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IVEY-KIN Family Homepage, Maillist and Resource Center

Links of help for IVEY/IVY Researchers


  • IVEY-KIN Mailing List --This maillist was created for researchers of the James and Peggy (Correll) Ivey family of Crawford Co., ILL, and anyone with a chance of connecting to it. Maillists are subscribed to by people doing genealogy research on specific surnames or geographic locations.  This link takes you to a page that will more about maillists in general and show you how to subscribe and unsubscribe to this one.
  • IVEY Rootsweb Message Board Surname Message Boards are boards that allow you to read the postings of other researchers or to post queries of your own.  Be sure and check the Ivy Rootsweb Message Board too.
  • "IVEY" resource page (and IVY resource page) Rootsweb resouce pages contain a variety of information including links to other webpages for that particular surname.

Researchers homepages:  PLEASE email me if you have a Link that I can add to this page.

  • Some American Mutts This link will take you to my father's section of my family, with bulletted links to his ancestors.  The Ivey link will take you to info on 4 generations of  Ivey descendants. (James Ivey  abt 1790 - abt 1853, IN and IL, includes his son-in-law James Winters and mentions his wife's family of Correll). 


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For my personal stuff see thomasearlwilliams.com where I am currently posting non-genealogy stuff like family gossip and pictures.

If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

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