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Formed 1793 from Bourbon, Scott
Campbell formed 1794 from Harrison, Mason, Scott
Robertson formed 1867 from Nicholas, Bracken, Mason, Fleming, Harrison


1810 Harrison Co. KY Census
Pg.308  Dunkin, Willm.     20010         - 31010
          (MAD: from Nicholas Co. KY)
        Duncan, Jesse      10010         - 20200
        Duncan, James      01100         - 11001
          (MAD: Willm., Jesse and James next to each other)
   310  Duncan, James      20110         - 20010
          (MAD: mar. Polly Wells 11/7/1798 Bourbon Co. KY; 1820
            Gallatin Co. KY census; to Vermilion Co. IL)
   322  Dungan, Roger      10010         - 10010  (not Duncan)

1820 Harrison Co. KY Census
Pg.144  Sarah Duncan       200000        - 10010
   168  Squire Duncan      200100        - 31010
   190  William Duncan     200011        - 11211
        Uriah Ashcraft
        Joseph Duncan      000001        - 00100
        Archibald Duncan   121101        - 30010

1830 Harrison Co. KY Census
W. Side Licking R.
Pg.150  Ruamy Duncan       012           - 1200,101
   190  Archibald Duncan   0100,1000,1   - 0012,0001
        Wilson Duncan      1000,1        - 0000,1
        Jesse Duncan       2010,01       - 0100,01
        Mason Duncan       4001,001      - 1000,2
        Lydia Duncan       0             - 0100,01
   190  Peter Reitzel      0000,0100,1   - 0010,0000,1
        John Reitzel       1000,01       - 1100,1
          (MAD: next to each other; John Reitzel mar. Matilda
            B/E. Duncan 7/8/1823, moved to IA, she mar. 2nd Mr.
            Laye, no dates; not 1850 Pottawatomie Co. IA pg.142,
            Jonathan Rissell 67 NY shoemaker, Mary 58 NY,
            Horace 19 NY)
   191  Jaran Duncan       Free colored

1840 Harrison Co. KY Census
Pg.161  Wesly Duncan       0201,1        - 1000,1
   162  Jacob Duncan       1001,01       - 0100,1000,1
        Nancy Duncan       0011          - 0001,01
        Isabel Duncan      01            - 0100,01
   163  Wilford Duncan     1110,01       - 1100,01
   165  Mason Duncan       1110,1001     - 1111,0200,001

1850 Harrison Co. KY Census (some from Mary Sims)
District 1
Pg.54, #51-51, Wilford DUNCAN 46 KY farmer $540
                  Martha 45 KY
                  James 20, Morris 16 KY
                  Rebecca 12, Lucy 11, Mary 5 KY
Pg.68, #260-260, Saml. P. DILLS 44 KY farmer $6000
                  Amanda 36 KY
                  George 20, Leland 16 KY
                  Charles DUNCAN 18 KY
Pg.68, #261-261, Robt. RANKIN 50 KY farmer
                  Elizabeth 34 KY
                  Thomas 22, Ruth 14 KY
                  Joseph 12, David 11 KY
                  Felix 9, Andrew 5, Maria 1 KY
Pg.88, #557-557, Mason DUNCAN 63 VA farmer $2000
                  Julia 63 VA
                  Wm. 19, Lydia 17 KY
                  Taliaferro (m) 14 KY
                  Helen 12, John 10, Ann 7 KY
                  Rhoena (f) 4, James 4/12 KY
                  (MAD: son of William & Lydia)
Pg.96, #668-668, Jacob ASHCRAFT 31 KY farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 23 KY
                  Tabitha 4, Talitha 1 KY
Pg.96, #669-669, Wesley DUNCAN 38 KY blacksmith $500
                  Huldah 37 KY
                  Jacob 17, Thomas 14 KY
                  Hannah 10, James 8 KY
                  Nancy 6, Andrew 4 KY
                  John 2, Sarah 5/12 KY
Pg.96, #670-670, John ASHCRAFT 47 KY farmer $0
                  Catharine 41 KY
                  John 23, Adam 21, William 14 KY
                  Mary 11, Eliza 9, James 7 KY
                  Rosanna 4, Ephraim 2 KY
Pg.98, #696-696, Jno. WHITEHEAD Esq. 50 KY farmer $1500
                  Margaret 27 KY
                  Coleman 19, Eliza 16, John 14 KY
                  Nimrod 13, Margaret 12, Martha 9 KY
                  Susan 7, Frances (f) 5, Nancy 8/12 KY
Pg.98, #703-703, Eliza JACKSON (f) 50 VT (blank) $3000
                  Edwin 27 KY mercht.
                  Eveline 22, Oscar 20, Alonzo 16 KY
                  Almanzo (m) 14, Adeliza (f) 8 KY
                  Arch. DUNCAN 23 KY blacksmith
                  George SNODGRASS 30 KY carder
                  (MAD: ?? related to Daniel Jackson mar. Betsy Duncan 3/14/1816 Nicholas Co. KY)
District 2
Pg.151, #485-488, Jesse DUNCAN 33 KY carpenter $0
                  Sarah 26 (blank)
                  Mary E. 7, William 5, Samuel 4 (blank)
                  Margaret 2, Lucretia 10/12 (blank)
Pg.151, #486-489, Charles COURTNEY 71 VA farmer $354
                  Fanny 45 (blank)
                  Alpheus 21, Josha 20, John 16 (blank)
                  Nancy 14 (blank)
                  (MAD: birthplaces this page were given only for head of household or if it had changed from the household above)

