Foster, of her dower rights in lot 67 in Flemingsburg, recorded F-108. (FHL film 343,977)
      I-288: 16 Dec. 1819, Nathaniel Foster of Flemingsburg, KY, for love of my daughter Jemima Duncan and her two children Nancy and Maria; Jemima has relinquished her right of dower to land upon which I now live; she agreed to accept a slave Keziah and her female child Charlotta as her full portion as heir to my estate; convey to Jemima and her two children Nancy and Maria the said slaves. (FHL film 343,977)
      I-290: 8 June 1819, Thomas Bodley and wife Catharine H. and Robert Pogue and wife Jane (Jane did not sign) of KY to Nancy McMurtry Duncan, Amanda Alice Duncan, David Henderson Duncan, Alfred Ratcliff Duncan, Joshua Michell Duncan, William Grant Duncan and Elizabeth Jane Duncan, heirs of William Duncan decd. of Fleming Co. KY, $636.83, land on waters of Johnson Fork of Licking, 156-1/3 acres, adj. Pepper/s? line, John? Campbell, George Hook, Davis, Jackson's gate, part of Tabb & Crutchen's 10,000 acres the legal title to which is now vested in said Bodley & Pogue. No wit. Rec. Fayette Co. Note in margin: Delivered to James Patton 2 Oct. 1822. (FHL film 343,977) (MAD: see Mason Co. KY)
      K-225: 2 July 1821, Comr. Deed; James Duncan decd. to Michael Cassidy, 1/2 of a survey patented for 440 acres located by Cassidy for Duncan and measuring 484-1/2 acres in Fayette Co. (now Fleming) on Johnson Fork of Licking and patented to Duncan on 11 May 1786, deed 1/2 the land, 242-1/4 acres on Johnson Creek, Graham & Duncan's line. (FHL film 343,978)
      O-10: 2 Aug. 1826, Daniel Newcomb and wife Anna (X) to Margaret Duncan, both Fleming Co., $625, 87 acres 14 poles on Fleming Creek (desc. not copied). Wit. T.M. Toney, B. Saunders?, Jas. S. Triplett. (FHL film 343,980)
      O-518: 6 June 1828, William P. Fleming, Comr.; decree of Fleming Circuit Court for and on behalf of John Patton and wife Nancy, Thos. Patton and wife Amanda, David H. Duncan, Mitchell Duncan, William G. Duncan, Elizabeth Jane Duncan, and Alfred Duncan, heirs of William Duncan decd; to Elijah Johnson; that the heirs petitioned to sell the land, which was sold for $954.90; sale confirmed by court Sept. 1826; deed for 156 acres on Johnson fork of Licking, adj. Peppers line, James Campbell's corner, George Hook's corner, Davis fence, Jackson's gate. (FHL film 343,980)
            MAD: See Mason Co. KY Deed Book AC pg.74, 23 March 1834, David H. Duncan, Joshua M. Duncan, William G. Duncan, Thomas Patton & wife Amanda late Duncan, and John Patton and wife Nancy M. late Duncan, all of [Callaway Co.] state of Missouri, by their attorney William Summers, sold to Joseph Duncan of Mason Co., their interest in 178 acres of land where David Duncan lived and died, that William Duncan, decd, was entitled to 1/9 interest; that they are five of William's heirs and entitled to 5/6 of the 1/9 share. Deed 43-91, 10 April 1836, Elizabeth Jane Duncan of Callaway Co. MO, to same, entitled to 1/6 of 1/9 part. (from pg.130-141, Mason Co. KY records, "Genealogies of Many KY Families" by several chapters of KY DAR; FHL film 854,852 item 5)
      P-509: 2 March 1830, John Cash of Fleming Co. KY and George Cash of Mason Co. KY to Martin Duncan of Decatur Co. IN, $1, 75 acres on Flat fork of Johnson, line of Hugh & William Campbells heir to Robert Campbell assignee of William H. (tight binding), line of Ambrose Waldon's 1,333-1/3 acre survey, John Waldon's survey; promissory note for $750 in gold or silver paid yearly 1831 to 1836. No wives. Wit. James Morris, Joseph Duncan, James R. Rungan. Rec. on oaths of James Morris and Joseph Duncan. (FHL film 343,980)
      Q-261: 25 Oct. 1830, Martin Duncan and wife Mary Ann of Decatur Co. IN, to John Cash of Fleming Co. KY and George Cash of Mason Co. KY, $1,500, 75 acres on Johnson fork of Licking, the above land. Rec. in Decatur Co. IN. (FHL film 343,981)
      T-282: 9 May 1836, Andrew Curcier and Danl. W. Cosee by Jas. Crawford, attorney in fact for both, to Joseph Duncan of Mason Co. KY, $495.25, 111 acres 11 poles sold by George Reinhold to Wm. Stockdale to said Duncan, adj. Podges heirs, John McCain, William Stout and William Fuens?, same land now in possession of Wm. Stockdale and his son James Stockdale. (FHL film 343,982)
      U-338: 25 Dec. 1837, Henry T. and Eliza Duncan to Thomas Porter, lot Flemingsburg (from index only)
      V-70: 26 Nov. 1838, commissioners appointed to convey the land in the bond of Benjamin Duncan to William Hughes, and by Hughes assigned to William Miliken who assigned it to said McIntyre, to John McIntyre; the bond recorded; land on Buckhannon Creek, 125+ acres; on behalf of heirs of said Benjamin Duncan pursuant to order of the court. (FHL film 343,984; very dark)
