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THOMAS SELBY beginning with his earliest know ancestor, I have attempted to outline and list the descendants of Thomas Selby, including William Atkinson Selby.
The descendants of William and Rhoda Selby Tate, a daughter of William Atkinson Selby
The genealogy homepage for Betty Fasnacht DeVore (my Mom) with links to our Selby's, Townsend's and Tate's

Links Of Special Interest:

Researcher's Postings: 

Our Favorite Selby Links is an under construction page of links to homepages of researchers of the surname Selby, as well as some sites that we have found helpful in our research.  Also see Selby Family Tidbits at Other Sites below

Selby Family Tidbits  

  1. Misc biographies Consists of  Bio's (on Selby's) from old countie histories and other non-copyrighted sources. 
  2. Misc. Census, Marriage and vital records listed below found during our members researching. 
Page 1: Some WISCONSIN Census  Records  [1850-1880] 
Page 2: Some MARYLAND Census Records [1810-1840] 
Page 3: Some OHIO  records for Lloyd, Caleb, Nick & John Selby.
Page 4: Some more MARYLAND Census Records [1850-1860]
Page 5:  Some Misc. Selby's from the Federal Census 1880
Page 6: Some Selby's Buried in ARKANSAS
Page 7: Some Selby Marriages from CASS  CO., IOWA.
    1. William Atkinson Selby What we know of Him, His Ancestors & His Descendants.  This is four pages LONG!!


    Selby Tidbits at other sites 

Selby Death Records, Norma Nielsen has begun was promises to be a FABULOUS page for Selby family researchers!! She currently has death records posted for North Carolina, with hopes of more to come.

Books we own  

My Library by Lois Selby Turner~Ms. Turner offers to do look-ups from her incredibly extensive library.  This page is a paticular 'must see' for researcher's of Pennsylvannia and Maryland! Approx. 150 titles! 

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