1860 Harrison Co. KY Census
(MAD: see 1870 Robertson Co. KY census)
District 2, P.O. Cynthiana
Pg.469, #100, Edward BURLIES? (BURRIES?) 28 KY distillers 0-$1000
                  Louisa 27 KY
                  Sarah 4, Elizabeth 2, Franklin 3/12 KY
                  Ann DUNCAN 26 KY
P.O. Connersville
Pg.548, #714, Warren DUNCAN 31 KY farmer $0-$200
                  Rebecca 29 KY
                  Mary 8, Alice 7 KY
                  James 6, Wm. 4 KY
                  Ann 2, not named (m) 1/12 KY
                  (MAD: "Warren" as written, but probably should have been "Barton" per Kathleen Duncan, a descendant)
Pg.549, #719, Jesse DUNCAN 48 KY farm hand $0-$300
                  Sarah 42 KY
                  Samuel 14, John 13 KY
                  James 12, Elizabeth 10 KY
                  Margaret 8, Lucretia 6 KY
                  Sarah 4, Mary 3, Jane 2 KY
                  not named (f) 8/12 KY
District not given
Pg.653, #664, A.F. WHITAKER 36 KY merchant & farmer $3000-5000
                  Mary 30 KY housekeeper
                  Mary J. 15? (1/12?) KY (blotted)
                  Ann WHITAKER 50 KY housekeeper $800-600
                  (MAD: Asa Whiteker mar. Mary E. Duncan 6/10/1860)
P.O. Cynthiana
Pg.659, #713, Arch DUNCAN 33 KY blacksmith $1000-$2000
                  Mary F. 27 KY
                  John 1 KY
                  Leander AYRES 28 KY smith
                  Isaac N. HUGH 18 KY apprentice tobacconer
Pg.689, #942, Julie DUNCAN (f) 40 VA farmer $2500-$600
                  Lydia 26, Helen M. 22 KY
                  L?/B?. W. (m) 24 KY farm hand
                  John 20, Rebecca 18 KY
                  Ann 14, James 12 KY
Pg.690, #951, Joseph DUNCAN 38 KY farmer $1400-$420
                  Mary 24 KY
                  William 4/12 KY
                  R.T?. FULGIN (m) 50 VA teacher con? school $0-$500
                  (MAD: Joseph J. Duncan age 52, married, farmer, b. Harrison Co., d. 12/19/1874 Robertson Co. KY; from Robertson Co. Deaths 1874, pg.231-2, in "KY Ancestors" Vol.19#4, 1984, by KY Historical Society; from Evelyn Sigler and Dorothy Franks)
Pg.690, #952, Wm. E. ASHCRAFT 62 KY farmer $980-$2400
                  Rosanna 58 PA
                  Mary Jane 26, Corilla (f) 22 KY
                  Isabelle 19, Kitty F. (f) 15 KY
                  (MAD: Nimrod Ashcraft mar. Enfield Duncan 10/20/1814 Nicholas Co. KY; related???)
Pg.690, #953, G.W. DUNCAN (m) 30 KY farmer $360-$250
                  Ann Maria 26 KY
                  James A. 5 KY
Pg.691, #956, Jacob DUNCAN 26 KY farmer $600-$380
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 84 MD (blank) $0-$200
Pg.693, #968, Tunice DUNCAN (m) 69 GA BLACK farmer $60-$82
                  Martha? (f) 59 VA BLACK
                  Moselle? COTHERWOOD? (m) 26 KY farmer $750-$375
                  Zenild (f) 32 KY
                  Lucy Ann 4, Archey 1 KY
                  (MAD: indexed Turner? Duncan)
Pg.695, #979, James DUNCAN 30 KY farmer $500-$500
                  Harriet 20 KY
                  Sarah E. 4/12 KY
Pg.703, #1049, Wesley DUNCAN 49 KY farmer $1200-$1000
                  Huldah 48 KY
                  Hannah 21, Geriet (m) 19 KY
                  Nancy 15, Andrew J. 14, John 12 KY
                  Elizabeth 10, Parmelia 8 KY
Pg.706, #1064, Morris DUNCAN 26 KY merchant $0-$700
                  Sarah 23 KY
                  Evaline? ?HENASL? (f) 76 (16?) KY domestic
                  (MAD: mar. Sarah E. Wheeler 10/2/1854 Nicholas Co. KY)
Pg.706, #1069, Wilford DUNCAN 59 KY farmer $1200-$1360
                  Martha 52 KY
                  Mary 17 KY

1870 Harrison Co. KY Census
Berrys Precinct
Pg.80, #19-19, DUNCAN, John 30 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Jennie 28 KY keeps house
                  Martha (f) 13 KY at home
                  MILLER, Devon? (m) 65 KY (white) farmer
                  Aaron 18 KY farmer
Pg.86, #94-94, DUNCAN, James 40 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Nancy 35 KY keeping house
                  Richard 19 KY farm laborer
                  Elizabeth 17 KY no occupation
                  John 15 KY farm laborer
                  Sallie 12 KY at home
Pg.91, #7-6, County Poor House, includes
                  DUNCAN, Dinah (f) 70 KY BLACK pauper
Casons Precinct
Pg.120, #54-54, TAYLOR, Ben F. 39 KY (white) farmer $18,600-$4,380
                  Sarah J. 25 KY house wife
                  Mary 7, Joseph T. 2 KY at home
                  DUNCAN, Ann 48 KY (white) domestic svt
                  BURNS, Sarah M. 21 KY (white) no occupation
Pg.142, #6-6, DUNCAN, Archie 41 KY blacksmith $1500-$2000
                  Margaret G. 31 KY keeping house
                  Susan C. 5, Fannie P. 2 KY
                  RAGLAN, Amanda 25 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  Clifton (m) 7/12 KY MULATTO b.Oct.
                  (John Douglas info 3/2002: stones in Oddville Cemetery, Harrison Co. KY, for Sue C(oleman) Duncan & husband John William Douglas, Fannie Duncan wife of N.M. (M.M.?) Whiteker, Arch Duncan, Margaret Whitehead Duncan; Whaley Funeral Home records list Arch Duncan born ca 1826, died 1/17/1908 Oddville; Smith-Rees Funeral Home records list Mrs. Margaret Duncan, born 8/18/1838, dau. of John R. and Fannie Whitehead, died 10/11/1920, had mar. Archie Duncan ca 1863 who died 13 years ago, surviving dau. Mrs. John W. Douglas, surviving half-sister Mrs. Nannie Colvin.)
Pg.143, #15-17, DUNCAN, William 50 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mariah 41 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Charles 20 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Cassia A. (f) 17 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  John M. 16 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  Celia E. 14 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  John 8, Nelson (m) 8 KY BLACK (ages as given)
                  Martha J. 5 KY BLACK
Cynthiana Precinct
Pg.150, #76-76, DUNCAN, Wm. 35 KY (white) farmer $0-$350
                  Elizabeth 35 KY keeps house
                  Desha (m) 1 KY at home
                  HUGHS, Beverly (m) 71 VA (white) no occupation
Pg.177, #144-151, WALLS, Clementine 68 KY (white) keeping house $3500-$1000
                  Wm. S. 30 KY clerk in grocery
                  James G. 29 KY no occupation
                  DUNKIN, Anna 40 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  Hawley (m) 4 KY MULATTO at home
                  GILLARD, Eliza (f) 20 KY BLACK domestic servant
Leesburg Precinct
Pg.199, #73-74, DUNCAN, Jesse (m) 50 KY (white) farmer $1210-$260
                  Sallie 46 KY keeping house
                  Samuel 25 KY farm laborer
                  Jane 17 KY no occupation
                  Harvy (m) 15 KY farm laborer
                  Jessee (m) 13 KY farm laborer
                  Emma 11 KY at home
                  Marian (m) 9 KY at home
                  Frances (f) 6 KY at home
Rutland Precinct
Pg.235, #126-126, DUNCAN, Barton W. (m) 41 KY (white) farmer $200-$320
                  Rebecca 39 KY keeping house
                  Mary F. 18, Alice J. 17 KY no occupation
                  Jas. T. 16 KY farm laborer
                  Anna E. 12 KY at home
                  John R. 10, Lulia W. (f) 8 KY at home