      V-75: 9 Oct. 1837, William Moritz of Tarbut Twp, Northumberland Co. PA, and wife Mary Catharine, to Robert Hayes and O.P. Duncan of Lewisburg, Union Co. PA; that said William Moritz and wife for $1500 PA money paid by Robert & O.P. (no last names), their right to a large body of land containing about 7335 acres in Mason formerly Fayette Co. KY, part of Duncans? 65, 72, 77, 91, 96, 99 and undivided ?(dark) of about 22,000 acres which became vested in George Reinhart of Philadelphia City decd; 1/3 part of which the said George by deed 25 Nov. 1803 granted & conveyed to David Moritz of Easton, said deed recorded in Frankfort KY Book H pg.305 &c; and David Moritz being so therefore seized by? deed, having first made his will whereby he vested the same as follows; of the land in KY amounting to 7335 acres, I bequeath to the youngest son of my brother John 1000 acres; the rest to be equally divided between my brothers John, Peter and William Moritz; deed all interest in law or equity to the land to the grantees as tenants in common. Wit. A. Jordan, Geo. Meiser; rec. on oath of wit. 9 Oct. 1837 in Northumberland Co. PA; rec. 9 Dec. 1838 in Fleming Co. KY. (FHL film 343,984)
      X-421: 6 Aug. 1842, William P. Stout of Fleming Co. KY to Joseph Duncan of Mason Co. KY, mortgage of 50 acres Licking River (not copied further) (FHL film 343,985)
      Y-6: 22 Sept. 1842, John McClean of Fleming Co. KY to Joseph Duncan of Mason Co. KY, mortgage of 133 acres Johnson Creek (not copied further) (FHL film 343,985)
      Y-157: 15 Feb. 1840, Henry Frick and wife Catharine, Robert Hayes and wife Caroline, and O.P. Duncan and wife Susan, all of PA, appoint John A. Cavan and L.D. Stockton Jr. of Flemingsburg, Fleming Co. KY, attorney to sell and make title to land. Wit. Daniel Miller as to Frick & wife of Northumberland Co. PA, R.M. Muper (sic) as to Duncan & wife of Union Co. PA, John Thompson as to Hayes & wife of city of Philadelphia, PA. (FHL film 343,985)
      Y-228: 1 June 1843, Wm. Dye to Joseph Duncan (no location), $284, mortgage of personal property. (FHL film 343,985)
      Y-229: 25 Oct. 1841, Henry Frick & wife Catharine and O.P. Duncan & wife S.U. and R. Hayes & wife Caroline, to Thomas A. Caywood of Fleming Co. KY, $90, 117 acres on Johnson's Fork of Licking (description not copied), by attorneys. (FHL film 343,985)
      Y-231: 24 Oct. 1842, Henry Frick and Robert Hayes of PA to Joseph Duncan of KY, $100, 111 acres on Johnsons Fork of Licking, now occupied by William Stockdale, corner William Fields, William Stout, heirs of Robert Pogue, John McClain and Wm. Thompson. /s/ by attorney. (FHL film 343,985)
      Y-258: 26 June 1843, William Dye and Henry D. Burgess of Fleming Co. to Joseph Duncan and William P. Fox of Mason Co., mortgage (land not copied). (FHL film 343,985)
      27-114: 24 March 1845, David Morris and wife Mariah of Mason Co. KY, to William P. Fox for $686.65 and Joseph Duncan for $418.39 and Alfred M. Peede & Charles A. Burgess for $248.96, of same county, $1354; 378 acres (sheriff's sale, chain of title given but not copied here). (FHL film 343,987)
      27-263: 1 March 1846 Joseph Duncan and wife Martha Ann of Mason Co. KY to Ezekiel Runyon of Mason Co. KY, $1250, 111 acres 11 poles on Johnsons Fork of Licking River, now occupied by said Runyon, adj. on N by lands of William Fields and William P. Stout, SE by heirs of Robert Pogue decd, SW by lands of John McClain and ?L?upes Thompson. (FHL film 343,987)
      28-46: 30 Jan. 1847, Samuel Stockwell Jr., adm. of Margaret Duncan decd, to Margaret Williams, both Fleming Co. KY; Stockwell became exec. after the others had refused; land sold at public sale to William H.H. Moss for $639.45; Stockwell's title bond has been assigned to said Margaret Williams; 87 acres 14 poles on Fleming Creek adj. Joseph Scott and John Summerville Jr., Tho. Williams, land sold E. Callahan. (FHL film 343,987)
      36-54: 23 Oct. 1863, Lucy Ann McLean and Columbus McLean, Malinda Jane (x) Duncan and Jacob Duncan, Juliann (x) Dinson and John Dinson, of Harrison Co. KY, and Thomas H. Taylor and wife Matilda of Nicholas Co. KY, to Sabina M. Taylor of Fleming Co. KY, $275, 55 acres on Poplar Run where said Sabina Taylor now lives, willed by Thos. Newcomb to his daughter the former wife of Charles Taylor decd, and her heirs. (FHL film 343,993; dark)
      Next grantee deed 1888; next grantor 1891


