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Formed 1822 from Unorganized Territory


1830 Rush Co. IN Census (pg.298 from info from Peggy Hermann)
Pg.298  Barnet Collins     200010       - 11001
          (MAD: 1840 Pike Co. IL census; Barnett Collins
            mar. Amy Duncan 10/7/1822 Pike Co. OH; dau. of
            Jesse Duncan from Caswell Co. NC to Parke Co. IN)
   299  Thomas Duncan      1110,01      - 1100,01
        Henry Duncan       1021,001     - 1110,01
          (next to each other)

1840 Rush Co. IN Census
Pg.133  Thomas Duncan      0010,0001    - 1221,001     Union Twp
   135  Thomas Duncan      0010,0001    - 1221,001
          (different neighbors)
   217  David Duncan       0000,01      - 0100,01      Centre Twp
          (MAD: David Dunkin mar. Mary Bell 8/4/1831 Union Co. IN;
            1850 Union Co. IN census)

1850 Rush Co. IN Census
97th Dist.
Pg.393, #283-283, Wm. DUNCAN 35 KY farmer $4000
                  Rosanna P. 33 OH
                  Rosanna MITCHELL 74 PA
                  Robert M. STEPHENSON 11 IN
                  Margaret A. MITCHELL 8 IN
                  Jane DUNCAN 55 KY
                  (MAD: William Duncan the son of Martin Duncan of Decatur Co. IN; William's aunt Jane Duncan the dau. of David Duncan Jr. of Mason Co. KY; William Dunkin mar. Rosinah J. Mitchell 5/20/1841 Decatur Co. IN)
Pg.402, #407-407, James DUNCAN 37 VA laborer $400
                  Matilda 26 KY
                  Nancy J. 8, Jno. J. 7 IN
                  Geo. W. 4, Mary E. 1 IN
                  (MAD: James Duncan mar. Matilda Cones 9/24/1840; 1860 Howard Co. IN census)
Pg.495, #140-143, John McBRIDE 50 NC farmer $1200
                  Nancy 30 IN
                  Sarah J. 16, James 12 IN
                  John M. 11, Elizabeth 8 IN
                  Thomas DUNCAN 10 IN, John E. 8 IN
                  Amanda McBRIDE 5 IN
                  Philander 3, Nancy 1 IN
                  (MAD: Mrs. Nancy Duncan mar. John McBride 9/7/1843; she perhaps the widow of John M. Duncan mar. Nancy Sergeant 8/29/1839)
Pg.519, #471-474, Thomas DUNCAN 59 SC farmer $5800
                  Susanna 55 VA
                  Margaret 15, Rebecca M. 12 IN
                  Alexander P. HAYS 18 OH

1860 Rush Co. IN Census (pg.808 (64) very faint)
Pg.597, #76-76, Wm. DUNCAN 45 KY farmer $7000-$250
                  Rossanna 44 KY
                  Jane 70 VA
                  Joseph RICHEY 21 IN
                  David MITCHELL 24 OH
                  (MAD: ?? Jane Duncan 79 VA in 1870 Boone Co. IN census with James STEPHENSON)
Pg.779, indexed Phebe Duncan, actually Phebe DUNN, not copied
Union Twp.
Pg.808(64), #453-459, Wm. DURKAM? 39 OH farm laborer $0-$150
                  Sarah 37 OH
                  Leonard (m) 19, Wm. H. 16, Mary J. 13 OH
                  Sarah J. 11, Josephine 9, Samuel 7 IN
                  Rozetta (f) 5, James 2 IN
                  (MAD: as best I can read; not Dunkam)
Center Twp.
Pg.884, #1014-1020, John McBRIDE 57 NC farmer $5600-$1300
                  Nancy 37 IN
                  James 26 IN school teacher
                  John M. 20 IN farmer
                  Thos. DUNCAN 19 IN farmer
                  Elizabeth McBRIDE 17 IN
                  John E. DUNCAN 16 IN
                  Amanda McBRIDE 16 IN
Pg.887, #1036-1042, David DUNCAN 50 OH farmer $6400-$800
                  Mary 53 KY
                  Mary FLANE 13 IN
                  (MAD: 1850 Union Co. IN census; 1870 Henry Co. IN census)

1870 Rush Co. IN Census
Rushville Twp.
Pg.450, #574-560, DUNCAN, Thomas 28 IN farmer $0-$0
                  Mary A. 25 IN keeping house
                  Elmer E. 6, John E. 5, Lemuel 1 IN
                  LEDNEMA?, Wm. 17 NY farm laborer

1870 Census, Anderson Township, P.O, Milroy, Rush County, Indiana (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2005)
  Page 277B
Age 52, M/W, Farming, $9480./$1174., Kentucky
Martha A., Age 42, F/W, Keeping House, Indiana
MITCHELL, David L., Age 25, M/W, Farming, Indiana
MARTIN, John G., Age 21, M/W, Farming, Indiana
RUDDLE, Jenny, Age 23, F/W, Keeping House, Indiana