1880 Soundex, Harrison Co. KY (partial)
Vol.12 ED.104 Sheet 29 line 11, Dist. 5, Rutland
      DUNCAN, Barton W., 51 KY white male
            Rebecca A. 49 KY wife
      BRYANT, James 7 KY ward
      RALSTON, Joseph F.L. 72 KY (no relationship given)
      SCOTT, John B. 32 KY N.R.
      BAIRD?, Francis 29 KY N.R.


Harrison Co. KY Marriages (FHL film 216,877)
      Duncan, William to Plunkett, Ann, mar. 15 Oct. 1799 by Wm. Robinson, V.D.M.
      Duncan, Charles to McKee, Patsy, mar. 8 April 1808 by John Conner, M.G. (MAD: see 1912 "Historical Encyclopedia of IL & History of Sangamon Co." 2 vols., by Newton Bateman & Paul Selby, pg.1192-3, Elizabeth Duncan b. 8/8/1811, from Bourbon Co. KY in 1829, dau. of Mrs. Martha (McKee) Duncan; he d. 1813 Harrison Co. KY, the son of James Duncan and Miss Harding per info of Alyce Beggs. MAD: James Duncan, son of Joseph Duncan Jr. (d.1822 Harrison Co. KY) and Caty O'Bannon, mar. 1st Miss Harding and 2nd Elizabeth Duncan dau. of Wm. & Lydia (Duncan) Duncan, d. 1814 Nicholas Co. KY, Estate record Vol.A, pg.268-9; from "Register of the KY State Historical Society" Vol.30, 1932, pg.116, Query by Mrs. Linnie Wright Barrett)
      Duncan, Squire to Milner, Pheanancy, mar. 11 Oct. 1812 by John Conner, M.G. (MAD: Pheananey Milner per "Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Ardery)
      Duncan, John G. to Davis, Nancy, mar. 13 March 1816 by Hezekiah Smith (MAD: John P. Duncan per "Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Ardery)
      Duncan, John H. to Holt, Paulina, lic. 13 Nov. 1816, no return (MAD: See also Clark & Bracken Co. KY; to Jefferson Co. MS)
      Duncan, Joseph to O'Banion, Elizabeth, mar. 25 Sept. 1817
      Duncan, William to Hiatt, Metilda, mar. 24 March 1825
      Duncan, Asa to Newell, Christeen, lic. 1 Oct. 1826 (MAD: to Vermilion Co. IL)
      Duncan, Wilford to Morris, Martha, lic. 15 Jan. 1828
      Duncan, Charles to Jackson, Harriet, mar. 12 Aug. 1830
      Duncan, Wesley to Duncan, Huldah, lic. 16 Sept. 1830
      Duncan, George H. to Gilbreath, Isabella, mar. 22 April 1832 (MAD: widow Isabella in Bracken Co. KY 1850 census)
      Duncan, William to Van Hook, Elizabeth, lic. 23 Jan. 1834
      Duncan, Jacob to Galbreath, Margaret, mar. 7 Dec. 1834 (MAD: widow Margaret in Bracken Co. KY 1850 census)
      Duncan, Jesse to White, Sarah H., lic. 14 Dec. 1842
      Duncan, John A. to Bailey, Mary, mar. 11 Sept. 1845
      Duncan, B.W?. to Ralston, Rebecca Ann, mar. 10 Jan. 1850
            & later males
      Duncan, Polly to Carney, John, mar. 13 March 1813 (MAD: John Courtney per "Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Ardery)
      Duncan, Matilda B. to Reitzell, John, lic. 8 July 1823
      Duncan, Elizabeth to Ellis, Benjamin, mar. 21 Dec. 1825
      Duncan, Elizabeth to Harding, Thomas, mar. 7 May 1826
      Duncan, Catharine A. to Retzel, Bliar, lic. 21 Oct. 1828 (MAD: Catherine O. Duncan to Bliar Ritzel per "Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Ardery)
      Duncan, Huldah to Duncan, Wesley, lic. 16 Sept. 1830
      Duncan, Rosanah to Oustney?, James, mar. 11 April 1831 (MAD: James Courtney per "Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Ardery)
      Duncan, Polly to Keith, John, mar. 26 Dec. 1832
      Duncan, Lydia to Wilson, James, mar. 13 March 1833
      Duncan, Nancy to Hitch, Henry, mar. 3 Oct. 1837
      Duncan, Polly Ann to Cowotney, Calvin, lic. 2 Nov. 1842 (MAD: Colvin Courtney per "Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Ardery)
      Duncan, Elizabeth to Morgan, A.L., mar. 3 March 1844 (MAD: 1850 Dearborn Co. IN census, mother Helen b. 1795 VA)
      Duncan, Melinda E. to Barkley, Benjamin, mar. 18 July 1844 (MAD: to Tarrant Co. TX 1855; see "Cemeteries of Northeast Tarrant Co. TX" by Cushman; from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1984)
      Duncan, Margaret to Whitehead, John R., mar. 13 Sept. 1847
      Duncan, Elizabeth to Taylor, John H., mar. 17 April 1849
            & later females