Fleming Co. KY Order Book A, 1798-1802 (FHL film 343,954)
      No index

Fleming Co. KY County Court Minutes (Order Book), Vol.E-F, Oct. 1827 - Aug. 1840 (FHL film 343,960)
      Vol.E, Duncans also indexed pg.88, 90, 162, 402, 404, 489, 491, 495; not looked at
      E-86/87: Court held 4 Nov. 1828, came John Finley of Fleming Co. KY, and deposed that he was well acquainted with David Duncan who died in the City of Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, in 1792; that he also knows that said David Duncan purchased a land warrant for 3,000 acres from David Holmes; that said Duncan had said warrant laid on 3,000 acres, to wit, 1000 acres on the waters of Darby Creek, 1000 acres on the waters of Mill Creek, and the remaining 1000 acres on the waters of Bokes Creek, all in state of OH; said warrant was laid on said land by Lucas Sullivan; that the heirs & legal representatives of said David Duncan are Hannah Finley, Margaret Holvey, Margaret Christy, and Abram Clarke, the first two are children of said David Duncan & the two last are grandchildren, being children of Mary Clarke late Mary Duncan daughter of said David Duncan; the said Hannah Finley is now the wife of John Finley and Margaret Christy is now the wife of Rutherford Christy and all reside in the State of KY & are the heirs of said David Duncan; /s/ John Finley; which is ordered to be recorded & certified. (MAD: see 1838 Union Co. OH deeds 7-242 and 7-244; there was at least one son of David Duncan not named in above statement)
      E-486: Court Oct. 1833, Mary Duncan over age 14 chose Haynes Bartlett her guardian, bond Hiram Prater and Samuel Hunter his securities; Wm. Preston Duncan over age 14 chose Saml. Hunter his guardian, bond by Hiram Prater and Haynes Bartlett. (MAD: see Adams Co. OH, Nicholas Co. KY)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Franklin; F 16 KY Inf.; 1890 Aug. 5, Invalid Appl. #867675, Cert. #680850, KY. (MAD: mustered in at Camp Temple, ? near Maysville, [Mason Co.] KY; Mason, Fleming, Bracken, Lewis and Whitley Cos. KY)
      Duncan, William H.; H 16 KY Inf.; 1875 Nov. 13, Invalid Appl. #210333, Cert. #217834. (MAD: mustered in at Camp Lee, near Maysville, [Mason Co.] KY; Mason, Fleming, Bracken, Lewis and Whitley Cos. KY) (MAD: 1860 Fleming Co. KY census)