1880 Census, Anderson Township, Rush County, Indiana (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2005)
  S.D.# 3, E.D.# 91, Page 233C, Image 21 of 24
W/M, Age 64, Head, Farmer, KY./--/--
Martha A., W/F, Age 53, Wife, Keeping House, IN./KY./OH.
RUDDLE, James H., W/M, Age 38, Bro-in-law, Single, Works on farm, IN./KY./OH.
PERRY, Jesse O., W/M, Age 22, Servant, Single, Farm laborer, IN./IN./IN.
BAILY, Green, W/M, Age 20, Servant, Single, Farm laborer, KY./--/--


Rush Co. IN Marriages (groom index 1822-1907, FHL film 1,630,369 item 3-4)
      No bride index; Went through groom index page by page through mid-1860's
      Copied 1848 to ca 1860
      Marriage Records v.6-8 1843-1861 (FHL film 1,630,189)
      Thomas Duncan to Polly A. Oldham, lic. 4/9/1863, mar. 4/12/1863, 9-86
      James L. Duncan to Rebecca M. Duncan, lic. & mar. 4/10/1855, 8-27 (MAD: 1860 Gibson Co. IN census)
      Levi McCormick to Margaret M. Duncan, lic. & mar. 12/1/1855, 7-464
      John McBride to Mrs. Nancy Duncan, lic. 9/5/1848, mar. 9/7/1848, 6-25
      Alexander T. Hays to Margaret E. Duncan, lic. 9/26/1853, mar. 9/27/1853, 7-346
      Benjamin F. Goble to Elizabeth Duncan, lic. 10/8/1849, mar. 10/11/1849, 6-560


Rush Co. IN Probate Records (1831-1893 Index on FHL film 1,631,806 items 8-9)
      Complete Record Vol. 5-6 and F-H, 1846-49 and 1849-52 - no Duncan (FHL films 1,631,791 and 1,631,792)
      Index of Estates 1831-1893, Vol. 1 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,631,806 item 1)
      General Index of Estates 1831-1893 (FHL film 1,631,806 item 2)
            Martha A. Duncan; Ira A. Summerville Exec., letters 12/26/1896, WB 5-90 (other page ref. not copied)
            Thomas Duncan; Washington Duncan exec., 6 April 1864; Civil Order Book 9-89, 97, 115, 405; 10-368; Appearance Docket 3-135; Inventory Record 1-122; Bond Record 1-73; Will 3-14; Discharged Oct. 2, 1866.
            William Duncan; Hugh F. Shannon Exec., Jan. 19, 1891; WB 4-339 (other page ref. not copied)
      Will Record Vol. 1, 1822-1839 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,631,803 item 4)
      Will Record Vol. 2, 1836-1863 (FHL film 1,631,803 item 5)
            2-133: Will of Joseph B. Junken, filed 13 Feb. 1850; 26 Nov. 1849; of Rush Co. IN, revoking all other wills; my entire property both real and personal to my brother Henry C. Junken on the following conditions: that he pay my brothers Arthur J. Junken, James W. Junken and my sister Anna Ruttir and Matilda Danner each $25 within two years after he comes in possession of the same or as soon thereafter as he can do so without embarrassment to the family of which he is left in charge. That he furnish Richard C. Junken with decent and comfortable clothing as long as he remains at home and pay him $10 in money when he goes to learn a trade, and also pay him $100 when he arrives at 21. That Washington N. Junken remain at home and assist on the farm until he is 17 except he may be at school ... same provisions as Richard C. Junken. The said Henry C. Junken shall take care of his mother ...if he die without heirs, his share to my original heirs Richard C. Junkin and Washington N. Junken; land W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.28 T14N R9E and 25 acres off N end of E 1/2 NE? 1/4 Sec.29 & 25 acres off N end formerly conveyed to Thomas Danner; appoint friend Samuel Danner exec. Wit. James Walker, Samuel Danner. Proved 13 Feb. 1850. (MAD: I misread "Junken" for Dunkin)
      Will Record Vol. 3, 1864- (FHL film 1,631,803 item 6)
            3-14: Will of Thomas Duncan, 31 Oct. 1863; of Rush Co. IN, feeling frailties of mortality, revoking & setting aside all other wills; estate in equal portions to my son Washington Duncan and my three daughters Elizabeth Gobble, Margaret McCormac and Rebecca Mariah Duncan and my two grandsons Thomas Duncan and John Eberly Duncan, my two grandsons Thomas and John Eberly Duncan taking only one share. Having heretofore given to my dughter Eliza Jane Kidwell and her husband William Kidwell and her son John Clemmon what I consider to be their portion, I make no provision for them and do not desire that by this will or otherwise they shall partake any further of my estate. My son Washington Duncan shall have $500 in cash out of my estate, and then the above distribution to be made. My son Washington Duncan shall be appointed executor, to attend to the settling up of all my business and to see the provisions of this will carried out. Wit. Stephen C. Blacklidge, James Hinchman. Proved 6 April 1864.
      Rush Co. Partition Record Index 1859-1919 (FHL film 1,631,803 item 3)
            No cross-index
            William Duncan vs. Elizabeth A. Adkin, OB 22 p.13, 6/9/1882; Circuit court to quiet title.
            Martha A. Duncan vs. United Presbyterian Church of NA et al, Circuit Court OB 31, p.283, 385 (no date)