Harrison Co. KY Index to Estates, Vol.1, 1794-1851 (FHL film 216,863)
      Columns headed: Persons names; Index to Orders; Wills Recorded; Insts. & Settmts; Exor & admr
      List of Abbreviations on first page of book: OB = Order Book; WB = Will Book; Inv = Inventory & Appraisement; SB = sale bill; W = will; IB = Inventory Book; OR = ordered to record; Gdn = guardian; Apprs = appraisers; Adm = administrator; extor = executor; Com.S = commissioners settlement; Appd = appointed; GB = Gdn's Book; Est.S = Estate settled; D.Est = Division of estate; W.D. = Widowers dower; Com.Rp = Commissioners' Report.
      #298: Joseph Duncan; Will proved D-122-127, appr aptd 123, inv & SB R-139; Will recorded B-119; Inv. & SB recorded WB-134-5, Est. sett. OB D-427; exec. Archibald Duncan (MAD: wife Katy O'Bannon; son of Joseph & Lydia of Fauquier Co. VA; in Bute Co. NC when son Archibald born; see Rev. Pen. for Archibald)
      #456: Wm. Duncan, will proven & apprs appt E-155-6, inv. R-211, SB R-260; Will recorded BB-453; Inv. recorded WB-475, SB WC-283, Est.S. RF-22, Sett. RG-177; exec. Mason Duncan and John Reitzel
      #459: Francis Duncan; Admr & appr appt. BE-148-9, Inv & SB R-167; no will; Inv. & SB rec. WB-456-7, Est.S OC-509, Est.S RF (blank page), Sett. with Jan. RF-224; Geo. A. Simpson admr., Milton G. Eades guardian
      #703: Wm. Duncan, Admr. & appr. appt BH-331, Inv. & SB R 393; no will; Inv. & SB recorded WD-227-29; Russell D. Vanhook adm.
      #716: Archd. Duncan, Will proven & appr. appd BI-5, Inv. R-39; Will recorded WD-266; Inv. rec. WD-308, Sale Bill recd WBG-209, Sett. RBH-85; D. Snodgrass & Tho. Parker exors
      #889: J.T. Duncan, no orders; no will; Est Sett OE-435
      #1073: Wm. O. Duncan, Admr. appt. BK-123; Set. BK-353, Sett. Conf. BK-366; no will; no Inst.; Angul? W?. Hyett? admr.
      #1207: Hannah Duncan, 1850 Dec. 9; Admr. granted & appr. appt. BL-130, Inv. & SB filed WL-232; no will; no inv. sale etc.; Wm. Jackson admr, Henry Hitch security

Harrison Co. KY Wills
      B-119: 30 March 1818, Joseph Duncan, now seventy two years of age but of sound mine, slaves be set free (now consist of Nancy and her children Sally Lewis & George Preston Lavina and her children Rachael and Charles Bowen and my faithful and trusty man Zanard); heretofore made a deed of gift of the girl Sally to my son in law Claiboure Collier now recorded in Nicholas County Court which is confirmed; (more on slave Zanard being freed); the sum of $1200 be divided into six portions, one portion to children and heirs of my son James Duncan decd., one portion to my son Washington Duncan, one portion to my daughter Lydia Mozner, one portion to my daughter Nancy Harriss, one portion to my daughter Charlotte Parker, and one portion to my daughter Susanna Whitely; in 1810 had inconsiderately and without being in a proper state of mind had executed to son James Duncan a title bond for land whereon I now reside of 162 acres, for a consideration of 50 pounds when in fact I received no consideration whatever and have ever thought myself imposed upon by it; my will is that my son Archibald Duncan shall inherit said land; bequeath to granddaughter Lydia Duncan a feather bed, .... Son Archibald Duncan and Washington Duncan and my son in law Claibourne Collier executors ... to make an equal distribution among my living children after all debts .... Wit. Joseph Fay, ... Wilson, William Wilson. Recorded Oct. 1822. (FHL film 216,864) (MAD: wife Caty O'Bannon, from Fauquier Co. VA; see Nicholas Co. KY for children of James)
      B-453: 1 Dec. 1828, William Duncan, daughters Lavina Taylor and Judea Duncan 4 shillings each in full of their proportion of my estate and no more; after my wife's death or marriage, my execs. pay to each of my grandchildren Ruben Miles, Lydia Miles and Gabriel Miles and Wesley Duncan $50 each should they be living when they arrive at age or marry; residue both real and personal to affectionate wife Lydia Duncan for life or widowhood, but should she marry after my death then the estate to descend to and be divided among my seven children hereafter named; at the death of my wife or marriage, the whole of my estate ... to my children Toliver, Mason, Watson, Elizabeth, Hellen, Armfred (Annfred?), and Matilda except the black child William which I have heretofore given Hellen which she is to have over and above her share; son Mason Duncan and son in law John Reitzell executors. Wit. A.M.Cannon, Ellis Ashcraft, Blair Reitzel. Proved March, 1830. (FHL film 216,864; and from Rebecca Myers 5/2002) (MAD: Son of John Jr. and Dinah (Bradford) Duncan)
      D-266: 13 Feb. 1839, will of Archibald Duncan of Harrison Co. KY; to my wife Hannah Duncan, two beds and furniture ..., animals, ... use of dwelling house and all out houses with as much land thereunto or anexed thereunto as my executor ... may deem sufficient for her to cultivate or to rent so that she shall have a sufficient support from my estate; my wife during her life my negro woman Dinah, then Dinah select home with any of my children to live; another slave to wife; at death of wife lands sold, money divided as follows: to my grandsons William Duncan, Archibald Duncan & Joseph Duncan $50 as their entire portion; my dau. Sally Harding and her heirs in addition to what I have heretofore given $1 as her entire portion; the ballance divided equally between Jefferson Duncan, Jacob Duncan, Elizabeth Jackson, Huldah Duncan, Polly Kieth and Naomi Hitch; appoint friend David Snodgrass and my nephew Thomas Parker executors. Wit. L.B. Curren, James Barnet Jun. Prob. 11 Dec. 1839. (FHL film 216,865) (MAD: wife Hannah Williams; from Fauquier Co. VA)