Allegheny Co. PA Deeds (SLC 6/3/2011 and 9/29/2011)
      30-228/229: 27 May 1823, Margaret Duncan of Fleming Co. KY; that John Finley and Samuel Duncan by their deed 25 March 1820 recorded Allegheny Co. PA in Book B2 Vol.27 pg.310&c granted to said Margaret Duncan one annuity or yearly rent of $500 to be issuing and going out of a certain tract of land on Grant's Hill in Pitt Twp. in Allegheny Co. PA adj. lands of William B. Foster, William Steele, Jonas Roup, James O'Hara, Thomas Chadwick and Anthony Bulen containing 293 acres more or less, being the same tract which said Margaret Duncan by deed 25 March 1820 recorded Book B2 pg.309&c granted to said John Finley and Samuel Duncan in fee simple, to hold receive and enjoy the said annuity or yearly rent of $500 to the said Margaret Duncan for her life payable on 1 April, 1/2 equal part by John Finley and 1/2 equal part by Samuel Duncan, and by deed of partition between John Finley and Samuel Duncan dated 7 April 1823 a part of the land containing 160 acres and 1-1/2 perches was allotted to John Finley and the remainder containing 141 acres and 71-1/2 perches was allotted to Samuel Duncan, Now Margaret Duncan for $1 paid by said John Finley of Fleming Co. KY quit claim the equal moity or 1/2 part of said annuity or rent of $500 payable by said John Finley, but nothing herein shall be taken or construed so as to release said Samuel Duncan the equal moiety or half part of the annuity payable by said Samuel Duncan. /s/ Margaret Duncan. Wit. Mary Richardson, James Young. Margaret Duncan appeared before James Young, an alderman of City of Pittsburgh, 27 May 1823. Recorded May 27, 1823. (FHL film 1,497,873; SLC 9/29/2011)
      30-247/249: 5 June 1823, Samuel Duncan of Pitt Twp, Allegheny Co. PA, and Nancy his wife, and Margaret Duncan of Fleming Co. KY, to Jacob Eward of City of Pittsburgh in Allegheny Co. afsd, for $675 paid, sold to said Jacob Eward a tract or piece of land on Grant's Hill in Pitt Township afsd, bounded beg. at a post on the partition line of the land of John Finley & said Samuel Duncan, then ... to the beginning, containing 14 acres 158 perches strict measure, being part of a larger tract of land which the said Margaret Duncan by deed 25 March 1820 recorded in Allegheny Co. Book B2 Vol.27 pages 309&c, granted to said Samuel Duncan and John Finley as tenants in common and by a deed of partition between said Samuel Duncan & John Finley 27 April 1823 recorded Book E Vol.30 pg.159&c, a certain part of said tract including the above premises was allotted to the said Samuel Duncan. And the said Margaret Duncan release to said Jacob Eward any and all rents, annuities or other ?? whatever due from or out of the said tract of land, together with all appurtenances, and also all the estate, right, etc. of them the said Samuel Duncan & Nancy his wife & Margaret Duncan have to the same, warrant title. /s/ Saml. Duncan, Ann Duncan, Margaret Duncan. Wit. Jno. Finley, Rt Christy. Receipt for $675 signed by Saml. Duncan, wit. Rt. Christy. 5 June 1823, appeared Margaret Duncan and Samuel Duncan and wife Nancy before Rt. Christy in City of Pittsburgh. Recorded 9 June 1823. (FHL film 1,497,873; SLC 6/3/2011)
      30-304: Letter of Attorney. 17 April 1823, John Finley of Fleming Co. KY formerly of Pitt Twp, Allegheny Co. PA, appoint my friend George Steward of city of Pittsburgh in Allegheny Co. PA Esq. attorney to recover debts, etc., and also to issue a landlord's warrant from time to time, and collect rents, and appoint said George Stewart my general agent to transact all my business in PA. /s/ Jno. Finley. Wit. Wm. Lecky, James M. Riddle. Appeared 17 April 1823 before Wm. Leckey, recorded 15 July 1823. (FHL film 1,497,873; SLC 6/3/2011)
      30-304/306: Letter of Attorney. 6 June 1823, Margaret Duncan of Fleming Co. KY, that by deed 25 March 1820 recorded in Allegheny Co. PA Book B2 Vol.27 pg.310&c, John Finley & Samuel Duncan granted said Margaret Duncan one annuity or yearly rent of $500 out of a tract of land on Grant's Hill in Pitt Twp. in Allegheny Co., being the same tract which said Margaret Duncan by deed 25 March 1820 recorded Book B pg.309 conveyed to said John Finley and Samuel Duncan and by deed of partition between said John Finley and Samuel Duncan dated 7 April 1823 a part of said tract was allotted to said Samuel Duncan in severally and is subject to the payment of one moiety or equal half part of the said annuity, and whereas the said Samuel Duncan is desirous to sell and dispose of a part of the tract of land, Now Margaret Duncan appoints the said Samuel Duncan my attorney to release and quit claim my right and title to the part of the tract of land not exceeding 15 acres in the whole as may be sold by said Samuel Duncan, and in my name to make deed, etc. Also to release the same manner my claim to the tract of land which lies SW of the present road which is supposed to contain about 3 acres more or less, it being my wish