Rush Co. IN Will (from files of Lawrence E. Duncan 12/1984)
      John McCormack, decd., 1838. Joseph Nicholas, app., administrator of the estate Nov. 14, 1839. A will was supposed to have been made by John McCormack in Illinois but it was never proved. John S. Riley and Jacob Mull were appraisers of the personal property. John left no widow and Charles and John R. Duncan receive equal amounts in final settlement of the estate and Charles Hendricks a much larger portion. Feb. 1841.


Rush Co. IN Deeds 1822-1853 (grantee index on FHL film 1,630,184 item 2; grantors on FHL film 1,630,184)
      C-547: 10 Dec. 1830, James Halsey and wife Elizabeth of Franklin Co. IN to Martin Duncan of Decatur Co. IN, $400, W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.26 T12 R10 in Brookville Dist., being 80 acres. Wit. Daniel Pushey?, Urban Edgeston (FHL film 1,617,342)
      G-457: 24 Sept. 1836, Joshua Dunkin and wife Julia Ann (x) of Rush Co. IN to William McCann (McCason?) Jr. of same, $800, 142 acres, part of SE 1/4 Sec.12 T15N R10E. Wit. Elias? Irvine, Levi Hatfield. (FHL film 1,617,344)
      G-467: 14 Oct. 1836, Isaac Newhouse and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Duncan, both Rush Co. IN, $1200, 80 acres, being 40 acres off W 1/2 SW 1/4 and 40 acres off E 1/2 SW 1/4, both Sec.23 T14 R10. Wit. James Henchmane, Samuel Newhouse. (FHL film 1,617,344)
      G-545: 30 Aug. 1833, Whereas that the Inhabitants of Congressional Township 15, Range 10, District 4, want a piece of land to erect a schoolhouse, we David Dunkin and wife Mary grant to all persons while inhabitants, part of W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.17 T15 R10, being 100 square poles. Wit. John M. Hudelson JP, Matilda Hudelson. (FHL film 1,617,344)
      I-190: 30 Oct. 1837, John R. Duncan and wife Sarah (X) of Hancock Co. IN to Thomas Swaine of Rush Co. IN, $217, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.35 T14 R8E. Wit. Randolph Lee?, Charles McCormack. (FHL film 1,617,345)
      K-541: 13 Dec. 1840, Martin Duncan and wife Mary Ann of Decatur Co. IN to Gilbert McCreary of Decatur Co. IN, $1500, 80 acres, being W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.26 T12 R10. Wit. Samuel Huston, Jack Hite. (FHL film 1,617,345)
      M-242: 8 Feb. 1842, Gilbert McCrery and wife Mary Ann of Rush Co. IN to Martin Duncan of Decatur Co. IN, $1500, W 1/2 SW 1/4, being the same more or less (Sec.26 T12 R10, 80 acres given in index but not in deed). Wit. Henry Graham, Joseph? White. (FHL film 1,617,346)
      N-140: 23 Sept. 1833, Stephen Sharp and wife Rebecca of Rush Co. IN to William Duncan of Decatur Co. IN, $1896, 158 acres, being E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.29 and W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.28, both T12 R10 in District of Brookside. Wit. Jacob Hite, David Munns?. (FHL film 1,617,347)
      O-352: 15 Jan. 1845, Martin Duncan and wife Mary Ann of Decatur Co. IN to James A. Stephenson of Rush Co. IN, $1000, W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.26 T12 R10, being 80 acres. Wit. David C. Mitchell, Samuel Henry. (FHL film 1,617,347)
      Q-271: 2 Dec. 1847, William Jones and wife Nancy (X) of Rush Co. IN to Thomas Duncan of same, $1500, W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.6 T14 R10, being 90.8 acres. Wit. Jabez Reeves, James Jones. (FHL film 1,617,348)