Harrison Co. KY Will Books A-G
      B-134: Inventory of estate of Joseph Duncan by Tarrance Burns, Patrick Watson, Jacob Ashcraft, appraisers; Archd. Duncan, exor, filed Dec. 1822. B-135/9: Sale of estate of Joseph Duncan; sales to John Powell, Mary? Basley, William Asbury, John Clark, Daniel Jackson, Tarrance Burns, Archibald Duncan, Washington Duncan, Daniel Whitley, Walter Keith, William C. Hardin, Reason Bruse, Elizabeth Duncan, William Duncan, George Williams, Joseph Whitely, Robert Wadle, Thomas Lingfets, Lydia Clark, Jonathan Cavens, William Jackson, John Dowson, John Routt, John Ungles, Reuben Underwood, Willoby Steward, Robert Coleman, Ellis Ashcraft, John C. Duncan, Janard Duncan, Hannah Duncan, and many others not copied here; filed December Court 1822. (FHL film 216,864)
      B-456b: Inventory & appraisement of estate of Frances Duncan decd, 11 Feb. 1830; personal articles, by William G. Cads, William McLong, John Melner; no admr. named. B-457: Sale of estate of Frances Duncan decd, 20 Feb. 1830; sales to Buday Courtney, Duncan Courtney, John Wilson, John Adams, Rodith? Coppage, Luke Milner, Joseph Milner, William Rolston, Silas Courtney, William McLong, Nelson Cason, Hugh Levi; filed by George A. Simpson, administrator, April court 1830. (FHL film 216,864)
      C-283/5: Sale bill of estate of Wm. Duncan decd. 29 Oct. 1833; included sales to Wm. Harding, Washington Duncan, Nimrod Ashcraft, Jacob Duncan, Larrance Lindford, Lysle? King, Doctr. Hoodnuff?, Daniel Ashcraft, P.C. Glenn, J. Ashcraft, John Whitehead, Peter Glenn, James Ashcraft, Mason Duncan, Jno. Overbay, Thos. Harding, Jno. B. Cummins, Thos. Miller, Robert Payne, Charles Duncan, Jno. Ashcaft, Helen Duncan, Wm. Coleman, Nelson Asbury, Matilda Reitzel, Wm. Duncan, John Reitzel, Tallaferro Duncan, Benjn. Ellis, & others not copied here. Filed by M. Duncan & Jno. Reitzel, Exors. (FHL film 216,865)
      D-227/9: Inventory of property of William Duncan decd, appraised 20 Feb. 1839 by Mason Duncan, Ellis Ashcraft, A. Ashcraft; dated 20 Feb. 1839; filed by Russle D. Vanhook admr. 20 Feb. 1839. D-229/30: Sales 20 Feb. 1839 to Thomas Gunsaulas?, Andrew Ashcraft, Jesse King?, Wilford Duncan, Daniel Ashcraft, Alexander Moran, Benjamin Ellis, E. Asbury, James Dotson, Thomas Marshall, Julius Ellis, Russle Vanhook, Abraham Clark, Philip G. Hopkins, Albert Cummins, Richard J. Jones, George Harding, Thomas Harding, Elizabeth Duncan, & others not copied here; filed by Russle D. Vanhook, admr. 11 Sept. 1839. (FHL film 216,865)
      D-308/9: Inventory of personal estate of Archibald Duncan decd, by A.M?. Camron, Patrick Watson and Thomas Harding, 12 Dec. 1839, filed by David Snodgrass and Thomas Larkin, comr; "except other property left as special legacies" Filed March 1840. (FHL film 216,865)
      F-457/9: Sale bill of Archibald Duncan, Dec. 1859?; purchasers William Burns, George Pope?, Jacob Duncan, James Bar??, William Harding, Joseph Whiltey, Elijah Harding, Charles Bramble?, & others not copied here (faint); received of Joseph Duncan rent for farm 1851; received of James Duncan for rent; received of Duncan & Harding rent 1852; (received of others for items). Cannot read filed date. (FHL film 216,866)
      G-209/10: Hannah Duncan's estate inventory, produced by William Jackson Sr.? admr. Filed Feb. 11, 1851; Aug. 1851. G-210/11: Sale bill Feb. 18, 1857, to Wm. White, Wesley? Jackson, J? Duncan, O. Burns, H. Hitch, Elizabeth Jackson; filed by Wm. Jackson, admr. 20 Oct. 1857. (FHL film 216,866)
      Vol.G, 1853-1859 - no James W. Duncan.