and intention to make a gift and donation of the same to my daughter in law Nancy Duncan wife of the said Samuel Duncan, provided that Samuel Duncan and the remainder of the tract after deducting the 15 acres and the 3 acres shall continue to remain subject to the payment of the one moiety or equal half part of the annuity or yearly rent as if these presents had never been made. /s/ Margret Duncan. Sealed in the presence of: It is understood that said 15 acres shall be taken as follows, beg. at the corner near the house lately occupied by James O'Neal & then across towards the spot called the brick ware, so as to include the brick yard & at no other place. /s/ Wm. Lecker, James M. Riddle. Margaret Duncan appeared before Wm. Leckey in the City of Pittsburgh 6 June 1823.
            I do promise and agree with Margaret Duncan that I will assign and convey the land SW of the road to such person & for such uses as my wife Nancy Duncan may desire & appoint & that the proceeds of such sale shall be appropriated to the separate use of said Nancy Duncan without any interference or control on my part, 6 June 1823, /s/ Samuel Duncan, wit. Wm. Leckey, James M. Riddle. Recorded 16 July 1823. (FHL film 1,497,873; SLC 6/3/2011)
      30-306/307: Release. 12 July 1823, Margaret Duncan of Fleming Co. KY by Samuel Duncan her attorney appointed 6 June 1823, to William Allen and William Fitzsimmons of city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA, that John Finley and said Samuel Duncan by deed 25 March 1820 recorded in Allegheny Co. Book B2 vol.27 pg.310&c granted said Margaret Duncan one annuity of $500 payable out of land on Grant's Hill in Pitt Twp, Allegheny Co., being the tract which Margaret Duncan by deed the same 25 March 1820 recorded Book B2 pg.300 and by deed of partition between said John Finley and Samuel Duncan dated 4 April 1823 recorded in Book E, pg.(blank), a part was allotted to said Samuel Duncan in severalty, and said Margaret Duncan by her letter of attorney authorized Samuel Duncan to release her right to each part of the land as might be sold by said Samuel Duncan, not exceeding 15 acres in the whole, and that Samuel Duncan by deed bearing even date herewith has sold to said William Allen and William Fitzsimmons a part of the tract of land containing 15 acres strict measure, now the said Margaret Duncan for $1, quit claim to said William Allen and William Fitzsimmons any part of the annuity or yearly rent of $500 issuing out of the said 15 acres sold ... /s/ Margaret Duncan by "his" attorney in fact Sam'l Duncan. Wit. William Smib?, James M. Riddle. Samuel Duncan appeared 12 July 1823 before Rt. Christy in City of Pittsburgh. Recorded 16 July 1823. (FHL film 1,497,873; SLC 6/3/2011)
      30-467/468: Power of Attorney. 17 Sept. 1823, Margaret Duncan now of Fleming Co. KY for $1 paid, appoint George Stewart of Allegheny Co. PA my agent and attorney in fact to collect the amount due me from my son Samuel Duncan of said Allegheny Co. by a sale of so much of the land which I made over to my said son as will be sufficient to raise the amount so due, and to secure the payment of which I hold a lien on said land, it being the same which I purchased at the sale of my deceased husband David Duncan's estate, and upon which the said Samuel Duncan now resides, hereby investing my agent George Stewart with power to make all necessary conveyances etc. /s/ Margret Duncan. 17 Sept. 1823, Margaret Duncan appeared before Nathaniel Foster and William Goddard, two of the Justices of the Peace for County afsd, /s/ N. Foster, W. Goddard. Certification, Fleming Co. KY, by Joshua Stockton, Clerk of County Court, that Nathaniel Foster and William Goddard Esq. were Justices of the Peace for said County, 17 Sept. 1823. Certification, Fleming Co. KY, by Nathaniel Foster, presiding Justice of the Court of County afsd, re Joshua Stockton, 17 Sept. 1823. Recorded Dec. 23, 1823. (FHL film 1,497,873; SLC 9/29/2011)
      32-318/319: 11 Aug. 1825, Assigmt. & Letter of Atty. 11 Aug. 1825; that Margaret Duncan of Flemming Co. KY by her will bequeathed to Hannah Rheams late Hannah Clarke, daughter of Mary & David Clarke and grand daughter of David Duncan and said Margaret Duncan, the sum of $200 to be paid said Hannah by executor of said Margaret, and Hannah Rheams is or may be entitled to a portion of the estate of her grandfather or grandmother above mentioned, now we Solomon Rheams, husband of said Hannah, and Hannah Rheams, for $110, assigned to said Samuel Kingston the full amount of said legacy of $200, and also transfer to said Samuel Kingston all the claim, etc. of us to any part of the estate, and appoint said Samuel Kingston our attorney to ask for, etc. the same. /s/ Solomon (X) Reams, Hannah (X) Reams. Wit. Charles von Bounhorst. Wit. Charles von Bounhorst. They appeared before Charles von Bounhorst, J.P. of Allegheny Co., 13 Aug. 1825. Recorded 12 Oct. 1825. (FHL film 1,497,874; SLC 6/3/2011)