Rush Co. IN information (courthouse 11/1985; from Lawrence E. Duncan 1/1986)
      Estate settlement, 1840, among the heirs of John McCormick, who apparently d. in IL without a widow or will, is listed Thomas Dunken; his share was purchased by David Hendricks who bought out a total of 7 heirs including Thomas for a total of $376.44. John R. and wife Sally (Sarah McCormack) Duncan signed their share over to her brother Charles McCormack and they signed a receipt and order authorizing the payment to Charles on July 15, 1840 for $47.05-1/2.
      LED: Believe Thomas and John R. are brothers who married sisters.
      Thomas Duncan bought land from the US Government in Rush Co. IN on 21 Nov. 1821.
      John R. Duncan bought land from the US Government in Rush Co. IN on 17 Oct. 1831.
      John McCormick bought government land in Rush Co. IN on 21 Nov. 1821 (160 acres) and on 11 March 1823 (80 acres).
      John McCormick and wife Peggy sold land in Rush Co. IN on 18 Sept. 1834 and on 12 Aug. 1837; in 1837 Peggy signed by mark for "Margaret".
      Thomas and John R. Duncan bought government land in Hancock Co. 20 March 1837. Land certificate #24841 gives the land to John Robertson Duncan.
      Will of John R. Duncan left everything to second wife Martha King Duncan during her lifetime; no estate settlement found.

Rush Co. IN Court Order Book 2, pg.25 (from files of Lawrence E. Duncan 12/1984)
      September term, 1832: Isaac Cox, Leonard Eddleman, John Portlock, Jesse Duncan, Samuel Caswell, William Mauzy, Jacob Hite and Henry Misner file declarations in Court to obtain benefits of Congressional Acts concerning Revolutionary Pensions.


Decatur Co. IN Deeds
      M-19: 20 March 1844, William Duncan of Rush Co. IN to Enos P. Crawford of Decatur Co. IN, $700, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 33, T12N, R10E, 80 acres. /s/ William Duncan, Rosanna P. Duncan. Wit. Cyrus Henry. (FHL film 1,521,686)
      N-597: 9 May 1846, David C. Mitchell and wife Nancy S. and William Duncan and wife Rosannah P., to Fenner W. Palmer and Rials Simmons of Rush Co. IN, $50, NE corner Sec. 31 T12 R10, 2 acres. (FHL film 1,521,686)

Hamilton Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,321,513)
      E-579: 9 Feb. 1837, Thomas Duncan and wife Susanna (X) of Rush Co. IN to William Hinchman of Monroe Co. IN, $200, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 20 T18 R6, 40 acres. Wit. James Hinchman, Hiram Kindal.

Hancock Co. IN Deeds
      B-165: 6 Dec. 1834, Isam Linder and wife Rebecca of Hancock Co. IN to Thomas Duncan of Rush Co. IN, $100, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 22 T15N R7E, 80 acres. Wit. A?.F. Mayo, Morris Pierson. (FHL film 1,302,740)
      B-166: 6 Dec. 1834, Thomas Duncan and wife Susannah (X) of Rush Co. IN to Isom Linder of Hancock Co. IN, $100, SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 21 T15N R7E and SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 22, T15N, R7E, 80 acres. Wit. Morris Pierson, James Hamilton, James M. Street. Wife relinquished dower in Rush Co. IN. (FHL film 1,302,740)
      G-365: 28 Aug. 1841, Thomas Duncan and wife Susannah (X) of Rush Co. IN to Washington Duncan of Hancock Co. IN, $400, N 1/2 NW 1/2 Sec.22 T15 R7. Wit. Peter M. Newhouse, Hiram Tyler?. (FHL film 1,302,744)

Madison Co. IN Deeds
      4-201: 9 Feb. 1837, Thomas Duncan and wife Susannah Duncan of Rush Co. IN to William Hinchman of Monroe Co. VA, for $400 paid, sell land in Madison Co. IN containing 160 acres more or less, being all NW 1/4 Sec.21 Twp.18N Range 6E, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Thomas Duncan, Susannah (X) Duncan. Wit. Hiram Kindal, James Hinchman. Thomas Duncan and wife Susannah Duncan appeared 9 Feb. 1837 before James Hinchman, J.P. of Rush Co. IN. Robert Thompson, Clerk of Rush Co. Court, certified for James Hinchman Esq., 26 June 1837. Recorded 4 Dec. 1837. (FHL film 2,109,963)
      17-213: 16 Jan. 1851, William Duncan and Roseanna Duncan of Rush Co. IN to Anderson Brennick of Madison Co. IN, for $260 paid, sell land, W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.18 Twp.21N Range 7E, containing 80 acres more or less, together with appurtenances, warrant title, Rosanne Duncan his wife relinquishes her right of dower. /s/ William Duncan, Rosanna P. Duncan. Wit. Thomas Smith, J.F. Powell. William Duncan and Rosana P. Duncan appeared before James F. Powell, J.P., Rush Co. IN, 16 Jan. 1851. Certification by P.A. Hinkman, Clerk, 17 Jan. 1851. Recorded Feb. 7, 1855. (FHL film 2,110,100)
      19-48/49: 16 Jan. 1851, William Duncan and Rosanna P. Duncan of Rush Co. IN to Burrell Silvey of Madison Co. IN, for $155 paid, sell lands, N 1/2 E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.18 Twp.21N Range 7E containing 40 acres more or less, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ William Duncan, Rosanna P. Duncan. Wit. Thomas Smith, J.F. Powell. William F. Duncan and wife Rosanna P. Duncan appeared 16 Jan. 1851 before James F. Powell, J.P. of Rush Co. IN. Certification by Pheasant A. Hackleman, Clerk of Rush Co. Circuit Court, for James F. Powell, 17 Jan. 1851. Recorded July 1, 1856. (FHL film 2,110,101)