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ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-8679 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832 in Harrison Co. KY; died 13 Nov. 1839 Harrison Co. KY; enlisted for 3 years in Oct. or Nov. 1779 in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Mark Thomas, Col. Slaughter, Genl. Clarke; born 22 May 1763 in Bute Co. NC; record of age copied from record made by his father; lived in Fauquier Co. VA when enlisted; since the Rev. War lived in Culpeper Co. VA then Fauquier Co., then in 1800 to KY, Bourbon and Harrison Co.; known to Capt. John Whitehead and Robt. Garner and John Trumble.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 63, on 4 March 1840, in Harrison Co. KY; m. Archibald Duncan in August 1792; husband died 13 Nov. 1839; known by Wiseman Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 63 on 8 Nov. 1839, in Fauquier Co. VA about 5 years after their marriage and has lived as near neighbor for about 40 years; known by Nancy Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 58 on 18 Jan. 1840, who was at wedding; letter from Thos. Parker of Versailles, KY, 18 March 1840, whose Aunt was Hannah Duncan.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 67, on 3 Feb. 1843, in Harrison Co. KY; Hannah Williams m. Archibald Duncan 22 Aug. 1792 in Fauquier Co. VA, bond by Archibald Duncan and Joseph Parker, wit. G. Gwathmey.
      Click here for a more extensive extract from the pension file.

Report of the Adjutant Gen'l. of the State of Kentucky: Printed by the authority of the State of Kentucky. Mexican War Veterans (MAD: 1847) (from Duncan Notebook 17, research of Linnie Wright Barrett, pg.40, loaned by Mrs. Maxine Dodd through Ray and Dean Duncan):
      William O. Duncan, Pvt. May 27, 1846, June 9. '46, 1 year, Lou., Ky., Co. D, 1st Regt. of Ky. Died at Capt. Friar's, Texas, Sept. 25, 1846.


Bracken Co. KY Deeds (SLC 9/22/2012)
      H-273/274: 27 Sept. 1827, John H. Duncan and wife Paulina A.R. Duncan of Jefferson Co. MS appoint Thomas Holt of Harrison Co. KY our attorney to sell and convey 500 acres of land in Bracken Co. KY, being part of a tract of land formerly owned by Thomas Holt, Senr, and by him bequeathed to said John H. Duncan and Paulina A.R. Duncan, wife of afsd Duncan and daughter of said Thomas Holt, Senr, ... and upon sale, shall make deed ... /s/ John H. Duncan, Paulina A.R. Duncan. They appeared 27 Sept. 1827 before W.L. Davis, J.P., and E. Duggan, J.P., of Jefferson Co. MS. Certification 2 Oct. 1827 by Isaac Pikes, Clerk of Jefferson Co. Court, for William L. Davis and E. Duggan. Certification by Jacob Ramsan Holmes, presiding Justice of Jefferson Co. Court, for Isaac Pikes, 4 Oct. 1827. Recorded Bracken Co. KY April 7, 1828. (FHL film 344,075; SLC 9/22/2012)

Breckinridge Co. KY Deeds
      F-426/428: John H. Duncan and Paulina A.R. Duncan late Paulina A.R. Holt wife of said John H. Duncan, and Amelia B. Holt of Jefferson Co. MS, being legal heirs of Thomas Holt decd late of Harrison Co. KY, for diverse considerations to us, nominate our brother David Holt of said Harrison Co. KY our attorney to sell etc. the lands of our decd. father and to settle any liability with the proceeds which our father would have been responsible for on account of sales of land in state of OH or elsewhere, ratifying anything he may do in relation to the said Thomas Holt's estate. And we John H. Duncan & Paulina A.R. Duncan do further authorize our attorney David Holt of Harrison Co. KY to sell or do anything in relation to lands sold by myself in KY, the title to which has not been completed, or which he may sell etc. 7 July 1823. /s/ John H. Duncan, Paulina A.R. Duncan, Amelia B. Holt. Wit. Jas. G. Ward, John Fortin. They appeared before Philip Dinon, Clerk of Jefferson Co. MS Court, 7 July 1823. Certification by James Gibson, presiding Justice of Jefferson Co. MS, for Phillip Dinon, 7 July 1823. Deed produced in Harrison Co. KY Aug. 18, 1823; and produced in Breckinridge Co. KY Jan. 2, 1824. (FHL film 422,082)
      F-428/430: 1 Jan. 1824, David Holt for himself and as attorney for Joseph H. Holt, Thomas Holt, Jane M. Holt and Luisa M. Holt of Harrison Co. KY and John H. Duncan and Paulina A.R. Duncan his wife late Paulina A.R. Holt and Amelia B. Holt of Jefferson Co. MS, being heirs of Thos. Holt decd. late of Harrison Co. KY, to Micajah Board of Breckinridge Co. KY, for $625 paid to Thomas Holt in his lifetime, sell parcel of land in Breckinridge Co. KY on the waters of Sinking Creek, being part of a sixty thousand acre survey pattented by VA to Philip Barbour and bounded beg. on left bank of north fork of Sinking Creek, then ... containing 500 acres, warrant title. /s/ David Holt for himself and as attorney for Jos. H. Holt, Thomas Holt, Jane M. Holt, Luisa M. Holt, John H. Duncan, Paulina A.R. Duncan, Amelia B. Holt. Ack. Jan. 2nd? (3rd?) 1824 by David Holt before Horace Allen, Deputy Clerk, Breckinridge Co. court. (FHL film 422,082)

Fleming Co. KY Deed (FHL film 343,993, dark page)
      36-54: 23 Oct. 1863, Lucy Ann McLean and Columbus McLean, Malinda Jane (x) Duncan and Jacob Duncan, Juliann (x) Dinson and John Dinson, of Harrison Co. KY, and Thomas H. Taylor and wife Matilda of Nicholas Co. KY, to Sabina M. Taylor of Fleming Co. KY, $275, 55 acres on Poplar Run where said Sabina Taylor now lives, willed by Thos. Newcomb to his daughter the former wife of Charles Taylor decd, and her heirs.

