The Genealogy of Some American Mutts
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The Genealogy of Some American Mutts

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Every branch of an American family tree was begun by an adventurer, a risk-taker, a person of courage and and a believer in dreams. For four hundred years one brave soul after another took hat in hand, and frequently little else, and plunged across a vast ocean and into a Brave New World.   These brave souls are our ancestors.   I have been on a quest since childhood to get to know these daring men and women who gave us this great gift, our American heritage.  Come join  me in my search.  EMAIL ME with comments or questions.

This website is dived into two major sections, and then numerous smaller sections from there: 

MY FAMILY GENEALOGIES: four sections, one for each of my parents and my husbands parents. If you are, or think you might be, related to one of us, pick the section that you connect to.  These sections are genealogically very different and except for the current generations I know of no overlap. Each of these sections have info on MANY different families and will eventually contain photos, family news, pictures etc.

  • DeVore/Swanner (the genealogies of James Noah DeVore) His surnames include: DeVore, CravensTarleton/Tarlton, Funk, Gannon, Dailey, Runyon, Swanner, Hallmark, Winters, Ivey, Correll, Slavens, and Stewart.  of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky and previously from Virginia, New Jersey,  New York state and Ireland.  Most of them lived for a time in IN, and KY before finally settling in Crawford Co., Palestine, ILL.      

  • Fasnacht/Tate (the genealogies of my mother Betty Fasnacht DeVore) Her surname include Fasnacht, Calvert, Kibler, Pence, Painter, Foust, Schenk, Tate, Green, Hardy, Woods, Grove, Selby, Townsend, and Atkinson from Maryland, Pennsylvannia, Virginia, and Ohio most of whom lived in Indiana and Kentucky for a while before settling primarily in Jasper Co., Illinois.

  • Williams/Belcher (the genealogies of my father-in-law Thomas L. Williams) UNDER CONSTRUCTION also includes allied families of Marsh, Wooley, Davidson, Tarrant, Hemphill, our southern lines from South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama.

  • Rogozinski/Kryskiewicz and Zakrzewski, UNDER CONSTRUCTIONare our lines of 20th Century Polish emigrants. It includes Philadelphia, PA; Mlawa, Poland; and the village of Kruszu, Ciechanow, Poland

MY SURNAME & GEOGRAPHY SPECIFIC PAGES:  In most cases these are webpages for which I have accompanying maillists through rootsweb. The function of these pages is to offer links to other websites and homepages that will be of specific and relevant help to researchers of specific names or specific counties that I am working on.   Please email me if you have homepages or other links for me to add for these webpages.


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For my personal stuff see where I am currently posting non-genealogy stuff like family gossip and pictures.

If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

This work encompasses  hundreds of years of effort by myself and other contributors. The purpose of this site is to share our  history with our extended family and to exchange information between researchers.  It is NOT to be republished in commecial ventures. Feel free to copy these pages and share them with family and friends and add the info to your database, but  all materials are copyrighted and CAN'T BE REPRODUCED  FOR PROFIT.