Marion Co. IN Deeds
   Deed records v.H, Feb. 1837- Feb. 1838 (FHL film 1,302,923)
      H-98/100: 14 Oct. 1837, Thomas Duncan and wife Susannah of Rush Co. IN to Jefferson Helm of afsd, for $210 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Marion Co. IN containing 104 acres and 82/100 more or less, being the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Sec.19, Twp.15N of Range 5E, also 40 acres being the SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec.19 Twp.15N Range 5E and in the District of lands sold at Indianapolis, IN, warrant title. /s/ Thomas Duncan, Susannah (X) Duncan. Wit. James Hinchman, Washing Duncan. Thomas Duncan and wife Susannah Duncan appeared 14 Oct. 1836 before James Hinchman, J.P., Rush Co. IN. Certification 29 Nov. 1836 for James Hinchman Esq. by Robert Thompson, Clerk of Rush Circuit Court. Recorded Marion Co. IN March 30, 1837. (Note: Deed pages were originally numbered in stamped numbers, 99, 100 and 101; and then crossed out and written 98, 99, and 100; indexed using written page numbers)
   Deed records v.L, June 1840-Feb. 1841 (FHL film 1,302,925 item 2)
      L-287/288: Certificate No.22487. United States to Thomas Duncan of Rush Co. IN, [who] deposited in General Land Office a Certificate of Register of the Land Office at Indianapolis where it appears that full payment has been made by said Thomas Duncan ... for SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.19 in Twp.15N of Range 5E, containing 40 acres by survey, the United States grants to said Thomas Duncan the above tract, Patent 15 March 1837. Recorded [Patent] Vol.45 Pg.324. Recorded Nov. 13, 1840. (FHL film 1,302,925 item 2)
      L-288/289: Certificate No.22198. United States to Thomas Duncan of Rush Co. IN, [who] deposited in General Land Office a Certificate of Register of the Land Office at Indianapolis where it appears that full payment has been made by said Thomas Duncan ... for E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.19 in Twp.15N of Range 5E, containing 64 acres and 82/100 of an acre by survey, the United States grants to said Thomas Duncan the above tract, Patent 15 March 1837. Recorded [Patent] Vol.45 Pg.37. Recorded Nov. 13, 1840. (FHL film 1,302,925 item 2)

Wabash Co. IN Deed
      N-438: 17 Nov. 1852, James Duncan and Matilda Duncan of Rush Co. IN to Richard Clark of Wabash Co. IN, $300, the middle forty of the NW 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.28N Range 6E in Wabash Co. IN. (in body of deed "Martha Duncan his wife") /s/ James Duncan, Matilda Duncan. Ack. Rush Co. IN, 17 Nov. 1852. (FHL film 1,183,372)

Champaign Co. IL Deeds (SLC 9/11/2013)
      D-21: 21 Sept. 1849, Samuel Houston of Rush Co. IN to James Duncan of Rush Co. IN, for $138 paid, sell real estate in Champaign Co. IL, being W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.24 Range 7E Twp.21, also N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.21 Range 7E Twp.21 of land sold at Danville Land Office, IL, supposed to contain 160 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ Samuel Houston. Wit. Jacob Hite. Samuel Houston ack. 21 Sept. 1849 before Jacob Hite, J.P., Rush Co. IL. Cert. 3 Oct. 1850 by Pleasant A. Hackleman, Clk of Rush Circuit Court, for Jacob Hite. Filed for record Oct. 7, 1850, recorded April 20, 1851. (FHL film 1,026,955)
      D-112/113: 14 Aug. 1851, James Duncan and Matilda Duncan his wife of Rush Co. IN to Samuel Holmes of Franklin Co. IN, for $450 paid, sell parcel of land in Champaign Co. IL, the W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.24 Range 7E Twp.21, and also N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.21 Range 7E Twp.21, supposed to contain 160 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ James Duncan, Matilday Duncan. Wit. Jacob Hite. They ack. deed 14 Aug. 1851 before Jacob Hite, J.P., Rush Co. IN. Cert. 20 Aug. 1851 by Pleasant A. Hackleman, Clk of Rush Circuit Court, for Jacob Hite. Filed for record Sept. 6, 1851, recorded Jan. 28, 1852. (FHL film 1,026,955)