Union Co. KY Deed (FHL film 561,087)
      F-412: 24 Nov. 1828, David Holt for himself and as attorney for Joseph H. Holt, Thomas Holt, John H. Duncan and wife Paulina late Paulina A. Holt, Amelia B. Holt, James M. Holt, Foster Demartus & wife Louisa late Louisa M. Holt, legal heirs and reps. of Thomas Holt decd, late of Harrison Co. KY, to Thomas Holt of same, for $400, 1,000 acres in Union Co. KY on Highland creek in the walnut bottom entered and surveyed in the name of Joseph Blackwell and patented to William Bryon, adj. the back corner of the 1000 acre survey made for Walter C. Strong; /s/ David Holt for himself & atty for Joseph H. Holt, Thomas Holt, John H. Duncan, Paulina S.R. Duncan, Amelia B. Holt, Jane M. Holt, Foster Demartus, Louisa M. Demartus; ack. in Harrison Co. KY, 25 Feb. 1829.

Scott Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,305,335)
      N-475/476: 12 May 1854, Elisha G. English and Mahala English of Scott Co. IN for $400 paid by Helen Duncan of Harrison Co. KY, sell to said Helen Duncan real estate in Scott Co. IN, being a part of Lot No.292 in Clarks or Illinois Grant, beg. at East corner of a 90 acre tract conveyed by Barnett Whitlatch to Charles K?. Whitlatch 7 Feb. 1848, then ... to the beginning, in the form of an oblong square, containing 20 acres, warrant title. /s/ Elisha G. English, Mahala English. Wit. A.L. Morgan. Elisha G. English and wife Mahala English appeared 31 May 1854 before Wm?? K. Marshall, Notary Public of Scott Co. IN. Recorded 2 June 1854. (FHL film 1,305,335)

Ross Co. OH Deeds
      19-521: 7 July 1823, John H. Duncan and wife Paulina A.R. Duncan late Paulina A.R. Holt and Amelia B. Holt of Jefferson Co. MS, legal heirs of Thomas Holt decd, late of Harrison Co. KY, appoint brother David Holt of Harrison Co. KY attorney to sell and settle inheritance ... sell land in State of OH and elsewhere. Wit. Jas. G. Wood, John Foster in Jefferson Co. MS. (FHL film 340,465)
      19-522: Joseph H. Holt of Bourbon Co. KY, Thomas Holt, Jane M. Holt, Louisa M. Holt and Amelia B. Holt of Harrison Co. KY, etc. (FHL film 340,465)
      22-237: 14 June 1824, David Holt for himself and attorney for John H. Duncan and wife Paulina A.R. Duncan formerly Holt, not copied. (FHL film 340,466)

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "KY, a History of the State" 7th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt, and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.54 (pg.788). PROF. PASCHEL HICKMAN DUNCAN, of Glencoe, native of Gallatin Co. KY, born Nov. 13, 1845. His father, Benjamin Duncan, native of Harrison Co. KY, was born in 1807, and was well-to-do farmer; he settled on farm in Gallatin Co. in 1818, near Warsaw, KY, until his death on April 27, 1887. Baptist Church for many years, but at death was prominent member of the Christian Church. He married Miss M. Ellis, born near Richmond, Henrico Co. VA, a dau. of James Adams Ellis, also a native of Henrico Co. VA. Six sons and four daughters were born to their union, of whom the subject of this sketch is the 9th child. James Duncan, the paternal grandfather of P.H. Duncan, a native of Harrison Co. KY and a farmer, removed to farm near Danville, Vermilion Co. IL, where he died. The maternal grandfather of our subject, a native of VA, came to KY early in the present century, and settled near Warsaw, Gallatin Co., where he died; he took an active part in the war of 1812. Prof. Paschal Hickman Duncan lived on the farm until age 19, when he entered college; taught for several years; in 1880 he was appointed State Sunday-school evangelist by KY Christian Sunday-school Assn ... July 25, 1883, he married Sallie Orr, of Columbia, Adair Co. KY, a graduate of Ghent College, Ghent, KY, and a dau. of Vernon and Mary C. (Botts) Orr. Mrs. Duncan died Oct. 3, 1887, at Corinth, KY. Democrat, Christian Church. He owns property in Wichita [Sedgwick Co.], KS.

1888 "KY, A History of the State" Edition 8B, by Perrin (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982 and Nancy Bobal 11/1993)
      Pg.803: THOMAS J. DUNCAN, native of Harrison Co. KY, born in 1836, son of Wesley and Huldah Duncan. He was reared in Harrison Co., to Bracken Co. KY when about 21 years of age. In February 1861 he married Miss Mary A. Askins, a daughter of Archibald A. Askins, of Bracken Co. In 1879 Mr. Duncan began merchandising in Milford, being the junior partner of the firm of Brown & Duncan. In 1881 he served one term in the Legislature, when he resumed the mercantile business, in which he is still interested.

1882 "History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Co., KY" by Perrin (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Harrison Co.: Dr. Duncan 1816.
      Harrison Co.: Asa Whiteker, b. April 16, 1824, m. 2nd June 10, 1860, Mary E. Duncan, dau. of Robert & Cynthia McLean of Ohio.

1912 "A history of Kentucky and Kentuckians : the leaders and representative men in commerce, industry and modern activities" by E. Polk Johnson, 3 vols. (SUTRO book F451 J7 v.III and film 75 reel 1; CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Vol.3 p.1608: GARRET DAVIS WILSON, born Bourbon Co. KY where his father Francis M. Wilson also born. Grandfather Jeremiah Wilson born old VA of English ancestry, migrated as young man to Bourbon Co. KY, 14 miles southeast of Paris, married a Miss Trotter of VA. Francis M. Wilson inherited part of father's estate, which he managed until 1895 when he sold out and bought a farm near Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY where lived until death in 1908 in 88th year of age. His wife, whose name before marriage was Eliza Ann Duncan, was born at Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co. KY, 86 years ago. Her father, Traverse Duncan, native of KY, married Lucy Rogers, who was born in VA. Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Wilson had six children, namely: Garret D., Mattie, Henry Clay, Richard E., Amanda D. and Fanny. Garret D. Wilson mar. 1880 Margaret M. Maguire, born in Lexington, a dau. of P.F. and Mary Maguire (see sketch of Dr. J.D. Maguire for family record). Three children to Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, namely, Margaret, Louise and Garret D. Jr. (MAD: Eliza Ann Duncan mar. to Francis M. Wilson listed in "Some Marriages in Montgomery Co. KY before 1864" by Boyd; 1850 Bourbon Co. KY census)