Logan Co. OH Deed (SLC 2/2009 & 6/2009)
      K-159/161: 24 May 1838, Solomon Ream and Hannah his wife late Hannah Clark daughter of Mary and David Clark and Grand Daughter of David and Margaret Duncan and one of the heirs at law of said David and Margaret Duncan decd; that the said Solomon Ream and Hannah his wife for $30 paid by Samuel B. Findley, quit claim to Samuel B. Findley of Fleming Co. KY our right, interest, ... to certain tracts of land in Union County and Logan County, designated Numbers 3443 and 3444 and the one in Logan County being No.479. /s/ Soloman (X) Ream, Hannah (X) Ream. Wit. M. Kingston, D.S. Seally. Received on date of foregoing, from above named Samuel B. Finley, the sum of $30. Wit. M. Kingston. Ack. Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA, 24 May 1838. (FHL film 545,364)

Union Co. OH Deed (FHL film 571,799)
      7-244: 24 May 1838, Solomon (+) Ream and wife Hannah (+) late Hannah Clark, daughter of Mary and David Clark and granddau. of David and Margaret Duncan decd; for $30, to Samuel B. Findley of Fleming Co. KY; lots in Union Co. OH #3445 and #3444 and one in Logan Co. #479. Wit. M?. Kingston, D.L. Scully. Rec. Allegheny Co. PA.

Bath Co. KY Deed (FHL film 272,983)
      E-420: 2 March 1820, Mordecai Williams and wife Margaret (+) of Fleming Co. KY to William Duncan of Bath Co., $75, their interest in 93 acres left by will to heirs of "Josiah Duncan Sr." decd on Flat Creek. Wit. George Kincead, F.W. Young.