JESSE DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-16774 (FHL film 970,863; from National Archives; extract from Alice Duncan 1978-79)
      Born 1754 (78 yrs old in 1832), died 9 Feb. 1848, Park Co. IN. Entered service 1778 in Caswell Co. NC, a pvt under Capt. Robt. Moore, Gen. Lincoln, and Maj. Donaho and Col. Lytle; wit. John Price Sr. of Green Co. TN. Muster rolls show Jesse a private in Capt. Reid's Co. 1st Reg, May 1776, discharged 28 May 1779. (MAD: Russell Co. VA County Court Law Order Book 6-31, 5 May 1818; wit. William Paskel, Jesse served ca 1778 under Col. James Sanders, Capt. Robert Moore, Gen. Ash.) Declaration 17/19 Feb. 1829 in Washington Co. VA, age 74; reference ca 1829 to Thomas Paskill of Pulaski Co. KY; declaration 2 Sept. 1832 in Rush Co. IN, age ca 78; declaration 2 May 1833 in Parke Co. IN where he had two children; declaration 29 Dec. 1835 in Russell Co. VA where he also had children, wit. James Lynch; declaration 13 April 1839 in Floyd Co. KY where he had grandchildren living, wit. Jesse Hall; declaration 15 Feb. 1840 in Parke Co. IN where he had daughter living, wit. Lewis Noel; administrator of estate Addison L. Roache, Jesse d. 9 Feb. 1848 in Parke Co. IN; no widow; children: Nancy Lark; Phoebe Lynch; Sally McCoy; Amy Collins; Hannah Green.
      (MAD: one Jesse Duncan mar. Patty Drake 12/7/1819 Pike Co. OH; Amy Duncan mar. Barnett Collins 10/7/1822 Pike Co. OH, 1830 Rush Co. IN, 1840-1850 Pike Co. IL; and info of Peggy Hermann)
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

HISTORIES before 1923

"History of Rush County, Indiana : from the earliest time to the present, with biographical sketches, notes, etc., together with a short history of the Northwest, the Indiana Territory, and the state of Indiana." by Thomas J Newkirk, J B Blount, John Arnold, John L Shauck; pub. Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1888, 873 pgs. (LH10715, HeritageQuest images 2/2007 and 5/2007; FHL book 977.261 H2h)
      Pg.355-6, Anderson Township: WILLIAM DUNCAN was born in Fleming County, Ky., June 28th, 1815, son of Martin and Mary (Henry) Duncan, and is of Scotch-Irish lineage. The father of our subject, was born October 17, 1777, in Pennsylvania and died in Decatur County, Ind., in 1857. He was the son of David Duncan, who after coming to America, first settled in Pennsylvania in 1765 and afterward, in 1791 removed to Marion County, Ky., where he died in 1827. The mother of our subject was born in Pennsylvania in 1791 and died in Rush County, Ind., in the spring of 1855. The Duncan family came to Indiana in 1824 and settled in what is now Decatur County. In 1843 the subject of this sketch came to Rush County and located where he now resides. Mr. Duncan owns 160 acres of good land, which was entered by Stephen Sharp in 1821. Our subject's first marriage occured in May, 1842, the bride being Miss Rosanna Mitchell, a native of Ohio. Mrs. Duncan died in 1865 and in 1867 Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Martha A. Ruddell, a native of Decatur County, born in 1826, a daughter of William and Delilah (Cain) Ruddell. Mr. Duncan was formerly a Whig, but he is now a Republican and for many years has been a faithful member of the United Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist Church. (MAD: Mason Co. KY, not Marion Co.)
      Pg.550-1, Richland Township: SAMUEL R. PATTON, one of Richland Township's most prominent and substantial farmers, and at present a member of the Board of County Commissioners, is a native of the township in which he resides, born November 27, 1842. His parents, William and Nancy S. Patton, were natives of Ohio and Kentucky, respectively, the former being the son of Nathaniel and Polly Patton, born December 7, 1804, and the latter, the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Henry, born August 10, 1812. Nathaniel Patton was born February 22, 1776, and died July 3, 1844. Polly Patton, whose maiden name was Polly Robison, was born March 10, 1775, and died January 5, 1847. The parents of our subject were married in Anderson Township, this county, December 29, 1829. His mother died February 10, 1857. His father was afterward married to Mrs. Nancy S. Mitchell, whose maiden name was Miss Nancy S. Duncan. He died in February, 1876, and his wife who still survives, resides in Richland. ... Samuel R. married first Eliza Brown on November 27, 1832 ...
      Pg.670,673: Besides the towns mentioned ... there are several that have been entirely abandoned, others that have never grown into business importance, and a few that were platted but never populated. The following towns may be mentioned as belonging to some one of these classes: ... Earl City, by William Duncan, February 13, 1882, in Section 25, Town 12, Range 9.
      Pg.810, Union Township: In 1829-30, ... Thomas Duncan and ... were the District Trustees. ... The Lewark school house stood east of the Kennedy bridge ... John Lewark taught here; later were Washington Duncan, Richard Rowland, John Davis (before 1845), ... (MAD: other minor references not copied.)