1911 "Historical review of Arkansas, its commerce, industry and modern affairs" 3 vols., by Fay Hempstead, pub. by Lewis Pub. (SUTRO book F411 H485, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Vol.2, pg.803-5: ROBERT D. DUNCAN, cashier of State National Bank of Little Rock [Pulaski Co.]; born Claysville, Harrison Co. KY, on 2 July 1858, son of John S. and Mary A. (Curran) Duncan, both natives KY where respective families were founded many years ago, the father a merchant. Duncan family of stanch Scottish lineage, Colonial times. Parents of Mr. Duncan members of Baptist church; of their children, a son and two daughters are living.
            The subject of this review was reared to maturity in native state & in state of MO, graduate of William Jewell College of Liberty, MO; business pursuits. In 1870 Mr. Duncan established his home in state of MO, engaged for some time in banking business at St. Joseph, that state; later he located in Kansas City, live-stock commission business, for a number of years; removed to city of St. Louis, banking; in 1904 to Little Rock. In 1884 Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Adelaide J. Corbin, of Liberty, MO, and he has two sons: Corbin M. Duncan connected to Union Electric Co. of St. Louis, and Robert D. Duncan Jr., student of Washington University, St.Louis.

1887 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Coles Co. IL" by Chapman Bros; from reference in Linnie Wright Barrett Notebook 17, pg.4, to Samuel J. Jackson (FHL film 825,562)
      Pg.228: SAMUEL J. JACKSON, postmaster, merchant and manufacturer of tile and brick at Fuller's Point in North Okaw Twp, is operating not far from the scene of his birthplace, having been born in this township March 7, 1859. The family history of our subject is in its main points as follows: Bernard Jackson, his grandfather, was born near Alexandria, VA, in 1770, and carried on the trades of a cabinet-maker and carpenter in connection with farming for many years. Later in life ... quiet pursuits of a country life. He was married in his native county, and a few years later removed to Stanton, now Ripley, Brown Co. OH; there the wife and mother died Oct. 3, 1814, aged 41 years and 15 days; this was the first deeath which occurred in the town of Ripley, funeral sermon was preached at the grave by Rev. John Collins who happened to be passing through the neighborhood ... He united with the Methodist Episcopal Church and remained an active member until his death. His remains were laid to rest at Stone Chapel, in West Union Circuit, Adams Co. OH. He has two sons who are engaged in this ministry, namely, Rev. William H? of Indiana and Rev. Andrew B. located in Southeastern Kansas, both members of Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church.
            The family of the grandparents included ten children, there being besides those above mentioned, William deceased; Samuel deceased; James a resident of Louisiana; Polly deceased; George, Juliet, Harriet and John, the latter residents of Williamstown, KY. After the death of his first wife, Bernard Jackson married in 1815 to Miss Elizabeth Whistner, born in MD in 1793 whose parents afterward removed to KY. Fifteen years later Mr. and Mrs. Jackson took up their abode on a farm in Ripley Co. OH, where the grandfather spent his last years. His wife Elizabeth subsequently came to this county and made her home with her son, Madison B., until her death. Of this marriage there were born ten children: William, a resident of Indiana, Jerome M., died at Memphis TN, Maria, Andrew B., Wesley, Newton J., Malinda (deceased), Susan J., Milton M. the father of our subject, and Madison B. ... Milton M. born in Adams Co. OH on Jan. 31, 1833, ... he and brother Madison worked together, and in fall of 1855 Milton to North Okaw Twp, this county ...
            (MAD: note by Linnie Wright Barrett: Juliet Jackson, born Aug. 20, 1807, died Dec. 6, 1895, married June 8, 1825, Bracken Co. KY, to Mason Duncan, b. Jan. 20, 1785; Harriet Jackson married Charles Duncan, Falmouth, KY, they started to CA, he died, and she and children settled in Adams Co. IL) (MAD: Charles Duncan mar. Harriet Jackson Aug. 12, 1830 in Harrison Co. KY; Charles & family in Adams Co. IL 1850)

1881 "The History of Jackson County, Missouri ... : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches...history of Missouri, maps of Jackson County" pub. by Union Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 J13Hi; and FHL book 977.841 H2h and films 962,549 item 1 and 1,000,293 item 2)
      Pg.932: Van Buren Township. WILLIAM CASH, farmer and hotel-keeper, Lone Jack, MO, was born in Wilkes Co. NC April 16, 1815, and was a son of Lewis and Mary Cash. At an early age he moved with his parents to Lincoln Co. KY. Lived in Lincoln Co. till about 17 years of age, then to Lexington 3 years, then Bracken Co. KY and worked at his trade for about 7 years. He was married July 7, 1840, to Miss Elizabeth Duncan, who was born in Pendleton Co. KY October 3, 1823, she being a daughter of Thornton and Mary Duncan. This couple then moved to Harrison Co. and remained there till they moved to MO, in 1856, when they settled in Benton Co. and lived there 8 years; thence to Cooper Co. MO and remained there until 1877, when they located in Lone Jack. Eleven children, six of whom are still living: Thornton, born Oct. 10, 1843; Oscar, Oct. 13, 1845; Mary E., Nov. 10, 1847; Milton, May 4, 1853; Ellen, April 29, 1858; John H., Jan. 8, 1861. ...


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"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery (FHL fiche 6,018,102 and other sources)
      The lineages and also the Miscellaneous Notes on Duncans in KY includes information on several Harrison Co. KY Duncan families.

"Duncan Family Association" by Mrs. Linnie Wright Barrett of Dallas, Texas, in Virginia State Library (FHL film 29,883)
      Mrs. Barrett's booklet includes very brief information on many early Duncan families, mostly in Virginia but also other states. However, it does not usually give sources.


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