VA State Land Office Surveys, Book 15, 1785-1786 (FHL film 29,558)
      15-98: July 22, 1784, surveyed for James Duncan assignee, 440 acres by virtue of entry 21 Dec. 1783 upon Treasury Warrant #11566, in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of a creek emptying into Licking on N side, known as Johnson's fork, adj. SW corner of Montgomery's 500 acre survey, Graham's line and corner. (plat has #1891 in center). Chainmen William Clinkenbeard, Michael Cassiday; marker George Stocton. Rec. 13 Aug. 1784, Grant issd. 11 May 1786. (MAD: later Fleming or Mason Co. KY)

HISTORIES before 1923

1900 "OH Valley Genealogies relating chiefly to families in Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio, and Washington, Westmoreland and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania" by Charles A. Hanna (FHL book 973 D2hc; SLC 9/2007; FHL film 20,157)
      Pg.34-36: MICHAEL FINLEY ... 1. John, b. in county Armagh, Ireland, killed by Indians about 1757-59, in Lurgan township, Cumberland county, Penn., where he had settled near Middle Spring Church before 1744; m. Martha Berkley; had issue: ... 8. John, b.1754; d. 1837 or 1838, in Fleming county, Ky.; served as lieutenant and captain in the Revolution (Pennsylvania Line, 2d, 5th, and 8th regiments, and as major in Wayne's army, 1793); settled at Upper Blue Lick, Ky., before 1800; m. Hannah Duncan, daughter of David Duncan, of Ft. Pitt [MAD: Allegheny Co. PA] (had issue: 1. David-Duncan, lived in Nicholas county, Ky., as late as 1871); 9. Clements; settled in South Carolina (?). (See Clements, VI. - MAD: not copied) (MAD: More not copied, use caution on Duncan lineage)

1888 "History of Rush County, Indiana, from the earliest time to the present : with biographical sketches, notes, etc., together with a short history of the northwest, the Indiana Territory, and the state of Indiana" pub. by Brant & Fuller (FHL book 977.261 H2h; pg.355 also quoted in "Duncan Family" by Donald Linville Duncan, Part 2, pg.23)
      Pg.355-6; Anderson Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN was born in Fleming Co. KY, June 28th, 1815, son of Martin and Mary (Henry) Duncan, and is of Scotch-Irish lineage. The father of our subject, was born October 17, 1777, in PA and died in Decatur Co. IN, in 1857. He was the son of David Duncan, who after coming to America, first settled in Pennsylvania in 1765 and afterward, in 1791 removed to Marion Co. KY, where he died in 1827. The mother of our subject was born in Pennsylvania in 1791 and died in Rush Co. IN, in the spring of 1855. The Duncan family came to Indiana in 1824 and settled in what is now Decatur County. In 1843 the subject of this sketch came to Rush County and located where he now resides. Mr. Duncan owns 160 acres of good land, which was entered by Stephen Sharp in 1821. Our subject's first marriage occured in May, 1842, the bride being Miss Rosanna Mitchell, a native of Ohio. Mrs. Duncan died in 1865 and in 1867 Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Martha A. Ruddell, a native of Decatur County, born in 1826, a daughter of William and Delilah (Cain) Ruddell. Mr. Duncan was formerly a Whig, but he is now a Republican and for many years has been a faithful member of the United Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist Church. (MAD: Mason Co. KY, not Marion Co.)

1879 "Atlas of Rush Co. IN" by Beers (FHL film 812,507 item 1; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.77: Anderson Township:
            Duncan, William, P.O. Spring Hill, Decatur Co.; Sec.28, farmer & stock raiser, born Fleming Co. KY, settled in county 1824.
            Duncan, Martha A., Mrs., P.O. Spring Hill, Decatur Co.; Sec.28, born Decatur Co. IN, settled in county 1867.

1876 "History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon Co. IL" by John Carroll Power (Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co.) (extracts from Sue Monaghan 10/1995)
      SM: Note: Additional information is available for most of the families that married with the Duncans listed below.
      Pg.449: William P. Lawson, b. 19 Nov. 1794, married 3 Feb. 1820 to Priscilla Duncan who was born in Bath Co. KY. They had two children: Margaret and Sarah J. Mrs. Priscilla Lawson died 20 Oct. 1824 in Fleming Co. KY.


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