"Centennial history of Rush County, Indiana" (anonymous); pub. Indianapolis: Historical Pub. Co., 1921, 1167 pgs. (LH9032, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.139: Bench & Bar. Present (1921) active members of the bar of the Rush Circuit Court are ... Chauncey W. Duncan, ...
      Pg.222: Among the pioneer settlers of Anderson township ... William Duncan ...
      Pg.341: Fifth medical district ... in Rush county, Drs. ... Ben Duncan, ... (organization started 1828, lasted about ten years)
      Pg.474: ... In an admirable little book, "Sketches of Rush County," edited by Mary M. Alexander, a granddaughter of the Revolution, and Capitola Guffin Dill and published under the auspices of Rushville Chapter, D.A.R., in 1915, it was pointed out that the following soldiers of the Revolution had been residents of Rush county and pensioners of the Government: ... Isaac Duncan.

1879 "Atlas of Rush Co. IN" by Beers (FHL film 812,507 item 1)
      Pg.77: Anderson Township:
            Duncan, William, P.O. Spring Hill, Decatur Co.; Sec.28, farmer & stock raiser, born Fleming Co. KY, settled in county 1824.
            Duncan, Martha A., Mrs., P.O. Spring Hill, Decatur Co.; Sec.28, born Decatur Co. IN, settled in county 1867.

1914 "History of Gibson County, Indiana, her people, industries and institutions : with biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families" by Gil. R. Stormont (FHL film 934,905 and from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      Pg.28: THOMAS DUNCAN, attorney and counselor at law of Princeton, is one of the native sons of Gibson Co., of which she has every reason to be proud. He was born in Patoka Twp, May 5, 1860, a son of James L. and Rebecca M. (Duncan) Duncan. His father was born in Gibson Co. June 1, 1827, and now resides near Mackey, IN. Throughout life he has followed farming ... politics he is a Democrat and both he and his wife are members of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Duncan was born in Rush Co. IN September 1, 1837, and by her marriage became the mother of 11 children, of whom four are now deceased. The paternal grandparents were Joshua and Sarah (Logan) Duncan. When very young the grandfather served as a soldier in the war of 1812, and as a life work he followed agricultural pursuits. On the home farm Thomas Duncan was reared to manhood. His elementary education ... At the age of 18 he began teaching ... took up the study of law, was admitted to the bar in Feb. 1889, and has since engaged in practice. ... Mr. Duncan was married in 1884 to Lida M. Wise, of Frankfort, IN. They have four children: Leila, Prentiss, Denver and Ruth. ...

1883 "Counties of Howard & Tipton (IN), Historical & Biographical" ed. by Charles Blanchard (FHL book 977.2 H2bl)
      Pg.412, Howard Co.: John E. Duncan, a prominent farmer of Taylor Twp, the second son of John and Nancy (Sargeant) Duncan, natives of VA and IN. John E. was born Oct. 10, 1842, in Hancock Co. IN, and his father died about six weeks later. His mother subsequently moved to Rush Co. and he remained with her, helping to support the family until he was 21. After this, he worked out two years and invested the proceeds in a threshing machine, and by this means made his start in life. Selling his interest in this, he next invested in a farm with his brother, and later sold this and came to Taylor Twp, Howard Co., where he has since resided. He now lives on a fine farm of 200 acres, well cultivated, with all modern improvements. He was elected Trustee of Taylor Twp. Spring 1878, re-elected two years later by Democratic party. Mr. Duncan was married Aug. 30, 1866, to Miss Delana North, a native of Rush Co. IN. This union has been one of universal happiness, and has been blessed with four sons -- Omer C. born Nov. 20, 1867; Charley E. born Feb. 8, 1873; John C. born Nov. 31, 1878; and Roscoe K. born April 19, 1882. Mr. Duncan a farmer, liberal and progressive man of Taylor Twp.

1908 "History of Howard Co. IN" by Jackson Morrow, pub. by B.F. Bowen (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, Microfilm 277, Reel 52, Book 200; no other Duncan indexed)
      Vol.II, Pg.397-400: John E. Duncan ... citizen of Taylor Twp, Howard Co. John Eberly Duncan born in Rush Co. IN, October 10, 1842, son of John and Nancy (Sergent) Duncan. Grandfather Duncan was born in SC but moved to IN, settling in Rush Co. about 1820, entering between 300 and 400 acres, farm on which he lived until 1858, when he moved to Hancock Co., buying a farm here of 160 acres, partly improved. Finished improvements, died here in about four years after he took possession of the place, at the age of about 84, his faithful life companion having preceded him to the "narrow house" from Rush Co. at the age of 80 years. They were Missionary Baptists; parents of eight or ten children, the father of the subject being 2nd in order of birth. The supposition is that their ancestors were from Scotland.
            Father of subject was born in Rush Co., this state, in 1822, and was reared there, having been educated for the ministry in the Baptist church, followed preaching all his life ... career cut short by death, when only 22 years old. He was the oldest of two sons, the other being named Washington, also now deceased. The mother of the subject reached the advanced age of 84. She was twice married and had eight children by her second marriage. She remained a faithful Baptist all her life.
            Early schooling of subject was in Rush Co.; after age 20, he attended common school for two terms. Worked on farm, left parental roof when 21, hired out by the month for 3 years as farm hand, then purchased threshing machine, operated it, sold it for profit; he and his brother then bought a farm in partnership, 150 acres at $40 per acre, which they sold in two years. Mr. Duncan moved to Howard Co. in 1865 and bought 50 acres at $50 per acre, lived on it for five years, sold it for $60 per acre. Then bought 80 acres, sold 5 years later and then bought 200 acres in Taylor twp. adj. his former place at $50 per acre, where he has since resided. Had at one time another good farm of 80 acres adj. this, but which was later sold. Besides being a farmer, Mr. Duncan has been a contractor and builder ... In addition to this home place the subject's wife owns 160 acres, the old home farm, which has been successfully managed by the Duncans for many years. ... Our subject married in 1866 to Elizabeth North, daughter of James E. and Mary (Mock) North. Four children: Omer C., born in 1867, lives in Howard Co. on a farm, married, has two children; Charles, born in 1873, connected with postoffice at Kokomo, father of one child, living; J. Pearl, born in 1878, now on his mother's farm, having become the father of three children; R.K., born in 1883, married and still a member of the family circle. Subject is a Mason, Missionary Baptist; Mrs. Duncan also member of this church; Democrat.


Citizens Historical Association Biographies, Indianapolis, IN; typed pages, perhaps in order by county and then by surname (from reference by Darrel & Wanda Duncan)
      Gibson Co. IN -- Feb. 2, 1935; No. 2 B109 D12 E26 F1 LCD/BDK. Thomas Duncan, Attorney, 211 1/2 N. Main St., Princeton, IN. MAD: the information shows he was born in Gibson Co. IN May 5, 1860, the son of James Logan and Rebecca M. (Duncan) Duncan. James Logan Duncan was born June 1, 1827 in Gibson Co. IN, his wife Rebecca M. (Duncan) was born Sept. 1, 1837 in Rush Co. IN, the daughter of a Thomas Duncan from TN to IN in early days, later locating in Hancock Co. IN. James Logan Duncan was the son of Joshua Duncan born SC who was the son of Thomas Duncan born SC, who moved to Gibson Co. IN about 1800. There is more about the attorney Thomas Duncan and his family. (FHL film 1,468,582 item 5 page 7)
      Howard Co. IN -- July 13, 1940; No. 2 D12 E34 F76 LCD/KAR. R. Kern Duncan, Realtor, Armstrong-Landon Building, Kokomo, IN. MAD: the information shows he was born in Taylor Twp., Howard Co. IN, April 19, 1882, the son of John Eberly and Delana (North) Duncan. John Eberly Duncan was born in Rush Co. IN on Oct. 10, 1842, the son of the Rev. John and Nancy (Sargeant) Duncan, and moved to Howard Co. IN in 1865. Rev. John Duncan b.VA (Baptist Church Minister, circuit rider) died in Rush Co. IN, less than 30 years of age, shortly after birth of John Eberly Duncan; his wife Nancy (Sargeant) remarried. Rev. John Duncan's father (unnamed) was born in SC, entered 400 acres in Rush Co. IN in 1820, moved to Hancock Co. IN about 1858, died about age 84, his wife died age 80. There is more about the R. Kern Duncan family and the North family. There is also a note about John E. Duncan, to see Jackson Morrow's "History of Howard Co. IN" (B.F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis, 1908 or 1909), vol.2, p.397; and Charles Blanchard's "Counties of Howard & Tipton, IN" (F.A. Battey & Co., Chicago, 1883), p.412. (FHL film 1,468,583 item 2)


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